• Most of this story takes place in RiverClan
  • Not every detail will be accurate, don't hold it against me
  • This is the first book in the Flight Of Stars arc.




Cinderstar - very dark brown tabby tom


Rockyflame - pale fawn she-cat

Medicine cat

Sprucethroat - speckled grey, almost black tom

Medicine cat apprentice

Muddypaw - tawny she-cat


Snowcloud - small golden tabby tom; apprentice, Swiftpaw

Mousewish - very pale cream-and-white she-cat; apprentice, Duskpaw

Buzzardmist - plump black tom; apprentice, Pricklepaw

Littlestep - sandy she-cat; apprentice, Brindlepaw

Heatherbird - white tom; apprentice, Twilightpaw

Dappledeye - pale golden tom

Shortbriar - pale cream she-cat, blind in one eye

Heavyfrost - very pale gray she-cat with dark golden eyes

Fishheart - very pale orange she-cat with yellow eyes

Briarfang - blue-gray she-cat with dark yellow eyes

Nutpuddle - orange-and-white she-cat

Fenneltuft - massive, scrawny grey, almost black tabby she-cat

Willowheart - long-furred gray she-cat with light green eyes

Patchspark - magnificent, long-furred bright ginger tabby tom, partially deaf

Fleetfang - fluffy very dark tortoiseshell-and-white tom

Longstream - very small sandy tabby tom with pale golden eyes


Duskpaw - black-and-golden tom with golden eyes

Swiftpaw - pale ginger tom

Brindlepaw - golden she-cat with yellow eyes

Twilightpaw - very dark ginger she-cat

Pricklepaw - white she-cat


Fallowclaw - tortoiseshell tabby queen

Ripplebreeze - ginger tabby she-cat


Honeykit - energetic pale cream tabby she-cat with a thick, bushy tail

Owlkit - small blue-gray-and-white tom with dark green eyes

Badgerkit - black tabby she-cat

Hollykit - small, swift fawn-and-white she-cat

Duckkit - handsome brown tabby tom


Riverthicket - big yellow-and-fawn tom with yellow eyes and two white paws

Goldenhollow - bulky white tom

Perchswipe - very small black tom with yellow eyes



Dewystar - wiry white tom


Ashcall - gray she-cat

Medicine cat

Acornberry - brown-and-tawny tom with white belly and legs

Medicine cat apprentice

Tanglepaw - ginger-and-fawn she-cat


Olivewind - huge, slender yellow-and-brown tom; apprentice, Wingpaw

Dapplehare - red-brown tom; apprentice, Robinpaw

Graycliff - long-furred black tom with a white chest and green eyes; apprentice, Bluepaw

Cloudbrook - delicate very pale orange tabby she-cat; apprentice, Pinepaw

Rubblewish - massive yellow tom

Flamepool - strong, scarred dark gray-and-white she-cat with dark yellow eyes and rough fur

Swallowfern - small tawny she-cat

Branchlight - reddish-and-white she-cat with green eyes and long whiskers

Scorchbelly - sandy tom

Lynxbriar - big yellow tabby tom

Hollysun - reddish-and-white she-cat

Badgertree - fluffy pale orange she-cat

Milkjaw - pale brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Lightbelly - dark ginger-and-white tom

Smokefang - clever cream-and-white tom with very small ears


Flypaw - very dark gray tabby tom with tan stripes

Wingpaw - wiry dusky brown tabby tom with green eyes

Pinepaw - yellow she-cat

Bluepaw - small, clever very pale ginger she-cat with pale green eyes


Silentpelt - short-tailed yellow-and-ginger queen

Grayleaf - dappled pale sandy tabby she-cat with yellow eyes


Weedkit - stocky grey-and-golden tom

Webkit - black-and-brown tom with green eyes and a long scar across the back

Ivykit - brown tabby she-cat

Troutkit - very dark tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with rough fur

Shredkit - small silver-and-white tom


Junipereyes - very old white tom, twisted front leg

Blackspots - very pale cream tabby tom with pale golden eyes

Toadthroat - plump, skinny gray-and-white tom with yellow eyes

Pricklesong - ancient tawny tabby she-cat



Sandstar - sandy-and-white tom


Bluestrike - yellow tabby she-cat

Medicine cat

Birdstreak - sandy-and-white she-cat with dark yellow eyes

Medicine cat apprentice

Yellowpaw - dark golden tom


Skyjaw - big silver she-cat with a long scar across the back; apprentice, Foxpaw

Dewpelt - pale brown tabby tom; apprentice, Sunpaw

Dustyheart - graceful very dark gray she-cat; apprentice, Puddlepaw

Grassfoot - white tom; apprentice, Darkpaw

Plumthicket - spotted white tom; apprentice, Robinpaw

Bluepool - blue-gray she-cat

Daisypelt - silver she-cat with flecked with grey

Cedarjaw - white tom

Tallflower - massive yellow tabby she-cat

Sparrowacorn - orange she-cat

Sunsky - white tom

Shadowthicket - very pale ginger tom

Mossfur - reddish tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Brindlecloud - golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes and darker flecks


Foxpaw - red-and-white tom

Goldenpaw - long-furred golden she-cat with dark green eyes

Puddlepaw - reddish tom with lime green eyes

Darkpaw - black tom with amber eyes

Robinpaw - pale brown tom with amber eyes


Sorreltooth - cream tabby queen, twisted front leg

Perchclaw - yellow-and-golden queen


Rainkit - pale ginger tabby tom with green eyes

Finkit - young cream-and-white tom

Cinderkit - gray she-cat

Twigkit - dark orange tabby she-cat

Poppykit - yellow-and-white she-cat with dark amber eyes


Brighteye - reddish tabby tom with dark feet

Petallight - ginger-and-white tom with dark yellow eyes and white splashes

Yellowtree - dark fawn tom



Pricklestar - strong sandy tabby she-cat, scarred front leg


Sunfish - pale tortoiseshell she-cat with dark golden eyes and unusually long claws

Medicine cat

Heronsky - golden tabby tom with yellow eyes

Medicine cat apprentice

Snakepaw - blue-gray tom


Briarmask - handsome dark cream tom with green eyes; apprentice, Mintpaw

Hailstorm - very pale golden tabby tom; apprentice, Skypaw

Oakclaw - battle-scarred, slightly clumsy ginger tom with pale amber eyes; apprentice, Adderpaw

Lynxpath - white she-cat with dark brown patches; apprentice, Snailpaw

Whitemoon - yellow tom

Fallowtooth - orange tom with white paws

Lichencall - small very pale golden-and-white she-cat

Oatcall - pale sandy-and-white tom

Yellowcreek - yellow tabby she-cat

Rubblesky - tawny tabby tom with amber eyes

Rockygaze - silver tabby she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Nightspeck - muscular pale golden she-cat with dark yellow eyes

Sprucepath - mottled ginger she-cat

Drifttuft - dark golden tabby tom

Haybright - heavy gray-and-white she-cat with a thick, bushy tail

Fleetclaw - wiry golden tom

Brightfur - yellow-and-brown she-cat

Troutface - silver-and-white tom with green eyes and a large scar on leg


Mintpaw - large orange-and-white she-cat

Skypaw - tawny-and-grey she-cat with amber eyes

Adderpaw - stocky, fluffy ginger tabby she-cat

Snailpaw - cream she-cat


Frostdawn - silver queen with yellow eyes and a white belly

Hareivy - ginger tabby queen with dark yellow eyes and white paws


Splashkit - blue-gray she-cat

Goldkit - tawny she-cat

Webkit - red-brown tabby tom


Skyfang - ancient, pure white tom

Beechtail - reddish she-cat

Softgaze - chestnut-brown she-cat

Smallspark - silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Chapter 1

A young ginger tabby sat outside of a hollow at the base of a pine tree. A cold leaf-bare wind brushed her pelt. She shivered, yet tried to remain strong.

"Forest! Come in here and get warm!" called a yellow tabby from inside the hollow.

"But ma--" she started.

"No 'buts'! Great stars your going to get greencough if you stay out there any longer."

At that, Forest squeezed in. Finding a spot that was in between the hollow's wall and her mother.

"That's it, my little star. Get warm. This'll be our leaf-bare home, if we're lucky."

"I'm not little, ma. I'm not even a kit anymore!" Forest mumbled.

"But your my kit."

Forest offered her mother a half smile.

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