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Charm, Water, Spell, and Night
Preceded by:
The Return Succeded by:
The Star Trail


A tired orange and white she cat trekked through the forest, her wings fur bedraggled but wings sleek. In her jaws were two tiny kits, too young to open their eyes.

The she cat soon arrived at an ocean island, flapping her wings gingerly.

A she cat was sunning herself. The winged she cat approached her, and the she cat got up, dipping her head to the Wingclan leader. ”Amberstar, what brings you here?” the glossy cat mewed. ”Wingclan is finished. Twolegs have captured too much of our cats for the clan to survive, and some of my cats have ran away. Wingclan should never have been made nor started. I have come here to ask you to take care of my kits.” Amberstar mewed sadly. ”What of Charmclan?” the cat asked. Amberstar shook her head. ”The clan has already had problems with new kits. And now, I must give my kits my last and only gifts. Never tell them of their true mother until they become warriors.”

Amberstar touched her nose to the shekit, breathing ”To you, I give you my magic, invisibility.” The air around the kit flashed, and the she kit mewled. Amberstar then looked at the tom kit, her eyes full of pain and longing. She touched noses with the kit, softly mewing ”To you, the greatest gift of all.” The kit twitched, and squeaked with pain, curling in the Waterclan she cat’s belly.When Amberstar turned away, the queen mewed ”Wait! What are their names?” Amberstar murmured

”Skykit and Flamekit.” Amberstar then padded away, giving her kits a last look. The Wingclan leader knew she would never see them again, until the day they join her in Starclan.

Chapter 1


I padded around in the den, too bored to live. Sneaking a peek at the newest litters of kits, I could see Wavekit, Leafkit, Berrykit and Daykit. Just then, my adopted brother, Emberkit came in the den, dragging a mouse by the tail, for me.

”Thanks!” I squeaked, watching his eyes light up with joy.

Somehow, toms would always try to impress me, and they keep sneaking looks at me, which is creepy. Even my mother, Honeypelt, gets all dreamy when she looks at me. I did know it was my magic, but it was annoying nevertheless.

I settled down to eat my mouse, enjoying the savory meaty flavor of mouse. After I had finished, I started to wash my whiskers, because I had learned from Honeypelt that keeping the whiskers clean was an important step for tasting scents. A mew from behind interrupted me. ”Shinekit!”Looking back, I could see Wavekit looking adoringly at me. ”Wavekit” I purred a greeting. Behind him, Leafkit was getting ready to pounce on him, and Daykit and Berrykit, Petalhope’s kits, were still curled up, asleep in the warm curve of the queen’s belly.

With an ”Oomph!”, Wavekit gets bowled over by Leafkit,who was giggling madly. Emberkit was outside, probably learning how to do the hunting crouch by some of the young warriors. Wanting to join in the fun, I leapt at the two littermates playfighting, and we all tumbled on the ground while the three queens watched with amusement.

Soon,we had Wavekit pinned down, Leafkit and I side by side, and we purred with victory. We exchanged glances, and Leafkit seemed to say with a glance ’We did it!’ or something along those lines, and I probably sent a message saying ’Totally!’ or a least, I hoped so, and not ’You next?’ The situation was so funny I felt like laughing, and I did, Leafkit soon joining in. I probably sounded like a maniac, but still, it was so funny!


She was beautiful. I really mean it, it’s not what like you think. She had this aura around her, making her glow like a Starclan cat. Everytime I looked at her, my face would get red, and I had to turn my face away. ’You’re only a kit.’ I reminded myself. But what do you know? When I asked my mother about her, being a young kit then, Dawnshine had purred, and mewed softly ”It’s because of her magic, Wavekit. You have the magic of water, and she has beauty and charm.”

I had watched Emberkit get some freshkill for Shinekit, and I was jealous, but only a little bit because Emberkit was her brother, they were just littermates. I got jealous because I had wanted to give it to her myself. When Emberkit went out, I found my chance. Summoning up my courage,I went to her and mewed ”Shinekit!” Shinekit looked at me, her blue green eyes sparkling, like the sea waves I’m named for.

It gives me a warm feeling thinking that we’re connected in the slightest way, but I may just be crazy. Okay, back on track.

Shinekit looked at me, and purred ”Wavekit” It made me feel so giddy that I didn’t notice my sister, Leafkit pounce on me, and I went down with an undignified ”Oomph!” ’Shinekit is definitely not going to be impressed by this’ I thought as I playfighted Leafkit. Shinekit then jumped in to the scuffl, completely surprising me and throwing me out of balance.

Soon,the two she cats had pinned me down and were purring, and sharing a glance with each other, and burst into laughter. I would have laughed along with them, but I didn’t, since I was completely focused on the fact that our tails

were slightly,


touching each other.

Chapter 2


I knew I wanted something funny today when I woke up from my warm nest. So of course I climbed out, and spotted my dear brother mewing to Shinepaw, the cat he has a crush on despite being a kit. ’My perfect chance’ I thought, creeping up on him just as Wavekit got noticed by Shinekit.

Shinekit was pretty, and even me, a she cat, noticed it. I sometimes envied her, because she was always surrounded by attention from the toms, one of them being my brother. I dismissed my thoughts immediately after thinking it would be a pain to have cats sneaking looks at you. Anyway, I crept up behind Wavekit, and Shinekit saw me coming, but she didn’t give me away, thankfully. I leaped, landing on him, and he squeaked, and we were playfighting. It was pretty exharilating, fighting my bro and matching him blow for blow.

I know one day I’ll be a better fighter then him, cause it was in my magic. I had extraordinarily sharp reflexes and moves, so I would have defeated him sooner or later, but Shinekit joined in, so it turned out to be sooner.

We had the blue gray tom pinned down helplessly, his paws dancing as he tried to escape. I purred as Shinekit began to purr, and we exchanged glances, and I think Shinekit sent me a message somewhere along the lines of ’Another try?’ or whatever. I began to laugh, and Shinekit joined in, laughing at the poor guy who was defeated by two she cats.

It seemed our laughter was loud, as a sleepy voice mewed just behind me ”You guys are loud”. Twisting around to see, I got off Wavekit, who was by now starting to go out for some freshkill, I saw Berrykit. Berrykit was the son of the gray tabby warrior Coldclaw and Petalhope. In my opinion, he looked like neither of them, Petalhope being white brown andhe being orange with black patches. But I suppose he looks like one of his ancestors or whomever. Berrykit looked at me, his green eyes a little grumpy. I flicked him over the ear, mewing

”Lighten up! We’re going to play mossball this day, and I need a member on my team!” playfully. Berrykit became brighter at once, since mossball is one of his favorite games. ”Mossball? Is Emberkit going to play, too?” squeaked a kit from a nest, Daykit peeking out. The orange yellow kit looked very much like none of her parents, same as Berrykit. Daykit seems to be very interested in whatever Emberkit does these days. You don’t need a mind reader to know what she is thinking.


I got woken up badly from a dream of mouse, so no wonder I was so grumpy. The first thing I did was to stalk up to Leafkit, since she seemed to be the loudest and mew ”You guys are loud” very crossly. But my words did not do justice to my feelings, which were red hot as I looked at the lively, swift kit. ’You’re too young for love or something’ I scolded myself, not noticing Leafkit mewing to me. ”Lighten up!

We’re going to play mossball this day, and I need a member on my team!” At that, my heart soared. ’Leafkit wants me!’ were my dazed thoughts. So you can’t hardly blame me for looking so happy. My pelt turned ginger as I blushed, for my magic was color change. It was so annoying sometimes, in circumstances like this,since my pelt gives away my feelings. But you get what you get. I was lucky Leafkit herself didn’t notice, but the queens, and my mother, almost certainly did, and I guess I’ll have to control the magic unless I want other mistakes like this. But this can be useful in that I can camoflage myself if I concentrate.

Just then, Daykit, my sis, piped up ”Mossball? Is Emberkit going to play, too?” which successfully distratcted Leafkit. I suddenly felt thankful for Daykit. Using the advantage of the situation, I quietly slipped out of the den to visit my friends, and maybe my father, if I’m lucky. My mother used to tell me stories of his giving up the things he wanted for her safety, and how his red blue eyes came to be.

I was especially fascinated by the stories of Spellclan, which they say was a clan that was driven out. I sometimes feel if I journey out of the clans, I’ll find them, and bring them back to the clans.

Upon padding out of the den, I immediately spotted Shinekit and Wavekit tussling each other, again. Rolling my eyes, I started towards the prey pile.

Chapter 3


I admit, I am interested in what Emberkit does and says. But don’t misunderstand me! It’s just that Emberkit says and does the funniest and most clever things, and I look up to him for that. He is nice and kind and ... Whatever! Anyways, I woke up from my nice sleep of warmth, and wake up to hear Leafkit mewing to Berrykit ”and I need someone on my team!”.I saw the stupid tom blush bright inger, and I decided to do him a favor. ”Mossball? Is Emberkit going to play, too?” I mewed, trying to look innocent as possible. Berrykit immediately turned back to his normal color, orange with black patches, which shows he's relieved.

Berrykit quickly padded out, probably to eat freshkill. There was an

awkward silence between us, since Leafkit probably guessed I was just acting, and Leafkit mewed very sisterlike ”Shall we go out too?”I purred in response, and we both padded out of the nursery, while our mothers got a good rest. I saw

Shinekit and Wavekit tumbling together, and Berrykit eating a finch. Leafkit got this mischievous look, and gave me a sly

glance before calling out ”Young kits already pairing up?”

Shinekit immediately stopped, and the two cats looked at her with a mixture of cool, calculating, and flustered emotions. Weird combo, I know, but it was true. Strangely,only Wavekit seemed to be flustered, while Shinekit was cool as water.

Wavekit was licking his fur down, but Shinekit’s fur was

smooth and sleek, not a tuft out of place. It’s cool how the

silver white kit’s fur would stay nice and sleek, no matter

what she did. Maybe it’s because of her magic.

Chapter 3


I was supposed to be a paw by now, I’m six moons and

counting, but Morningstar decided to delay my paw ceremony until the rest of the kits, namely Wavekit, Leafkit, Berrykit and Daykit, were of age. At first, I was upset, but I later

thought it would be fun to share paw duties with my friends. I was practicing the battle move Coldclaw, the clan warrior

as well as Berrykit and Daykit’s father, showed us the other day. Just then, I spotted Wavekit coming out onto the open. ”Hey Wavekit! Let’s do a mock battle!” I called out. Wavekit hurried up to me, his eyes sparkling with excitement. With no warning, he pounced, and rolled me over, battering at me

with his paws. I quickly flipped over, crushing him under me. I leapt away when he tried to pounce, and jumped, slamming into him. I may look soft and pretty, but I’m no softhearted

kittypet. But the toms treat me like I’m delicate, and lighten their blows. I hate that the most. As if enemy cats will

soften their pawstrikes.

Daykit is the one who should be treated like that. She was a small kit, and still tiny for her age.

She may act like she’s okay, but I remember the days she

spent in the sick den because of a small cough that took two whole days to recover.

Caught off guard, Wavekit bowls me over and pins me down. ”That’s for the time I lost in the nursery!” He yowled with

triumph. Emberkit purrs with amusement as he witnesses my defeat. I’ll kill him if he teases me about this.

Leafkit pads out of the nursery with Daykit at her side. She

looks at me, her eyes dancing with glee, and calls out

”Young kits pairing up already?” I immediately get off

Wavekit, and stare coolly back at Leafkit, knowing I don’t

have to groom my fur, and also knowing Leafkit will enjoy a chance to pass a remark when I retort something. Beside me, Wavekit madly smoothes his ruffled fur down to hide his

feelings, but in his face, I see he’s flustered. I know Leafkit means well, but she’s a sly little cat. I’ll have to wait until

she shows her true nature.


I was going to lie down in the sun, but Shinekit calls me

over to do a mock battle. I immediately raced over, attacking straightaway. I could see I had caught her off, and soften

my blows. Wrong idea. I could see her bright, sea green eyes flashing with annoyance, and crushes me under her. I

struggle, and manage to get free when her eyes drift off. I

roll her over and pin her down. ”That’s for the time I lost in

the nursery!” I yowled, triumphant. Just then, Leafkit comes out of the nursery with Daykit. My sister looks like she’s up to something, and I know that look. I brace myself for her

snappy comment, maybe something like ”Beating up on a girl? Aw.. You’re mean!” But what she says completely catches me off guard. ”Young kits pairing up already?” she calls out, laughter at the edges of her mew, which means she just

wants to be funny. But I couldn’t help thinking for a wild

moment that Leafkit knows of my crush. I get flustered,

licking my fur down as I collect my nerves. Beside me,

Shinekit was staring down Leafkit. There is a momentary

silence, and Shinekit purrs, her tail flicking. She got the joke. I marvel at Shinekit’s calmness, and her smooth fur. Any

cat would think she spends hours grooming her fur, but it’s natural and magical. She looks beautiful whatever she does. She looks regal when she’s calm and cool, and firery and

fiesty when she’s angry, and absolutely the height of beauty when she’s purring or happy. When she’s sad, she projects this aura that makes toms like me and some she cats want

to curl around her and comfort her, because she looks

vulnerable and sweet. ’I keep drifting off! Stop that!’ I scold myself. I manage to calm my voice long enough to mew ”We were just having a mock battle. I’m going to work hard to be a good paw.” Leafkit purrs, and Daykit bounces over to the ginger tom, Emberkit excitedly. It’s no secret she likes him, but it’s hard to tease her as she is always denying it and it

rains and pours when she gets upset. We have to keep her

happy, or she could practically freeze our fur down with her snowstorms or make hunting hard by sending scorching hot

sunlight. But we do enjoy making her sad a little, to make

rain come. Okay, that was a little cruel.

Chapter 4


The next day, I was woken to a loud wail. Narrowing my

eyes, I see Daykit wailing. ’Uh oh’ I thought with dread. My

thoughts were immediately comfirmed with a flash of lighting and a huge roll of thunder accompanied by torrents of rain.

I immediately sat up to look for the cause. I sort of took the

yellow orange kit under my wing when she was born, and I’m kind of a big sister to her. The kits were all huddled in their nests, Honeypelt, Dawnshine looking worried while Petalhope tried to comfort her kit. ”What’s wrong?” I mewed curiously. ”Emberkit woke up from a bad dream, and he snapped at

Daykit when she came over to him.” Shinekit explained,

glaring at Emberkit who seemed to be throughly ashamed.

Protectiveness flared in my belly, and I went over to Daykit, shooting Emberkit a poisonous glance, and he seemed to

shrink inside his pelt. ”Daykit, don’t worry, I will beat

Emberkit to death if he makes you cry again.” I purred rather comfortingly. Emberkit looked indignant before murmuring

”I’m sorry, Daykit.” Daykit sniffled and the rain eased

slightly. Petalhope then reached over and gently licked her

between the ears. Daykit sniffled for a bit and the rain

stopped and the sun began to come out. I went over to her

and mewed brightly ”Hey guys! Let’s all enjoy the last

moments of being kits before we are paws!” The atmosphere seemed to pick up, and we all ran out laughing, Daykit with

us. I splashed in a puddle and soon, we were all messing

around with the water puddles. I scampered quickly across

the surface of the water, and Daykit made the sun brighter, making the puddles sparkle. Wavekit kept making tiny waves which kept drenching us,and Berrykit and Shinekit all jumped about. We all went back to our den throughly soaked, and

Dawnshine washed me and Wavekit so throughly I thought my fur was tugged out.


Trust Leafkit to save the day from Daykit’s tempers. I think she is going to be spoiled at this rate. After Daykit had

stopped crying, I followed the kits out of the den. The others didn’t notice it, but I saw the queens slipping out quietly to the leaders den. ’Maybe we’re going to be paws soon!’

Excitement pricked my paws, and I splashed with the others more enthuastically than before, to enjoy my kithood for the last time. I tackled Wavekit, camoflauged among the water,

but his strength took me by surprise. He was faster and

stronger, and he even managed to unbalance Leafkit with his speed. ’Maybe he’s faster in water’ I thought. Daykit was

playing too, but she mainly remained around Emberkit, who

seemed to be a bit embarrassed. Shinekit tackled me, and I

looked at her before attacking. Bad idea. I caught the full

blast of her magic, and I staggered, literally blinded by her

beauty. ”I’ll have none of that!” Leafkit suddenly mewed,

knocking Shinekit in the water. Shinekit looked ashamed,

and mewed ”Sorry, it just flashed out.” I purred at Leafkit’s outburst. I flushed yellow and pink for a second before blue. I silently crept up on Leafkit and tackled her. Wavekit

slammed into Shinekit at the same time, sending us tumbling. I felt my heart speed up as I landed near Leafkit, and my

paws and tail turned ginger as I picked myself up. Shinekit

looked slyly at my ginger paws, and mewed, to my

mortification, loud enough for Leafkit to hear ”Maybe we

should change your name to Gingerkit, the way you blush

ginger so much” I lunged, but stopped dead as Shinekit got

drenched by Wavekit, who was laughing.

Chapter 5

Shinekit, now Shinepaw:

I sat up with pride as we were made into paws. Me,

Emberpaw, Wavepaw, Leafpaw, Berrypaw and Daypaw were finally paws! It was a great day for me, who had to wait for the others. We each had Morningstar, Nightclaw, Coldclaw,

Cloudwater, Dewcharm, Vixentail and Firelily as our mentors. I think Morningstar purposely matched Wavepaw and

Cloudwater, Daypaw and Firelily together because of their

magic. I was happy. ”How about some hunting moves?” called out Nightclaw. Wavepaw mewed ”Can we go, too?”

Cloudwater purred ”No, first you’re going to learn to control your magic.” I purred as Wavepaw padded out of the camp.

Daypaw scampered past me, probably to gather moss. I went with Morningstar and my brother and Nightclaw to an empty space in the clearing. ”Alright, first

Soon I was catching pieces of leaves, and Honeypelt stopped to give me an affectionate lick before going out on a border patrol. Emberpaw looked determined to do just as good as

me, and he was soon performing hard moves. Morningstar

then took us out to the forest to catch prey. I soon scented a vole, and pounced. The vole let out a squeak as it became

freshkill, and I buried it under a tree, feeling triumphant and

proud. Morningstar kept switching hunting places, and I

realized she was showing us around the territory as well. We soon arrived at the edge of our territory. Beyond us,

stretched strange trees, trees I’ve never seen before. ”What is that?” I asked Morningstar. ”It’s called a pine tree. This

is, I mean used to be Spellclan’s territory.” She mewed. I

was curious, and tasted the air. A strange scent drifted to

me on the breeze, but it was stale, very old. ”They haven’t marked their borders for a while. Why?” Emberpaw asked,

voicing my thoughts. Nightclaw and Morningstar looked

uncomfortable. ”That’s because they are no more, Shinepaw. Rogues, called Bloodclan, drove them out.” Nightclaw

mewed. Emberpaw nodded, and seemed to lose interest, but I was fascinated. Imagine a clan driven out! What if it had

been our clan? You could hardly blame me for blurting out

”Why didn’t they return? Did we banish them?” Morningstar

mewed ”We don’t know what happened to them, and no. We didn’t banish them”. I looked across the pine forest. The

pines seemed to be calling me. ’Spellclan..the lost clan...’ the trees seemed to say. I shook my head. Had I gone mad, to

suddenly hear trees talking? But I felt a tugging in my heart as I wondered ’What if Spellclan was found and brought back? What if Spellclan was never lost, but merely waiting for a

cat to take them home?’ I kept wondering like an obsessed

cat for the rest of the hunting I did. I soon spotted Wavepaw with Cloudwater learning to swim and control water, and felt kind of warm all of a sudden. I fluffed out my fur, and

collected my prey I had hunted.


I was kind of hoping to be with Shinepaw so I could watch

her learn to hunt. I developed this annoying habit of glancing her way whenever I was idle. Leafpaw will probably tease

me to death, but I have endured them before, so I’ll just

have to watch out whenever Leafpaw is near. She’s so dumb sometimes, never realizing the other cat’s emotion before

killing them with her tongue. I hope Berrypaw will know what he’s doing when he pads after her. Berrypaw had told me of his crush one day when I was playing with him. Right now,

Shinepaw is probably excelling at hunting, bringing many prey to the clan. It’s weird how she’s so pretty yet she isn’t all

stuck up, like pretty cats do. I don’t know why I spend so

much time looking at her when she clearly thinks of me as a friend. It’s not like she is interested in me or something. I

could spend the whole day thinking about her, but the clan

needs to be fed. On the way back to camp, I notice

Shinepaw’s scent on one of the bushes near were I practiced my magic. ’She was here!’ I thought, and my heart soared,

lifting my weight so I felt I was on clouds.

At the camp, Shinepaw is proudly showing off her catch to

Leafpaw and Daypaw, who are openmouthed. I pad over to

the cluster of the male paws, Berrypaw and Emberpaw. ”Any news from Daypaw?” I ask teasingly to Emberpaw, whose

face turns red. ”I don’t have any news. I was with Shinepaw on the hunting patrol” At his words, I immediately sense a

wave of jealousy rise. Swallowing it down,I turn to Berrypaw, who is looking at the females, namely Leafpaw. ”Hello? Are you here?” I ask, waving my tail in his face. Berrypaw,

startled, shrieks ”Leafpaw!” out loud accidentally, showing

he was thinking of her. Luckily for him, Leafpaw didn’t seem to hear, but Daypaw clearly did, because she appeared to be choking down laughter. Emberpaw and I purred, while

Berrypaw blushed so much he actually became red before

ginger. ”Um..Did you say Leafpaw?” Emberpaw asks jokingly. Berrypaw muttered ”Shut up, Emberpaw, or I’ll kill you.”

I felt eyes staring at me, and turned to look straight at

Shinepaw. She turns her head away, as if embarrassed to be caught, and I drifted off. I probably looked stupid, so I

snapped out of it.

Chapter 6


Shinepaw and Emberpaw gets to go hunting, Wavepaw goes to practice his magic, Berrypaw goes I don’t know where,

and Daypaw and I spend the day cleaning out the elder’s den. When Shinepaw came back with prey, and mewed it was her catch, I felt envy stir in my heart. I wanted to hunt for my

clan, but I had to stay in camp like a kit. I went to Shinepaw and Daypaw to chat idly. ”Daypaw, is it really serious with

you and Emberpaw?” I asked straightfowardly.Daypaw looked away, and the temperature around us suddenly dropped, so me and Shinepaw shivered. ”Lighten up, Daypaw! I won’t

tease you!” I protested, and the air warmed up. Shinepaw

purred, and licked her cheek. Daypaw blushed a bit, mewing

”Emberpaw just thinks of me as a little sister.” I didn’t say anything, because that was how I viewed her, too. I suddenly heard a shriek ”Leafpaw!” from the other paws,and I flicked my ears, confused, while Daypaw stifled a giggle. Shinepaw mewed after a silence ”Well, that was strange. I thought I

heard Berrypaw mew your name.” looking at me with

amusement. I snorted, ”As if any cat would take me in. I plan on being a single, and proud of it. Having mates would only

be a bother for a cat like me”. ”Really?” Shinepaw sounded

as if she didn’t believe me, but it was true. I had no interest for love and romance. Besides, I like being free. The problem would be telling Berrypaw that. Daypaw curiously mewed

”Shinepaw? What are you looking at?” I traced her glance,

and saw her looking at Wavepaw, who caught her eye just

then. She quickly turned away from him and looked at us.

”Er..What are you all staring at?” She mewed, her fur slightly ruffled. ”Nothing” Daypaw purred.

The camp seemed to be dripping with romance and love

everywhere! The camp suddenly felt stuffy, and I had to go

out, get some fresh air. So I got to my paws and went to the entrance. ”Where are you going?” Daypaw asked. ”Out. I’m

going hunting” I mewed over my shoulder, padding out.

I soon was running in the forest, enjoying the rush of air on

my fur, and the coolness of the breeze. I felt free, light as a feather drifting on the air. ’This is what I’m supposed to be. Free!’ I gave a yowl of exhilaration, and climbed up a tree,

jumping from branch to branch faster than any normal cat.

Above me, gentle rain began to fall, but I ignored it, soon

getting drenched. But the air was refreshing. Until I slipped

on the slippery bark, and plunged down into the deep stream running underneath me. ’This leads to the sea!’ I thought,

startled. The sea, where no cat except Waterclan, can swim. I struggled for the shore, but the stream was wide and deep, and I was soon swept down.


I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. I mean, who

wouldn’t, when you’ve just yowled the cat you like, loud

enough for the cat to hear? I never meant to say ”Leafpaw!”, but actually, I was thinking of her, by the way. I had seen

her grumble about staying in camp, and I had wanted to think up some way that would cheer her up. I wanted to strangle Emberpaw and Wavepaw for laughing at me. As I thought this, my pelt felt as if it was burning, and I actually turned

bright red for a second before it faded into dark ginger.

”Um.. Did you say Leafpaw?” Emberpaw asked me teasingly. ”Shut up, Emberpaw, or I’ll kill you” I muttered. ”Temper,

temper” Wavepaw tutted. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Leafpaw mewing something to Daypaw and Shinepaw, and

going out of camp. I looked worriedly as the air seemed thick and humid, nearly raining. No, Daypaw had nothing to do

with this weather. ”Why don’t you go after her?” teased

Wavepaw. ”Be quiet, or I’ll tell Shinepaw you like her” I

hissed. Wavepaw snapped his mouth shut. In the air, I heard a yowl echoing. ’Leafpaw!’ I tensed for a moment before

realizing she was yowling with happiness, not fear.

Emberpaw rolled his eyes as he went to the paws’ den. ”I’m going to sleep.” Wavepaw looked at me for a moment before purring ”Come on guys, it’s gonna rain soon.” Shinepaw and Daypaw pricked their ears, and entered the den after him. I

swear I saw Wavepaw blush as Shinepaw brushed past him.

”Aren’t you coming in?” Daypaw mewed. ”Later” I called out. As I sat there, rain began to fall, soaking my fur down. But Leafpaw-okay, I admit. I was waiting for her-didn’t come.

Worried, I started for the entrance, tasting the air for her


The scent trailed for a long time, the rain steadily getting

harder, weaving through the trees and basically the whole

territory. The scent suddenly stopped near the border of

Fourtrees. ’Wow, she’s really fast’ I couldn’t help marveling. But the scent had disappeared. I nosed the ground for any

scent, but there was none. Really worried now, I called out

”Leafpaw? Leafpaw!” There was a stream running in front of me. The stream was normally narrow, but the rain caused it to overflow, and the stream was a river, gushing through

the riverbank. ’What if....’ I barely had the chance to think of

the horrible possibility before I raced to the edge, the rain

obscuring my vision, making it hard to see.

”Leafpaw!” I cried out again, cold and frightened. Straining

to look, I could see murky water, and a flash of orange.

Wait. Orange. Leafpaw’s pelt was orange. Without a second

thought, I leaped in the river, paddling madly for the bundle

of orange and brown fur. Too late, I realized I had made a

mistake. ’It’s too late now’ I thought grimly, as I was

washed down the stream, into the sea.

Chapter 7


I was fearful for my friend, Leafpaw. She had gone out for a run an hour ago, and she still didn’t return. The worry

gnawed at my belly, making me lose my appetite. I gently

pushed away the vole Wavepaw bought me, earning me a

hurt look. ”Sorry, I’m not hungry” I mumbled, and his eyes

softened. ”Are you worried for Leafpaw? I’m sure she’ll be

fine. Maybe she is going to hunt for a while.” Wavepaw

mewed quietly. My eyes stung with tears with his gentleness. ’He’s so sweet!’ I thought emotionally before returning my gaze to the camp entrance. ”In this weather?” Daypaw

snapped, but I knew she was just worried, like me. ”Can’t

you do something, Daypaw? I mean, about the rain.”

Emberpaw suggested. ”I can’t control natural weather! I can only control the ones I make! And this is definitely not my

creation!” Daypaw mewed, her voice rising higher until she

was yowling. Emberpaw pushed his nose in her fur,

comforting her. ”Maybe we should tell the warriors. I mean, I and Cloudwater won’t be affected much.” Wavepaw offered from next to me. ”But you might get washed away! Berrypaw already went out for her, and he isn’t returning either!” I

cried out with worry. ”Washed away..... No!” Wavepaw

suddenly yowled. We looked at him with confusion. ”When it

rains like this, the streams all overflow. What if..” We all

gasped. ”Then we must tell the warriors!” Yowled Emberpaw, ready to run out. Daypaw pulled him back by the tail. ”The warriors won’t be able to do anything! We must wait!” I

mewed sadly. Wavepaw looked at me, and mewed ”We will

have to go out after the rain.” Jaws gaping, Daypaw put her

paws over her ears and let out a soundless wail.

I was desperately wishing for Berrypaw and Leafpaw to

return quickly. ’Maybe they were sheltering in a safe place,

ready to come home when the rain stops!’ The hope flared in my mind, and when I mewed this, the cats all looked hopeful, for a moment.

I was curled in my nest, still looking out. The rain was

steadily growing weaker, and I was waiting for them. Just

then, a cat settled down beside me, and licked my cheek.

Startled, I flinched, and Wavepaw tensed. ”S....Sorry, I just

had to. You looked so worried” He stammered. ”It’s alright.” I mumbled, my fur burning with the stares of Daypaw and

Emberpaw. I comforted myself in the warmth of his fur, and his scent. ’How can I be embarrassed by this when my friend could possibly be drowning, or even dead!’ I cried out in my mind.


I just had to. She looked so vulnerable! As if she could be

broken in a few moments. It wasn’t the proud paw I knew. It was a new Shinepaw, one that needed comfort.

When I licked her cheek, she flinched, and I tensed for some indignant remark. But there was none. Behind me, I could

see Daypaw and Emberpaw looking at me, but I ignored them. Comforting Shinepaw was far more important than their

teasing. Besides, they were also deeply shocked by the fact that Berrypaw and Leafpaw might have drowned. I kept my

ears pricked for any pawsteps that might signal the return of my sister, the fiesty Leafpaw.

When the rain stopped, I jumped to my paws. ”I’m going to

look for them!” I announced, racing out. ”Wait! We’re going

with you!” Yowled the others behind me. Looking behind, I

saw Daypaw, Emberpaw, and Shinepaw running with me. I

tracked their scent to the still gushing stream. ”The scent

ends here.. Both of them.” I announced. ”No!” Daypaw let out a choking wail. The sky above us threatens to rain again.

”Daypaw! Calm down, or we’re going to be washed away too!” Emberpaw mewed hurriedly. I strained to look across the

vast sea connected to the stream. There was nothing.. just

ripples of the waves. I stepped in to the sea, walking on the

surface. It was a trick Cloudwater taught me, and I carefully padded out across the waves, not losing my concentration.

’Please... Please..’ I thought desperately, wobbling on the

ocean. ”Leafpaw? Leafpaw!” I yowled, while Daypaw cried

out ”Berrypaw!”

Shinepaw seemed to be distressed as much as us. ”I should

never have let her go out...” She whispered, eyes empty.

”We’ll find them” Emberpaw vowed.

”Dead or alive?”

Shinepaw murmured, seemingly to herself. ”Don’t say such a thing! Leafpaw and Berrypaw would never be dead!” I spat

angrily. I was so angry, I didn’t consider her feelings. The

sky steadily darkened, and Emberpaw mewed ”Please, no

more rain, Daypaw” ”I can’t help it” whispered Daypaw, her

voice hoarse from yowling. I landed on the shore, relieved to be on firm ground. ”I’m sorry...” I found myself murmuring, to Leafpaw for giving up the search for her.

”Berrypaw!” Daypaw’s heartbroken wail echoed eerily across the sea, the roaring waves.

 Chapter 8


The rain was coming in torrents, making it hard to see. But I kept moving my legs, trying to stay afloat. A wave splashed against my muzzle, and I coughed, the water was choking.

”Help! Help!” I cried out, and spluttered as I dipped under the water again. I strained to hear any type of answering call,

but only the sound of water gushing filled my ears. Gasping

for breath, I was dragged down, but I had a glimpse of bright fur, the color only Berrypaw could make. ’Berrypaw’ I

thought, relieved for a minute before realizing he can’t swim very well either. How I wished for Wavepaw at the moment. I gave a screech, drowned out by the water, as Berrypaw

glanced at me swirling past, and jumped in. ”Dumb furball!” I gasped out, coughing as water entered my lungs. The

constant rain was making it hard to see. I could see him

trying to get to me, but I was swept away, faster than he

was moving.

The last thing I remember is his eyes determinedly staring at me, but those eyes held held fear. Fear for me and himself.

I saw his eyes wide open with horror at something behind me,

Then I was slammed against a big branch and the world went black.


We were carried out to the middle of the sea, and I

struggled to stay afloat, looking for Leafpaw. I saw a bundle of orange brown fur slowly sinking. I dived down immediately, stretching my paws until I touched soft fur. I heaved

upwards, dragging Leafpaw out of the salty depths.

A board of wood floated past me, and I grabbed it, tugging

Leafpaw on the wood. Leafpaw was unconsious, probably

knocked out, but she was alive. Then, worry coiled up in my belly. ’How can I get back to Charmclan?’ I thought, glancing around. The waves kept moving us up and down, not helping my concentration. I could see a fuzzy shore, but it was too

far. ’I can’t die like this!’ I started panicking slightly. There

was an island more closer to us. ’Waterclan territory’ I

thought, and winced a bit. Going into Waterclan camp meant we were basically intruders. But Leafpaw needed a medicine cat.

Grunting with the strain, I started swimming, albeit a bit

clumsily, and started for Waterclan camp. But the camp was farther away then I had expected, and soon my legs were

aching badly. I also kept losing hold on the flat wood, and so I was making very little progress. My muscles cried out for me to give up, to let go. ”No way!” I muttered aloud,

resulting in a spluttering fit as water filled my mouth.

My eyes were starting to hurt as the sea spray made my

eyes sting like a hundred bees.

I started with surprise, and would have lost my hold on the

wood as a cat’s voice spoke in my ear.

”Young Berrypaw, don’t give up. Starclan is watching over


”Wh..Who are you?” I mewed, a tremor in my voice from

exhaustion. But the voice was gone, and I could scent the

refreshing scent of moss, faint mist and trees.

Getting hope, I paddled on, my legs so aching and numb I

didn’t know if I was actually moving them. ’Leafpaw, please wake up..’ I begged silently. I had nearly reached Waterclan, darkness eating at the edges of my eyes when a cat’s mew rang out. ”Intruders!” I barely had the time to register the

mew, when a cat slammed into me, spinning me off course,

and the wood was wrenched from my grasp, and started to

float away.

”Leafpaw!” I shrieked, adrenaline rushing through my body. I splashed after her, but a ginger tom was blocking my way. Desperate, I lunged as Leafpaw fell off the wood, and into the water.

The deep, dark, water.

”No!” I yowled as I dove in after her, and barely saved her

from drowning, when the young ginger tom, probably a paw, hissed ”Intruders are not welcome here!” I felt my heart

plunging into despair at the thought of the long swim back. I was now close to giving up. ’Sorry, Leafpaw.’ I thought as I faced the tom. Behind him, I saw a white she cat swimming

towards us.I braced myself,but she instead looked at the red tom, and mewed”Don’t be silly, Flamepaw, he is just trying to save his Clanmate!” A white cat mewed, and pushed

Flamepaw away, and swam up to me gracefully, without any effort. I was amazed at her fluid movements. ”I’ll carry her” She mewed, and took Leafpaw by her scruff, and Flamepaw

reluctantly helped me swim to the Waterclan camp. On the

shore, my pelt was snow white with exhaustion and fatigue, and I only choked out ”Leafpaw needs a medicine cat.”before collapsing into the sand in exhaustion, as adrenaline left my blood, and the strain of the day claimed me in a wave of


Chapter 9


The long trek back to the camp was harder than usual. My

paws felt weighed down by the fact my friends were gone

forever, because of love, and rain. I padded over to Wavepaw and Daypaw, both looking numb and stunned. ”How can I

break the news to Petalhope, and Dawnshine?” Emberpaw’s

mewing sliced through my thoughts. I shook my head.

Everything seemed to be all jumbled up, and I padded to the paws den. There, I saw Wavepaw curled in Leafpaw’s nest, his nose buried in the moss, and Daypaw silently sobbing into Berrypaw’s place while the air seemed damp and cold, a

dreary day. ”You tell them..” I murmured to Emberpaw, and

he padded slowly out of the den, his paws heavy with

sadness. There was a commtion outside,and I saw Nightclaw hissing at Emberpaw in a fury ”Lies! You must be lying! Our daughter cannot be dead!” While Coldclaw gently licked his

mate’s ear, their eyes dark with sadness. Dawnshine wailed, clawing up the ground. Emberpaw dipped his head to the

grieving warriors, and padded slowly in the paw’s den,buring his nose in his tail. I was crushed, no, not crushed. Desolate. ’I wish I could turn back time... Only if I had stopped her, or even have gone after her, like Berrypaw did.. ’ Forcing down a sob, I closed myself, and plunged willingly into the dark

that followed, anything to get out of the pain, the

overwhelming sense of despair and hopelessness, the guilt.

I woke in a grassy forest, the air scenting of prey and water. ”Where am I?” I wondered out loud. ”In Starclan, my dear.” A cat spoke. I whirled around, and came muzzle to muzzle

with a brown she cat. ”W..Who are you?” I stammered. ”I was once your clanmate, I am Hikarishine.” ”Why am I here? Am I dead? Leafpaw...” I trailed off. Hikarishine’s warm yellow

eyes softened. ”Do not worry, she is not dead. She will

return, but Starclan does not know when.” My spirits soared, and I wanted to jump for joy. A yellow tabby came up to me, and Hikarishine nodded her head in greeting. ”Larkwing” She mewed respectfully. Larkwing blinked her eyes, which were full of sadness. Larkwing turned to look at me, and I saw in those eyes a deep well of pain and sorrow, but with a tinge of hope. She then mewed ”Shinepaw, remember, by the shining waves, and the flaming sky, Spell will return on a splash of ice.”

I tilted my head in curiousity. ”What?” But Larkwing had already faded away, leaving her with Hikarishine. The

brown she cat purred sympathetically. ”Such a hard task, for one so young. But the cats will help you. And by the way,

you need to stay strong.” Hikarishine murmured, and padded away. I was left puzzling over what she said, and woke up to the early morning sun filtering through the branches.

Joy flared in my heart when I remembered that Leafpaw

was alive. I immediately raced out to Dawnshine, and purred ”Starclan told me Leafpaw is safe!” Dawnshine leaped to her paws, ready to find her daughter. Nightclaw purred.

”Starclan told me she would return some day, so don’t worry.” ”What about Berrypaw?” Petalhope asked hopefully. I felt my heart plummet as I recalled Starclan hadn’t said anything about him. ”I don’t know.” I admitted. Petalhope curled up,

and Coldclaw lapped at her comfortingly.

Going out, I saw Wavepaw with shining eyes, and he purred ”I heard you say Leafpaw is alive! I can’t believe it!” joyfully. I remembered he was Leafpaw’s brother. Something tugged at my mind, ’Shining waves....could it possibly be..’. I called him out secretly, and mewed ”Have you had any dreams?”


I curled in my nest, pain throbbing through me as I

remembered Leafpaw’s antics and energetic ways. Out of

habit, I pricked my ears at any pawsteps, hoping for her to

return. But Leafpaw didn’t come. Sobbing softly, I buried my nose in her nest, the traces of her scent. I heard Daypaw

wailing, and another bolt of pain came as I realized Berrypaw was also gone. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and I cried

myself to sleep.

”Welcome, Wavepaw.” mewed a pinkish she cat. ”Who are

you?” I asked, my voice still shaky from crying. ”Rosewing, my young paw, and do not grieve for Berrypaw. You have an important task ahead of you, and he is safe. But do not tell a single cat about Berrypaw. He must come back on his own.” I opened my eyes wide with shock. ”He’s alive? And what is my task?” I asked. ”Are you prepared, Wavepaw? Then brace yourself.” Rosewing mewed, and touched my nose with hers. I was plunged into a series of visions, of hardship and

comfort. I sensed despair and hope, happiness and sadness, hunger and sickness. I saw dogs, twoleg monsters, and many cats. There were strange and new scents, and flashes of

light and dark. Last, I saw Shinepaw sitting beside the ocean, with a sad yet convinced expression. As my dream became dark, I heard a cat mew softly ”By the shining waves and the flaming sky, Spell will return on a splash of ice.”

I woke up to Shinepaw’s joyful mew ”Leafpaw is alive!” I

felt relief and happiness.But the other cats didn’t know what I knew. Berrypaw was also safe. I had to listen to Petalhope’s distraught mew, and I put my paws over my ears to block it out. Shinepaw then suddely called me out, her eyes serious. ”Have you had any dreams?” She asked. I had to force my eyes to stop staring at her pretty face, her sparkling eyes.

”Er.. I actually did. Starclan came to tell me of my task of

bringing back Spellclan.” I mewed. Shinepaw looked relieved. ”I had one, too! I was afraid I had to go alone. But what is

’the flaming sky’ and ’splash of ice?’ ” She mewed. ”I think it means the other cats who will come with us.” I suggested. ”But that means they’re from a different clan!” Shinepaw

opened her eyes in shock. I was about to say ”Don’t worry, we’ll get on fine, I think” when Morningstar yowled ”We are all shaken from Berrypaw’s and Leafpaw’s disappearance,

but we need to show the other clans we are not weak.

Starclan willing, they’ll come back. To the Gathering,

Cloudwing, choose the paws who will come. As for the

warriors, Firelily, Nightclaw, Honeypelt, Dawnshine and

Coldclaw will come.” I pricked my ears, eager to hear who

will go. Cloudwing mewed ”Shinepaw and Wavepaw will come.” I curled my tail up in excitement, and purred to Shinepaw, ”We’re going to the Gathering!” Shinepaw looked equally

excited like me. I hoped the other apprentices in Waterclan

might know of Leafpaw and Berrypaw. After all, they live in

the sea.

Chapter 10


I woke up in a strange nest, the air smelling of salt and fish. I wrinkled my nose, and jumped to my feet so fast I startled the paw who was inspecting me. ”Where am I?” I hissed, a

bit panicked. The white paw looked a bit miffed. ”The paw

over there bought you to our camp.You’re in Waterclan camp, in the sick den. Oh, and by the way, I’m Icepaw, the ginger tom over there is Flamepaw, and Skypaw is the orange,

black, and white calico paw, and Splashpaw is my annoying

brother, the white and gray tom who is currently peering at your friend over there.” I looked around the empty nests, and saw a tiny bundle of gray fur. ”The tom who brought you

here had white fur, but he fainted of overexertion, and his

pelt strangely faded to gray.” Icepaw explained. Suddenly, I

remembered the crashing sea waves, the determined eyes

looking at me holding fear. The banging into the branch. As

soon as I remembered, my right flank ached. ”Ow” I muttered. ”You’re going to have some bruises on that side, but since Daylight fixed you up, you should be fine.” On the mention of Daylight, I thought for a wild moment of Daypaw, and had to remind myself this was Waterclan camp.

Shaking these thoughts away, I hurried over to the limp gray cat. Berrypaw. ”No!” My shriek tore through the den, as I

nosed the slightly cold fur. But he wasn’t dead.Looking more closely, I could see the rise and fall of his flanks. ”Berrypaw, please wake up.” I pleaded, lapping his pelt. ”Is he going to be okay?” I asked Splashpaw. He looked a bit uncomfortable. ”I don’t know, really. Ask Daylight, she’s right over there.” I saw a orange and brown she cat. ”Is Berrypaw going to be

okay? ” I mewed to Daylight. The medicine cat bent over

Berrypaw, inspecting him, and finally mewed ”He’ll live.”

I felt a rush of relief, and whispered ”Thank you..”

Flamepaw padded over to me. ”What’s your clan like?” He

asked curiously. I bristled,thinking for an instant that he was trying to find my clan’s weakness. Then I decided it won’t

be any harm to tell him just a little. ”About the paws, or the camp?” ”The paws.” I took a deep breath. Icepaw pricked her ears expectantly, and Splashpaw padded over. I saw Skypaw for the first time, as Flamepaw called her over. She was a

shy, meek cat, the exact opposite of me, or I thought so.

”Well, there’s Shinepaw, she’s the oldest, but she delayed her paw ceremony to be paws with us. Her magic is charm

and beauty. It’s really strong, and she’s really beautiful. She can make you do anything for her, if she tries hard enough.” ”As if.” Flamepaw snorted. ”No, it’s really true! Why don’t

you take a good look at her in the Gatherings.” I insisted. He still looked doubtful, so I moved on.”Her brother is Emberpaw, and he’s really strong. I don’t know if it’s is magic or such. I have a brother, Wavepaw. I think he has a stupid crush on Shinepaw. He can control water.” All the cats listening

gasped at this. ”Cool! A Charmclan cat controlling water?”

Splashpaw burst out. I ignored him, and continued”Daypaw is the youngest of the paws. She can control the weather with her emotions, so we have to watch what we say, or she

makes our fur freeze off with a mini snowstorm.” Skypaw

purred quietly at this. ”She is Berrypaw’s sister, the paw

who bought me here.” I mewed, pointing to him with my tail. ”He can change his fur color, he’s usually orange and black, but he’s tired right now, so he’s gray.” As I talked, I

suddenly understood why Flamepaw had told me to tell them about Charmclan. He was trying to distract me from my pain in my flank, and I felt grateful.


I was floating in a black space, and I murmured ”Not the sea again..” A white speck of light in front of me started to glow, and I padded towards it. The whiteness expanded, filling

the black, and suddenly I was in a nest, scenting of fish and salt. Then I remembered. ’Leafpaw! Is she okay?’ I thought, and heaved my head up. I heard Leafpaw mewing to other

cats, and I let out a sigh of relief. Leafpaw and the others

turned to look at me, and Leafpaw mewed”Berrypaw! You’re awake!” And a white and gray tom introduced the Waterclan cats. ”Hi, I’m Splashpaw, and this is Flamepaw! The white

she cat is my sister, Icepaw, and the cat beside her is Flamepaw’s sister Skypaw.” I got up to my paws to look better at them. ”Thanks, guys.” I purred. ”You’re welcome, Berrypaw” Flamepaw mewed. Leafpaw made a little jump. ”Since we’re all okay and happy, why don’t you take us sightseeing around the camp?” She purred. Splashpaw thought about it for a

moment. He glanced at Flamepaw, and the two toms stepped forward. ”Let’s go, paws!” Icepaw shrieked with excitement. I looked at Skypaw. The she cat was very quiet. ”Will you

come with us, too?” I suggested, and Skypaw nodded.

”Oh, wow! Waterclan is so amazing!” Leafpaw gasped as I

went up to her with Splashpaw. When I saw what she was

looking at, my jaws dropped open. The sun was setting in the water, a lovely orange light. ”This is a sunset” Flamepaw mewed. ”And you see this every day?”I asked.Icepaw nodded. ”How do you fish?” Leafpaw asked. ”We dive in the water,

and snatch the fish swimming.” Splashpaw mewed.

”Sometimes Flamepaw grabs a blowfish, and he comes to

camp with scratches” Skypaw purred softly. I laughed, and

Leafpaw joined in, whilen Flamepaw mewed indigantly ”I did not!” Splashpaw flicked his ear with his tail. ”Yes you did”

He teased. ”Hey, watch it!” Icepaw shuddered as the toms

tumbled along the seaside, spraying them with water.

Leafpaw and I flinched out of pure instinct. Icepaw and

Skypaw seemed amused by this.”You’ll have to stay here for a long, long time to learn to swim” Icepaw mewed teasingly.

Leafpaw and I stayed behind in camp as Flamepaw and

Icepaw went to the Gathering. I told them to tell my clan of us, and Icepaw promised to do so.

Chapter 11


I admit, I was curious about Shinepaw. ’Who ever thought a cat could be pretty through magic?’ I thought. After our clan arrived near the Merging trees, I was so eager to go that

Shimmerstar had to call out to me to slow down.

In the Gathering, I saw Charmclan’s leader and Shimmerstar look sadly at the place where until recently, Wingclan had

occupied. I went over to the Charmclan paws, and saw a blue gray tom heading for me. ”Do you know””is Shinepaw?” we both mewed at the same time. Icepaw purred, and mewed”Berrypaw and Leafpaw are safe in our clan. They couldn’t come here because they don’t know how to swim. You must be Wavepaw, Leafpaw told us a bit about you.” Wavepaw let out a sigh of relief, and I remembered Wavepaw is Leafpaw’s brother. ”Who is Shinepaw?” I asked again. Wavepaw blushed, and whispered ”She’s very pretty, but don’t go easy on her in battle, or she’ll claw the ears off of a cat.”

”Nonsense” A cat snorted behind us, and I turned to see a

beautiful white and silver paw. I was in love.She was slender and lithe, sleek and shiny, a tom’s dream. I shook my head as Shinepaw continued ”I do not claw the ears off of any cat. They need them to hear. Instead,” ”she blinds them with beauty” Icepaw muttered. Shinepaw blinked at her.”Exactly” she purred. Wavepaw nudged me ”You’re drifting off.” He

mewed. I blushed, and mewed ”Shinepaw, Leafpaw and Berrypaw are safe in our camp.” Shinepaw mewed simply ”I knew it. But what’s your name?” ”I am Icepaw, and this is

Flamepaw” Icepaw introduced. Shinepaw’s eyes widened,

and she exchanged glances with Wavepaw. ”Do you have any other paws in your clan?” ”Er.. yes. My sister is Skypaw, and Icepaw’s brother is Splashpaw” I said. Shinepaw looked

around the clearing for a moment, and whispered ”Meet here tomorrow at midnight with your siblings. All four of you.”

I must’ve seemed bewildered, because Icepaw answered for me



Wow. Shinepaw is a confident and pretty cat. The very cat I had always wanted to be. I envied her. But I had long since

reconciled myself to my catality(PERSONality), so I didn’t

hate her or anything. Judging from his looks, Flamepaw was in love with Shinepaw already. ’It’ll pass.’ I told myself,

because I was worried for his heartbreak in the future. I mean, they aren’t even in the same clan! Although I was wondering why Shinepaw told us to meet here tomorrw, I agreed to go, mainly because I felt something big was coming. And, my mother, Snowwing, had visited me in my dreams, murmuring something.

’Shining waves and Flaming sky, Spell will return on a Splash of ice.’ She had gone before I had opened my eyes, and I had begged her to not leave me in the dream, but she had gone. I felt tears sting my eyes, and shook them off. ’I will meet her someday in the stars, don’t cry here, Icepaw.’ I told myself. ”Hey, Flamepaw, did you have any dreams of Spellclan?” I asked him when we arrived at the camp. He opened his mouth to reply, but Leafpaw and Splashpaw bowled us over by

plunging into us, and sent us swimming in the sea again.

Berrypaw and Skypaw were watching with amusment. It was clear they had planned this before we came back. I

pretended to be offended, and managed to soak Leafpaw.

She looked so funny with her pelt wet! I had to stifle a purr, but it felt as if my lungs would burst with so much laughing.

At night, me, Splashpaw, Flamepaw, and Skypaw slipped out of camp quietly. I winced as my white pelt shone in the light, and stuck to the shadows. I saw Shinepaw and Wavepaw

waiting for us, and Splashpaw tensed, while Skypaw merely

looked curious.

”Are you Splashpaw and Skypaw?” Shinepaw mewed, and I

was puzzled a bit before remembering Shinepaw had never

met them. ”Yes, why did you want us to come here?”

Splashpaw asked. Wavepaw jumped dow from a rock, landing in front of us. ”We had a dream telling us ’By the Shining

waves and the Flaming sky, Spell will return on a splash of

ice’” Mewed the blue tom. To my surprise, Splashpaw and

Skypaw nodded their heads as they told us that they, had

the dream, too. ”When do we leave? Now?” Splashpaw asked. ”I’m not sure, we might need to learn about herbs before

we start off.” Flamepaw mewed. Skypaw surprised us by

speaking up suddenly ”I’ve got that covered. I know about it because” she cocked her head to the side. ”Starlight

came to me in a dream.” Shinepaw and Wavepaw gasped

simultaneously, and I looked curiously at them.”Starlight was the first medicine cat of Charmclan, sister to Charmstar”

Shinepaw explained. Skypaw blushed, a faint pink color coloring her cheeks. I mewed ”Cool! You’re receiving training from the legendary cats!” Skypaw shuffled her paws. I felt proud of my clanmate. Imagine one of your friends being visited by a cat told in nursery tales! I wished it would happen to me

someday. Little did I know my wish was to be granted almost immediately. I jumped as a cat whispered ”You need to start today, Spellclan needs your help. Follow the Star Trail.”

”The Star Trail?” I said. ”Star Trail? What’s that?” Wavepaw mewed, but his question was cut off by an exclamation from Skypaw. ”Oh!” She cried out. She was looking straight up, at the night skies, where the stars were glittering.

We all looked up,and saw Silverpelt in the sky. But something was different. Bright stars, much brighter than normal,

shining down on us, marking a thin line in the black sky. ”The Star Trail..” I breathed.

Then we all looked at one another, and set out on our first adventure, heading for who knows where, in the wide world, hopefully for the return of Spellclan.

And ours.

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