It was a black, moonless night in StarClan territory, and all of the plot-important characters were gathered around a box with a screen at one end and a lever at the other.

"We need a plot for the series after Omen of the Stars," announced Bluestar. "And we all know how the Erins make a plot: a mysterious prophecy. And this," Bluestar flicked her tail at the box, "is our Random Prophecy Generator. Spottedleaf, pull on the lever!"

The slender tortoiseshell padded up from the crowd and pulled down on the lever. Words appeared on the screen, which started glowing.

"Two will travel from Sky to Wind, and a Wolf shall threaten all," read Spottedleaf in a dramatic voice, practicing her prophecy delivery. She started to fade, and then reappeared in the crowd of starry cats, with wild laughter from her Clanmates.

"That was awesome, Spots!" said Lionheart, trying hard to stop laughing. "You're definitely the best at prophecies."

"Now we need to make up a meaning that we'll never tell anyone but the Erins about," continued Bluestar. "Yellowfang, I believe that that's your job." The ragged old medicine cat thought a bit, then announced,

"There are two SkyClan apprentices, Goldenpaw and Moonpaw. There is also a rogue named Wolf who lives in the Twolegplace at the edge of RiverClan's territory. SkyClan will be attacked by flying badgers, and Goldenpaw and Moonpaw will ask WindClan for help. Then Wolf comes with a band of rogues and scatters RiverClan, and the other clans will band together and drive them out, with many gory deaths." There was applause from the gathered cats. Bluestar was typing out the prophecy and interpretation in an e-mail to the Erins.

"But what about RiverClan?" asked Leopardstar, who was new to the ways of plot.

"Oh, someone will bring them back," said Yellowfang dismissively. Leopardstar dipped her head in embarrassment.

"Alright, I've sent the prophecy to Cherith," said Bluestar. "Now the Erins can begin the process of continuity errors and bizarre plots!"

StarClan cheered for the newest prophecy.

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