This is the main page for The Paths Trilogy, a trilogy written by Brams.

It centers on a she-cat named Brokenpath, whose life has been in turmoil ever since before she was born. But after her warrior ceremony, everything takes a turn for the worst - or so it seems, for the young Brokenpath.

Little does she know that this could've been the best choice someone made for her in her own life...

The Trilogy

Book 1: Broken Paths (Complete) - Brokenpaw had always had a shattered life. She'd never really known who she was - her parents she had never met, although she was Clanborn. However, her loyalty to her Clan is something that never dies.

After training with the apprentices for six moons, Brokenpaw, like all apprentices, chooses her warrior name. But that price cost Brokenpaw dearly.

Instead of returning to her birth Clan, PebbleClan, the newly named Brokenpath is shoved into GrassClan, much to her dislike. The young she-cat has to develop friendships in her new Clan. But when a rift forms, Brokenpath has to fight for her right to be in either Clan. Will Brokenpath make the decision to be in her Clan by birth, or the Clan she was forced to join?

Book 2: Merging Paths (In Progress) - All everything that Brokenpath knew about her family was a lie. Her father was never dead.

Brokenpath now knows a reason behind her placement in GrassClan. But getting Bluepelt to return there is an issue - he's torn between his GrassClan roots and his PebbleClan allegiance.

With the help of Dustyheart, Cloudspirit, and Goldenflight, can Brokenpath convince her father to join their side, as a rift with PebbleClan increases, and a war looming with them on the horizon?

Book 3: Darkened Paths (To Be Started)

Books Surrounding the Trilogy

The Main Characters - Before The Path was Broken

Each of the five main characters in The Paths Trilogy has a story to tell, before the day when Brokenpath shifted Clans. Read their stories, and share the experiences they had to go through...

Bluepelt - Outside The Borders - Bluepelt had always not been the best warrior in PebbleClan - because he had the dislike to fight. He didn't want to become a medicine cat, so being a warrior was all he could be. But when he is attacked alone, and narrowly flees, Bluepelt must forge up his own life outside the borders - and abandon all he has ever known.

Cloudspirit - Desire (To Be Made)

Brokenpath - Orphaned (To Be Made)

Dustyheart - Calling of the Grass (To Be Made)

Goldenflight - Fallen Loyalties (To Be Made)

Main Characters

Brokenpath - A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, formerly of PebbleClan. (GrassClan)

Dustyheart - A pale brown she-cat with green eyes, formerly a rogue. (GrassClan)

Goldenflight - A golden-brown she-cat with amber eyes, formerly of FallClan. (GrassClan)

Bluepelt - A large blue-gray tom with blue eyes, formerly of PebbleClan and GrassClan. (Rogue)

Cloudspirit - A thinly-framed, thick-furred, small dark gray she-cat with blue eyes, formerly a rogue. (GrassClan)

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