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Have you ever imagined of living in a savage world where you had to be slaves? Have you ever thought of being trained to keep humans under control and have robot mecantics in your body? Well that was waht happened during 4056 C.E, when the Earth froze, leaving only two species alive: cats and humans. They all lived in what was left of the word, controlled under The Goverment. The Goverment treated cats cruely, since they were the last species of animals alive. And now cats have been forced to be turned in robtic like machines to controll the humans."

"My name is Eighty-Six. That is the name given to me by The Goverment, so I would learn how to controll humans and be turned into a robot. But my friends call me Bolta. I was alive during this time. But I escaped and found  a different world and discovered that I, a small, tiny cat, could save the world. This is my story."

Written by Silver.


1:The Story of Eighty-Six More coming soon!



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