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Brackenfang's eyes lit up as he saw the former leader: Bambistar. "Bambistar!" He meowed. He purred at his mate, "Our kits, they've grown into great warriors and have our grandchildren."

"I know." Her light voice meowed. But Brackenfang continued, "Their Warrior names are, Moondapple, Deerleap, and Brightsong!" "Bra-" She started. "And Moondapple had a litter of kits named: Robinkit, Applekit, and Ferrykit!" "Though that kittypet called: Mouse has joined the clan and is their father. His new name is Mouseleap." Brackenfang sneered silently.

"I know about all of that, I know Brightsong has had her kits: Jaykit and Bambikit." Bambistar breathed.

"Okay, but you must be here for a reason. Am I joining Starclan?" Brackenfang asked.

"No, I'm giving you a prophecy." She purred.

"What is it?"

"Three of 1 kin shall rise, The Passing Of The Seasons has come to an end. New-leaf, Green-leaf, Leaf-fall, and Leaf-bare are over. The skies will be gone. The Moon Shall Be released into a long baring night until they stop it. Feather, Night, and Leaf shall help the clans." She meowed and started fading.

"No! Don't leave!"


You can Find To Allegiance, here

Chapter 1 -Bambikit-

Bambikit bounded over to her mother. "When is Jaykit going to wake up?" She rolled her eyes.

"In his own time dear, now go fetch your father." Brightsong meowed.

Bambikit nodded, many cats had called her father his real name: Noteeth, but she and her siblings called him his former name: Snakeclaw.

Her father sat down grooming his fur with his apprentice Peachpaw. "Hey, Snakeclaw!" She purred.

"Hey, Bambikit! Has your brother woke up yet?" Snakeclaw asked. "Nah, mommy wants you!"

"M'kay." Snakeclaw purred, licking Bambikit on the head. She then padded over to Peachpaw. "Hey remember these kits, welp Shellstar said they could stay. Their names are, Nightkit, Leafkit, and Featherkit."

"What!" Brackenfang yowled, cats looked at them with hope. "The prophecy, they've came!" They yowled.

"Wanna play mossball." Bambikit asked, "Yeah!" The three kits charred.

Chapter 2 -Featherkit-

It had been 3 moons and Darkleaf had came, The cats in her clan had to wait until Featherkit and her sisters were apprentices.

"Featherpaw! Leafpaw! Nightpaw! Bambipaw! Jaypaw! Robinpaw! Applepaw! Ferrypaw!" Her clan yowled, they then breathed deep breaths and yowled, "Peachtail! Snowtalon! Mangofall!"

"Featherpaw, Leafpaw, Nightpaw, Noteeth, Peachtail, Snowtalon, Brightsong, Mouseleap, Brackenfang, and I shall go to the gathering!" Shellstar yowled.

Featherpaw flicked her ear in annoyance, "You're only doing this because we're prophecy cats, but if we weren't you wouldn't have let us go." She thought.

Featherpaw stayed close to Snowtalon, maybe she had a small, tiny, very low crush on him. Their pelts basically brushed against each other.

"What are gatherings like?" She asked Snowtalon.

"Well there peaceful and calm, no cats dare break the truce or Starclan will send a cloud over the moon." He explained.

"Snowtalon and Featherpaw sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Peachtail and Nightpaw taunted.

"Shut up!" Featherpaw felt her cheeks growing hot. Snowtalon and her padded further up, until it was just them.

"Mousebrains right." Snowtalon started. "Yeah!" She laughed, "It's not like you liked me or I liked you." She laughed awkwardly. Snowtalon chuckled.

Then Featherpaw could hear the teasing of Peachtail and Nightpaw, "Let's hurry up before they catch up to us." She looked at him.


Chapter 3 -Nightpaw-

Nightpaw sat beside Deerleap. She only taunted Featherpaw about SNowtalon because she didn't want anyone to suspect that she loved Shellstar. But her chances were low, she already saw Dustnose mooning over him for power.

"Prey has been well." She heard Spiderstar finish. Deerleap let out a laugh as she saw Dustnose trip trying to get to Shellstar. Nightpaw smirked and padded over to her mentor, "Hey Dustnose, need help? Getting up?" She teased. Her mentor's green eyes showed slits and she whispered into Nightpaw's ears. "Shellstar. Is. Mine." She lashed her tail and went over to Shellstar to nuzzled him. The leader gagged in disgust and went over to Deerdapple, to exchange words with his deputy.

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