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Ravenpaw is the star here! What if he didn't leave ThunderClan? -Leaf in the Dappled Sunlight


Ravenpaw looked at Tigerclaw and Redtail. "Guys what's happening?"

"Ravenpaw, there's a battle, leave while you can!" growled Tigerclaw. Ravenpaw nodded but instead of running away he hide behind a tree and watched. "Redtail, I think he went this way." growled Tigerclaw. Redtail followed Tigerclaw but suddenly he turned around and swiped Redtail's throat, causing him to bleed to death. "Ha, to weak to stand up to me, huh, deputy?" Tigerclaw sounded happy but Ravenpaw saw a fleck of fear in his eyes before Ravenpaw ran away. StarClan, please don't let me get caught!

Chapter One

Ravenpaw ran as fast as he could, dodging trees and logs. His paws became tired as he drew near the camp. I'm almost there! A big tabby rammed into him. "Tigerclaw!" meowed Ravenpaw. "Did you see anything?" growled Tigerclaw. "Any what?" asked Ravenpaw. "Nevermind." Tigerclaw growled. Ravenpaw looked at him and ran toward the camp faster. A pale ginger apprentice stopped him. "Hi, Ravenkit." she sneered. Ravenpaw shoved the ginger she-cat away when a dust color tom padded up. "It's not nice to shoved other cats Ravenkit."  The tom pushed Ravenpaw down with his paw. "Come on Sandpaw, let's leave Ravenkit be." Ravenpaw stared at them in anger, as much as he loved Sandpaw he hated her for making him take the blam. "Hey, Ravenpaw, we got a new clan member!" meowed Graypaw. "Hi." meowed a firey ginger tom. "I'm Firepaw." Ravenpaw looked at the ginger tom and then at Graypaw. "I have a secret."

Chapter Two

"Ooo! You have a secret, Ravenpaw?


"What is it?" asked Firepaw.

"Uh, I like Sandpaw!" blurted out Ravenpaw. Graypaw stiffled a meow of amusment. "You like Sandpaw?" Firepaw asked. Ravenpaw nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Nothin'." answered Firepaw. "Goody!" meowed Ravenpaw. Firepaw looked at Graypaw and shook his head. Ravenpaw padded away. "Well, 'night!" Firepaw looked at Graypaw and shook his head. "Night Graypaw. Night Firepaw!" meowed Ravenpaw as he padded to the Apprentice den, trying to scoot closer to Sandpaw. Firepaw felt a smile on his face as he turned away. "Firepaw, do you like Sandpaw?" whispered Graypaw.

"No." lied Firepaw. "I hate the stupid hairball!" Graypaw stiffled a mrrow of laughter and fell asleep in heartbeats. Should I have told him the truth?

Chapter Three

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