Hi! This series is a collab of HUDAman (me), BlueFire13240 and StarNightLifeShadowDay003, and two unnamed others.

Book 1- The Silent Call

Blurb: It has been many, many, moons since the original Clans fell. After the new Clans, SunClan, StormClan, MountainClan, LakeClan, and DarkClan fall, only a few cats can restore the Warrior Code to its former glory.

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Book 2- Dark Betrayal

Blurb: Nightheart has always been happy to expand her family and make new friends, but after Nightshadow leaves, she overhears some cats talking about doing the same and Nightheart starts to wonder if NightClan will stay together, or if her dream home and family were never meant to be.

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Book 3- A New Moon

Coming soon!

Unofficial Blurb (Subject to change): Now that The Betrayed are finally gone, everything seems peaceful. But Mattfur knows a horrible secret that might break the peace. Will anyone believe him, or is NightClan doomed for sure?

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