NOTE: This story takes place on one of the small islands in Hawaii

The Clans


Mountainclan live on the hills which lie on a cliff over the ocean. Their dens are located in the tall hills, and the leader adresses the clan from the Tallhill. Most Mountainclan cats are tough on their apprentices and expectent on their warriors. They are a stricter clan, who want to make sure everything is in shape. They are hostile to strangers, and don't want to take risks. They tend to scare away the twolegs tourists, and are more adventures than other clans.

Leader: Pikestar

Deputy: Ravensong

Medicine cat: Brightsky


Cloudclan get their name from the beach sand they live on, which feels as soft as clouds when you walk on it. The cats are adressed from the Tallpile, a large clump of dried sand. In general, Cloudclan cats are easy-going, laid back, and open to strangers. They are very empathetic as, they prefer to play with the twolegs that come, and make them happy, rather than scare them away. They are not very competitive and don't follow the rules to strictly.

Leader: Sandstar

Deputy: Duskpelt

Medicine cat: Branchleg


Oceanclan cats live inside the large rocks located in the ocean. They like to spend their lease time sitting on the shore, or swimming, as Oceanclan cats are swimmers and very comfotable around water. The leader adresses the clan from the Tallstone, and the cats eat fish, because most of the sand is Cloudclan territory. They tend to be outgoing and energetic around the cats they know, but a little silent around starngers. They can also be stubborn and hot-headed, thinking that their clan is better than the others.

Leader: Riverstar

Deputy: Fadingclouds

Medicine cat: Riggedclaw

The Questing Cats


Roboflight: Ginger she-cat with white stripes and brown eyes

Featherbreeze: Light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Driftingcloud: Bright red she-cat with green eyes

Inkpelt: Black tom with dark blue eyes

Bravescar: Dark ginger tom with ember eyes

Petalfall: Cream she-cat with hazel eyes

Aquatail: Blue she-cat with brown eyes

Boulderclaw: Muscular brown tom with blue eyes

Sandpelt: Pale tom with green eyes

Firehowl: Black tom with ginger stained muzzle and red eyes


Softdusk: Cream she-cat with brown eyes

Spiralleaf: Black and white she-cat with green eyes

Ripplecrest: Midnight black tom with golden eyes

Lionclaw: Golden tom with orange eyes

Tabbypelt: Tabby brown she-cat with hazel eyes

Softbreeze: White she-cat with green eyes

Smokestorm: Black tom with green eyes

Yellowdapple: Light ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Lilyfern: Cream she-cat with ember eyes

Coalpelt: Dark gray tom with black eyes


Tidalpelt: Dark blue tome with blue eyes

Rainfall: Blue she-cat with light blue eyes

Riverheart: Light gray tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Rustlepelt: Light ginger tom with green eyes

Hawkflight: Brown tabby tom with green eyes

Treefall: Black tom with brown eyes

Sparkleleap: Blue-gray she-cat with orange eyes

Soilfur: Brown she-cat with ember eyes

Lightclaw: White she-cat with blue eyes

Grassfur: Orange she-cat with green eyes

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