Part of the Stars and Shadows series (Sequel here)

Orignally by Lemon, but is going to be finished by me, Storm


Three kits. Two sides. One choice.

Ivykit, Darkkit and Rosekit are the result of a broken code. Their mother is a medicine cat. And to make things worse, their father is a rogue, who doesn't care a whisker for his kits. Because of this, the other medicine cats decide to raise the three in their own clans, one kit for each clan. Ivykit, for ThunderClan. Darkkit, for ShadowClan. Rosekit, for RiverClan. But when the Dark Forest takes advantage of the kits' ancestory, it will take more than courage to make the right choice.



Leader: Sorrelstar - dark brown tortiseshell she-cat with white patches and amber eyes

Deputy: Blossomheart - pinkish gray and white she-cat with heather coloured eyes

Medicine Cat: Kestrelwing - reddish brown tom with green eyes

Warriors: Brackenleap - bracken coloured tabby tom with green eyes

Owlclaw - brown and white tabby tom with dark amber eyes

Seedpelt - gray she-cat with blue eyes

Leafshine - tortoiseshell she cat with tawny eyes

Stemleap - dark brown tom with green eyes

Amberlily - golden she-cat with tawny eyes

Lilystem - gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Hazeheart - pale gray tabby tom with ice blue eyes

Stormwhisker - gray tom with greenish amber eyes

Swallowflight - creamy brown tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes

Finchflight - dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Hazelstorm - ginger she-cat with bright green eyes

Fernspring - gray tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

Thistletuft - spiky dark gray and white tom with blue eyes

Queens: Hollymoon - black she-cat with green eyes (mother to Breezekit, Heatherkit and Ivykit)

Dawnleap - dusty brown she-cat with amber eyes (mother to Duskkit and Dustkit)

Elders: Squirrelfern - ginger tortoiseshell with forest green eyes

Stoneclaw - stony gray tom with dark blue eyes


Leader: Volestar - brown tom with ambery green eyes

Deputy: Splashclaw - gray tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Birchfoot - brownish silver tom with dark tawny eyes


Cinderblaze- spotted gray and silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes*

Apprentice (Stonepaw)

Whitebird- white tom with moss green eyes

Moss-shadow pale brown and white she-cat with a plumy tail

Apprentice (Maplepaw)

Alderfoot- spotted brown tom with white paws*

Wildfern- calico she-cat

Apprentice (Otterpaw)

Rooksong- brown and black tabby tom

Splashberry- tortoiseshell she-cat *

Apprentice (Acornpaw)

Thornlight- tabby tom*

Doefoot- calico tom

Apprentice (Hollypaw)

Stonecloud- clay-colored tom with green eyes


Stonepaw- gray and silver tom

Maplepaw- sleek, lean tortoiseshell she-cat*

Otterpaw- brown tabby tom*

Acornpaw- chestnut brown she-cat*

Hollypaw- black tom with thick, overlaying white stripes and holly green eyes*

Queens: Reedshine - ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes (mother to Petalkit, Otterkit and Rosekit)

Silversplash - silver she-cat with blue eyes

Spiderfoot- tabby tom


Leader: Brindlestar - black she-cat with green eyes


Medicine Cat: Shadepelt - gray she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Pineclaw - dark ginger tom with green eyes

Breezesong- cream and white she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice (Mistypaw)

Briarnose- brown tom

Vixenwhisper- brown and ginger she-cat*

Apprentice (Wrenpaw)

Bluespirit - blue gray she cat with blue eyes

Petalfox- black and white she-cat with petal shaped patches

Wolfbranch- gray and brown tom

Bravestalk- tabby tom


Mistypaw- light gray tom with sky blue eyes

Wrenpaw- golden yellow tabby she-cat*

Queens: Fawnwhisper - creamy brown she cat with amber eyes (mother to Crowkit, Eaglekit and Darkkit)

Shimmerfoot - silvery gray she-cat with green eyes (mother to Talonkit and Clawkit)

Shiverpelt - blue gray she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Foxkit and Wolfkit)

Mistspring- gray and white she-cat


Leader: Whisperstar- silver tabby tom

Deputy: Honeyberry- lean, yellow she-cat with white splashes*

Medicine Cat: Mallowfur - gray she-cat with green eyes


Shallowdusk- pale gray tom with white socks

Aspenthorn- black and silver she-cat

Apprentice (Hazelpaw)

Stormrunner- dark smoky gray tom with sharp amber eyes*

Apprentice (Leafpaw)

Oakbriar- brown tom

Hickoryspring- brown and white she-cat*

Goldentoe- golden brown tom

Fawnwing- cream colored she-cat

Apprentice (Lilypaw)


Hazelpaw- silver and white tom

Leafpaw- calico she-cat

Lilypaw- brown, tan, and white tabby she-cat


Hopedawn- sand colored she-cat (expecting Stormrunner's kits)


Snowface- white tom

(If anyone wants to, feel free to finish the rest of the allegiances and add their own characters to the list)


It was dark. Kestrelwing couldn't understand the clouds covering the half moon. Was StarClan mad? Why, and who, was the cause of this? But she instantly knew the answer as she arrived at the Moonstone. The ThunderClan medicine cat was shocked to find Mallowfur, the WindClan medicine cat, lying on her side, moaning in pain as spasms seized her. She was having kits.

After an excruciatingly long kitting, Mallowfur finally gave birth to three small but healthy kits. Instantly, Birchfoot, the RiverClan medicine cat growled, "How could you do this Mallowfur? I thought you were a loyal medicine cat."

"I-I couldn't help it. He seemed so kind, and caring. I just couldn't resist." Was the reply.

"Birchfoot, don't be so harsh. She's just had kits." Shadepelt the ShadowClan medicine cat pointed out.

"What are we going to do with them?" Kestrelwing butted in, "She'll be disgraced if she returns to WindClan with three kits."

"She could make up a story..." Birchfoot began hesitantly but stopped at Shadepelt's amber glare.

"Maybe you should split the kits among you three," Mallowfur mewed quietly, "One for each clan. Then no-one will suspect anything."

"Then it's decided." Kestrelwing looked at the other medicine cats. They were nodding.

"At least let her name the kits," Shadepelt pressed.

"This one will be Ivykit," Mallowfur murmured, brushing her tail tip on a sliver and white tabby she-cat, "The dark brown one will be Darkkit and the creamy brown one will be Rosekit."

"Very well." Birchfoot picked up Rosekit. Kestrelwing picked up Ivykit and Shadepelt grasped Darkkit.

"May StarClan light your path until we meet again."

Chapter One

Life in ShadowClan was horrible. The rest of the kits kept teasing him, telling Darkkit how he could never be a warrior because he wasn't born in the clan.

"Hey rogue! Why are you here? What's wrong with living by yourself?"

"Oh, I'm sure he'll make a great warrior! Wait, I forgot. He can't be a warrior because he wasn't born in the clan!"

"Yeah kittypet! Go back to your twolegs!"

Darkkit sqeezed his eyes shut, curling up into a tight ball in the gentle curve of Fawnwhisper's belly.

"Don't worry, they'll understand one day," Fawnwhisker murmured, "You'll be a great warrior." Fawnwhisper was his foster mother, as well as mother to Crowkit and Eaglekit. They never teased him, but never stood up for him either. It was Foxkit, Wolfkit, Talonkit and Clawkit who did the most bullying. The apprentices ignored him as well. Darkkit wished he could sink into the floor and stay there forever.

That night, as Darkkit listened to the snore of the other kits, he heard a voice.

"I can make you the best warrior the clans have ever heard of," it whispered, "Close your eyes." And Darkkit did. Instantly he found himself in a dark, mouldy forest. In front of him was a large, scarred tabby with dark tawny eyes.

"Who are you?" Darkkit squeaked.

"Brokenstar," he purred, "I can give you all that you ever want. Just promise me one thing."

"Anything." Darkkit mewed, wide-eyed. Could Brokenstar really give him everything?

"Promise me that you will be loyal to your clan above everything. Everything." Brokenstar growled. Was that it? Darkkit was uncertain. It seemed so simple...


The next day, Darkkit was unafraid of the taunts from the other kits. He was being trained by StarClan. Surely none of the others were. He was prepared to be the greatest warrior of all time.

"Hey kittypet! You're not hidding in your nest today!"

"Yeah, finally brave enough to see the real world?" Darkkit stalked up to them, his head high.

"I'm going to be a better warrior than any of you, and nothing will change that." He then padded back toward the nursery, where Fawnwhisper was watching with pride.

"Well done," she purred, "You found courage to stand up for what's right. You'll make an excellent leader one day." And Darkkit promised himself that he would.

"There are dangerous cats in your clan. Cats who are planning a betrayal." Brokenstar was growling.

"Who?" Darkkit gasped, amazed that anyone would dare. Brokenstar gave Darkkit a shadowed look.


"But he's just a kit!" Darkkit pointed out.

"We're StarClan, remember?" Brokenstar hissed, "We can see the future. And you must kill him to stop him from betraying your clan."

Darkkit jerked out of his dream. Beside him, was Crowkit. This was the perfect chance. Quitely slashing his claws across Crowkit's throat, he squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened his eyes, Crowkit looked like he was still sleeping. Good, Darkkit thought as he cleaned the blood from his claws, That will fool them for a while.

Chapter Two

Rosekit thought that RiverClan was the best clan in the forest. There was always plently of prey, and her littermates were the best brother and sister anyone could ask for. The only downside was the medicine cat. Birchfoot seemed to always be watching her every move. Rosekit shook out her pelt. There was no way she was going to be a medicine cat.

"Rosekit, look! Father's brought us a carp!" Petalkit squealed, racing toward Ripplefoot. Rosekit pelted after her. She could think about the medicine cat later.

Reedshine stroked Rosekit's pelt absently as she talked to Willowleaf, the other nursing queen. But their talk was making her sleepy. With a yawn, she slipped into sleep. She was surprised to find a ginger tortoiseshell staring at her, as if she was just waiting for Rosekit to turn up.

"Ah, there you are, daer Rosekit. Just the little warrior I've been waiting for." she rumbled. "I've been watching you, and I already know that you'll be a great leader." She paused. "Maybe even leader of all the clans. However, a shadow darkens your path."

"What?" Rosekit gasped, "I can really be the leader of all of them?"

"Yes," the mystery cat purred, "But you'll have to do a few things for me first."

"Anything," Rosekit promised. The ginger tortoiseshell looked at her slyly.

"Kill Otterkit."

Rosekit crept up on Otterkit, who was digging into a trout on the edge of the clearing. As fast as lightning, Rosekit lunged forward, careful about not being seen, and snapped his neck as she dragged him into the bushes. Burying him in a shallow hole, she covered up all the scent with some primroses she found in the shadowy corner of camp. Mashing up the petals, she smeared the pult over Otterkit's grave so that it would hide the scent. Otterkit had never been the nicest cat in the nursery either. Shaking off her emotions, she turned away. She had completed her first task. Now to return to the mystery cat.

Chapter Three

Ivykit was shocked. How dare WindClan attack their camp? The warriors swarmed around, licking injuries as Kestrelwing rushed around with cobwebs. Nervously, she padded up to the large reddish brown tom. Kestrelwing looked at her in surprise.

"Can I help?" she asked, shyly. The surprise on Kestrelwing's face melted into pleasure and a little affection.

"Of course," he purred, "Push the cobweb into the wounds to stop the bleeding." Grabbing a little wad of cobweb she pressed it into Seedpelt's cut on her paw.

"Like this?" Ivykit asked.

"Yes," Kestrelwing rumbled, "You learn fast. Go treat the others while I help Seedpelt."

The only cat left was Sorrelstar. Kestrelwing was still treating Seedpelt's unconsious form. Hesitantly, Ivykit padded forward, the ball of cobweb trembling in her jaws as she approached the clan leader. Sorrelstar looked up from her licking. Seeing the cobweb in Ivykit's jaws, she purred, and held still as Ivykit pressed the web onto her wounds. After a little while, she mewed.

"Are you interested in being a medicine cat apprentice?"

Ivykit glanced up in surprise. She had considered becoming a medicine cat before, but not that much until today. She nodded.

"Then we can hold your apprentice ceremony tomorrow." Sorrelstar decided.

"B-but I'm only fove moons old!" Ivykit stammered. Sorrelstar glanced at her warmly.

"It's never to early to learn how to heal." Ivykit surprised herself by purring.

But that night was not what she imagined. She closed her eyes to find herself in a forest. Nothing like the rich, green plants from the top of the ravine, but dark, shadowy trees that towered menacingly around her. In front of her was a huge warrior, larger than any cat she had ever seen. He had maliciously dark amber eyes and a scarred tabby pelt. She backed away nervously.

"Well, aren't you a jumpy one." he rumbled. "No need to be afraid, I'm here to help you protect your clan, but I can't while there are enemies in your clan."

"No there aren't!" Ivykit cried in astonishment. "They're all loyal!"

"I'm afraid not," he rumbled with a sad expression, "Why do you think that WindClan attacked today? It was bacause of Hazelpaw. She's been betraying the clan by telling WindClan all our secrets."

"I don't believe you!" Ivykit snapped back, fear turning into annoyance, "Why should I believe you over my clanmate? You're just a random cat in my dream, while Haazelpaw's a cat who I've known my whole life!"

"I'm not just any random cat, tiny kit." the tabby growled, "And I'm not an enemy that you want either. My name, is Tigerstar. If you kill Hazelpaw for me, then I'll reward you beyond measure."

"No!" Ivykit hissed, "And you can't force me to kill! I've decided to be a medicine cat, and Sorrelstar's holding my apprentice ceremony tomorrow, so you can't stop me!"

"Tomorrow, eh? A medicine cat?" Tigerstar chuckled, "Oh, this will fit in perfectly with my plan."

Fury pulsed through Ivykit's pelt as she forced herself to wake. Dawn was just beginning to rise. She was having her apprentice ceremony today! And she didn't think of that too soon. Only a heartbeat later, she heard Sorrelstar yowl, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath Highrock for a clan meeting!" She left her groaning family behind as she bounded into the clearing. She noticed Sorrelstar's eyes brighten at the sight of her. Hollymoon padded out sleepily.

"I wonder what Sorrelstar's dragged us all out this early for." Ivykit was about to answer but Sorrelstar got there first.

"Yesterday's attack was probably specifically planned before leaf-bare so we would be unprepared for the tough season ahead. However, I bring to you good news." Murmurs rippled throughout the clan. She heard Hollymoon mumble, "None of the kits are six moons yet, surely?"

"Ivykit." Sorrelstar glanced at her. Ivykit heard Breezekit and Heatherkit gasp behind her. "You may not be six moons yet, but it isn't too soon if you have decided to train as a medicine cat." She glanced at Kestrelwing, who gave a small, surprised nod. "From now on, you shall be known as Ivypaw. Your mentor will be Kestrelwing. Kestrelwing, you are a loyal and dedicated medicine cat. I trust you to pass these qualities to Ivypaw." Ivypaw's anxiety was replaced by relief as the clan started cheering.

"Ivypaw! Ivypaw!" She was even more pleased to hear Breezekit and Heatherkit mew their congrats without a hint of envy. Purring, she closed her eyes, relishing the moment. But she shuddered as a thought clouded her mind as she thought of Tigerstar. What would he do, now that she had refused his request?

Chapter Four

Darkpaw growled in fustration. It was like training with kits. Pineclaw taught him things that he had already learnt with Brokenstar. The other apprentices were easy to beat. Letting out a brored sigh, he knocked Talonpaw over and planted a paw on his chest, pinning him down again. He was impatient for his training session that night. Brokenstar had hinted something exciting.

That night, as he followed Brokenstar through the shadowy forest, he noticed that the trees seemed empty. Shouldn't StarClan be full of cats? He was jerked out of his thoughts as Brokenstar stopped. There were three other cats in the clearing. A huge, dark tabby tom with dark amber eyes narrowed his eyes at Darkpaw. Beside him, was a ginger tortoiseshell, also with amber eyes. However, the she-cat beside the ginger tortoiseshell caught his eye. The creamy brown she cat looked about Darkpaw's age, and looked just as battle hardened. Her ice blue eyes pierced him, as if she was scanning an enemy.

"I see you've lost your apprentice, Tigerstar." Brokenstar snarled. Tigerstar rolled his eyes.

"She was so caught up in that medicine cat nonsense." Tigerstar snorted. "You'll have to introduce her another time."

"Very well. Darkpaw, this is your sister, Rosepaw from RiverClan." Brokenstar growled flicking his tail in the direction of the creamy brown she-cat. "However, your other sister, who is unfortunately absent, is called Ivypaw. And that's Mapleshade." He added, nodding at the ginger tortoiseshell who snarled. "Now, you two, fight!"

Darkpaw was so surprised at Brokenstar's order that he got knocked over by Rosepaw with a single swipe. Rolling aside, he avoided her claws as they slammed down where he was a moment ago. This she cat was surprisingly strong. Ducking as Rosepaw reared up, he lunged for her hind legs. However, she was ready. Backflipping away from him, her paws caught underneath his chin and knocked him off balance. Before he could recover, Rosepaw slammed into him and pinned him down. Wow, this she-cat, my sister, is surprisingly good.

"Well done Rosepaw," Mapleshade growled, "Now you two, shoo, and get here on time tomorrow and we can work on Darkpaw's training skills. Also, Tigerstar, try get your apprentice here as well." The forest started to fade as Darkpaw jerked awake.

"You're bleeding!" Crowpaw gasped, staring as his chin, which was smeared with blood.

"I must have scratched it in my sleep," Darkpaw grunted. "I'll be fine." He padded into the clearing to look for his mentor.

Chapter Five

Darkpaw, or her brother, wasn't that hard to beat. Mapleshade had taught her way better than Brokenstar, clearly. However, she was still baffled by this... Ivypaw. Tigerstar had said something about medicine cat nonsense, and how stubborn she was. And she knew just where to get answers from. She pushed her pad against a thorn, and let out a little yelp of pain. This will be the perfect excuse. She limped toward Birchfoot's den.

"Hey Rosepaw!" Birchfoot mewed uncharacteristically bright. "What's up?"

"Thorn." She grunted back, holding it out for him to see. As he dug around for it, she mewed casually.

"Are there any medicine cat apprentices right now?"

"Yes, there's Ivypaw from ThunderClan." Brichfoot replied. Aha! Went her brain.

"There," Birchfoot spat out the thorn, "Keep off the paw for a while."

"Thanks," Rosepaw mewed.

"Duck!" Mapleshade snapped, "I said 'duck', not roll!"

"Sorry," Rosepaw grunted, dropping back on to all four paws.

"Come," Mapleshade growled, beckoning to her. Rosepaw had to break into a run to catch up.

"Are we meeting Darkpaw again?" she panted. Mapleshade narrowed her eyes but said nothing. Heartbeats later, they arrived at the clearing. Tigerstar had a small, spitting and struggling she-cat pinned under his paw. He looked up as they padded over. The she-cat's blue eyes flashed murderously as they approached. She had silver and white fur, and tabby markings on her face and tail.

"Calm down, Ivypaw. We're here to help you, not harm you." Tigerstar growled to the she-cat beneath his paw. Ivypaw sank her teeth into his paw and Tigerstar leapt back with a surprised yowl.

"I've told you," she spat, "I'm a medicine cat not a warrior." And with that, she slammed her eyes shut and began to fade.

"Now I can understand why you can't control your apprentice," Brokenstar snorted from behind him, "Take them to the river. The others are waiting."

The others? Rosepaw thought, Do I have more unknown sisters and brothers? Her answer was an instant no. These cats were clearly long dead, battle scarred with tough, lean frames. I wonder what this is for. But before anything could happen, she was jerked awake by Petalpaw who was thrashing around, moaning in pain and clutching her stomach.

"What's wrong?" Rosepaw asked her foster sister anxiously. She cared for Petalpaw far more than Ivypaw, who couldn't even obey any instructions. Even worse, she was a medicine cat apprentice.

"My stomach," Petalpaw croaked, "It hurts.

"Birchfoot!" Petalpaw yowled, bursting out of the apprentice's den. Blackpaw, Silversplash's kit who had played with her as kits, appeared instead.

"Birchfoot's at the Moonstone," he reminded her.

"Frogdung!" Rosepaw spat.

"What's wrong?" Blackpaw asked, "I can try help."

"Petalpaw's got a stomachache," Rosepaw replied, nodding to the apprentice's den, where she could faintly hear moans, "A really bad one."

"I just need some herbs," Blackpaw disappeared into the medicine cat den. Please save her StarClan, Rosepaw prayed, looking up at Silverpelt, Don't take her away so that I'll only have Ivypaw and Darkpaw for littermates.

"Will she be okay?" Rosepaw pestered.

"Just be patient," Blackpaw grunted, forcing another pawful of pulp into Petalpaw's jaws. With a groan, she fell limp. Rosepaw rushed to her side.

"Petalpaw? Petalpaw." Rosepaw shook her foster sister's pelt. Petalpaw wasn't breathing. "No." Rosepaw turned on Blackpaw. "You killed her. You killed my sister." Snarling, she leapt at the black and white cat. All that she could see was a red haze. She could faintly hear someone yowling, "Stop them!" And she felt claws snag her pelt before the world went black.

Chapter Six

Ivypaw had an uneasy night. She dreamed that she was sick with greencough, the infection clutching at her lungs. A gray head looked at her in concern, her white muzzle smeared with herbs. She had white inner ears and a dark gray nose. Blue eyes flashing with concern, the cat asked. "Do you need more catmint?" Ivypaw surprised herself by mewing, "No. Save the rest for the others." The she cat nodded and disappeared. Suddenly, she was jerked out of her dream/

An unmistakeably bright ginger pelt stood before her, amber eyes flashing with pride. "Thunderstar!" Ivypaw cried, astonished that the legendary leader of ThunderClan had come to see her. "You have done well in refusing the shadows," Thunderstar rumbled, "But be careful of the path you tread." And with that, he bagan to fade. What did he mean?

Chapter Seven

It was dawn. Darkpaw stretched, his muscles aching from training last night. But Darkpaw was greatful for it. It was making him a stronger, better warrior. One who would become the most obvious choice for deputy. But all he needed was an apprentice. Once he was a warrior, at least. But he promised to himself that he would become the best warrior and leader ever known in ShadowClan, whether he was clanborn or not.

"Darkclaw! Crowstripe! Eaglestorm!" The clan was cheering. But Darkclaw couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable some cats looked as they yowled his name. But only his. Not Crowstripe or Eaglestorm, but him. Darkclaw knew that it was because they didn't like how a rogue could ever deserve a warrior name. "I can't believe that a kittypet just recieved a warrior name," Talonsnarl spat at him, "It just shows that we aren't better than them, but the same." Several cats were nodding beside him. Clawstripe added, "Yeah, send him back to his Twoleg nest!" Show them, a voice whispered in his head, encouraging the boiling fury in Darkclaw's stomach. Snarling, he lunged at Talonsnarl and pinned him viciously down on the ground. "I'm ShadowClan through and through. Nothing can change that. Do you hear me? Nothing." Releasing him, he stepped back, glaring at everyone else, challenging them to stand up to him. Even Brindlestar looked surprised. Satisfaction wormed through his pelt.

Vixenwhisper was yowling at him again. "Wake up!" Darkclaw glanced up groggily. Vixenwhisper was staring at him, clearly annoyed. Wrenpaw, Vixenwhisper's apprentice, was peeking in, wide-eyed. "Up," Vixenwhisper snapped again, "Brindlestar wants you to help the apprentices with their battle moves." Why battle moves? But Darkclaw didn't question his foggy state of mind. Dragging himself out of the den, he shook himself. The clan had to come first.

Chapter Eight

Rosepaw found herself in the leaders den with Volestar staring at her. Why was she here? Then she remembered Petalpaw. "Tell me what that was about." Rosepaw glared at the RiverClan leader. "Why do you care? Petalpaw was just a mere apprentice." Rosepaw mewed bitterly. "All you need to know is that Blackpaw killed Petalpaw." Volestar sighed. "So your answer to that situation was to kill the medicine cat apprentice who had only been an apprentice for less than a moon?" Rosepaw's ears flicked up. "Blackpaw's dead?" Volestar nodded. Birchfoot isn't please. Neither are Silversplash and Adderfoot." He nodded towards the clearing. "You better go show yourself to the clan."

She was met by hostile snarls and hisses. She even thought that she had heard someone spit, "Murderer!" Rosepaw forced herself to focus on Blackpaw's body by the fresh kill pile. That was for Petalpaw, you mouseheart. Splashberry was glaring at her. She remembered that Splashberry was Adderfoot's sister, and that she would feel hostility toward her. Rosepaw sighed, and prepared for the speech that would hopefully drive her along the right path.

"My fellow clanmates," Rosepaw began, easing the murmurs, "I am sorry that I killed Blackpaw." I'm actually not, Rosepaw thought furiously. "And I know that it was wrong. But Petalpaw's death was too much for me to bear." Rosepaw fumed silently at having to make this speech. I shouldn't have to say anything! Blackpaw deserved to die. "I hope that you will forgive me for this wrongdoing." Several cats mewed their assent. Yes, Rosepaw contemplated the clans reactions. Hopefully that convinced them.

Chapter Nine

Ivypaw watched anxiously as Fernspring's stomach heaved. It was her first experience in a kitting. She hoped that the gray queen would pull through fine.

It seemed like moons, crouching beside the queen, watching her belly spasm as the kits tried to get out. Soon, two little shapes slid out. First was a golden tabby she cat, and the second was a gray she kit with a white muzzle, inner ears, chest, belly and tail tip. But Ivypaw recognised the shape of her head. This was the cat fussing over her in the medicine den. Great StarClan, Ivypaw thought, is this kit going to be the next ThunderClan medicine cat?

"Have you seen the kits?" "Yes, they're adorable!" "Kits born in leafbare are the toughest kits." "Has Fernspring named them?" "The gold one is called Lemonkit, and the gray one was called Cloudkit." Cloudkit. Ivypaw closed her eyes. Cloudshine. Yes, that would be the perfect name for the she kit. Ivypaw promised to herself that she would name her Cloudshine when it was her turn. I haven't even gotten my own name yet, and I'm planning a kit's who's only just been born! Purring, she continued to sort out the wilted herbs. "You seem happy today." Kestrelwing rumbled from the entrance. Ivypaw looked up. "Kit's are good news." Kestrelwing nodded in agreement. "Come on, Sorrelstar wants to see us." Us? Not just Kestrelwing? I hope I'm not in trouble.

Chapter Ten

Darkclaw's tail dragged in the mud as he followed Vixenwhisper and Wrenpaw to the training ground. Glancing past them, he spotted Mistypaw with Breezesong battle practicing. The other apprentices weren't anywhere in sight.

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