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The power of four series
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A warriors promise
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"Is this it?" Birdstar asked to Eclipse and he said "This is the place Birdstar.. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Birdstar nodded "I'm sure."

He then nodded but warned "This cat we are going to meet is not as Dangerous as Slash but he can be Powerful."

Birdstar nodded "Im absolutely sure Eclipse."

He nodded "Ok then follow me," He flicked his tail and stopped at a cat, Bowed and said in a difffrent cat speak "Sonnenutergang."

The cat bowed and replied "Sonnenaufgang!"

Eclipse nodded at Birdstar and they continued forth and met a very large and strongly built tom and Birdstar froze "Eclipse who is this?" She asked.

Eclipse bowed to the tom and said "this is Claw" Birdstar bowed to the tom and the tom said in her cat speak with a silky voice "Well hello who are you?"

Birdstar stood up and started "I am Birdstar leader of Thunderclan and we are being threatend by Slash and we need help."

Claw looked thoughtful for a minute then mewed "I will help, and so will my Clan of ally cats" Birdstar bowed her head "Thank you Claw!"

Claw mewed "I always love to help a pretty face, nad besides, I'm threatened by Slash too."

Birdstar jumped in surprise "But you could probably squish him with your size!"

Claw shrugged "I guess I probably could but..... He has ways Birdstar I have to warn you."

Birdstar nodded and mewed "Thanks Claw."

Claw shrugged "No problem."

Birdstar and Eclispe mewed their goodbyes and padded off away from the ally and back to the clans territories.

Chapter 1

Birdwing followed Cherryflower to the moonpool. She froze at the sight of it. She never had been to the moonpool before and wondered what it looked like. She looked at Cherryflower who whispered "Touch your nose to the water."

Birdwing did what she was told and fell into dizzying blackness. She woke up around a starry clearing and there were actually many star furred cats around her.

She looked around and smelled scents of all clans. A white tom came up to her and asked "Birdwing are you ready to recieve your lives?"

Birdwing nodded and the white tom with Jet black paws bended down and mewed "Birdwing I give you the life of Bravery, Use it to fight even the most toughest battles."

Birdwing felt of jolt of pain rush through her but she faced it. Blackstar nodded and headed back to the circle. Mistystar came up and mewed "I give you this life of Loyalty, Use it when you doubt your most precious things."

A jolt of pain also went through her again. Mistystar backed away and a wiry brown she cat came up and she said surprised "Windflight?"

The she-cat just touched her nose and mewed "Birdwing with this life I give you Friendship, Use it to know when your friends need you!" Birdstar felt a glow of admiration.

Windstar was taken by a Tabby tom. Brambleclaw mewed "With this life I give you endurance, Use it to race into battle to help others."

The life brought on a jolt of energy. The next cat was a yellow she cat with blue eyes and she mewed softly "Birdwing, You may not know me, But I know you, With this life I give you love, Use it for all your clanmates!"

A warm jolt flowed through her and she asked "Who are you?"

The she cat smiled "I am Hannah."

She looked at her and realised this was Eclipses old mate. Had she died in the battle?

Hannah smiled "I did not die, but I had a life for you." she disappeared and another cat came up to her and said "With this life I give you Teaching, Use it well to teach all the cats in the clans."

The next three cats were Firestar, Bluestar and Thunderstar. She looked at Firestar who mewed "If Ashstar had chosen good he would have given you this life, With this life I give you Life, Use it well when dealing with young cats."

The jolt felt happy like when she was a kit. Bluestar came up and mewed "With this life I give you Wisdom, So when cats ask you questions you can answer them with the best of your ability."

The jolt felt like power.

Thunderstar came up next. Birdwing only heard stories of the Tom that found Thunderclan. He said "With this life I give you Leadership, Use it well." he walked away from the group and Birdwing stood up shakily.

Thunderstar mewed "Birdwing! Your warrior life is no more I hail by your new name, Birdstar!" The Starclan cats cheered "Birdstar, Birdstar." Birdstar then smelled a strange scent and asked "What's happening, Brambleclaw?"

Brambleclaw whispered "Birdstar, The new blood is coming and only the power of four can stop it." he dissapeared with the wind and soon she heard yowling of many cats.

She woke up and saw Cherryflower sitting near her and they stood up and paced out of the moonpool and back to camp. Cherryflower asked "DId you get your nine lives and your name?"

Birdstar nodded "Yes, Why?"

Cherryflower mewed "The ceremony was interuppted" Birdstar nodded and Cherryflower mewed "Well it does not matter right now."

They stopped at the entrance to the camp and Cherryflower asked "You need to pick a deputy, Who do you want it to be?" Birdstar thought Rushfoot but maybe Fogheart would be a better deputy... I dont know!.

She lied "I have made my choice."

Cherryflower nodded and went into the camp. Birdstar leaped onto the highrock and yowled "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!"

Cats filed out into the clearing slowly and she said "I shall now pick my deputy,The new deputy will be..." she thought and mewed "Fogheart"

The young toms eyes shone and every cat cheered and the three loners Eclipse, Hannah and Amanda congratulated him and Amanda mewed "We better be going Birdstar!"

Birdstar mewed sadly "Do you really have to go?"

Amanda twitched her whiskers "Yes."

Birdstar nodded sadly then Eclipse mewed "Birdstar, May I stay on your territory?" he went silent for a minute "I want to be a warrior of Thunderclan but I want to stay around the territory."

Birdstar thought for a moment as he kept going "Actually having a warrior that lives in the territory is helpful for any......Attacks..."

Birdstar nodded "Ok, Eclipse." Eclipse nodded and headed out of the territory and Amanda and Hannah followed him.

The camp went silent and Fogheart mewed "Come on everyone lets go to work!" all the cats nod and head toward their dens.

Birdstar was left to think on the highrock and she heard a rustle at the bushes as Eclipse padded out and put a magpie on the freshkill pile and asked "Birdstar?"

Birdstar asked "What?"

Eclipse mewed "Thanks for saving me." he padded out of the camp.

Birdstar sighed and went into her den. She woke up in the clearing that bordered Shadowclan and Thunderclan. She looked around and Blackstar came up to her and said "Hello, Birdstar."

Birdstar flicked her ears and mewed "Yes?"

Blackstar mewed grimly "The dark forest has taken a Starclan cat prisoner and Darkstar did not get all his lives."

Birdstar gasped and asked "What can we do?"

Blackstar mewed "You have to give him the life Brightflower was supposed to give him."

Birdstar asked "What was that life?"

Blackstar twiched his whiskers "Love"

Birdstar gasped He knows!

Birdstar bowed "Ok!"

Blackstar nodded and lead her into the bushes.

She blinked and found herself at four trees. She saw Darkstar and he gasped and mewed "Hello, Birdstar!" Birdstar twitched her whiskers and said "I'm supposed to give you a life."

Darkstar nodded and Birdstar walked up to him and purred trying not to laugh "With this life I give you Love, Use it among others and the ones you care most!" Birdstar touched his head and he froze.

She realised that she truly gave him a life. Blackstar mewed "It's time for you to go, Birdstar!" Birdstar nodded and the dream went black.

Birdstar woke up to the sunsets rays seeping into the den. She streched and padded out. She saw Fogheart pad up to her and he asked "What needs to be done?"

Birdstar thought for a moment and said "Well... We need two border patrols and a hunting patrol," She continued "Oh and if any of the patrols see Eclipse tell them to leave him, he's a part of Thunderclan."

Fogheart nodded and padded off. Eclipse walked through the entrance with two squirrels and he dropped them on the fresh-kill pile. He nodded to Birdstar and she nodded back. He took a Magpie and went to share with Sunwing who was sitting alone.

Birdstar sighed and said to Eclipse "Eclipse, Can you watch the Windclan border? I have a bad feeling." Eclipse nodded and continued to eat with Sunwing.

Birdstar saw Lightpaw the oldest of all the apprentices and she thought Lightsong... Birdstar said "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath High ledge"

Eclipse and Sunwing sat together and Lightpaw was cleaning her fur before sitting on the other side of Eclipse. Birdstar said "We have a warrior ceremony to perform!"

Lightpaw gasped as Birdstar said "Lightpaw, Do you promise to up hold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?"

Lightpaw nodded and said "I do!"

Birdstar continued and mewed "Lightpaw from this moment on your warrior name will be Lightsong, We honour your Courage and Smarts, And welcome you as a full warrior of Thunderclan."

Thunderclan cheered "Lightsong, Lightsong!" Eclipse twitched his whiskers and Lightsong looked at Birdstar with happiness, and sat in the middle of the clearing.

Eclipse nodded to Birdstar and headed out of camp. Birdstar sighed and went inside her den again and went to sleep. She woke up in the middle of the night and twitched her ear.

She stepped out of the den and sighed. She heard a "psst" coming from the trees. She looked up to see blue eyes above her.

She mewed "You scared me Darkstar!"

Darkstar leaped softly down to the ground and asked "How are you?"

Birdstar said "Good, You?"

Darkstar nodded "Good, but have you been smelling any strange scents recently?"

Birdstar tipped her head "No...Why?"

Darkstar sighed "We have been smelling strange scents on our territory...And they are not of any clans."

Birdstar nodded and mewed "I will look into it but you better go before someone catches you"

Darkstar laughed "I'm a leader what can they do?" He left anyways.

Birdstar went back to sleep, rolling her eyes.

Chapter 2

"Do you want to play clans Hollykit?" Birdstar watched Maplekit as he asked again "Hollykit?" the young she-kit looked at him and mewed "Sure why not"

Maplekit twitched his whiskers "Ok-" Hollykit mewed loudly "But I'm leader!"

Maplekit stood frozen and mewed "Ok Hollystar! I'm Mapleclaw!"

Hollykit nodded and mocked a deputy ceremony "Mapleclaw, You are the new deputy of Thunderclan!"

Fogheart came to sit with Birdstar and mewed "Those two are so fun to be around."

Birdstar looked at her deputy "So were you when you were that age."

Fogheart sat up straight "Ah but am I four moons Birdstar?"

Birdstar shook her head "Not any more Fogheart, Would you like to take one of them?"

Fogheart bowed his head "I would be honoured to mentor one of those trouble makers."

Birdstar mewed "Ok at least I have one mentor figured out," Fogheart snickered and Birdstar mewed "You know what....I will mentor one."

Fogheart froze and mewed "You have not had an apprentice since I was your apprentice."

Birdstar twitched her ear "I know Fogheart, I know."

Fogheart nodded and bounded down to set patrols. Birdstar sighed as the wind blew through her fur. She flicked her ears when she saw Goldheart staring maliciously at her.

She stared back and flicked her tail. Goldheart stalked towards her and growled "What?"

Birdstar bristled at his tone she mewed calmly "Can you find Eclipse and tell him I want to see him in my den, Bring Iceclaw with you."

Goldheart stayed silent but backed away from her and padded out of the camp. She nodded at Fogheart who was setting out hunting patrols and headed towards the nursery. She stopped inside and Daisy said "Hello, Birdstar What is it?"

Birdstar twitched her whiskers "How are your kits?"

Daisy nodded "Good but they are growing a little too big for the nursery!"

Birdstar nodded as Maplekit jumped on her tail and started batting at it. She wrapped her tail around her and said "Maplekit, That's my tail not a mouse!"

Maplekit nodded "Yes, Birdstar!"

Maplekit then leaped onto Hollykit and Birdstar continued "They will become apprentices soon."

Daisy nodded and asked "Ok, Who are their mentors?"

Birdstar looked around and whispered "I will mentor Hollykit and Fogheart will mentor Maplekit."

Daisys eyes clouded "It will be dangerous."

Birdstar asked "Why don't you become a warrior?"

Daisy snapped at Birdstar "Because it's too dangerous out there!"

Birdstar looked at her and stammered but Daisy continued "Maplekit and Hollykit are my last litter for Thunderclan, After that I'm going back to the barn."

Birdstar twitched her ear "What if Smokey does not welcome you?"

Daisy flicked her tail dismissively "He will, he never loved me but we are friends."

Birdstar bowed "Ok, I will have the apprentice ceremony at Sunhigh."

Daisy nodded and stood up then whispered "Tell my kits that I will be back ok? At least until they are old enough to know the truth."

Daisy padded out of camp and Birdstar watched as Eclipse came in with Goldheart and Iceclaw behind him. He walked over to Birdstar and sat down "Well? What is it?" she looked at Goldheart and Iceclaw then mewed "You two can go now."

They nodded and head towards the warriors den while Birdstar and Eclipse headed towards Birdstars den. She sat on the sandy floor "Eclipse, Have you been seeing strange cats lately?"

Eclipse twitched his ear "No why?"

Birdstar sighed "We have been smelling strange scents on our territory lately."

Eclipse flicked his tail and mewed "I will keep an eye out for anything suspicous."

He nodded and asked "Is that it?"

Birdstar nodded and Eclipse ran out the den. Birdstar slowly followed him outside and saw Hollykit and Maplekit playing with Ashkit and Blazekit.

She leaped down from the rock and gently landed beside Iceclaw. Iceclaw jumped and mewed "Don't do that will you?!"

Birdstar flicked her tail and headed toward the kits. Maplekit stopped and asked "Where's our mom? She's supposed to clean us for the apprentice ceremony"

Birdstar mewed calmly "She's going to be back, right now clean yourselves, your old enough." Hollykit and Maplekit nodded while Ashkit asked "Why can't we be apprentices?"

Birdstar mewed "Because you are still too young."

Ashkit bowed her head and went back to the nursery.

Birdstar looked up and saw that it was sun-high and she slowly padded away from the other kits and leaped onto the rock and called "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!"

She saw Eclipse pad back in the camp and heard him whisper enough for her to hear "I was chasing a starling toward here."

Birdstar purred as Eclipse sat down and Sunwing joined him and asked "How are you Eclipse?" she did not hear any more when Hollykit and Maplekit padded up proudly.

They stopped in front of Birdstar and sat down. She called "From this moment on, Before you recieve your warrior names, Your names are Maplepaw and Hollypaw."

Birdstar waited till the cheering died down. She continued "Maplepaw your mentor will be Fogheart!" Maplepaw padded toward Fogheart and touched noses with him. Hollypaw flicked her tail in nervousness.

Birdstar called to her "Hollypaw from this moment on I will be your mentor!" Hollypaw looked at her surprised and slowly headed towards her. Goldheart looked unhappy as Birdstar touched Hollypaws nose.

Birdstar called him over "Goldheart!"

Goldheart padded up slowly and mewed quite icily "Yes, Birdstar?"

Birdstar twitched her tail and mewed "Can you tell Fogheart that I'm going to show Hollypaw the territory?"

Goldheart was quiet then mewed flatly "Ok." he stalked off and Birdstar and Hollypaw wandered out of camp. Birdstar stopped in front of under growth and mewed to Hollypaw "What can you smell?"

Hollypaw went quiet and sniffed she mewed as a matter of factly way "Um, Mouse, squirrel And a rogue!" She unsheathed her claws and Birdstar sighed and mewed "Come out Eclipse, she found us out!"

There was rustling in the bushes and Birdstar heard Hollypaw gasp in astonishment at the huge tom. Hollypaw wimpered "Wh-who are you?"

Birdstar answered for him "Hollypaw this is Eclipse!"

Hollypaw looked at Eclispe and mewed "Oh, Your the one that has that weird cat-speak!"

Birdstar gasped and slapped her tail across Hollypaws mouth and mewed "Sorry, Eclipse."

Eclipse laughed and mewed "Hollypaw, You are right, I do use a weird cat-speak, but it's a force of habit!"

Hollypaw shook away Birdstars tail and said "Ok..." She bounded away from the cats and mewed "I smell mouse, Can you teach me how to hunt?"

Birdstar looked at her and twitched an ear "I have something more important in mind,"

She bowed to Eclipse and led Hollypaw to a mossy tree and Hollypaw asked "What?"

Birdstar mewed "Moss for the elders."

Hollypaw exclaimed "What!?"

Birdstar showed the claw action and Hollypaw grunted and did it. She got a large ball and Birdstar and Hollypaw took the moss back to camp.

When she had finished Hollypaw went to Maplepaw to talk about their day. Birdstar stood up and went to her den in deep thought.

Birdstar woke up to the suns rays. She yawned and looked out slowly. The camp was bustling with activity. Fogheart saw her and bounded up to her and she asked "Did I sleep in?"

Fogheart looked worried "No, A strange cat came."

Birdstar twitched her whiskers "Eclipse? Cause he is strange."

Fogheart still looked worried "No, Even Eclipse is here panicking."

Birdstar perked her ears "Panicking?! Him!? Why?"

Fogheart twitched his tail "Apparently he knows the strange cat." Just then Eclipse came crashing in, bristling and Birdstar mewed "Hey, calm down!"

Eclipse was bristling and his claws were unsheathed and he growled "I can't believe He came here! What nerve!"

Birdstar rested her tail on his shoulder "Eclipse tell me what you mean."

Eclipse mewed "That cat was Slash.. He said that these territories are his to control."

Birdstar looked up "What?"

Eclipse nodded and Fogheart mewed "Yes, The exact word were "These are my territories give up or prepare to fight!" He scared most of the older warriors."

Birdstar thought for a second. Fogheart asked "What are you going to do now?"

Birdstar stayed silent then mewed "It's time."

Fogheart asked "Time? Time for what?"

Birdstar flicked her tail and leaped on the rock then yowled "Let all cats gather beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting!"

Most of the cats were already there but the last of them came out.

Birdstar called "I have something important to tell you" Birdstar drew in a deep breath "Me and the four other leaders are a part of a prophecy!"

Goldheart asked "What was that prophecy?"

Birdstar looked into his eyes. He had a fire but he was openly curious and she mewed "The power of four will rise and beat the new blood!"

Birdstar looked down on the cats as they took in the news.

Birdwing twitched an ear and thought But I don't get it...Four cats can't take down a whole entire clan of cats from an old legendary clan.

She loked around at the cats who were ruffling themselves up for the upcoming battle Birdstar thought The power of four..... She gasped There are four clans!

Birdstar and the others were not the power of four! Their clans were! Them and their clan! She sighed and mewed "We don't know exactly when Slash is coming, So let's all be ready."

Eclipse asked "May I say something Birdstar?"

Birdstar looked at her friend "Yes go right ahead, Eclipse."

Eclipse stood up then leaped beside her and mewed "I used to be best friends with Slash, well his name was Max, we had planned to come here for a new home." the cats whispered to each other/

He continued "Birdstar, I know a group of cats that could help us! Their leaders name is Claw."

Birdstar nodded "Ok...Then it's settled after the gathering in few nights time, Me and Eclipse will go to Claw and ask for his help!"

The cats disbanded into their own little groups. Birdstar sighed and got a nagging feeling she had met Eclipse before but she could not remember when.

She gasped Birdpaw asked the golden tom "Are you ok?" The tom mewed "No I don't want to die don't hurt me!"

Birdstar mewed "Eclipse?!"

Eclipse looked at her "Yes?"

Birdstar stammered "I-I have seen you before!"

Eclipse widened his eyes "Yes...Yes I know"

Birdstar asked "Were you ok?"

Eclipse nodded "Max had attacked me."

Birdstar nodded "I see."

Eclipse let out a sigh. He nodded and jumped down from where they were sitting

He turned and mewed "I know that you might not make it.. I think you know that too" he padded away into the forest. Birdstar stared after her friend and went back into her den.

Chapter 3

Birdstar twitched in her sleep and muttered she was in a clearing with a brown tom with a young she kit with him and shadows behind him. He growled "Birdstar, I am Slash, This is my daughter Icicle, And these...These are the dogs I have trained"

He growled and leaped at Birdstar. Birdstar screeched and woke up eyes wide and realised that she was in her den with the suns light slowly creeping through the lichen.

She poked her head out and yawned. She saw Fogheart and Eclipse talking. She padded out slowly and padded to the two toms.

She stopped and twitched an ear and mewed "News?"

Fogheart shook his head "None..Sunwing and Iceclaw have gone on a patrol and haven't come back yet."

Birdstar nodded and looked at Eclipse and mewed "Should we be going?"

Eclipse narrowed his eyes and mewed "It's going to be really dangerous..."

Birdstar flicked her tail and mewed "I hope Claw will listen...."

Eclipse looked at her "He will listen....Sure me and him never seen eye to eye but he always listens."

Birdstar mewed "Ok"

Eclipse nodded and stood up. Birdstar nodded and walked outside the camp with Eclipse.

They padded to the Shadowclan border and stopped and she sniffed the air and mewed "Do you think that any Shadowclan cats will try to stop us?"

Eclipse shook his head "No..."

Birdstar sighed and and continued into Shadowclan territory.

They padded out and were soon heading toward the near by twoleg place. She stopped at a house and mewed "I have never been here..."

Eclipse sighed "I was....Born here"

Birdstar asked "Why do you sound so hurt?"

Eclipse shrugged "Nothing to worry about. Claw's alley is just up ahead."

Birdstar looked at her friend disbelieveingly and mewed "Ok..." She followed Eclipse and stopped. "Is this it?" Birdstar asked to Eclipse and he said "This is the place Birdstar.... Are you sure you want to do this?"

Birdstar nodded "I'm sure!" he then nodded but warned "This cat we are going to meet is not as Dangerous as Slash but he can be Powerful!"

Birdstar nodded "I'm absolutely sure, Eclipse" he nodded "Ok then follow me."

He flicked his tail and stopped at a cat, Bowed and mewed in a difffrent cat speak "Sonnenutergang"

The cat bowed and replied "Sonnenaufgang"

Eclipse nodded at Birdstar and they continued forth and met a very large and strongly built tom and Birdstar froze "Eclipse who is this?"

She asked Eclipse bowed to the tom and mewed "This is Claw."

Birdstar bowed to the tom and the tom mewed in her cat speak "Well hello, who are you?"

Birdstar stood up and started "I am Birdstar leader of Thunderclan and we are being threatend by Slash and we need help!"

Claw looked thoughtful for a minute then m323e "I will help and so will my Clan of ally cats."

Birdstar bowed her head "Thank you, Claw."

Claw nodded and mewed "I'm always willing to help a pretty face, besides, I'm threatened by him too!"

Birdstar jumped in surprise "But you could probably squish him with your size!"

Claw shrugged "I guess I probably could but..... He has ways Birdstar, I have to warn you."

Birdstar nodded and mewed "Thanks Claw."

Claw shrugged "No problem." Claw flashed an eye at Eclipse and mewed "I see you brought along Ecilpse, how are your friends?"

Ecipse growled "Just fine."

When they came back the camp was in an uproar. She saw Moonmist wailing over the body of a pure white cat. Birdstar soon realised who it was and yowled "Iceclaw!"

Eclipse was staring down at the body as some memory flashed back to him and he choked. Birdstar growled "Who did this?"

Moonmist looked at Goldheart and Birdstar looked at him and snarled "Well?"

Goldheart narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

She was about to leap on him before a flash of gold leaped on him and yowled "Traitor!" Eclipse slashed his face and Goldheart threw him off but Eclipse jumped back on.

Birdstar pulled Eclipse off of him and growled "Save your strength Eclipse..." Goldhearts face was scarred and he spat.

Birdstar snarled "I can't believe you Goldheart...I can't even stand the sight of you..Leave now!" Goldheart saw his clanmates turn on him and growl.

He yowled "I will get my revenge on Thunderclan Birdstar..Ashstar was right!"

Birdstar realised something "YOU killed Treeheart!"

She could not hold her anger and she clawed him and growled "Don't.....ever...come...back!" Goldheart backed away and padded out of the camp.

Moonmist stared at his direction and Sunwing mewed quietly "Can we kill him if we see him on the territory?" Birdstar nodded "Yes...Yes!"

She mewed and Eclipse stared down on his paws and Sunwing asked him "Are you ok?"

Eclipse jumped "Yes...I'm fine.."

Sunwing asked "This has happened to your before hasn't it?"

Eclipse looked at her and shrugged "It was not very long ago....I don't really want to talk about it"

Sunwing sighed "I know....But you can always talk to me if you want to!"

Eclipse looked at her confused as Sunwing padded away

Birdstar padded to him "It seems Sunwing is fond of you!"

Eclipse asked "Really?"

Birdstar nodded "Well I don't blame her!"

Eclipse looked down "Then what will I do?"

Birdstar flicked her tail on his shoulder "Get to know her....She is a nice young cat!"

Eclipse nodded and padded away.

Birdstar saw Moonmist and asked her "Are you ok?"

Moonmist nodded "Y-Yes.... I will be fine..... Just fine,too bad he won't get to see his kits..."

Birdstar saw Sandstorm and Graystripe come in after burying Iceclaw Birdstar saw Squirrelflight who was staring where Iceclaws body was a moment before and whispered "I-I have nothing.....My mate and Treeheart and Iceclaw are now dead...And my only daughter is leader.."

Birdstar listened as she continued "Why did you have to leave me Brambleclaw?"

Birdstar saw three misty cats standing behind her the brown tabby tom looked up and padded to her followed by the two younger toms

Brambleclaw mewed "Birdstar O could not be more proud of you!" another tabby tom mewed "Me niether sis, When we were young and you said that someday you would be leader.....You were right!"

Birdstar whined "I don't want to be leader under these circumstances." the other tom mewed "Birdstar....This was fate."

The tom looked up and Birdstar realised who it was she mewed "Iceclaw...Why did you leave us?"

Iceclaw looked down "I-I don't know....Before I died I only saw Goldheart."

Birdstar looked at him "Don't worry Iceclaw, I will avenge you" there was a burst of mist and the toms disappeared, and Iceclaws voice whispered in the wind "I'll be waiting for you sis, I'm sure you'll give that furball a few whacks to the head before joining us!'

Birdstar realised that it was raining. She was soon soaked and she padded into her den.

Chapter 4

Birdstar yawned and peeked outside of the den. She only saw Sunwing and Eclipse talking. Sunwing purred something and got closer to him and Eclipse looked throughly embarresed.

Birdstar sat watching the two and sighed I wish my love life was that easy.. Birdstar was not sure if Eclipse liked Sunwing or not.

But it was obvious that he was taking her advice. She heard Sunwing mew "Do you want to go hunting?" Eclipse looked at her before mewing "Yes....I would like that"

Sunwing stood up and saw Birdstar. Sunwing mewed "Hello, Birdstar. Me and Eclipse are going hunting." Birdstar mewed "Be careful."

Eclipse nodded "Will do" Eclipse padded out of the camp with Sunwing at his tail. Fogheart padded out and sat beside Birdstar and he mewed "What are you going to do today?"

Birdstar looked at her deputy "Well...Did you tell all the warriors not to attack any of Claws warriors?" Fogheart mewed "Done. Rushfoot is passing it around!"

Birdstar nodded "Okay make sure she has told everyone, you know how distracted she can get!" Fogheart nodded and padded away to the warriors den.

She saw the sun rise through the trees making the dew glimmer. She let out a sigh and went to the apprentices den and she called "Hollypaw?"

Hollypaw slowly stepped out and mewed "Yes, Birdstar?" Birdstar sighed "Want to go train?" Hollypaws eyes widened and she mewed excited "Yes Birdstar Yes!"

Birdstar laughed "Ok...Let's go!" Birdstar padded to that camp entrance and Hollypaw was behind her shaking with excitment. She looked at the dark clouds and mewed "A storms coming..."

Hollypaw stood frozen "I'm scared!" Birdstar looked at her apprentice as she heard a voice "You stand for nothing! You overlooked something! I will bring you down all on my own!"

(This is lyrics to a song thats NOTTTT mine so you cant sue me meta knight >:D)

She froze also and mewed "Somethings not right." Hollypaw nodded and stammered "Can training wait? I don't feel safe."

Birdstar nodded "Sure" Hollypaw ran back to the apprentices den bristling. Birdstar sniffed the air she murmured "Something's wrong".

She heard a distant screech in the forest and she gasped "Eclipse! Sunwing!" She ran with all the speed of Starclan and yelled "Eclipse? Sunwing?"

She ran into the clearing and saw Eclipse standing in front of Sunwing protecting her. Goldheart was in front of them wearing a bone studded collor.

Goldheart hissed at Eclipse. Eclipses fur rustled in the wind. Goldheart leaped at Eclipse as Sunwing wailed. Birdstar could only watch as Eclipse was getting beaten.

She shook her-self and leaped into battle. She slammed into Goldheart before he could deliver a fatel blow. He hissed "Finally! Birdstar has come to witness a great event, A mere stepping stone of what is to come!"

Goldheart showed his long sharp claws and hissed "A mere stepping stone, That leads to the destruction of the clans!" Birdstar saw Sunwing run to Eclipse who was unconcious and Birdstar asked "What do you mean Goldheart?"

Goldheart laughed coldly "Goldheart? My name is Blackheart now!"

Birdstar snarled as Blackheart continued "You stand for nothing Birdstar! Bloodclan will easily rid this land of the clans!"

Birdstar realised that was one of the voices in her vision. Blackheart was prepared to leap but Sunwing beat him too it and attacked him and clawed his eye leaving a scar.

Birdstar backed up as Blackheart pushed her away and spat "It's not over! Slash will deal with you!" Birdstar could only watch as her old friend turn into her enemy and walk away.

Sunwing and Birdstar stayed silent staring at the place where Blackheart had dissapeared. Sunwing sniffed the air "Eclipse needs a medicine cat!"

Birdstar nodded and began to drag him back to camp with the help of Sunwing. When they were there Sunwing poked Eclipse and asked "Are you okay?" Eclipse made a grunt sound and opened an eye. He muttered "You didn't have to save me Sunwing."

Sunwing mewed softly "I had help" she stepped aside to let Birdstar through. Birdstar stopped in front of her friend and mewed "Why did Goldheart attack you two?"

Eclipse rasped "Jealousy."

Birdstar tipped her head "Why was he jealous?"

Eclipse sighed "You Overlooked something Birdstar, He is jealous cause not only has he lost your love, He also has lost Sunwings."

Birdstar gasped at his words as she thought One more to go I wonder who will say the next one. She looked up when Sunwing mewed "Can you stand Eclipse?".

Eclipse looked at the she-cats and mewed "Yes!" He stood up slowly. He sighed then limped away along with Sunwing.

Birdstar followed quickly and Quietly. Sunwing and Eclipse went into the camp and met Fogheart. Birdstar mewed calmly "Eclipse, Go see a medicine cat"

Eclipse started to argue but thought better of it and slowly headed to the den. She asked Sunwing "Gather cats to patrol the border," She looked at Fogheart "Go with her." Fogheart bowed and quickly ran out.

She looked at Hollypaw who was watching and she mewed "Hollypaw, Can you do something for me?" Hollypaw nodded "Yes, Birdstar?"

Birdstar thought quickly "Can you go talk to Windstar please and tell her that I want to talk to her?" Hollypaw nodded and ran out. Birdstar growled Just two more too get.

Chapter 5

Birdstar looked at Leafpool "Can you go talk to Darkstar then Crookedstar? We need them too!" Leafpool bowed and ran out.

Now all I have to do is wait Birdstar thought. The day was dark and foreboding, definatly promising a storm. and she waited for a couple of minutes when she heard a voice outside her den.


Birdstar mewed "Come in Windstar." she flicked her tail for the brown she-cat to come in. Windstar padded cautiously in and asked "Yes?"

Birdstar mewed "I will explain everything once Darkstar and Crookedstar arrive!" she nodded to Hollypaw who was still standing at the entrance.

Hollypaw bowed and ran out.

Windstar asked "That bad?" she looked at Birdstar thoughtfully "So..... Who's your Deputy?" she scuffled her paws.

Birdstar answered calmly "Fogheart. Who's yours?" she looked at Windstar who was looking around

"Heartshine," she answered "She wanted it when Onestar was alive, I was pretty sure she wanted it now." she pointed out.

Birdstar nodded then another voice came from out-side

"Birdstar?" Leafpool asked "They are here, and so is Claw." she padded in with three toms behind her and she walked out

Birdstar mewed drastically "We have an emergency!" she nodded to Claw who sat down "Slash has come to our camp and said that we have a descision!"

Darkstar asked "What did he say?"

Birdstar was interuppted by Claw "What he always says "This territory is mine to control, either leave or die at my claws""

Crookedstar asked "He's serious?" the question was directed at Claw who nodded "Full out serious, if you know him, you know he means what he says."

Windstar cut in "So we gonna flight, or are we gonna fight?" she looked at all the leaders

"Fight!" They all mewed in unison.

Darkstar asked "So what's the plan?" he looked at Birdstar "We have to have a stragedy!" He flicked his tail.

Birdstar thought "Well-" Windstar cut her off quickly "I have an idea!" she was looking at the leaders with gleaming eyes.

Birdstar waited "Well?"

Windstar stayed silent and mewed "I lost it!" she ducked her head and giggled, Darkstar raised his paw and put his head on it while Crookedstar looked like he was going to explode from laughter.

Birdstar sighed "Okay, Claw?"

Claw mewed "Well, my cats could hide while you and him talk, he won't know we are there until it's too late, your cats could keep them talking while we flank them, then at your signal, Birdstar, we will attack from behind, while your cats attack from the front"

Windstar gasped "Giving our clans the advantage of surprise! Good idea Claw!"

Claw bowed his head "I'm not only brawn, I have a brain too" he licked his paw casually and continued "I have had been in many battles, and there always has to be a plan."

Birdstar nodded "The older apprentices will help the medicine cat, while the queens, kits, elders, and very young apprentices gaurd the camp."

Eclipse mewed from behind them "Slash will have a back-up plan, if things get hairy in the real battle, he'll send off cats to pick off everyone left behind."

Darkstar asked "Well what do you think we should do if he does that?"

Eclipse mewed "Not if. Will. He always does, You need kill him before it's too late, there's so many of his cats, you won't realise some are missing, you could use the older apprentices to watch in the trees, and report to the elders if a couple of cats are heading their way"

Birdstar nodded "Better, we have a plan!"

Windstar nodded and asked "So we tell our clans the plan?"

Birdstar nodded and mewed "Tell them everything, tell them the plan, telll them everything that comes to your mind that instant!"

She looked at them all "Let's show Slash that he can't take whatever he wants!"

All of them yowled in unisen "Yeah!!"

The leaders dispersed and Birdstar was left alone to think, there would be losses. A lot of them, she was afraid of losing everyone.

"No, I can't think like that, I got to trust my clan." she shook her head No matter how much I don't want anyone to die, there will be losses

Birdstar sighed "What am I to do?" she looked out of her den and saw Eclipse telling a couple warriors what the plan is.

The cats nodded and broke into smaller groups with different cats. Making the plan go all over camp.

Birdstar sighed "What am I worried about? I have loyal warriors, who won't give up, and three best friends behind me."

Fogheart bounded up to her "You alright? You seem stressed"

Birdstar shrugged "Not really anymore." she looked at him "Are you ready?"

Fogheart bowed "Ready as I'll ever be," he twitched his whiskers "I was born ready Birdstar." he laughed and sat down.

Birdstar mewed "I got that... It's just.... Slash seems dangerous." she looked up at the stars, which were glittering.

Fogheart mewed "Then we will have to be horrifying! We need to show our strength! And let Slash know he can't take whatever he wants!"

Birdstar looked at her deputy then nodded "You're right," she looked down at her clan "I wonder what my clan will be like when I'm dead."

Fogheart nodded "I was thinking that too, I'm guessing different" he shrugged "But let's not worry about that shall we?"

Birdstar looked away, and instead watched Eclipse talking to Sunwing quickly, Sunwing was nodding between words then she bounded to the queens den.

Eclipse moved toward Cherryflower and mewed a few quick words also, and Cherryflower nodded, and headed towards the apprentices den.

Fogheart commented "He sure is quick at getting prepared is he?" he was looking at Fogheart in interest.

Birdstar nodded "Well, he's resourceful, and smart about Slash, he's our only hope next to Claw, who knows him too."

Fogheart laughed "Ashwhisker would probably be wondering why we are working with rogues"

Birdstar whispered "I think he's behind this, When I was attacked, one of the cats looked like Slash. But Riverclan rescued me."

Fogheart nodded absently "Well, he's dead now," he looked at Birdstar "let's just worry about getting rid of Slash."

Birdstar nodded once and looked over the camp, there was a lot of activity going on, elders were whispering while apprentices were talking excitedly.

Eclipse bounded up to them "Everyone knows now Birdstar." he bowed.

Birdstar flicked her tail "Great! Now all we do is wait" she mewed and continued to watch the stars.

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