This is my first songfic. Its based on cat love, heartbreak, and forbidden love. I love this song, and its my favorite song. (My second fave is just like fire) Explains ma signature. I will do one part of this amazing song. 

Believe it or not, I relate to the lyrics. 💙

Tails of love

🎵 We're so bored

     We're all so tired of everything

    We wait for

   Trains that just aren't coming

   We show off

    Our different scarlet letters

    Trust me mine is better🎵

"Ugh, will you leave me alone, Ashfur?" Squirrelflight hissed.

"C'mon, Squirrely, gimme one more chance?" Ashfur begged.

Squirrelflight swung around and glared.

"Don't you ever call me that again, Trashfur," she screeched, heading to the warriors den.

"Brambleclaw!" She called. No reply. He wasn't coming.

"I'm so bored," Squirrelflight sighed.

🎵We're so young

We're on the road to ruin

We play dumb

We know exactly what we're doing

We cry tears of mascara

In the bathroom

Honey, life is just a classroom🎵

Cinderpelt tossed her head rebelliously, glaring at her mentor.

"I don't care if I'm a medice cat. I love Fireheart," she mewed.

"You're young, Cinderpelt. A path like this will lead to heartbreak," Yellowfang warned.

Cinderpelt snorted, and stalked off to the warriors den.

But when she saw what was inside, her heart shattered.

First, into two pieces. Then, four. Then, a million.

Fireheart and Sandstorm's tails were twined.

Tears springing into her eyes, Cinderpelt fled to the medicine den.

🎵'Cause baby I could build a castle

    Out of all the bricks they threw at me

    Everyday is like a battle

    But every night with us is like a dream🎵

Graystripe woke up. Time to meet Silverstream.

The moon shone brightly, as he walked to the RiverClan border.

"Greetings, my love," he meowed, purring.

"Hello, Graystripe," she mewed, twining tails with him

"I wish life could be this way forever," Graystripe sighed, as they fell asleep.

Graystripe woke up to Tigerclaw's hiss.

"What are you doing?" He spat.

Graystripe bolted up. Silverstream had already left.

"Come with me. I'll take you to Bluestar, see what she thinks about this," he snarled.

Graystripe sighed as he left.

🎵 Baby we're the new romantics

    Come and come along with me

   Heartbreak is the national anthem

    We sing it proudly

    We're to busy dancing 

    To get knocked off our feet

    Baby we're the new romantics

   The best people in life are free🎵

Leafpool pressed again Crowfeather.

"I'm sorry, love. I need to leave. I belong to ThunderClan. Its where I belong," Leafpool mewed as she left, sorrow taking place in her amber eyes.

"I will miss you," Leafpool added.

Crowfeather gave her one last glance, and walked away sadly.

Tears brimmed in Leafpool's eye. She had abandoned her true love.

Her kits squirmed in her belly.

Love meant danger.

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