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Ferncloud: Help, help! Medicine Cat, I'm having 6 kits!

Jayfeather: It's okay. Keep calm. You have done this way too many times.

<5 kits come>

Ferncloud: I'll name them Awesomekit, Prettykit, Fabulouskit , Handsomekit, and Perfectkit.

<One more kit comes>

Ferncloud: I'll name this one Lousykit.

Jayfeather: You can't name a kit Lousykit! Especially after the names you gave the others!

Ferncloud: Jayfeather, the reason was not to be mean, but because he is my 13th kit.

Jayfeather: In that case, let it be. This cat will need to make a decision truly good, or terribly evil. Most kits like this usually take the darker path.

Chapter 1

Awesomekit: Hey, Fabulouskit! Want to play catch the ShadowClan warrior?

Fabouloskit: Sure! Can I be ShadowClan this time?

Lousykit: Can I play too?

Awesomekit: Of course not! By the way, Perfectkit and I came up with your warrior name. Does Lousyfox work for you?

Awesomekit and Fabulouskit: Lousyfox! Lousyfox! Lousyfox!

Lousykit: I want to show them how perfect I really am. My mother only encourages them and so does the rest of the Clan. I'll show them who's wrong.

<Lousykit unsheathes his tiny dull kitten claws and tries to claw them>

Prettykit: Oh look! His claws are just as lame as his name! I bet the warriors will be so scared of you!

Ferncloud: Come in the nursery kits, it's bedtime. Except you, Lousykit. You stay outside.

Handsomekit: Mama, can we let the foxes eat him? I don't like him!

Ferncloud: Neither do I.

Rockkit: I am so sorry Lousykit. I will stay with you.

Lousykit: Thank you!

Chapter 2

Firestar: From now on, you will be Lousypaw. Your mentor is Brightheart.

Brightheart: I know how you feel, Lousypaw. 

<None of the croud says Lousypaw's name>

Brightheart: Lousypaw! Lousypaw! Lousypaw!

Lousypaw:I am glad to have Brightheart as my mentor. She is the only one who cheers for me. Why doesn't anybody else do that?

Ferncloud: Hold it right there. Brightheart, I want you to check the elders for ticks before anything else.

Awesomepaw: Haha! Take that Lousypaw!

Firestar: Tonight is the Gathering. All apprentices are going but Lousypaw.

Brightheart: That's not fair! You are never this mean Firestar!

Firestar: Brightheart, come to my den...

<Brightheart slashes Firestar in the throat>

Brightheart: You....I will destroy you!

Firestar: You are exiled from the Clan, with your apprentice!

Brightheart: Lousypaw...It's no use, he has 9 lives...

Lousypaw: No it isn't. WE HAVE A CHANCE!

<Rockpaw paddes up>

Rockpaw: I will go with you.

Lousypaw: But Rockpaw you don't need to! Does he realy care that much for me?

<Lousypaw then Ignoes him and ran up and clawed Firestar>

Firestar: What are you doing!?

Lousypaw: Making your blood flow!

Rockpaw: But he is the leader!

Lousypaw: I know!

Rockpaw: Wait!

Brightheart: Rockpaw go! Lousypaw it's no use... Rockpaw: Well, bye.

<Tears streamed down rockpaw's eyes>

Rockpaw: I will meet you in the forest...Lovepaw *sniffs sadly then paddes off*

Lousypaw: But... You love me?

Rockpaw: Yes! I always did!

Lousypaw (whispering): Rockpaw, me too. By tommorow I promise, we will be together...Forever.

Rockpaw: Goodbye...

Lousypaw: Goodbye...

<Brightheart,and Lousypaw are held back for 3 moons>

Chapter 3

Lousypaw: I smell.... Blood!

Brightheart: *Is licking claws*  He's dead Lousypaw!

Lousypaw: Who?

Brightheart: Firestar, Bramblestar is getting his 9 lives!

<Lousypaw jumps in the air and trips over a grey lump>

Rockpaw: Hey!

Lousypaw: Oh sorry....

Rockpaw: You better be!

Lousypaw: This isn't like you....

Rockpaw: I'm sorry, I just think it was wrong.....

Lousypaw: What was wrong?

Brightheart: You were sleeping, and well... Me and Rockpaw decided to go out and-

Rockpaw: Kill Firestar... It wasn't right but, we needed to do something!

Lousypaw: It's okay...

                                                                                                                 More coming soon

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