(Note: This was a story for a contest on another wiki, that's why it's so short, it was a short story contest, there will be no additions to this story, my brain died from fighting to get it done on time)

The north star

Guiding the lost ones.

If you are ever lost.

Look for the north star

It will always set you back on the right path.

It may even answer your wish

But even wishes come with a price


Up above, in the night sky

Are shooting stars

Lighting paths in space

In the dark of the night, by a star filled river, a she-cat sat on a rock, she sighed, and turned around when a tom appeared out of nowhere.

He said, "I didn't expect to see you here so early, Skystar."

Skystar turned to face the white tom, his eyes were a shining blue, and seemed to be filled with the shining stars around them.

"North, I didn't expect to see a loner in the grounds of Starclan." she said and twitched her whiskers, and flicked her tail to the empty spot beside her.

North smirked, and jumped onto the smooth rock where his old friend was sitting, "I doubt a loner was welcomed with no hesitation anyways, I am not surprised you reacted this way." he said smoothly.

Skystar frowned, "No, it is not that, you see, there has been some disagreements within the clan, about being a pure blooded warrior and a half blooded cat." she said, looking down at the river.

North looked perplexed, "Why do they act this way? Surely there have been many loners of their time that changed their ways, maybe even saved them from a great terror?" he asked.

Skystar said, "Because the clans were never pure blooded to begin with, the founders were loners or even kittypets, but they have forgotten this over the years." she sighed, shaking her head.

"Sometimes the ignorance of the young can never be changed." North said darkly, and flicked his tail.

Skystar said, "Maybe not, but I've been watching this one kitten here, pure blooded in every sense of the word, but she's like the others, she needs a guide."

North asked, "Is that why you called me here?" he twitched his whiskers.

"Of course, you were a guide when you were alive, you need to guide this young one on the right path, and not the wrong one," Skystar said, "This is important, tensions are high, cats are starting to get ambitious every moon."

North murmured, "I see, of course I'll guide her." he bowed his head, and jumped off the rock, and disappeared into the darkness, but his voice still echoed in the starry clearing.

"But remember the golden rule, she must make her own choices, and only she can decide in the end what path she will take." he murmured, and his voice disappeared.

Skystar sighed, and looked up at the sky, "How right you are, North, for Starclan can never intervene." she said.

The starry filled river started to sped up with the current, and soon, it was a torrent, Skystar only watched, but then she too, disappeared into the ever growing shadows.

Chapter 1

A star, A star

Dancing in the sky

I was once told a story, what story, you may ask. Well, the story was from a long time ago, during the great snowfall. The elders say that barely any cat could hunt, no cat could see through the blizzard, many cats were scared, but a loner named North came from the white darkness, and taught them how to survive in the seemingly endless blizzard.

But just as he did that, he disappeared into the white darkness. For a couple days, the blizzard didn't let up, but one of the cats soon found themselves staring up at the whitened sky, and they called, "Look! Look! It's the north star!"

After that star appeared, the sky cleared, and they found themselves staring at a beautiful night sky, with many shooting stars, and they heard a voice.

"You wished for this blizzard to go away, I granted that wish, I guided you through, you are survivors."

Of course, it is just a story, but we're having a little blizzard of our own, the moon cave is blocked by a wall of ice, the leaders or medicine cats can't get through, and me being the medicine cat apprentice, that's a big problem. For all of us.

Maybe our newest wish will be granted. Maybe the north star will listen once again, even if, in this day, our hearts are filled with hate and greed.

My name is Nightpaw, I am the medicine cat apprentice of Thunderclan.

And this is my wish, and my story.


"Nightpaw! Come get the comfrey!"

Nightpaw looked up from where she was sorting herbs, she was getting tired of cats saying 'Oh, Nightpaw! Do this!' or 'Nightpaw! Do that!' it was quite annoying and tiring, even if she was the medicine cat apprentice, sometimes cats telling her to do this and that, she was sometimes tempted to tell them to do it theirselves.

She sighed, heading toward the apprentice that recently collected the comfrey that Snowflight had sent him to collect, since Nightpaw was busy with sorting, his name was Skypaw, he was quite arrogant and boastful, and very full of himself, and believed being a medicine cat must be a curse placed upon less able cats.

How mouse-brained, Nightpaw thought darkly as she headed toward him, Just because I'm a medicine cat apprentice means nothing about my fighting skills, I could beat Skypaw up with my eyes closed.

Skypaw looked at her, and sneered, "How is the little duties treating you, Nightpaw? Having fun sorting herbs?" he asked in a cold voice.

Nightpaw said cooly, "I doubt collecting moss and herbs are any more fun then sorting them."

Skypaw looked like he was about to retort back, but Snowflight trotted up, "Excellent, I'm surprised they're still growing, even with this blizzard." she said.

She nodded to Nightpaw, and Nightpaw grabbed the comfrey.

Snowflight was right though, the blizzard that once again covered the territory in white snow, barely anything grew, barely any prey came out of their holes, Nightpaw had a feeling most of the prey was sleeping through the winter. Snowflight was worried that if greencough came, they wouldn't be able to find cat-nip.

And that's not even the start of the clans problems, the entrance to the cave was blocked by a huge wall of ice, no cat could get in to communicate with their ancestors, Starclan.

And most of the clan believed that if they couldn't communicate with Starclan, then this blizzard has doomed them all.

Nightpaw wasn't sure what to believe, but if the ice wall didn't melt, then communicating with their ancestors will soon be a problem, and would make a lot of cats anxious.

Nightpaw could understand this fear, she looked up into the sky, she could not see the stars. The sky only had gray clouds.

Even it worried her that she could not see a sign. If one came, all of them would be blinded by the blizzard.

Chapter 2

The Guiding Light

The Northern Star

Well, that's not where my first problems begin, with the endless taunting of Skypaw. And warriors complaining how their joints ache from the cold. Hello, my joints are aching from the cold to, but I'm not complaining. The only part of the clan I'm truly worried about is the kits.

The kits are too young, and their lungs can't take this cold, I have tried my best to find feathers, anything warm, to keep the kits alive, but I can sense it in the wind, sickness. You feel that type of stuff when you're a medicine cat, that and when Starclan is trying to send you a message.

If I don't keep the kits warm in the nursery, along with the queens, this blizzard won't be the thing wiping us out. It will be the sickness.

I don't know if the sickness is a more desperate attempt of sending a sign from Starclan, or this blizzard. But either way, it won't do us any good, and the ice wall is as cold and strong as ever, it doesn't seem like it's ever going to melt.

I understand why Starclan might cause sickness, in a desperate attempt to communicate, since to every other cat, now that the ice wall is there, all type of communication has been cut off

I mean, if I was a Starclan cat, I would do something mouse-brained and rash just to get cats to listen, since some cats, like Skypaw, are too big for their pelts, in my opinion.

But there must be something I can do to stop this sickness before it starts, and the first place to start... Is the nursery.


"We need cat-nip, Nightpaw, now!" Snowflight hissed from the stress, there was a bout of cough going around was edging nearer and nearer to the nursery. Nightpaw herself felt woozy, but not from the cough that was spreading, but from the stress.

Nightpaw nodded, and ran out, while Skypaw sneered at her, and asked coldly, "Of to collect herbs, Nightpaw?" he flicked his tail.

Nightpaw snapped, "I don't have time for your mouse-brained tendencies, I need to collect cat-nip so no one dies," and she murmured under her breath, "I hope you get the cough and choke."

But Skypaw didn't hear her, he just laughed as she stalked out, tail flicking in annoyance. She rushed through the blizzard, but she knew it was like trying to find prey in deep undergrowth.

Knowing her clans luck right now, the cat-nip was probably dead, or another cat took it, but she knew if she didn't get that cat-nip, cats would die.

She knew trailing in this blizzard in a desperate attempt to save her clanmates was a lost cause, she'd never find that cat-nip, not in this white darkness.

When Nightpaw looked up, she thought she saw a flash of black fur, she yelled, "Hey!" and followed it.

She lost it a couple of times, forced to scramble in the white blur to find the black furred cat again.

Once again she saw it, and followed closely, but soon she lost him again, she growled in frustration, padding around blindly, and ended up tripping on some sort of rock.

She loked where she landed, and found fresh cat-nip, she nearly gasped in shock to see that they were well and healthy, as if they recently bloomed, she grabbed some, gently plucking themout of the ground. She could feel the fuzz of the cat-nip tickle her mouth, and she had to stop herself from spitting them out.

She then realised she had another problem, How can I get back to camp, if I'm stuck in this blizzard?

She looked around, then looked at the sky, and narrowed her eyes. There was a small break in the clouds, where a single star flashed through the white darkness, she decided to use that as a point to find the camp.

She padded against the blizzard's snowy winds, her black fur standing out amidst all the white, this is where Skypaw's fur came in handy, he usually was one of the cats to be sent out hunting for whatever they can find in the blizzard.

That's the only thing she'll admit Skypaw was good at. Nightpaw huffed, Skypaw is as useful as this blizzard.

She nearly tumbled into camp, and she found Skypaw looking down at her, with a sneer on his face.

"Look who stumbled in." he growled as usual.

"Get out of my way, Skypaw!" she snapped, satnding up, and shaking the snow out of her black fur.

Skypaw sneered, "Fight me!"

Nightpaw hissed, unsheathing her claws, and swiped her claws around his ear, he squeaked, and she snapped, "I don't have time foryour boasting on how warriors are so awesome! I have a clan to save!"

She pushed past him, causing him to fall over in the snow, and she padded to the medicine cat den, facing the harsh wind.

She finally reached the medicine cat den, which was a small cave, she squeezed into the crevice where her and her mentors and the patients nests were.

She dropped the cat-nip, and said, "I got the cat-nip, Snowflight."

Snowflight looked up, and mewed, "Excellent, tomorrow, we're going to have to find some way to keep the nursery warm."

Nightpaw nodded, and padded out, Skypaw pushed past her with a bleeding ear. She looked up at the sky, the break in the clouds was gone, she sighed, unable to see past the blizzard.

And if she can't see past the blizzard, her task of saving the clan is going to become quickly impossible. That ice wall needed to melt, or they were all doomed.

Chapter 3

When the curiousty of others gets overwhelming

All it takes is one

To save the lives of others at a risk of their own.

Of course, me and Skypaw, later in life, got along quite nicely, after some spats and a life-changing event...

Okay, well, I'm the reason he's still alive to this day, with a mate and kits, if I wasn't there during that event, he would have died, and would have been blocked from going to Starclan because of that wall.

In a sense, Starclan is also blocked by a spiritual wall, so spirits can't go in or out... That day we did lose a life... I think, sometimes you can't see right within this white darkness, things are different from what your imagination thinks it sees.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe she never died, maybe she managed to get out, but never came back.

Why wouldn't she come back? I have no idea, Skypaw though, went into shock, and tended to avoid me. I guess in fear of me saying 'I told you so'.

As much as I would love to say that to him, it just didn't feel right when he was sick, in shock, and showing symptoms of shock and injury.

Water... When you breathe that in, it seems to block any able breathing, and for days, Skypaw had trouble with breathing, he couldn't run very far.

But what saved him from certain death, shocked me, even surprised me. As it was the same thing that safed my clan a moon ago.

That single light of hope, through the break of the clouds, it gave Skypaw something... Hope? Maybe, or maybe seeing that light he saw what it meant, maybe that break is a sign from Starclan.

Maybe it means when it seems everything is lost, there is always a light through the darkness.

Maybe that's what it means, but I can't sense the change in the weather, it continues to be cold, we can't even have gatherings the snow is that thick.

And hearing no word from the other clans is starting to worry me.

Are they already lost?


"Nightpaw? Can you get the remaining horse-tail that's growing by the river? It's best if you bring two cats with you, it's getting dangerous out there." Snowflight mewed flatly while sorting herbs.

Nightpaw asked cooly, "Wouldn't they be dead already in this storm?"

"Better to be safe then sorry." Snowflight mewed calmly.

Nightpaw frowned, and she murmured, "I'm afraid it's sorry and sorry, that ice may be hit with cold wind, but the ice is weak, cats could easily drown."

Snowflight murmured, "We'll have to risk it, Nightpaw."

Nightpaw just stared at her mentor, unsure of what to say. Nightpaw finally nodded, understanding her mentors desperation to protect the clan.

She walked out of the medicine cat den, Skypaw got over the loss of his ear-tip, even though he was still quite sore about it. Nightpaw thought, He tends to avoid me now-a-days, but he won't be able to avoid me now, this is important.

When she walked up, as expected, Skypaw was ready to jump away, but Nightpaw stopped him in his track when she said cooly, "Snowflight is sending me on an important mission."

"You? On an important mission?" as expected, the old Skypaw puffed out his chest, and he asked icily, "Bet you want me to come with you on this important mission?"

Nightpaw roled her eyes, and said icily, "Sadly, yes, but I'm also picking Ashpaw to come with us," Nightpaw turned away, and murmured, "Only because I need a sensible apprentice with me." and she turned back.

Skypaw asked curiously, "Er, what is this important mission anyways?" narrowing his eyes suspiciously.

"If I told you, you'd probably refuse to come because it's such a 'menial task' for a warrior apprentice." Nightpaw hissed.

Skypaw huffed, and Nightpaw walked to the apprentices den, she stuck her head in. Most of the apprentices were on hunting trips, to scavenge whatever they can find that's edible, morelike. But Ashpaw was fixing the nests, putting them neatly in the proper places around the stump.

Nightpaw asked, "Ashpaw?"

Ashpaw looked up, and asked gently, "Yes, Nightpaw?"

Nightpaw asked, "Since I know you're not a Skypaw type of apprentice, I need you to help me with collecting horse tail, will you come with me and him?"

Ashpaw hesitated, then said, "All right, I don't see what's wrong with that." she stood up straight, abandoning her cleaning of the den, and walked out of the apprentices den with Nightpaw.

They met with Skypaw, who huffed, "I want to know what this mission is!"

"You'll find out som enough, stop being so huffy." Ashpaw said firmly, nodding to Nightpaw to lead the half patrol made up of two warrior apprentices and a medicine cat apprentice.

When they reached the half icy river, Skypaw bristled when nightpaw sniffed the ground for horsetail, and he growled, "Menial tasks..."

Nightpaw looked up, and snapped, "Told you, but too late now, without us, you'd get lost in this blizzard, unless you want to get lost, be quiet for once." and continued nuzzling through the snow for horse-tail.

She heard some racking, and some squeaking, and she growled, "Oh please... Will tou two stop-" but she looked up, and Skypaw and Ashpaw were no where in sight.

She realised the ice had cracked, and she called, "Skypaw! Ashpaw!"

She looked at the water closely, trying to see through it's gloomy surface, but could not see Skypaw or Ashpaw, as if they were never there.

She jumped when a white head smashed throught he surface, gasping for breathe, Nightpaw looked around quickly, and grabbed a oak stick, and dragged it to the river, where Skypaw was fighting the current and fighting to stay above the surface.

Nightpaw put the other end of the stick in the water near Skypaw, and she yelled, "Grab on!"

Skypaw looked at it suspiciously, but obeyed, and was dragged out by Nightpaw.

While Skypaw coughed behind her, Nightpaw looked up and down the river for Ashpaw, but there was no sign of the small, grey apprentice.

Nightpaw sat there in horror, Ashpaw!

She was desperate enough to stick her head in the water, she opened her eyes under the water, which stung a bit, as she held her breath, she looked around quickly, but finally couldn't hold it, and shook her head.

She had failed to save a clan mate.

She looked at Skypaw, who was shaking from the cold, as much as she didn't get aong with Skypaw, she didn't want to lose another clan-mate.

She led the way back to camp, and they were greeted with surprise from their wet fur, and Nightpaw had to painfully explain to Riversong and Whiteclaw what had happened to Ashpaw.

Nightpaw flinched when Riversong cried out, having to be comforted by Whiteclaw, Nightpaw looked down at the snoy ground, and with the measly horse-tail in her mouth, led Skypaw to the medicine cat den.

Snowflight looked ready to thank Nightpaw, but stopped when she saw Nightpaw and Skypaw, she asked, "What happened?"

Nightpaw sighed, and mewed, "I don't know, they must have fallen into the river, I managed to get Skypaw out, but Ashpaw was no where in sight."

Skypaw was already huddled in a nest, shivering from the cold, his eyes narrowed dangerously, and Snowflight sighed, looking at the horse-tail.

Nightpaw growled, That was too risky, I failed to save a clan-mate, maybe I should have gone alone...

Nightpaw felt helpless, how was Ashpaw going to get to Starclan while the wall was there? Nightpaw sighed, shaking her head as Snowflight tended to Skypaw.

Chapter 4

Where there's a will

There is always a way

It would be moons before Skypaw fully recovered from the river escapade. Snowflight seemed different somehow, I didn't see it until after Ashpaw supposedly died, but something about her seemed off, different almost. But maybe I shouldn't be talking.

After all, I see apparent dead cats in my dreams, calling out to me. But their words seem muffled, blocked by a sound wall, trying to call me for help, but I cannot hear nor answer their pleas, and it bugs me that I cannot help the cats calling out to me.

I continued wishing and hoping the wall would go away, but it never did, but I can sense warmth in the wind, but still, white darkness takes over the sky, sending soft yet cold snow on our hunting land.

Prey is running short, cats are getting fiery and impatient. And everyone is sick with something, hungry, near starving, and they're too scared to go to the river to get a drink.

Not that I blame them.

Speaking of apparent dead cats, I figured out that black cat I always see after something important to my clan happens, I asked around the elders, and from my description, he's a loner named North, he was the guiding cat in the last white blizzard, where barely anyone made it out.

Is he trying to guide me too? How did he even get here? It must be draining him of any spiritual power he has, he must be getting desperate, this blizzard is starting to get warmer.

Is he willing to go that far to stop the blizzard with what's left of his spirit? I don't think that's a good thing, we should be doing it ourselves.

But we can't, we're powerless, every day I can almost see through the white clouds, and one star stands out over the clouds.

The north star, the star that cats use a marker.

Soon, I'm going to that wall, and I'll find a way to get through to the moon cave, even if, like North, I have to take desperate measures to get through.

But hopefully, I won't have to come down to that.

I hope not...


Nightpaw sorted herbs and tended to the sick, mostly Snowflight stayed in the elders den, tending to the elders, or so she says.

Nightpaw looked at Skypaw, who still hadn't fully recovered from his water incident, he mostly stared into space, fr bristling, and shaking all over.

Nightpaw snapped, "Skypaw, calm yourself, I'm not giving you more thyme! That stuff is bad for you in large amounts!" she swished her tail back and forth.

Skypaw hissed, "Please."

Nightpaw knew he didn't mean to sound snappy, he was in too much shock, and he was probably terrified of the water now, not that Nightpaw blamed him.

"Ugh, fine, but this is the last time I'm giving you some!" she snapped. She dug into the medicine storage, finding thyme, and started making a poultice.

Skypaw muttered hotly, "Thank you very much."

After that, she gave the poultice to Skypaw. He calmed down after, but his eyes were narrowed into space, but Nightpaw just left it like that.

Nightpaw walked out of the den, feeling the pressure on her, Snowflight never left the elders den half the time, and all the warriors whispered behind her back if she could handle a sick clan all by herself.

They think I'm incapable, I've been the medicine cat apprentice longer then Skypaw has been a warrior apprentice,she hissed to herself.

But still, they look down at her, while Skypaw was forced to look up. Nightpaw couldn't leave the camp without one or two warriors at her side, no matter how much she protested, they would cling to her like annoying, mouse-brained burrs.

She skirted around the edges while the warriors shared tongues, fur pressed up against the cold, she skirted past the guards at the entrance, and jumped into the forest.

She trudged to where Shadowclan's territory was, but all this snow covered the scent markings, even then, she doubt that'd the Shadowclan warriors would leave their camp except to hunt and make a half-hearted attempt at marking their borders.

At one point, they must have given up.

Nightpaw sighed, looking at the dead holly tree that has been there since she was a kit, maybe even when the elders were kits, who knew.

She jumped when she noticed a shadow of a cat standing behind the tree, watching her, it's black fur smooth, as if there was no wind running through it, but it's eyes were a clear kind of blue, it blinked, staring at Nightpaw.

Nightpaw looked up, and asked, "Are you the loner I've been seeing in my dreams?"

It looked up, and it hesitated, it finally nodded.

Nightpaw asked, "Can you talk?"

The loner spirit frowned, and shook his head, and seemed to indicate to where the moon cave was.

"The wall is blocking you?" Nightpaw asked.

The spirit nodded, and didn't leave the shelter of the dead holly, and Nightpaw asked, "Is there any way to save my clan?"

The spirit hesitated, and seemed to look up to the sky, he disappeared without answering Nightpaw's question.

She murmured, "He wouldn't have been able too anyways..." and turned to go back to the camp.

She stopped when the snow seemed to lessen, she twitched her whiskers in confusion, and looked up at the sky, and nearly jumped back in shok when a single ray of starry light broke through the clouds, illuminating a small part of the forest in a dim light.

She murmured, "North." knowing that only one star could shine ever so brightly through a seemingly endless darkness. The north star.

She returned to camp, the warriors still didn't notice her, she was kind of glad for that, but nothing excited her more then finally receiving a sign, even if it wasn't from Starclan in the sense.

She walked into the medicine cat den, where Skypaw was curled up in his nest, staring at a wall.

Nightpaw knew he wouldn't answer with a full sentence, but she mewed excitedly, "I saw a sign." she nearly jumped in place

He looked up, and Nightpaw was surprised when he asked curiously, "Really? What does it mean?" 

The thyme must have worked wonders... Nightpaw thought, and she mewed, "It was the north star, and it illuminated the forest area I was in, I think it means we have a small ray of hope, and that we shouldn't give up. No matter how dark it is.

"That's kind of general, don't you think?" he asked in a disappointed tone.

"This blizzard came because we nearly gave up on keeping neutral relationships with the other clans and each-other, this blizzard is reflecting what's in the clans hearts." she mewed cooly.

Skypaw made a face, "It seems pretty bleak, the clans will never change." he snapped, turning his back to her, and continued staring at the wall.

Nightpaw frowned, and mewed hotly, "That type of attitude will doom our clan." she stomped out, determined to show him.

I'll show him, I'll show them all! she thought, resolving to get rid of that wall, no matter if she had to die to do it.

The path was dangerous, and she had to do it alone,but she'd show them, she was more capable then Snowflight ever was.

Snowflight gave up too easily, every one of her clan-mates did.

North did give her the answer, he told her through that star that no cat should give up, there's always a chance.

She was going to that wall, and Nightpaw was going to try and get through to the moon cave to finally speak to Starclan.

No matter the cost, she wouldn't turn back until her resolution was complete, and Starclan was able to stop the blizzard.

North had made that resolution when he was alive, it was said he resolved to guide the clans through the terror of the great blizzard, he never gave up, even though just as the blizzard broke up, he lost his life, causing the clans to mourn.

The blizzard came back from their arguing, their fighting, their needless spats over prey when it was so plentiful, but that changed when the blizzard came.

Nightpaw thought darkly, That needs to change.

And I'm the only one that can bring about that change, just like North did when guiding the clans through the white darkness.

Chapter 5

Every single one of us

Needs to make a resolution

That might change our lives.

I never was a resolute cat in general, but when I was faced with the disbelief of my abilities, and the dependence on me at the same time, I kind of had to change myself.

Me and North weren't that much different, except that he was a loner, and I was a clan cat, my heritage was pure clan cats, as far as one can go, and his heritage was full of loners and rogues, and the odd kittypet.

That didn't make us much different in our resolution, I could feel his spirit at my side as I trekked to what I thought was my end, I was willing to sacrifice everything to get to Starclan.

Maybe that's what saved me in the end...

Me and North resolved to do the same thing, to guide the clans through the white darkness, even though that seemed impossible for North because of the hate and distrust he was getting.

Just because he was a loner, and not a clan cat.

And that's what brought about this second, never-ending blizzard. Before, I thought it was because of the clans mouse-brained spats every gathering about who did what and who didn't do what, or one of the clan cats yelling out 'Our warriors are better then your warriors!'

No, I was wrong, this blizzard came from Starclan to reflect our  hatred towards others just because they aren't clan-born.

How mouse-brained, the first clan cats were kitty-pets, loners, and rogues.

That didn't make us so different from a tame kitty-pet, or a cruel rogue.

In reality, rogues weren't that different from clan-cats, the only difference was they usually lived alone or with very few cats.

It must be nice, the peace and quiet, no one thinking you're incapable, and if they do think that, you don't know, because you're not near them, you can't see their eyes, and they way they flick their tail.

If I wasn't a medicine cat apprentice, and my clan needed me at this time, I seriously would like to be a loner.

No one looking down at me just because they thought I was inferior. Just because I was training to be a medicine cat and not a warrior.

Everyone expected me to become a warrior apprentice, I didn't want too though, i didn't find gratification in arguing at every gathering, and dying to fight another cat, willing to hurt them.

I wanted to be and do the the exact oppisite every cat expected of me, I wanted to help cats, not hurt them.

So, in a second of choice, I turned from a fiery, battle ready apprentice, to a weak, helpless, inferior medicine cat apprentice in their eyes.

Stuff does change in less then a bunny hop, just because I made a choice no one expected me or wanted me to make.

They're not me, it's not their choice.

I'll show them, I'm still the same fiery kit I was, I'm just older, I'm more ready, I'm wiser. And I'm not mouse-brained to just jump before thinking.

In the end, medicine cats are the true fighters of the clans.


Nightpaw followed the river, she could hear it's swishing as it rushed and frothed around the icy banks. The snow was in her face, she could barely see anything.

The journey was probably going to be long, but she had a guide.

She looked up at the sky, where the north star fought to outshine the dark and snowy clouds. Nightpaw's guiding light.

She wish she'd knew how far the cave was, she had to rely on her hearing, but all she could hear was the wind. And all she could see was white.

She gasped when she fell into a grove, but she gasped in delight when it was the grove that led to the moon cave, her ancestors were just fox-lengths away.

She trudged to the entrance, where the ice wall blocked any entrance to the deep part of the cave, she couldn't feel any warmth, only icy cold snow.

She mewed calmly, "Please, Starclan, the past is a given, and the future unclear, let me through, do not reject my plea."

There was no answer, she looked around the wall, and nearly jumped when their was a small hole, big enough for Nightpaw to squeeze through.

It must have melted when there was some warmth... she thought conclusivly, and tried to squeeze herself through the small hole.

She rolled in, and loked around, the cave was icy cold, but it also seemed to hold a hopeful warmth, she padded through, having to rely on her memory to get to the main cave.

She flinched from the small light the star radiated from the hole in the main cave but she worried it wouldn't be enough to awaken her ancestors.

She padded up to the small pool, it's outer edges were iced over, and only the centre was free.

She fearlessy padded across the ice, and bent to the water, she looked into it's starry surface, and finally licked the ice cold water.

She felt her vision blur around the edegs, and soon, she felt like she was floating in a never-ending blackness. And soon she opened her eyes in a snowy clearing.

She watched the beauty of the light snow fall, it would have been nice, if it wasn't just a gentler reflection of what was going on below.

She asked loudly, "Is there anyone there that can answer me?"

She jumped when the stars seemed to move, and she heard a voice whisper, "You have done well, my little light."

She jumped when the star blasted forth to reveal a snow white cat, she looked down at Nightpaw, and she said, "I am impressed, North has done well, you have finally reached us."

Nightpaw bowed, recognizing one of the past Thunderclan leaders, Snowstar.

Snowstar mewed, "This blizzard is letting up, only because some cats had the will poer to continue on, even if their situation seemed doomed and bleak, you are one of those cats." she bowed also.

Nightpaw asked, "Do you know what's the amtter with my mentor?"

Snowstar frowned, "I'm afraid she has become one of the lost spirits, it will be a long time before she joins Starclan." she mewed cooly.

"You-You mean she's dead?" Nightpaw gasped.

Snowstar nodded, "She is dead, but she had, and still does, have faith in your ability, even if your other clan-mates do not." she mewed.

Nightpaw asked, "How am I going to get a proper name if she's not here?"

Snowstar twitched her whiskers, "You have braved many challenges, faced oppisition in your clan-mates and the white darkness, and still succeeded in what medicine cats way before you have promised to uphold," she hesitated, then added, "My sister was a medicine cat, she told me all about what it was like, we will make you a medicine cat."

Nightpaw crouched, and soon, more shapes appeared, one of them was North, the guide of the clans every day in the sky.

Snowstar looked at North, "Would you like to have the honour of naming this very capable medicine cat?" she asked softly.

North twitched his whiskers, and mewed, "I have the perfect name, if Nightpaw agrees."

Nightpaw looked at him, and he mewed calmly, "Nightpaw, I may not have been alive to meet you, but it still was a sight to behold as you faced what seemed like an inevitable doom, that's why you deserve the name Nightsky," he hesitated, then added, "Because as long as one can see the night sky, the stars can continue to shine."

Nightpaw twitched her whiskers, and mewed, "I like that name!"

Snowstar laughed, "Then from this moment on, you will be known as night sky, the holder of light and hope, always there to look to when things seem bleak." she mewed.

Nightpaw watched as the shapes disappeared, she could feel the warmth in her fur, and she woke up from being named a medicine cat.

She jumped when she felt water in her paws, she jumped back to the stone as the ice melted, she felt a rain-drop on her head, and looked up into the roof.

The night sky was clear, she could see the stars and the moon.

She felt warm air travel through her fur, and she jumped toward the entrance, and was surprised to see the ice wall slowly melting, and soon, she was able to get through.

She stared up at the sky, few couds were scattered, yet she could see almost all the stars in the night sky.

Snow was still on the ground, but she could see the leaves of trees protruding out of their snowy caves.

Nightsky thought with glee, Starclan, you did it!

She heard a soft voice, No... You did it Nightsky.

She laughed, and jumped around in the snow, glad to be rid of the blizzard, and soon returned home.

Feeling welcomed, and felt safe being watched by the north star, which seemed to glitter in happiness, and shone even brighter then before.

There's always hope, even in the darkest of situations, never give up, and soon, every cat will see the same light too.

Because as long as there's a guide in the night sky, the clans will never fall, even to the mightiest of blizzards and storms.


As long as you try

And try again

At one point, you will succeed.

After that, the clan welcomed me back with warm fur and nuzzling.

It seemed that Snowflight had died from sickness, and when I told them I was named Nightsky, they were glad, they no longer looked down at me, but up to me.

Skypaw soon became Skyclaw, with a mate and kits, trust me, I was quite practiced at helping queens.

I even have an apprentice of my own, Leafpaw, she's quite a curious one, I even have a name planned out for her when she's ready.

She still has a lot to learn though.

Sure, there were more troubling times ahead, but my clan manages to pull through, and so did the other clans. I helped my clan to the best of my ability.

But some days, when even I'm losing the light of hope in my eyes, all I need to do is look up in the night sky, the sky I was named for, and look for that one star of hope.

The north star.

One night, I was even shown the power of that star, as I watched as beautiful lights danced across the night sky, while the north star outshone the other stars.

That light, I will never forget it's beauty and power, it's my guide in times of loss and doom, and something I can look to for help.

Because I teach this to every one of the apprentices, even the warrior apprentices.

As long as we don't give up hope, the north star will always be there to guide us.

No matter if we can't see through the darkness, it will always be there to show us the way out of the bleakest of situations.

And that Starclan is always watching us, no matter if the world of Starclan is blocked from the world of the clans below.

Because the north star is truly the star where wishes can come true.
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