Longtail and Purdy both had a close friendship with Mousefur while in the elders den. I've always wondered (and I'm sure you all have too) what would happen if Mousefur was to be in a relationship with one of the two? Who would she pick? Why?

This is based on the Never Knew Series by User:Artimas Hunter. This is not a copy, it's my idea!


I always liked Mousefur. After the great journey, with Frostfur and Speckletail staying behind, I was alone in the elders den. Untill she moved in that is. She was the greatest friend you could ever get. She always helped me around the camp, leading me to the Clan meetings, and she was a friend. She listened to me. I could talk to her. Everything was going perfect, untill Purdy moved in. He's a rogue! I hope she doesn't pick him, it would break my heart. The thing is, since we've spent so much time together, I've kind of developed feelings for her. She doesn't know though, but I plan to tell her sometime. Soon. I'll wait though. Untill she's ready.


From the moment I joined ThunderClan, I had eyes for Mousefur. She's a real great friend, because she listens to my stories. She was always there for me, we'd share a piece of fresh-kill together, bask together and talk together. I couldn't imagine my life without her. She was so deverstated when Longtail died, but I was there for her. She had a great deal of respect for me after that. I hope she picks me, I love her so much...

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