This is the main page for The Paths Trilogy, a trilogy written by Brams.

It centers on a she-cat named Brokenpath, whose life has been in turmoil ever since before she was born. But after her warrior ceremony, everything takes a turn for the worst - or so it seems, for the young Brokenpath.

Little does she know that this could've been the best choice someone made for her in her own life...

The Books

Book 1: Broken Paths (In Progress) -

Book 2: Merging Paths (To Be Started)

Book 3: New Paths (To Be Started)

Main Characters

Brokenpath - A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, formerly of PebbleClan. (GrassClan)

Dustyheart - A pale brown she-cat with green eyes, formerly a rogue. (GrassClan)

Goldenflight - A golden-brown she-cat with amber eyes, formerly of FallClan. (GrassClan)

Bluepelt - A large blue-gray tom with blue eyes.

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