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RiverClan's Destiny Series
Preceded by:
The Night Prophecy Succeded by:
The Frost Prophecy

Hey peoplez. This is a coauthored Fanfiction by Lokilog and Fireflyflight, the first book in RiverClan's Destiny. Odd number chapters like 1, 3, 5, 7... are by Fireflyflight, and even chapters like 2, 4, 6, 8... are by Lokilog. Enjoy!



The Night Prophecy.png


Leader: Shellstar

Deputy: Whitetail

Apprentice Seapaw

Medicine Cat: Lotusbloom - Tortoiseshell She-cat with green eyes


Sharktail - A grey Tom with blue eyes

Blossomflight - a yellow She-cat with green eyes

Apprentice - Snowpaw

Darkpelt - A young black Tom, funny and energetic. Has blue eyes. 

Stagmoon - a black and white Tom. He has socks (White fur covering his paws) and a moon shape on his head (Ravenkit and Streamkit's father.)

Duskwall - Brown Tom with socks.

Apprentice - Chillpaw


Salmonfur - a grey grumpy She-cat with blue sad eyes

Fisheye - a Tom with dark grey tabby fur and blue eyes. Likes to joke around and is quite a positive elder. The opposite of Salmonfur.

(Loki you can make more if you want)


Seapaw - A bluish She-cat

Snowpaw - A pure white She-cat

Chillpaw - A silver tabby She-cat


Greylight - A grey, grumpy blue She-cat.

Kits: Ghostkit, Featherkit, Mousekit, Fishkit

Frostfoot - Pure White She-cat, looks a bit like Snowpaw

Kits: Ravenkit and Streamkit.


Leader: Breezestar - White Tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Dirtfall - Brown tabby she-cat

Medicine Cat: Whitestream


Leader: Honeystar - a light brown tom with yellow honey colored eyes

Deputy: Leapheart - white furred She-cat

Medicine Cat: Weedheart - a tortoiseshell with green eyes Tom


Leader: Frogstar

Deputy: Swamptail

Medicine Cat: Nightwhisker

Apprentice: Flamepaw




(This will be filled out soon!)

Chapter One: Ravenkit

"Achoo!" Ravenkit sneezed. 

"Sick again?" Whitetail rolled his eyes. 

"Ye- Achoo!" Ravenkit sneezed.

"Come on, then, lets go see Lotusbloom."

Ravenkit nodded. He walked over to the medicine cat den. Lotusbloom smiled and wrapped her tail around Ravenkit gently and gave him some catmint. He rested in one of the nests. Why now? Why am I sick now? He asked himself.

Shellstar had come to see Lotusbloom. He rolled over in the corner trying to listen. 

"I had a dream last night about a prophecy!" Shellstar exclaimed.

"Do you remember the lines?" Lotusbloom smiled sweetly.

"Yes.-" he began to whisper to quiet for him to hear. Lotusbloom jumped.

"Let's not tell the clan about this. It will cause distress." Lotusbloom meowed.

So it's a bad prophecy...He thought to himself. I wonder what it's about.

Shellstar left.

"How are you feeling, Ravenkit?" Lotusbloom asked. She was always gentle. Ravenkit coughed in response. Lotusbloom looked at belly as he breathed. His breathes were ragged. "You have Greencough!" She exclaimed. "I don't know how you always get sick.. you're one brave little tom!"

Thoughts of despair invaded his mind. "Am I going to die?!" He squeaked, terrified. I am going to die!

"I don't know. But I will do my best to help you live through leaf-bare." Lotusbloom smiled. "I have to tell your mother now."

Lotusbloom walked to the nursery, leaving Ravenkit alone. He curled up, still scared. He smelled fresh grass. He was suddenly dreaming. 

"Hello Ravenkit!" A familiar voice meowed. Hailfoot, an elder who had died a moon ago. 

"Am I in StarClan? Am I dead?!" He squeaked scared.

"You are just visiting StarClan. It's good to see you again!" Hailfoot smiled, he looked younger. Way younger..

"Are you younger or something?" Ravenkit asked.

"Yes. I am in my younger years, without no scars or old cat aches." Hailfoot didn't mind the questions.

"Don't only Medicine cats and leaders get to see StarClan?!" He asked.

"Yes but you and Streamkit are special. Be careful-" the dream faded away. Ravenkit opened his eyes. What did he mean by special? He asked himself.

Chapter Two: Streamkit

Rolling over, Streamkit saw Whitetail leading his brother, Ravenkit, into Lotusbloom's den. Not again! he thought. Ravenkit always seemed to get sick. This was the third time so far, and it meant that Ravenkit spent most of his time in the Medicine Cat's Den. As he headed over to see what Ravenkit had caught this time, he bumped into Lotusbloom, who was heading out of his den.

"Hey, Streamkit! she meowed. "I have a message for you to take to your mother."

"What?" Even though Streamkit knew what Lotusbloom was going to say, he asked anyway.

"Well, Ravenkit is sick." Tell me something new! Streamkit thought, a bit annoyed.

"And he has Greencough." Streamkit reeled back in horror. Out of all the things he had heard Lotusbloom say, that was not one of them.

"Is he... Is he going to die?" Lotusbloom sighed.

"I don't know. I just don't know. I'll try my best, but when StarClan calls..." she trailed off. "Can you tell Frostfoot for me? I need to tend to Ravenkit." Streamkit nodded and dashed off. He pushed thorough the entrance to the Nursery and padded over the the nest where Frostfoot slept. Frostfoot, who was sleeping, opened an eye and lifted her head.

"What is it, Streamkit?" Streamkit was very hesitant to reply, but finally did.

"It's Ravenkit. He... he has Greencough."

"What!?" His mother's reaction was even worse than his, and Frostfoot was instantly on her paws and dashing out of the Nursery towards the Medicine Cat's Den. Streamkit stood there for a moment longer, then reluctantly followed his mother.

"What do you mean, you'll try?!?" As Streamkit entered the den, he saw that Frostfoot and Lotusbloom were engaged in an argument.

"Look!" Lotusbloom was obviously very pissed at Frostfoot. "I'll do my best! If that isn't good enough, then... their voices trailed off as Streamkit slipped passed the two arguing she-cats and headed towards the back, where Ravenkit would be. He found him there, sleeping peacefully in his curled up ball. He coughed occasional, and his face looked confused. As Streamkit padded back to the entrance, he heard Frostfoot hiss and disappear into the Camp. Streamkit quickly dashed over to follow his mother, who was going toward the Nursery. His thoughts were trained on Ravenkit. His brother had seemed so fragile, so delicate, and Streamkit wondered if he actual would survive leaf-bare.

Chapter Three: Greencough

Ravenkit stretched his paws just far enough to to be out of both ends of the nest. He felt a pile of sickness in his throat. Streamkit probably thinks I am weaker than a leaf now. He thought sadly.

"Lotusbloom can I see Streamkit?" Ravenkit mewed.

"No, this time you might give it to him if you see him." Lotusbloom meowed sincerely. Ravenkit's chest ached. He felt full of mousebile. Lotusbloom walked over carrying herbs.

"But you get to see me! And you haven't caught it!" Ravenkit then started coughing. He couldn't stop.

"That's because I can treat your cough. No other cat can. Plus I know how to not get it. Eat these herbs, little kit." She meowed in retaliation. Ravenkit bit one leaf. It tasted terrible. He spat it out.

"Eat it and you will get better." Lotusbloom smiled.

"Really?" He asked not wanting to eat the herbs. He chewed them quickly. "Really." She meowed. Frostfoot walked in. Devastated. A red berry rolled out of the herb pile that Ravenkit was eating."Don't eat that!" Frostfoot meowed loudly.

"Why? Won't it make me get better?" He meowed, confused. Then he looked at the berry. It was a Deathberry. Most kits never heard of them, but he had. He and Streamkit joked about it once.

"It's not a good-" He interrupted Frostfoot.

"You tried to KILL ME!? Why would you do that?!" Ravenkit looked scared, yet angry.

"No I didn't!" Lotusbloom meowed. "It just rolled there. "

"Why did you have them in your cave?" Frostfoot meowed furiously.

"I was told by StarClan I might need them soon." Lotusbloom meowed.

 Maybe it had something to do with the prophecy! Ravenkit thought excitedly.

"For the prophecy Shellstar dreamed?" Ravenkit mewed excitedly.

"What prophecy?!" Frostfoot sounded angry.

"It's none of your business!" Lotusbloom hissed.

"Please don't fight." Ravenkit coughed.

Chapter Four: Rippling Water: Part One

Streamkit sat outside the Nursery entrance. Three days had passed since Ravenkit had been infected with Greencough, and as the rays of the sunset washed over him, Streamkit realized that the days had seemed longer and were very boring without him, and even though the other kits played with him, it wasn't the same.

"Hey, Streamkit! You want to play something?" Featherkit's voice sounded from behind him.

"No thanks." Streamkit spent most of his time sitting around and thinking about his brother, so he wasn't usually in the mood for games.

"Okay. Well, bye!" Featherkit charged off, heading over to her littermates. Streamkit sat there until the sunset was over, then reluctantly headed into the Nursery. That night, he dreamed that Ravenkit had never gotten sick, and that there was actually something to do in the long days. The next day, he padded over to the back of the Nursery and watched the stream that surrounded the camp flow by. A couple of small minnows swam out from under a rock and darted to another. Staring hard, he watched the minnows move about, swimming against the current. Then, one started to move weirdly, and it moved wherever Streamkit looked. He was very confused. as he turned to go back to camp, a splash of water fell on him. He whipped around looking for someone or something that had gotten him wet. He saw no one.

"Then what...?" Very confused, Streamkit padded back through the hole in the Nursery. He shook his head and lay down next to Frostfoot, who was already asleep. How his mother managed to get any sleep at all with Ravenkit in his position, Streamkit did not understand. He himself got very little sleep at night, and what rest he did get was filled with nightmares. His gaze drifted his mothers chest rising and falling as she slept. This soothed Streamkit, and made him sleepy. As him eyes closed and his mind drifted, dreams took over.

Chapter Five: Engulfed 

Ravenkit was still awake while the medicine cat slept.  The evening was warm and comfortable. It was dark but that didn't annoy Ravenkit too much. It was quiet. The only sound was whenever Ravenkit sneezed. He felt something warm near him. It was comfortable. It was as if StarClan had given him extra soft fur to cuddle with. He then smelled smoke, it didn't hurt his lungs like he though it would. He was then laying in a golden orange fiery flames. He squeaked and jumped out of them. Surprisingly he didn't smell like smoke. He smelled like herbs, fresh herbs at that. He had to do something.  He was too confused. His heart pounded in his chest. He ran to the medicine cat. She was softly asleep. He tapped her with his paw. That didn't wake her up. He did it harder. Then she caught aflame. She woke up and looked at him in fear. 

"You- you are the deadly flame, that will engulf this this clan-" her eyes closed and she dropped to the ground dead. 

What does she mean? I am only a mousebrained kit! For StarClan's sake! Ravenkit looked at his paws. He then tapped a leaf. It caught aflame. He squeaked and ran out of the den watching it go down in flame.

The elders, most respected warriors and leader were all watching.

"The medicine cat is dead," Ravenkit meowed seldomly. The flames stopped. And for some reason Ravenkit didn't feel sick. Shellstar looked a bit surprised.

"This was either a sign of disagreement from StarClan or dark forest curse." Whitetail meowed. They had not waken up the apprentices, the queens or kits.

"Do not worry it was only an accident. The fire died down and that's all we need to worry about." An elder meowed.

"And what about LOTUSBLOOM?" A warrior asked.

"Silence, we will sit vigil for Lotusbloom tomorrow, there is nothing to worry about." Shellstar meowed.

No one denied his words. Ravenkit wondered what she had meant by what she told him in the fire. The flames had renewed him, but he wasn't sure how. 

"Are you still feeling sick?" Stagmoon, his father, padded up behind him. Ravenkit shook his fluffy head no. 

Chapter Six: Rippling Water: Part Two

Streamkit woke and heard the sounds of distressed meows from outside the Nursery. His mother's warm body had dissipated and his side felt cold and damp. After stretching, he padded, tired, outside to the camp. However, as he neared the center, the grogginess out his eyes was immediately slapped out of him. There, in the middle of the clearing, was Lotusbloom, dead. Streamkit's eyes widened with shock and horror. Then, he saw Ravenkit sitting next to Whitetail. His brother showed no signs of sickness, and looked well and refreshed. Streamkit rushed over to him. He was very shaken. Whitetail turned and padded away.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked Ravenkit. He looked at Streamkit and meowed,

"Whitetail asked the same thing. And, no."

"Why are you so shaken?" Ravenkit shook his head and looked down.

"I don't want to talk about it." Now Streamkit knew something was wrong. Ravenkit never acted like this, even when he was sick. And he definitely didn't look sick at the moment. On that paw, how did Ravenkit manage to recover in just one night? And why was it the night Lotusbloom had died? Wait...Streamkit was suddenly very confused. Lotusbloom hasn't been sick or injured... SO why did she die? Were the two events somehow related? Had Ravenkit somehow caused her death? No, he would never do that. There must be some other explanation. He shrugged and started to pad towards where he saw their mother sitting.

"Come on," he called to Ravenkit. "Frostfoot will want to hear that you're better!" Streamkit tried to be as cheerful as he could, despite the bad news. But Ravenkit only turned away.

"I think I'll stay here,"

"Okay, If you want to,"  Streamkit meowed playfully. He was still trying to soften the mood. Streamkit sighed and moved towards Frostfoot. He still kept one eye on Ravenkit, though. Then, as he was halfway across the field, Ravenkit moved into the shadows and towards the stream surrounding Camp. Curious, Streamkit stopped and followed closely behind Ravenkit, and hid in the reeds on the outskirts of the stream. Ravenkit looked worried, and he slowly extended one claw and moved it towards a leaf. He suddenly jerked away and looked thoughtfully at his paw. Then slowly, he touched it. It burst into flame. Streamkit, who was both amazed and horrified, lept into action. He knew that he had caused a splash of water before. Maybe he could do it again. Time slowed down as Streamkit landed next to his brother who was frozen with shock. Streamkit stared at the water and swung around. A blast of water exploded from the surface, but it wasn't in the right direction. Then, as if by instinct, he looked at the stream and swerved his head to the fire but no more. the water was launched on the now-growing fire, which hissed and fizzled before going out. the two brothers looked at each other, wide-eyed. Ravenkit started to talk, but was interrupted by a voice. Frostfoot pushed thought the bushes and meowed, "What's going on here?"

Chapter Seven: Blame 

Ravenkit really was hoping Streamkit wouldn't find out. When the splash happened, he knew Streamkit caused it. There was no way that kit couldn't of caused such a splash from next to the water. In the river definitely. Ravenkit came to the conclusion Streamkit had powers.

"What's going on here?" It was Frostfoot. Ravenkit had no intention of the clan knowing of his powers. 

"Streamkit launched a splash attack on me after suggesting we go play at the river." Ravenkit coughed up a bit of water to further prove his point. He shot a look at Streamkit. He hoped it read 'don't tell her anything or I burn you'. Ravenkit was mad. But he would deal with it.

"Streamkit! You know you're not allowed out of camp! You also are supposed to think smarter of you too. Ravenkit gets sick too easily for you to get him even sicker!" Frostfoot meowed angrily. She nudged the two cats to camp. When Frostfoot fell asleep, Ravenkit looked at Streamkit.

"I had no other choice, I had to make it sound believable. Don't going telling people about our abilities either. Especially not mine! Now just sleep on those thoughts." Ravenkit whispered this to his brother's ear. Ravenkit didn't want to sound mean but he didn't have a choice in the matter of flammable abilities. His felt like it was burning with a headache. He fell over in the nest. He would sleep it away. The water was hurting his head. Which ached like flames. He wouldn't hear his littermate's reply.

He opened his eyes in a dark dark peerless forest. It smelled like rotting and death and most of all despair.

"Hello little one," a voice called.

"Who who are you?" Ravenkit stuttered and turned his head to see a brown tabby with red eyes. The tabby resembled a shark in a way. 

"I am Sharpnose." He meowed confidently. Fear dropped from Ravenkit.  What kind of name is Sharpnose?.  Ravenkit felt a laugh in his throat. A nervous one. He let it out.

"How dare you laugh at the great Sharpnose! I am here to train your powers!" He meowed with even more confidence.

"How do you know about that?" Was the question that began the first Night of Training.

Chapter Eight: Heavy Thoughts

Streamkit needed time alone. Away from Camp, and from all the other cats. And practice. If he and Ravenkit had these powers, then they must have them for some reason. As the sun set and the moon cast it's silver glow on Lotusbloom's body, RiverClan went to their dens. Streamkit knew that whatever he and Ravenkit could do, they needed to keep it a secret. If anyone found out about it, then they would be seeing more attention then a four-Clan war. Streamkit didn't want to think about it. Then, a voice jostled him out of his thoughts.

"Are you okay?" It was Stagmoon. He was towering over Streamkit, worry lacing his face.

"Y-Yeah. I-I'm just tired." Streamkit hated lieing to his father, but what else could he do? Telling Stagmoon or Frostfoot would trigger disaster.

"Well, it's getting dark. You should get to the Nursery."

"Alright." Streamkit padded back to where Frostfoot's nest was. He lay down and looked through a small roof of the den and stared at the stars. There was one that shone brighter than any other. It stood out against the black curtain of the sky, a tiny pinprick of light. He wondered which StarClan Warrior it was. At least, according to the tales the Elders told, that's who the stars were. He turned his head and lay down. His eyes fluttered before going to a deep sleep, something never felt before.

Streamkit leaped upwards. He was standing in a clearing, trees surrounding him. On the far end was a dead tree stump, tall but thin, next to three pools. At the top, a white crystal shone like the moon. As the stars twinkled above him, he padded slowly and cautiously over to the pools. The one on the right showed a forest. The left one showed the RiverClan Camp. The one right in front of him showed the Forest completely. He could see the river the warriors talked about, and all the other features, like Fourtrees and the Thunderpath.

"Wow..." he stared into the pool.

"Welcome, young one." Streamkit spun around. A large, white cat broke though the bushes and padded toward Streamkit.

"Where am I?" Streamkit was still scared, despite the amazement he was still feeling.

"You are in StarClan. And no, before you ask, you're not dead. You are just visiting." Streamkit breathed a sigh of relief. But then another question popped into his head.

"If I'm not dead, why am I here?" The white cat sighed. He shook his head slowly, side to side.

"I am here to tell you something. Something important. But before that, I should introduce myself. I am Snowstar, the fifth leader of RiverClan."

"What is this place? I mean, not to be rude, but it's so... different." Snowstar grunted and meowed,

"This is where you will visit StarClan in the future. But that's for later. I need to tell you this, and quickly. Look out for your brother. We don't know what his destiny holds. It's the same for you, but he could be in danger." Suddenly Streamkit felt dizzy and light-headed.

"Wait! What do you mean?" As Streamkit's eyes began to close he felt warm air ruffle his ears, and heard one last whisper.

"Look out for your brother."

Chapter Nine: Apprentices

Ravenkit felt different. He had caused the fire. There was no telling anyone but Streamkit now. No he couldn't tell Streamkit. Streamkit would think he did it on purpose. He couldn't let that happen. 

If Streamkit's power is water, than he can stop terrible effects of my power, can't he? Now I have to team up with him. But where can we practice? I need to control it. It probably has some terrible price.. Magic comes with a price right?

Ravenkit woke up. He had been in StarClan, Sharpnose told him. Well, he wasn't dead. He wasn't sure how to get Streamkit there. He wanted to apologize to him. He just didn't know how. He had gone too far. He would never be able to apologize truly again.

"Hey, Ravenkit!" It was Stagmoon, their father. 

"What?" Ravenkit meowed.

"I need to speak to you about something!" Stagmoon meowed quietly.

"Alright," Had Streamkit told him about their powers? Or had he figured it out? No, Stagmoon didn't know such powers even existed.

"Let's talk outside of the nursery," Stagmoon suggested. Ravenkit nodded and followed Stagmoon outside of the nursery. "So you're going to be an apprentice soon, I want you to start setting an example for Streamkit. So Streamkit won't get into too much trouble. Also try to think before you follow, at least with your littermate."

"Okay!" Ravenkit smiled a fake smile. Great, I just ruined Streamkit's reputation. 

Ravenkit had just sat still in the edge of the nursery as he waited for the apprentice ceremony. He hoped he didn't get a stupid mentor. Or a clever one either. He couldn't have anyone find out he was murderer.

I am a murderer, I have murdered. I can never go to StarClan. This thought repeated into his head until the call given.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please gather for a clan meeting!" Shellstar called.

Frostfoot groomed his head and Streamkit had already had the grooming treatment.

"Please stop," Ravenkit tried desperately to escape. 

"No you need to look good!" Frostfoot groomed him harder. He finally was done and went to the meeting. 

"- Streampaw your mentor will be Darkpelt!" Shellstar meowed.



"Streampaw!" Ravenkit meowed his name. Streampaw looked proud.

"Ravenkit, do you promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?" Shellstar sounded a bit dull.

"I do." I meowed calmly. 

"Then by the powers of StarClan, Your mentor will be Sharktail!" Shellstar tried to fake happiness. It wasn't working.

"Ravenpaw!" Streampaw meowed.

"Ravenpaw." The crowd sounded unimpressed.

"Ravenpaw!" Frostfoot meowed and Stagmoon cheered.

"Ravenpaw." The crowd meowed unenthusiastic.

Great.. They already hate me. Should I just leave? Ravenpaw wondered. And I have the strictest mentor. Worst. Day. Ever.

Chapter Ten: Life as an Apprentice

Streampaw followed Darkpelt out of Camp. It was the first time he had been farther than the stream. He was so excited

"Alright, Streampaw." Darkpelt turned his head to talk to Streampaw.

"Today, we will do the basics: I will show you our Clan's borders, and important locations in our territory. Sound good?" Streampaw nodded enthusiastically. He'd waited for this day when he would know his Clan's outer limits.

"We'll start with the River. Now, how fast can you run?" He looked at Streampaw with a smile. Streampaw smiled back at him. They both had a mischievous look on their faces. Suddenly, Darkpelt took off.

"Hey! No fair!" Streampaw scrambled to follow him. They dashed through forests and leaped onto rocks, and after a god, long while, Darkpelt started to slow. Even though Darkpelt had been a good twenty tail-lengths ahead, Streampaw skidded to a stop, almost crashing into his mentor.

Streampaw gasped for breath as Darkpelt licked his paw.

"How... *gasp* did you... *gasp* get here so... *gasp* fast?!?!" Streampaw struggled to get his breathing under control.

"It comes with size and age. Also practice. You'll get there one day." Streampaw was about to reply when he heard a noise. It was like the stream that surrounded Camp, but ten times louder. It also sounded farther away. "What's that noise?" He asked Darkpelt.

"Well, either there's a cat choking on a hairball, or we've made it to the river." They both laughed at that. Streampaw could tell that Darkpelt was going to be a fun mentor, but also a good one. No wonder Shellstar chose him to be a mentor. They padded over to a row of bushes and pushed through them. Streampaw gasped. On the other side, a huge stream forty tail-lengths wide roared in front of them.There were rocks sticking up in some places, huge waves splashing to and fro in others. On the other side were rows upon rows of trees stretching up into the sky.

"This is the River. Do you like it?" Streampaw still stared wide-eyed at it.

"It's.. Amazing."

"And now you see why RiverClan is the best of the four Clans. Speaking of the other Clans, do you see those trees on the other side? That's ThunderClan Territory. We must never go there. Understand?" Streampaw nodded.

"Well, we better continue with the tour, shall we?" Throughout the rest of the day, they explored most of the RiverClan territory. It was a wonderful, amazing day filled with many sights. As the early Greenleaf sun started to set, they made their way back to Camp. Streampaw was worn out, but still happy and exited for the next day. He dashed over to Ravenpaw, who was sitting in front of the Apprentice's Den.

"How was your first day?" Streampaw hoped that Ravenpaw had had a good day too. But he only turned his head away.

"I don't want to talk about it." Streampaw was confused. Surly he was excited to be an apprentice?

"But-" Ravenkit disappeared into the den. As Streampaw followed, he realized he'd completely forgotten what the StarClan cat had told him.

"Look out for your brother."

And Streampaw had failed to do just that.

Chapter Eleven: Sharktail

Ravenpaw felt like he wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. 

Maybe I should run away.. No one will know who I am.  It was then while he was thinking those thoughts an idea hit him. Maybe I should strive for something more... I have been too go with the flow with everything. Maybe I deserve a better mentor..

These thoughts felt like poison. Shame hit him after he thought this. Sharpnose probably has given me these thoughts. 

Ravenpaw would endure. He would be respected one day. If no one knew what he had done. 

"Ravenpaw, we're training so get up right now!" Sharktail meowed, well it sounded more like a growl.  I slowly got up and stretched. ​ They must never know what I have done. It was my fault and no one else's. I can't even tell Streampaw.

"Hurry up! We're late!" He glanced over to see the other apprentices weren't even awake. Ravenpaw padded up to him. "We are going to do some battle training. Lets see how mouse weak you are." He sneezed. He rolled his eyes. He began walking to the unknown unfamiliar training section of the territory outside camp. 

"No claws, no matter what." Sharktail meowed gruffly. "Attack me."

Ravenpaw knew that Sharktail would expect the attack. He smiled. He knew a way to maybe trick him. He began to run at Sharktail. He swiped at him and Sharktail moved to the right. Just as he planned. Sharktail waited. Ravenpaw moved behind him and after repeatedly pretending to try and swipe him. He jumped onto Sharktail's back. Sharktail through him off with ease.

"Weak." Sharktail yawned. "I will teach you how to fight like a real RiverClan warrior. If I had regular on you, you would of been obliterated." Sharktail yawned again.

Ravenpaw wanted to burn him. To show him what he was truly made of. But that was irrational. It would expose him. Then he would have to leave. And survive on his own. Maybe greedy Shadowclan would try and use him. 

The morning was tiresome after the training. Ravenpaw had been tested, and failed.  I am alone and I always will be... Why did StarClan given me these cursed powers? At least Streampaw can control his...

Shellstar walked up behind Ravenpaw as Ravenpaw grabbed a fish from the prey pile. Streampaw was out training. 

"Ravenpaw, Do you know what started the fire that killed Lotusbloom?" Shellstar meowed suspiciously.

"No." He reply firmly.

"Oh course you don't, you're too mouse-brained to of!" Shellstar laughed. The Clan laughed. Stagmoon had nervous laughter. Frostfoot wasn't even there. This was the second to last straw for the Clan. But it was the last straw for Shellstar. Ravenpaw would teach him a lesson. Never mess with him.

Chapter Twelve: Powers

Streampaw sat at the riverbank. Ten days had passed since Shellstar had embarrassed Ravenpaw in front of the whole Clan. However, he had praised Streampaw multiple times. Was the Clan trying to make his brother's life miserable and unfair? It certainly wasn't about who their mother and father were, because Shellstar had praised Streampaw multiple times. So why was this happening? Ravenpaw was always ignoring Streampaw, and was usually mumbling something under his breath. To add to that list of worrying things, Streampaw had heard Ravenpaw mumble things like 'revenge of Shellstar' 'run away' and 'show the Clan was true power I have'. And worst of all, Streampaw couldn't find out how to help his brother, like the StarClan cat told him too. But, Streampaw did realize that if Ravenpaw set a fire, he would have to learn to control his power so he could extinguish it. And that's exactly what he was at the river to do. It was only Sunhigh; Streampaw had done his Apprentice Duties and asked Darkpelt if he could have the rest of the day off. Streampaw moved his paw over the water. He had intentionally picked this day because the water was slow and calm. He used his other paw and put it under the water. Then, he slowly moved them upwards. As his lower paw started to break the surface, water pulled together and created a ball between the two paws. Streampaw could move this ball around just by using his paws. He then tried to throw the ball at a tree. It flew through the air and hit the tree, splashing water everywhere. Streampaw shook his fur out.

"Well, this will take some time to learn," he meowed to himself. And he meant it. All throughout the remainder of the day, Streampaw practiced forming balls of water and throwing them. By the time the sun had started to set, he could blast a decent sized Waterball across the river, onto ThunderClan territory. Also, there were no ThunderClan patrols, which seemed strange. ThunderClan always seemed to protect and uphold the Warrior Code more than any other Clan, so not paroling seemed a little odd. But, it gave Streampaw uninterrupted practice time, so he didn't really care. He watched the sun set and the Moon rise, then headed back to Camp. As he approached the stream that surrounded the Camp, he heard a commotion uprising. Also, the guards were not there. Once Streampaw had gotten into Camp, Shellstar rushed over to him.

"Where have you been?" He demanded.

"B-by the R-River. W-Why?" Streampaw was confused to see Shellstar, who was normally calm and collected, be this frantic.

'Which part? The ThunderClan Border or WindClan Border?" Shellstar looked suspiciously at Streampaw.

"The ThunderClan part. Does this have to do with Border Patrols?" Streampaw now realized that Shellstar was afraid.

"How did you know that?"

"I was at the River since Sunhigh, and there were no Patrols I could see." Shellstar suddenly relaxed and sighed.

"Then it's as we feared."


"We have reason to believe that ThunderClan has been driven from their Hunting Grounds. Before sunset, I took a patrol deep into ThunderClan Territory. We met no resistance, even though we traveled very close to their Camp. And none of the Border Patrols have seen ThunderClan." Shellstar slowly turned away and padded to his den. Streampaw stood where he was for a moment. Then, he went to the Apprentices Den. Could ThunderClan really have been driven out? It seemed impossible, yet... Streampaw didn't have the energy to think any more. Practicing his Powers had tired him out. He lay down, closed his eyes, and a wave of blackness swept over his body as he fell asleep.

Chapter Thirteen: Sparks

Ravenpaw listened to the urgent conversation Sharktail and Shellstar were having. After all an apprentice had been sent to retrieve them. 

"I need to send a patrol to find them, after all they are our newly formed allies. Do you have any idea who drove them from their hunting grounds?" Shellstar meowed.

"I think ShadowClan, I saw them eyeballing ThunderClan. But it might be something else." Sharktail growled. 

This is perfect. So very perfect. Sharpnose even agrees with my plan. He thinks Shellstar is a terrible leader. Ravenpaw thought almost unable to contain his excitement. 

"I need to lead the patrol, I must know what happens with ThunderClan." Shellstar meowed.

"That would be unwise, extremely unwise. You should stay here, you need to lead your clan. Whitetail would agree." Sharktail meowed.

"Whitetail can lead the clan while I lead a patrol to look for ThunderClan." Shellstar meows.

"Alright, but at least take my apprentice, I don't want anything to do with ThunderClan." Sharktail stretches his front legs and yawned effectively.

"Fine. I will take his brother, so that he may keep him in place. We wouldn't want Ravenpaw getting any more mouse-brained ideas and ended up following the prophecy." Shellstar whispered.

Ravenpaw pretended to of fallen asleep. This couldn't get any better. Just can't let Streampaw find out.

"Which means you'll take Darkpelt?" Sharktail meowed in question.

"Yes. And several other cats." Shellstar meowed. "Ah! We need a medicine cat! That's what I have been forgetting! I need to go on a small patrol to WindClan to ask. We can't go to ShadowClan." Ravenpaw kept himself from laughing.

"Alright, don't take my apprentice." Sharktail meows.

"Why would I take such a mouse-brain?" Shellstar meows bitterly.

"Of course." The conversation was ended. Shellstar ran to the familiar white Tom.  Sharktail walked up to my pretending to sleep from.

"Ravenpaw, you might have some smarts yet. Although next time you pretend to sleep, don't forget to breath. It might slip past Shellstar, but not me." Sharktail poked his head to make sure he wasn't actually asleep. Ravenpaw opened his eyes. He got up.

"You can take the day off. I need to do something." Sharktail meowed with a smile on his face? He never smiled. Not until today. 

Ravenpaw noticed Streampaw getting the news. He seemed surprised. Ravenpaw walked out of the camp ,brushing my tail over his neck. He made a spark only Streampaw saw. It stung him. He looked surprised at the touch, but Ravenpaw didn't look at him. Ah, but would he understand? No. Not one bit. There just isn't no time to be discovered. Darkpelt was also there, and he looked surprised at my black tail. Ravenpaw knew he hadn't noticed the spark. 

Then, Ravenpaw walked to the river. He could control it if it spread here, so he walked up to fern plant. he looked behind him, and saw no one. he smiled. Ravenpaw poked one of the leaves in the center with his claw. The small flame crackled.

Chapter Fourteen: Dreams

Streampaw staggered to his feet; his legs felt wobbly and hurt with stiffness. Despite the endless blast of pain, he opened his eyes, and expected to see himself injured in the Medicine Cat's den or something. But no. He was standing in the clearing with the three pools. Around the crystal. In the dead tree stump. This place again, Streampaw thought. What now? He looked around and waited for Snowstar to greet him like he had last time.

"Welcome." Streampaw spun around. As he expected, Snowstar had come

"I assume you want to tell me something?" Streampaw wanted answers, and now.

"Yes. But your probably wondering what's going on with Ravenpaw." Even though Streampaw was annoyed, he had to give Snowstar some credit for directly jumping in and telling Streampaw information.

"Well, it's pretty obvious that something's up with him. Why is everyone taunting him, yet praising me, his brother?!?" Snowstar sighed.

"It's not your brother's fault that he is getting picked on. That's just what RiverClan happened to do. It's truly sad that our Clan uses taunting young cats as a distraction for fear. Even if you can't see it, I guarantee that Shellstar and Sharktail are afraid of what's happened to ThunderClan. I do know what's happened to ThunderClan but I cannot tell you. Even if the rest of StarClan would allow it, I wouldn't do it."

"Why not? I could tell Shellstar what's happened, prove it, and possibly bring ThunderClan back. yes, I want ThunderClan to come back! There must be four Clans." Snowstar looked at Streampaw sternly.

"Because it's dangerous to posses knowledge that you either shouldn't have or can't keep secret. And I doubt you would actually tell Shellstar." Even though Streampaw felt disappointed and annoyed, Snowstar did have a point.

"Then can you tell me why Ravenpaw's so quiet and always seems to be planning something? He's my brother, for StarClan's sake! Can't you at least tell me that?!?"

"If I did, you would over react and try to act in ways that would destroy your brother for good. but that's not what I came here to tell you." Streampaw snorted and meowed,

"I hope it isn't! then what are you going to tell me?"

"You need to keep your Powers under control. I can't tell you any more about your Powers because I actually don't know anymore." I doubt it! Streampaw thought.

"Even though you should keep practicing like you did during today, you have to remember that you still can't completely control your Powers. Just don't try and set a big goal for a short time period. I'm sure you have more questions, but now, it is time for you to go.

"Wait! No!" Streampaw's vision blurred and spun, and darkness dove in all around him. Sound also was disoriented, and Streampaw threw himself upwards only to find himself in the Apprentice's Den. It was dawn, and Streampaw barley knew anything new about Ravenpaw's situation, or even his.

Chapter Fifteen: The Quest Begins

Ravenpaw woke up as early as he should. Sharpnose loved his plan. StarClan loved it. It would be great. Yet for now his brother was nuisance needing to be ignored. His brother woke up just as he was leaving. He decided to go say good morning to him. He walked over.

"Good morning brother," Ravenpaw sat down in front of his nest.

"Ravenpaw?" Streampaw was surprised. Ravenpaw loved being unpredictable to him. It was amusing. "Um good morning Ravenpaw..?" He was confused. 

"Well I should be off," Ravenpaw got up and turned brushing his tail against Streampaw's neck and shocking him with a spark. 

"Wait!" Streampaw meowed. Ravenpaw continued to leave the den. Today was the day. The day to save his clan and ThunderClan's awful allegiance. Ravenpaw purred. 

Sharktail was waiting by the medicine cat den. Ravenpaw smelled WindClan scent. 

"Thank you for coming. Lotusbloom died in a fire several moons ago." Sharktail meowed to a white She-cat.

"That's surprising, who will I be training. I do need to return to my clan some days, I now have an apprentice. His name is Frostpaw." The She-cat replied.

"Ah, Ravenpaw this is Whitestream." Sharktail meowed. 

"He's very healthy, that's nice." Whitestream tried to compliment.

"So, WindClan medicine cat will train up a medicine cat here?" Ravenpaw asked.

"I'm surprised you were named mouse brain-obvious by now." Sharktail meowed. 

"Are you going on the patrol to find ThunderClan?" Whitestream meowed.

"Yes." Ravenpaw purred.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


It was finally time to to. Ravenpaw also had his plan ready. He would stay quiet til they found ThunderClan and returned them to their territory, then he would ask the leader for a special training since be w as so 'mouse-brained'. Burn. Then have the fire to of came from ThunderClan border. New leader. 

Ravenpaw purred as they left the territory. They had no idea where they went but they would find it.

The leaves felt strange under his paws. There were a different kind and a lot more of them. There were more trees as well on ThunderClan territory.

"Whatever you're planning, don't do it." Streampaw whispered into his ear. Oh no you don't! 

"Too late~!" He walked head and tried he shock him with his tail. Streampaw dodged and walked faster.

"StarClan's will is against it. " Streampaw whispered.

"You've been as well? Well you must of not met Sharpnose."  Ravenpaw whispered calmly. Trying to irritate your opponent was always fun.

Chapter Sixteen: Practice Make Fire

Streampaw suddenly stopped. What did Ravenpaw mean 'You've been there as well' and 'you must have not met Sharpnose'? Was Ravenpaw trying to say that he'd been to StarClan too? And if so, then why was StarClan on different sides? Snowstar had implied to Streampaw that Ravenpaw was up to something. But what?

"Are you okay?" Shellstar had noticed Streampaw's sudden stopping and was looking in his direction.

"Yeah. I good."

"Alright, then let's keep going." Streampaw looked around and realized that Ravenpaw had disappeared. Now where are you off to? Streampaw picked up pace to get back tot he main part of the Patrol. Suddenly, he heard Ravenpaw scream.

"Fire! Fire!" Ravenpaw sprinted towards Shellstar, panting.

"You've got to listen to me! There's a fire, and it's spreading quic- He was cut off as a boom echoed through the forest. A tree had fallen, and fire was advancing quickly.

"Return to Camp!" Shellstar was afraid, that was clear. What was not was why Ravenpaw set fire to the forest. As they quickly moved away from the fire and over to the River, Ravenpaw tried to get to the other end of the group that Streampaw was on, But Streampaw sought him out and slipped over to him.

"Why did you set the forest on fire?!?" He hissed. Ravenpaw's eyes were shocked and afraid, but he answered.

"I-I-I wasn't trying to! I was just practicing, and then..."

"Fine. Save it for later." Streampaw pushed away from his brother, burning mad, though he could tell that Ravenpaw was telling the truth. But why practice in a forest? It's full of combustible things, so why would he...? Then Streampaw realized. There's no reason to practice something dangerous if you're never going to do it. But Ravenpaw was going to do it. He was going to set fire the the Forest, presumably after ThunderClan returned. But why? Is this what Snowstar wanted to keep from me? As soon as Streampaw thought this, anger blasted through him. Snowstar! Why didn't he tell Streampaw what Ravenpaw was going to do?!? If he had, then Streampaw could've stopped Ravenpaw! Streampaw was going to talk to Snowstar that night. He was going to get answers. But then it hit him.

"You have got to be kidding me," He mumbled under his breath. He had no was of summoning Snowstar. StarClan would come to Streampaw when they felt like it. Or, when Snowstar felt like it. If Streampaw wanted answers, then he would have to make StarClan come to him. And he knew exactly what to do. As the Patrol continued back to Camp, Streampaw smiled. He had a plan.

Chapter Seventeen: Play Time Begins

Ravenpaw did admit, he did complete his plan a little bit early. But it was for the best. Shellstar would burn soon. Although Streampaw looked down at him, he would soon not. Ravenpaw would be respected. Plus Whitestar would make a better leader anyway. Whitetail may look down at him, but Ravenpaw would just have to win his trust and boom! Whitestar was his thing to control. Normally Ravenpaw would of dismissed these thoughts, but they were a long ignored part of him.  He soon got to camp.

"The river might keep the fire at bay for a while!" Shellstar meowed. Shellstar was also on his eighth life. Convenient. He was too old to rule any longer, his tyranny would end. Ravenpaw purred quietly. He could tell Streampaw heard it. But no other cat did.

"The river should keep the fire out but just in case bring the kits, queens and elders into the side of the river opposite to WindClan border!" Shellstar ordered. "Oh, and bring the medicine cat." Whitetail nodded and gave Sharktail and Stagmoon the responsibilities of that. 

"You know what? Let's take every cat to the river, I'm not losing any warriors!"  He only said warriors not apprentices!  Ravenpaw thought. Ravenpaw quickly hid in a bush, it was of death berries.   He didn't open his mouth once. He would wash his coat later. It was now stained with Deathberries, but no sensible cat could find him. He could see the camp. He couldn't see where Streampaw was. He was in enough control not to burn the bush. Streampaw probably already evacuated. Ravenpaw waited till the only cat left was Shellstar. The mouse-brain let all his classmates go first. 

He backed out of the bush and set fire to a tree. 

"Help, Shellstar!" Ravenpaw pretended to be stuck under a non-burning branch close to the tree. Shellstar saw it and came forward. 

"I'm sorry, but this is something that I can't help you with." He meowed. "You must die for the safety of my Clan. I only hope you go to StarClan." 

"What do you mean, Shellstar?" Ravenpaw meowed innocently with with fate fear.

"Don't pretend you don't know! You have to die!" Shellstar meowed.

"Prophecies always find a way," A voice only Ravenpaw knew meowed. Sharpnose.

"Whose-" Shellstar had no time to finish as Ravenpaw pinned him down. Sharpnose's ghostly figure gave him strength. 

"No, this is for the safety of our clan!" Ravenpaw and Sharpnose meowed in unison.

Chapter Eighteen: Fire V.S. Water

Streampaw, who was hiding and watching Ravenpaw, saw him launch himself out of a branch and leaped towards Shellstar, who dogged out of the way. Then, Ravenpaw hurled a bolt of fire. StarClan, no! Ravenpaw had destroyed his brother's patience for the last time. He jumped out from his hiding place and, using a puddle, he intercepted Ravenpaw's next blast.

Picture this, if you can: two Apprentices are shooting fire and water at each other, and their Leader is standing behind them, amazed, scared, and confused. Meanwhile, a wall of blazing fire is quickly advancing, and will soon swallow all escape routes.

Streampaw and Ravenpaw shot their elements at each other in a relentless battle. Shellstar slowly backed away, and then turned and ran through the last exit from the Camp, the others were engulfed in flames.

"You must stop!" Hissed Streampaw. How could Ravenpaw do this? Was this what Snowstar had warned him about?

"You don't understand!" Ravenpaw was furious. "You have always been payed attention to; no one care about me! No one!" his screech cut through the roar of the fire and pierced into Streampaw's heart. Is this really what he's been feeling all this time? I knew it was bad, but this... Ravenpaw leaped up and launched a fireball at his brother; who had just blocked one, and was completely unprepared. Streampaw was thrown to the side on impact, letting Ravenpaw escape from Camp just as fire consumed the main and only exit. Streampaw staggered up and looked around. out of the corner of his eye, he could see that his pelt was blackened and burned painfully. For some reason, he was not on fire; Streampaw figured that his powers prevented that.

"Streampaw!" Streampaw swung his head around. Shellstar had emerged from behind his den and was beckoning Streampaw, who dashed over.

"I'm not going to ask you any questions until we're safe; I made an emergency exit behind my den. Am I clear?"

"Yes, but that was a question."

"Then come on!" Streampaw and Shellstar raced through the burning forests and fields.

"After I got away," Shellstar explained, "I needed to know what was happening, so I started to spy on you when I saw you get hit. I don't doubt that your brother has gotten very, very far." He suddenly slowed, leading Streampaw to almost crash into him.

"I think we're safe now."

"What about Ravenpaw?" Streampaw was worried about Ravenpaw, despite what he had done. Shellstar sighed.

"We're going to find him, talk to him, and calm him down, but I have to tell the Clan that we have to do something, so wait here." He bounded off into the bushes. Streampaw smiled and though, does he really think I'm going to do that? Then,using some instinct he didn't understand, he dashed off to the 'presence' of fire. He was going to find Ravenpaw.

Chapter Nineteen: Splash

Ravenpaw heard the purring of Sharpnose. He felt emptied when he saw Streampaw's face to his reaction to his words. Yet at the same time, he felt freed. True freedom. This made him smile. 

He curled up in the flames. Sharpnose wasn't effected by them. The flicking colors were homely. They kept other nosy cats away and felt comfortable to him and only him.

Well, one cat wouldn't stop fighting his peace. His silence he craved. The nuisance was Streampaw. 

"You know even enough fire can make water turn to steam?" Sharpnose purred.

"Yes, I'm counting on that." Ravenpaw stretched. He heard something running into his fire. He felt with the fire. It felt strange and wonderful at the same time. His heart leaped.

"You can't do this Ravenpaw! I know you're lonely, but you haven't tried to be close to me!" Streampaw meowed.He carried a water bomb behind him. Maybe several.

"I can do this and I will do this. Whether you like it or not." Ravenpaw meowed calmly. He had an idea of what Streampaw was going to do.

"Fine! Be selfish! Steal a home from other cats! They won't care!" Streampaw meowed sarcastically.

Ravenpaw froze. "I am not selfish!!!" Ravenpaw hissed and tackled Streampaw. Ravenpaw lost his cool or whatever calm he had. He swiped as Streampaw dodged everyone. Except one, which scarred right above his nose. Streampaw returned the favor and then meowed.

"Stop I don't want to fight you!" Streampaw pleaded.

"I will never trust you again or will I need to!" Ravenpaw heaved as he gasped for breath. Ravenpaw touched his neck. Splash!

Ravenpaw hissed.  Streampaw looked sad. 

"Stop doing that!" Ravenpaw demanded.

"Stop what?" Streampaw meowed his eyes still sad.

"Looking at me as if I'm evil!" Ravenpaw drew away.

"Why?" Streampaw got up.

"Because! -" Ravenpaw was cut off.

"No!" Sharpnose meowed. He was only visible to Ravenpaw and Streampaw.

Ravenpaw fell to the ground. Whitetail behind him.

"What did you do?" Streampaw meowed in question angrily.

"He's knocked out. You shouldn't have trouble with him for a while. Shellstar already informed me. Thanks for distracting him while the flames died a little. Also please put the rest out." Whitetail meowed and smirked. His chest puffed out proudly. Nothing would ruin his pride. 

Chapter Twenty: One Up, One Down

Streampaw sat in front of the Apprentices Den anxiously. Today was his warrior ceremony. Ravenpaw deserve to be here He thought. His brother had been exiled from the Clan after the 'Fire Incident'; he probably wouldn't have come back anyway.. Well, or not. Ravenpaw had tried too murder Shellstar, so there was that... Shellstar hadn't told the Clan about his and his brother's powers; it would have caused too much commotion. Stagmoon and Frostfoot were still mourning, Moons after he left. Snowpaw, Chillpaw, and Seapaw were now Snowtail, Chillfur, and Sealeaf. Now, today was his big day.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Shellstar stood in the Great Tree, a large Oak at the edge of Camp, where he announced news and performed ceremonies. Streampaw was below him, waiting. And then he called.

"All cats old enough to swim, meet below the Great Tree for a Clan Meeting!" th inhabitants of RiverClan swarmed from their dens and sat with attention behind Streampaw.

"Streampaw, come forward." Streampaw moved closed.

"Do you, Streampaw, promise to uphold the Warrior Code, even at the cost of your life?" Streampaw's meow rang clearly throughout the clearing.

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your Warrior Name. From this day onward, you will be known as Streampelt!"

"Streampelt!" Streampelt lifted his head proudly as all of RiverClan called his name.



"And now, you shall sit Vigil for the Clan on your first night! This meeting is over." The Clan broke up into small groups, chattering excitedly. Shellstar lept down from the Great Tree and padded over to Streampelt.

"It'll be a chilly night tonight, but I' sure you can handle it." Streampelt simply nodded. Shellstar dipped his head in return and headed over to his den.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Streampelt's fur felt frozen. The cold night had taken it's toll, and Streampelt had no energy whatsoever.

"Streampaw! Over here!" Streampelt spun around and looked into the bushes. A cat was at the edge of Camp, staring at him. Wait... Ravenpaw?


"Yes!" Streampelt rushed over to his brother.

"Where have you been?" Ravenpaw sighed.

"Around. Also, my name's Ravenflight. You get to name yourself when you're a rouge."

"Yes... I'm now Streampelt." Streampelt glanced over his shoulder at the Camp. "I-I have to go. Can we meet again?" Streampelt's heart was high and filled with joy.

"Yes! Meet at the Twoleg bridge at Sunhigh tomorrow."

"Alright, but be careful for other cats!"

"I will. Goodbye, brother."


Chapter Twenty One: Night Meetings Begin

"I exile you from RiverClan!" Shellstar announced. "Stagmoon, escort him to the border!" 

My own father... I failed and this is my price.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Stagmoon gave a sad look as the walked through the burnt remains of the island. Never had such destruction happened to them. 

"I know in my heart it wasn't your fault. You can tell me anything. And this might be your last chance to," Stagmoon meowed quietly.

"He attacked me and blamed me." Ravenpaw lied. The lie was cold and foul tasting. "It would be best if you didn't get your self exiled too, for Frostfoot and Streampaw's sake." 

"Alright. I am not surprised. Although I said you will not get your warrior name. StarClan has given me permission so that before you leave, that I may give you one." Stagmoon meowed.

"Really?" He faked joy. Part of his practice was faking emotions. It always proved useful. Now stress was gone, he could be smarter on his moves.

"Do you promise to uphold the warrior code, even in exile?" Stagmoon sat down. Ravenpaw sat informant of him.

"I do." Ravenpaw meowed. Real determination in his voice.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I name you Ravenflight!" Stagmoon smiled. Tears in his eyes.

"Thank you." Ravenflight meowed.

They finished their walk to the border.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Ravenflight smiled as he walked to the Twoleg house. His brother was to meet him here. Ravenflight knew there were only a few ways to get revenge. But most were closed to him. Such as making a rogue group. What cat would go with a cat of clan name? Minus the old elder cats. He made Streampelt trust him and pity him. That was his only choice. Maybe the nuisance wasn't such a nuisance.

"Ravenflight?" There was an odd satisfaction with the name. It made him sound dangerous. If was Streampelt who meowed.

"Yes, I am here. Next time scratch the dirt four times that way if someone is watching us it will conform they don't know I'm here. I will scratch twice in response." Ravenflight explained quietly.

"Sounds good to me," Streampelt meowed. 

Chapter Twenty Two: Meetings or Tricks?

Streampelt padded into Camp. The vegetation was still recovering from Ravenflight's fire; he had just seen his brother. During their meeting, his brother had tried to convince Streampelt that Shellstar was evil. He actually had some good points, but it was still weird. In fact, Streampelt life was very, very weird. Not only was his brother acting strange, but Sealeaf was always hanging around him, and he couldn't figure out why. The worst part was that Snowstar hadn't visited him since before the fire. And ThunderClan hadn't returned! It was a combination of things that Streampelt could barley handle. He settled down in his nest and looked through the entrance. The first stars were beginning to appear. he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to overtake him.

"I know you have a lot of questions, and I am here to answer them."

Streampelt bolted upright. Snowstar was standing in front of him, looking directly at him.

"Don't believe what your brother says. He's lieing." Streampelt's eyes blazed with fury.

"Oh really? And how to you know? he told me that StarClan was visiting him as you are visiting me!"

"That was not StarClan!'

"Then what was it?"

"You really want me to tell you don't you? If you know, you may hate Ravenflight forever, you know."

"Tell me," Streampelt growled.

"He has been visited by The Place of No Stars."

"Oh really? Any what's that? I've never heard of it!" Snowstar's eyes widened in shock.

Are-are you telling me the Clan's have forgotten about the Dark Forest?"

"Yes! No one knows what it is, so tell me!" Snowstar suddenly sighed.

"Ever wondered where cats go if they're, well, evil? The Place of No Stars is it." Streampelt was silenced and backed away slowly.

"Then... Ravenflight's evil?" His voice was tiny and squeaky. Snowstar shook his head.

"No. He's just tricked into thinking that the Dark Forest is StarClan." Streampelt was silent for a moment.

"Is that what's driving him to destroy Shellstar? is he really not evil?"

"He's not evil. The only reason your brother thinks that is because of the Dark Forest." Streampelt pondered this. After a long time of quite, he meowed,

"Can I stop him?" Snowstar shook his head slowly.

"You can't tell him that the Dark Forest isn't StarClan. That will cause them to tear him to pieces!" Streampelt shuddered.

"Then I can't believe him," Streampelt mumbled. I'm assuming that's the end of our meeting?"

"Not yet. I have one more thing to tell you. There is a prophecy about you. All of StarClan calls it The Night Prophecy. It foretells about you and your brother. 'When destruction and creation meet, destruction will win'." Streampelt's eyes widened.

"What does it mean?"

"Well," Snowstar started,"You are creation. You can move water, and stop fire. But Ravenflight is fire. He is destruction. You can hold him off for a while, but fire turns water into steam; he will always win. So he must learn to control it. Unfortunately, the Dark Forest is using him to destroy RiverClan."

"What's the other thing? You said there were two."

"Be careful who you chose as your ally. Some may help you, but other might be sympathetic to Ravenflight; it could end in disaster." Suddenly, Streampelt felt dizzy and collapsed. He knew he was leaving StarClan.

"Wait! What do you mean?!?" As Streampelt's world went black, he heard Snowstar wispier,

"I once told you to look out for your brother. But now I'm telling you to look out for yourself."

Streampelt staggered upwards. he was in the Warriors' Den, and the sun was starting to rise. Once again, and for what he knew wasn't going to be the last time, he had left StarClan more confused than when he had gotten their.

Chapter Twenty Three: New Allies

Ravenflight smiled as he walked down the dark Twoleg place ally. It was disgusting but he heard many good things about the cats living there. Things he considered good. They had problems he could easily fix and in return they would join him. He walked stealthily around a corner. He smirked at the scene taking place. 

An orange She-cat and grey Tom ran from several black and white cats. The trash heap in front of them lit on fire after the chased cats jumped over it. Fear danced in there eyes of both groups of cats. 

"Hello, are you safe now?" Ravenflight walked completely around the corner. 

"Yeah, thanks to that fire.. That was really strange!" The grey Tom said with no sense of guard whatsoever.

"Andrew!" The Orange She-cat meowed. She had a sense of distrust. Ravenflight liked that. Ideal beginning allies.

"Blair right..." The grey Tom or Andrew looked down.

"It's alright, I have come to help you." Ravenflight meowed. This shouldn't convince them, but it would lead to the convincing tactic.

"What sick joke is that?" Blair or the orange She-cat asked sarcastically. 

"Just watch," Ravenflight poked a Twoleg trash piece and it sparked aflame.

"It was you!" Andrew meowed, his blue eyes showed both surprise, wonder and fear.

"So magic powers really exist." Blair yawns.

"What are those?" Ravenflight asked.

"Nothing." Blair meows. 

"Will you join me? I will take out the BloodClan if you do." Ravenflight smiled.

"Alright, but won't you need more support?" Blair meowed.

"That's where you come in, you convince other cats here." Ravenflight meowed. 

"Alright," Andrew meowed enthusiastically.

"This will be your challenge for the first few nights." Ravenflight meowed.

"What's your name?" Blair meowed in question.

"Ravenflight," Ravenflight meowed.

"A clan cat!" Andrew shivered.

"I am not like those snakehearted cats if you could even call them that," Ravenflight meowed.

"We'll help you, just don't fail us." Blair meowed.

Chapter Twenty Four: Streampelt, Sealeaf, and Ravenflight

"You okay?" Sealeaf was standing next to Streampelt, looking worried.

"Yes, fine. I just had a bad dream." Streampelt wished that it was true, that somehow those visits to StarClan could be just a bad dream.

"Your fur, it all messed up." Now that Streampelt had calmed down a bit, he realized the Sealeaf was right. when he awoke, his spine had arched, and the fur was going in all different directions.

"Let me fix it for you." Sealeaf started to groom Streampelt's fur, and for the first time, he actually felt comforted by being around her.


☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Streampelt and Sealeaf emerged from the Warrior's Den. The sun had already risen; patrols were being set.

"Darkpelt! Sealeaf! Streampelt! Your on Dawn Patrol!" As Whitetail called their names, the three warriors grabbed a fish or mouse for breakfast, swallowed it quickly, and then hurried out of Camp. As they passed the two guards, Duskwall and Blossomflight, Duskwall meowed,

"You guys the Dawn Patrol? I recommend you keep your eyes and noses sharp; we've had some foreign scents along the border, near the Twoleg Bridge." A stab of guilt hit Streampelt's stomach. He had been visiting Ravenflight, and Ravenflight had rolled in fox dung to hide his smell. he hoped that it wasn't just his brothers scent, though.

☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀

As the Patrol rounded a corner and reached the Bridge, there was a strong, unpleasant smell. Duskwall suddenly stopped.

"You guys check near the bridge. I'll check this way," he meowed. He disappeared into the bushes. Sealeaf and Streampelt started over to the Bridge when they heard,

"Streampelt! Over here!" The two cats whipped around. Ravenflight was emerging from the side of the Bridge, and his eyes trained on Sealeaf.


"Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Ravenpaw." Ravenflight climbed fully out of the bushes, and looked Sealeaf straight in the eye.

"Actually, it's Ravenflight now, for your information."

"Whatever. Anyway, hi." Ravenflight was a little confused.

"Umm... Aren't you going to chase me out and try to, you know, kill me?" Sealeaf shrugged.

"There's no point. I don't understand why Shellstar exiled you, and why would I will you? You're Streampelt's brother." Streampelt looked at Sealeaf. The bushes crackled.

"Go! Duskfall's coming!" Ravenflight disappeared under the Twoleg Bridge just as Duskwall came out.

"You two find anything?" They both shook their heads.

"Well, I did. We have to get back to Camp. It's urgent." Duskwall, who usually was calm and collected, even in he worst-case scenarios, seemed panicked.

"Come on." As the trio padded quickly back to Camp, Sealeaf grinned at Streampelt. he opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off as Sealeaf whipped her head around.

"Stop! Listen." There were screams coming from the Camp.

"Run!" They dashed through a grove of trees and say the Camp Entrance. They say who was attacking. There were what looked like Kittypets, Rouges, or Loners, but there was also one other cat. Ravenflight.

Chapter Twenty Five: Mar

Ravenflight smiled and waited for a certain cat to oppose him. Blair had done her job quite better than he anticipated. 

"Why you!" Streampelt ran toward him angrily. 

"Hello brother," Ravenflight smiled as Frostfoot lay next to him, unconscious.

"What did you do?! She was your mother!" Streampelt sobbed.

"I did nothing. She choked on smoke. After all, fire melts frost," Ravenflight meowed.  

"Hey Ravenflight~!" A silver Tom meowed. He had intelligent blue eyes. He could of been a perfect clan cat.

"What is it Mar? Can't you see I'm busy?" Ravenflight was irritated by Mar. 

"I will take care if this. Blair commanded me to~!" He spoke in sing song. It could almost be considered psychotic. 

"Fine, since after all you are our second best warrior." Ravenflight backed away. Mar chuckled. Ravenflight smirked a smile of satisfaction. "Oh and one more thing, did you know our mother's father was a rogue? The rogue had a sister who had a daughter who had a litter that only one kit survived in." 

"That's me~!" Mar meowed and vanished into thin air. He appeared behind Streampelt and clawed him in the back. He vanished into thin air again before Streampelt whipped his head around. Sealeaf gave a look of terror. 

"Why are you-" Streampelt was clawed in the neck. Then Mar teleported behind him. "-attacking me if we are-"  He was interrupted by claws once again.

"Kin!" Streampelt panted.

"Because you resemble the part of the family that needs to loosen up!" Mar meowed. Streampelt looked at Sealeaf. Mar smirked.

"There is only one way for you to protect yourself. One." Mar meowed.

"Streampelt! Is that true?" Sealeaf asked. Ravenflight smirked. Today brother, you will discovered.

"Y-yes," Streampelt stuttered.

"Then use it! Don't senselessly let yourself get hurt!" Sealeaf was on the verge of tears.

"I can't!" Streampelt meowed.

"Don't lie, lies from you aren't tolerated." Mar meowed with a bored expression.

"Use it!" Sealeaf meowed.

"Fine."  A water shield enveloped Sealeaf and Streampelt, leavening a bubble of air inside.

"You- You can do StarClan power things!" Sealeaf exclaimed.

Ravenflight smiled and fire rained on the bubble.

Chapter Twenty Six: Water Shields and Fire Jets

The stream from the outside of camp was sucked up and formed a jet that slammed against the bubble, supplying it with water. At the same time, fire rained down and evaporated the bubble. However, the stream outside the camp was supplying enough water to create a balance. Sealeaf was standing rock-still in amazement and horror. But then, the shield started to thin. Panicked, Streampelt glanced over his shoulder. The water jets had died out. Ravenflight smirked.

"The stream only has so much to offer. But I have as much fire as I want." Ravenflight lifted his paw and, as he swung it towards Streampelt and Sealeaf, a huge fireball formed and slammed into what was left of the bubble. It dispersed and Streampelt and Sealeaf were thrown in different directions. Streampelt slammed against a tree and his vision blacked out. When he opened his eyes,Ravenflight was standing over Sealeaf, who was too scared to move. As Streampelt shifted as tried to get up (but failed), his brother turned.

"Streampelt," he meowed. "I have ruined your home, your fame, and your life. You had everything I deserved! You had the respect of your Clanmates, you had Shellstar listen to you, you even had a cat love you!" Streampelt glanced over at Sealeaf.

"But now, there's one more thing for me to ruin: your heart." Ravenflight turned back to Sealeaf and struck her with a fireball.

"No!" cried Streampelt. "Sealeaf!" Sealeaf collapsed as another fireball hit. Streampelt's anger grew beyond anything he had ever experienced. He had to do something. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

The River was running smoothly, or at least, it was, until it started to be sucked up. Large globules of water were lifted from the surface and flew towards the RiverClan camp. They spread out and formed a sheet that came onto the Camp from all sides.

Streampelt, Sealeaf, and Ravenflight were suddenly put into shadow, then quickly drenched as a large sheet of water slammed down on top of them. There was a large hissing sound as the fire was put out. It worked, Streampelt thought. It actually worked! Now, it was too wet for Ravenflight to create any fire. Seeing her opportunity, Sealeaf dashed to Streampelt's side, who used the water that had collected into puddles at the edge of the camp to form another, thicker water shield around them.

"You..." Ravenflight hissed. Sealeaf slipped closer to Streampelt. Ravenflight opened his mouth to say something, but then, a dark figure leaped into the air and pounced on him.

It was Stagmoon.

Chapter Twenty Seven: Captives; One For Each Side

Mar sighed and teleported onto Stagmoon. Stagmoon's paw cracked something. Ravenflight meowed in pain. Mar using his weight pushed Stagmoon off Ravenflight. Pain covered Ravenflight's face. He got up and held his paw up. Cats were still fighting. 

"Ravenflight what happened to you?" Stagmoon meowed. His voice filled with worry name sorrow. 

"You know his new name!" Streampelt meowed in surprise.

"I gave it to him. StarClan told me to." Stagmoon meowed. Ravenflight smirked cruelly. His expression changed when Stagmoon looked at him. 

"What?!" Streampelt looked confused. 

"I can't believe it Ravenflight, I thought for a moment you were right. I guess you did try and kill Shellstar." A cat leaped on Mar. Mar didn't teleport. Or rather Mar couldn't. It was a She-cat. Ravenflight couldn't risk firing at her. Mar.

"No!" Ravenflight ran at the She-cat. She held her claw at Mar's neck. 

"Move and I kill your little toy!" She spat. She was pure white. Ravenflight recognized her as Snowfeather, named after her soft fur. She was Sealeaf's sister. Only 2 moons older than him. 

Blair snuck up behind her and hit her neck in a perfect manner. She was knocked out. 

"Ravenflight be careful sir." Blair smiled. 

"Don't order me around, objective one is to keep me safe. Objective two, well you know the rest." Ravenflight smirked. Mar laughed.

"We can take them." Stagmoon meowed. Whitetail fell to the ground. Almost dead. Almost all the cats were fallen. Streampelt would be heartbroken. Ravenflight knew this. Frostfoot was still his bargaining chip.

"Oh dear mother. Your son doesn't care if you live or die. It's a pity. Guess I have to kill you now." Ravenflight smirked. Mar laughed an evil laugh. Sealeaf tackled Mar. 

"HEY!" Mar was angry but couldn't teleport.

Chapter Twenty Eight: Discoveries

The instant Sealeaf left Streampelt's protective water bubble Streampelt destroyed it and launched spheres of water at Ravenflight; he didn't care that his father, Stagmoon was watching. Ravenflight, however, was too strong and Streampelt was too tired. He blocked the water easily and launched fire jets at his brother. Streampelt fell to the ground, his fur burning.

"Streampelt!" Sealeaf loosened her grip on Mar, who slid away and teleported to Ravenflight's side. Sealeaf dashed over the Streampelt as he staggered up. Stagmoon stood wide eyed where he was.

"Give up, Streampelt," Ravenflight snarled.


"Then I shall kill you." Streampelt rolled his eyes. He had a plan.


"Oh, did I say kill you? I meant, kill our mother." There goes my plan, thought Streampelt. Stagmoon gasped.

"You wouldn't!" He meowed. Ravenflight padded over to Frostfoot.

"Actually, I would. And you can't stop me." Suddenly, a figure appeared next to Ravenflight.

"Kill her!" He meowed. Stagmoon didn't seem to notice; neither did Snowfeather. Sealeaf looked at Streampelt; she was just as confused. Ravenflight raised his paw. as he slammed it down on Frostfoot's neck, Streampelt closed his eyes. Sealeaf pressed closer to him, and they heard Stagmoon scream,

"Frostfoot!" Streampelt dared to open his eyes, and when he did, he saw his brother step away as Stagmoon dashed over to Frostfoot. A tear rolled down Streampelt's face.

"And now," Ravenflight meowed, "You have seen my power, my life, and my suffering. I hope you hated it, because I certainly do." He turned around and began to exit Camp.

"You..." Stagmoon sprinted towards the group, but was caught be Mar. She had teleported behind him and pounced. Ravenflight turned around and laughed.

"You really do think you can beat me, don't you? Well, you can't. Also, did I forget to mention that we're taking this place over? You can fight, and lose... Try to make us think you evacuated, then get caught... Or leave here peacefully and calmly. You have one day. Goodbye." |

☀    ☀    ☀    ☀    ☀


Streampelt, Sealeaf, and Stagmoon made their nests for the night from what remained of the now-burned Camp. Shellstar was still keeping the rest of the Clan next to the River; they would have have one night to strategize. Or, at least, would. But Stagmoon was still mourning Frostfoot, and Streampelt had to try to talk to Snowstar. The night was cold, and Sealeaf and Streampelt made their nests together for warmth. Streampelt quickly drifted off to sleep.

A blast of cold shot through Streampelt's body, and his legs ached unbelievably painfully. As he opened his eyes, he saw that Sealeaf was also there next to him. She had also begun to wake up. She stood up and stretched, then opened her eyes.

"Wait, what?" Streampelt stood up. and looked at her.

"Where are we?"

"Umm..." They heard a sigh.

"Do I have to explain this again? You're in StarClan! And no, you are not dead! Look! We have very little time, and a lot to do! Streampelt, will you please explain everything, and I do mean everything to Sealeaf?" Snowstar emerged from the bushes; he tail flicking impatiently. Streampelt took a deep breath and then explained everything (yes, everything) to Sealeaf. He told her about his powers, Ravenflight's powers, the prophecy, and Snowstar's warnings. As he finished, Snowstar cleared his throat.

"We must warn Ravenflight about the Place of No Stars. He will undoubtedly be training there tonight, but since they don't believe in StarClan, Mar and the rest of his group won't be there. We must hurry; follow me." Sealeaf and Streampelt looked at each other. Streampelt shrugged, then began to follow Snowstar. As they neared the top of a large slope, Sealeaf asked,

"Why do we need to be so quick? What's the hurry?" Glancing back, Snowstar sighed.

"The Dark Forest has many guards. Right now, there is an unguarded entrance, but if we wait, it will be guarded." Sealeaf nodded in understanding. Shortly after, Snowstar slowed. They climbed to the top of a hill and looked over. In front of them was a swirling wall of mist.

"Here lies the boundary between StarClan and the Dark Forest," He meowed. "Come on, we have to go!" As they passed though the mist, Streampelt's fur got so hot that it felt freezing cold! Great StarClan! How on earth does Snowstar do this? Snowstar had gone though unaffected, and was mumbling to himself.

"This way!" They trekked though the swamps and forests that were pitch black, a great difference from StarClan's bright green hunting grounds. The sounds of cats fighting and yelping echoed through the air. Finally, Streampelt distinguished his brother's voice. He sounded like he was alone, practicing fighting moves.

"Wait here. I'll do the talking." Streampelt and Sealeaf climbed a tree and waited. Snowstar walked into Ravenflight's clearing and meowed,

"Hello Ravenflight. I have a message from Sharpnose."

"Let's hear it." Snowstar began to whisper, and after a while, he meowed,

"I have proof if you don't believe me." Ravenflight and Snowstar appeared and padded to he base of the tree.

"Come down!"Snowstar meowed. Streampelt jumped down, and Sealeaf followed. Ravenflight gasped, then hung his head.

"I.. I'm sorry. Snowstar told me everything... I hope you can forgive me." Streampelt closed his eyes.

"I understand, Ravenflight. I forgive yo-" He was cut off as a voice from behind meowed,

"What's going on here?" It was the same cat that had appeared during the battle.

During Frostfoot's death.

It was him.

Chapter Twenty Nine: Trapped and Confused

Ravenflight watched from behind a tree. That cat they had was one of his spies. They would never anticipate several of the cats believed in StarClan. They believed on his power so why not StarClan. They wanted to deceive him into going into the trap land they called 'StarClan' when in reality it was a trap. Mar stood next to him. Mar was a lovely heir. If ever needed. He was strong had power and leadership qualities. They fell so fully for the fake cat who said I want to be forgiven. Now they needed Sharpnose to play his part. Sealeaf had come and that wasn't in his plan but he would just kill her. 

Ravenflight smirked. This would keep cats from being mistreated. This would. 

"How dare you! You shouldn't betrayed me you mangy stray!" Sharpnose's eyes were red and he looked like he would murder some one.

"I didn't betray you! You mislead me! You made me believe this was StarClan!"

Such mousebrained talk. I guess I used to speak that way.  Ravenflight thought with disgust.  Ravenflight was about to sigh. He stopped himself.

"What's that smell?" Streampelt meowed.

"Dark Forest." The cat pretending to be him said. It wasn't in Ravenflight's voice. It was higher pitched.

"You're not Ravenflight." Streampelt sighed in disappointment. 

"What? What are you talking about?!" He sounded like me again. He sounded panicked.

"That's not the reaction Ravenflight would have!" Sealeaf growled. "Even I know that!" 

The cat made a look of sheer fear. He ran. Time for his entrance. 

"It's a trap." The white trickery cat meowed. The cat who claimed to be from StarClan.

Ravenflight smirked. Dark forest cats and his rogues surrounded them.

"Why do this brother? It's foolish and arrogant!" Streampelt meowed. Other cats came out behind trees. They outnumbered his allies. He was dead. 

"We knew you might pull something!" Sealeaf meowed in satisfaction. She had found him. She had put a claw to his neck. He heard fighting.

"Sealeaf!" Streampelt meowed worry filled his voice. Ravenflight felt it down on him. The situation. Streampelt was in love. Ravenflight laughed and closed his eyes. He opened them and they were flaming orange, like a blazing flame."I never thought my littermate would be so foolish. He carries his weaknesses where others are going to attack. I on the other paw, would never do such a mouse rained thing!" His laughter grew. What about Mar?" Streampelt meowed gruffly. "He's different. He's useful. Unlike Seapaw here!" Ravenflight started a little flame. "My name's Sealeaf, insane-o!" Sealeaf puffed out her chest proudly. "No flames. We're taking you to the one place you can't make them. The river." Streampelt displayed no emotion in his meow. It was strange for him. Ravenflight was silent. "No response? Here let's take care of that flame." Streampelt dropped a water ball on his paws. Ravenflight couldn't understand his behavior. This rendered Ravenflight useless. Like another she-cat he knew did. He was dragged to the river and guarded in case he tried to escape.

Chapter Thirty: Revenge and Secrets

Streampelt glared into Snowstar's eyes. How could he do this to them? After all the information he had given Streampelt, he betrayed him. But, suddenly, he nodded, his eyes pleading with forgiveness and understanding. And Streampelt did understand. He knew that Ravenflight would try to kill them. They all would. But Streampelt knew something they didn't; that Snowstar had pretended to pretend (if that makes any sense). He could use that to a great advantage.

"Well, brother. You think you're so powerful," Streampelt meowed mockingly, rolling his eyes.

"How dare you insult the great-" The cat that had pretended to be Ravenflight was suddenly cut off by the real one.

"No," he hissed, then turned to Streampelt and Sealeaf. "You... You can't do anything now. There is no water here. There is only fire." As three fireballs formed around Ravenflight, the other cats edged closer. Snowstar seemed like he was panicking. But Streampelt knew what to do.

"Oh really?" Streampelt closed his eyes and used his newly found 'supersenses' to look for nearby water. There, not very far away, was a pool. When he opened his eyes, they were calm. He whirlpooled the water and launched it above his head. Without warning, the Dark Forest group around them were drenched with water. In that split second, Sealeaf, Snowstar, and Streampelt sprinted into the forest around them. They didn't care where they were going. The only thing that they cared was that they stuck together and that they were as far away from Ravenflight as possible. The Dark Forest group was confused for a second, but that second allowed Streampelt's group to get to the river. But it wasn't really a river. It was slimy and muddy; and was harder to control, but Streampelt got it. He created a translucent wall and surrounded the three of them. The Dark Forest cats surrounded the bubble and growled.

"Snowstar! How dare you trick us..." Ravenflight was mad. Very, very mad.

"Well, well, well. I'd rather follow a kit than you, Ravenflight! Did you really think that I would help you? That I would betray StarClan?" Snowstar spat his words with a ferociousness that Streampelt had only ever heard from Sealeaf, during the battle. Except, now, instead of fear, he was talking with rage. But then Streampelt started to get dizzy.

"Oh, no..."

"Go!" Snowstar hissed. "Tell Shellstar what happened!" Streampelt vaguely heard his water shield collapsing and then splashing down onto the ground as his mind spiraled into darkness.

Streampelt and Sealeaf woke up next to each other, gasping for air. They quickly glanced at each other, then pelted out of the Camp and towards the small refuge area when Ravenflight had started the fire. But, just as they neared the temporary, makeshift Camp, a figure jumped in front of them. It was Snowfeather, Sealeaf's sister from the battle.

"What are you doing?!?" She cried out at Sealeaf in pure outrage. "You know what his brother has done. He tried to kill you; don't tell me you're with him now!"

Sealeaf hissed at that, and yelled,

"Streampelt is trustworthy! I know it!"

"I doubt it!"

"And I doubt that you'll survive us!" Ravenflight and his group of Rouges, Loners, and Kittypets stepped out of a clump of bushes.

"And now," they all meowed together in unison, "You will die."

Chapter Thirty One: Think 

Ravenflight hadn't wanted to kill the kits or apprentices. But as it turned out he might have too. Thanks to the pure rage and loyalty Shellstar the terrible put into them.

Ravenflight smirked as he saw the one She-cat he could show their cause. Featherpaw, the one kit that always seemed worried at him and his brother. She stood in fear.

"Don't kill the elders, queens, kits or apprentices. That is a direct order! If you disobey it you will pay with your life!" Ravenflight meowed to his army.

"You!" Featherpaw charged him. Since she was an apprentice she couldn't injury her but he could render her unconscious. That was the rule, rendering unconscious doesn't count as injury. The ones who surrendered also wouldn't be harmed.

"You! You killed my mother!" Featherpaw meowed in pain. Mental pain, not physical. 

"Shellstar did. He left her in the fire." Ravenflight corrected.

"That's the selfish belief you keep going on about!" Featherpaw charged and tried to claw him but he dodged. 

"That's not true at all! You were at my apprentice ceremony! Remember how the clan reacted to Streampelt and then to me? Also don't forget the praise he constantly gave my brother and the constant agony he gave me!"  Ravenflight meowed and faked sad emotion.

"I remember, but two wrongs don't make a right!" Featherpaw lunged again, but Ravenflight had anticipated her move. He dodged. 

"I am doing a right, I stopped tyranny for those Kittypets and loners I recruited. They don't have to suffer the same pain you have at the moment!" Ravenflight meowed. His heart beat quickened. This never happened before. Except with Blair. 

"Ravenflight I love you but-" Mar rendered her unconscious. 

"What did you do that for?!" Ravenflight meowed angrily.

"You were taking to long to speak to a foolish She-cat sir, it was best if you showed Sealeaf her final breath." Mar explained and laughed. Ravenflight never knew what drove this cat. Ravenflight suddenly realized, he couldn't do that. He only needed to kill Shellstar.

"Where's Shellstar?" Ravenflight meowed.

"Over with the captives~!" Mar meowed and smirked. He hated Shellstar as much, but Ravenflight didn't know why. It wasn't as if they met before. Then Ravenflight realized something. It all made sense.

"Why do you hate Shellstar?" Ravenflight asked.

"Because~!" Mar sounded a but angry. Ravenflight couldn't get answers out of him. He would later.

They walked to the center of the camp. It was where the captives were. Shellstar was easy to spot. 

"Apologize for your faults and you might go to StarClan!" Ravenflight announced. Everything silenced. Streampelt gave him a look of pure hatred. Ravenflight knew he, himself would never go to StarClan. That thought made him angrier.

"What faults? I have made none. I knew a prophecy was right, so I listened. I guess StarClan can be wrong sometimes.. You on the other paw, have some secret I don't know. Why don't you tell us?" Shellstar was trying to pull everything out from under him. Not going to happen. 

"Apologize!" It was a desperate move but it should of been effective.

"Fine, but if you promise to tell us your motive for this." Shellstar meowed cruelly.

"I guess you want to go to Dark Forest." A fire ball rose behind him. 

"I don't, but you are just so stubborn and arrogant. Do you not know your actions have prices?" Shellstar meowed.

"Well, I do and you don't quite understand that yet. I am only killing you, no one else. Then StarClan will announce Whitetail leader and the clan can go on living without me. No more tyranny." Ravenflight smirked. Streampelt gave him a confused look. 

"What?! But-" Mar began.

"No comments on my move Mar." Ravenflight meowed.

"But-" Mar tried to speak.

"Shut up, Mar." Ravenflight meowed.

"But Darkpelt killed Phoenix." Mar meowed. Phoenix... The cat that had significant meaning to all loners and Kittypets he recruited. He looked at Darkpelt who paled and gave a guilty look of pure shame. Streampelt looked confused and very annoyed.

"Fine, I'll exile him into the Twoleg place filled with Kittypet makers. That should he punishment enough." It was Whitetail who spoke up.

"Brother? I understand why this needs to happen but why are you the one to do it?" Darkpelt meowed in question. 

"It needs to happen." Whitetail meowed in a sympathetic tone. "I'm sorry." Mar smirked. That was good enough for him.

"So it's settled. One last thing, you promise not send any paw after me or my followers. You also won't let any one search for me and will let in any kittens you find in the forest alone. Especially if they are orphaned." It was a strange request but it was necessary for his plan. He let the fireball hit Shellstar. Shellstar disappeared. 

"Shellstar did only have one life left anyway. I agree to you terms. We still need a medicine cat. We will ask StarClan for that." Whitetail meowed. A light flashed to where Featherpaw was. A catmint leaf floated over her. StarClan gave the sign that she would be the next medicine cat. She had StarClan to train her. This meant she and Ravenflight could never be. Ravenflight and his rogues walked out of RiverClan camp satisfied.  

Epilogue: Where Our Journey Ends, Part One

Many Moons passed under Whitetail's, now Whitestar's leadership, and Streampelt became Deputy. Clan life went as expected; the cracks caused by Ravenflight had been fixed. Still, no one knew of Ravenflight and Streampelt's powers. ThunderClan ended up returning to their territory, and still no one knows why the left in the first place. StarClan held a Gathering among themselves and voted for whether Shellstar would go to the Dark Forest or not. He made it into StarClan, but just barely. As expected by many, Streampelt and Sealeaf stayed together an became mates. There is nothing that troubled the Clans for a long, long time. But a new darkness in rising. And this time, The Night Prophecy alone may not be enough to stop it. RiverClan may need more than that. But that is a story for another day. Until then, RiverClan, and all the Clans, will be safe. 

Ravenflight's group was broken up for the new peace of the Twolegplace. Ravenflight, Mar, and Blair with several other cats stayed together. Ravenflight was content with what he done, because he was sure no other cats would be hurt mentally. Also, Blair and Mar grew closer and closer everyday!




Well. We finished it. Wow. Anyway, the next book in RiverClan's Destiny is The Frost Prophecy. Enjoy! :D

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