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Chapter One - Lightningstar's POV

I saluted and cried to gather the family. Today is a special day for me for the yellow set "Today is a special day for good students. Sparkpa, go ahead." "

Sparkpa and Menppa happily exchanged eyes

I saw the blonde, proudly looking at her two girls. Then I saw two students who wanted to hear the names of the Sparkpav warriors.

I asked Sparkpao's advisor, "Did Sparkpao practice honestly and test according to the warrior code?"

He replied.

"Now, by the power of the Star Clan, this student is becoming a warrior. Sparkling Poe, can you promise to keep the warrior code at the cost of your life?"

I really want to live with the name of a warrior! Hie sot.

"So, thanks to the power of the Star Clan, this little sparrow was named Nick Soldier. The Star Family respects your test."

Resolution "Sparkling forest! Sparkling forest! Sparkling forest!"

Smile I later heard that the Ministry of Culture is celebrating the Fiery Storm. He was a little disappointed.

I went to Mentpao and said, "I'll play the next half of the month. You'll be a total addict."

The next day he did it in half! His nickname is Mintez.

Me: Cute nickname, Mentpao.

Chapter Two - Minthaze's POV

Smiles on Pinsplash. This is Manpool's first full month as a full cat doctor.

'Sau! We didn’t sleep all night! Is BSL ready? "I was worried and worried.

"It's over," Pinslas replied quietly.

So what are we waiting for? Sau! Show me your park! I continued. Normally, I was not as calm as the lake, but rarely, I worked as a lighthouse.

"What are you missing?" Popole.

"Please?" I said in a loud voice.

"Go here," Pinsplash handed me a bag of medicine. I saw them quickly. We went to Manpool. We are the last people.

I said to Pinsplash, "You're late! Let's go!"

At that time, all cat doctors drink water.

I woke up completely. The flowers are on the hill. I felt like a cat. I did not recognize the smell, but I could see the honey coming from the hair.

Well, the cat is still undergoing some treatment. Not enough time here. "The bee said.

"Why did you come here?" I asked humbly.

"It can jump, I see it. I do not know why I am going. Ready. I have been responsible for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Believe me, when everything is clear, you will see. clearly. "

"Prophecy ..." This is my check.

'Yes. It is here. Then he continued in a strange voice.

When the leaves fall,

The last plant is called.

Without waiting. "

I knew better than to ask what he meant. But I asked, “Why am I a bee? Pinsplash, a flash or ... "

I was beheaded. Quietly, the new cat is the solution. The results will reach you when you are ready. Now tell Pinesplash about the prophecy, and if you want, tell it to the shining star, but don’t tell anyone. Inappropriate The next screen is the time of day.

In the new wave I lost my sister and woke up in Munpal fire. All the other cats woke up.

"Kimon, Mintazi, we have to go home," Pinsplash said.

"Can we say that when we return to our religion?" I asked as I left Muppul and the other medical cats.

"Yes it is Mintaz." Pinsplash. "Of course."

Me: ............ I have no clue what to make of this.

Chapter Three - Heroneye's POV

We all recorded tapes and put things away. I said in a robot voice, “Welcome to the island meeting. First of all, we are here. "

Pebblesplash says, "We know."

Before the cat stops, Lionfrost jumps up to the traffic light: "We are here."

“I'll take Fearncle the frog,” Lionfrost suggested.

“I'll take the bag,” Fabel said. "

"But I want to fish." I sighed and finally fell silent.

“This is very bad,” said Farnclaw. "I've said that before."

Pebblesplash: “I found Heroni. What to give her? She has a lot of options for cats in ThunderClan. "

This usually brings me the Lionblight Rabbit. I don't care, but I love to fish.

Who takes his sheet? I choose

Fanclo was disappointed. "Mustache of Darkness". Everything he didn't say

I, on the other hand, said, “Hey! It's ShadeWhisker! Hello!" He said

“Hi Geroni,” said Shadow Whisker. “I decided what you need. You have Henny's leftovers. You are a brave rat.

"Oh oh, S-S-So S-S-Fif." Pebblesplash follows.

“Don't gossip! Go home".

But Shaduisker never finished the last sentence.

"Geroni! Good!"

“What…” I began.

Shaduisker rolled his eyes and went into the oven. I swear you say, but I don't understand what you mean.

Chapter Four - Minthaze's POV

That black gray leg woke me up. "What is that?" I asked endlessly. I found the foot as I stabbed the Godolp. "Wait. Do you need anything?" I looked him in the eye for the first time. They panicked as if a fox or a hare had entered our camp. "Dirkit is gone!"

"What ?! When did you realize !? How long did you drive ?!" I called. I saw a storm behind him. "Tell me something new." And she panicked. "I woke up in the morning crying in the snow," he said. In fact, it is not surprising that you do not wake up quickly. Nothing new, but Dirkit's disappearance ... "

For some reason I remembered that I forgot to talk to Pines S. Plash about this prophecy. Maybe Starclan reminded me ... "Where did you last see the Dirkit?"

"Okay, I drew a mouse on the bed and Snow Wind told me she was using a dirty place and maybe she did not want to wait for the cat because she is mostly a student," Sparkstorm said. ...

"We did not find any rust or odor due to rain last night," Gadolap said.

I thought for a moment. I'm just a healer. Why me? "Then I remember the conversation between me and Pines καιplash.

"Medical cats are trained to find and treat cats. But you are different. I did not mean a healthy cat. I am also one of them. Injuries. You, on the other hand, must be like that.

"Why was I chosen?" I remember saying at the time that I was a miner.

"She is the daughter of a strong warrior and leader. This was worth more than anyone else. Did you know that I noticed she smelled stronger than any other cat?

I was shocked. I said, "I thought all the cats smelled as good as I did."

here's why. Sparkstorm knew I was crazy. "Lightning star!" I called. I saw him come up. "Dirkit does not appear! We must send an alert immediately!

"I see! They can come with you to get Mintas, Viper, Yellow-Pleas and Roship." Heron is not back yet. I continued the LightningStar with the recommendations of Sparkstorm. Get Pines പൈ if the Durkit is damaged and get Darkstorm and Snowwind for your guard. I also heard that Lightningstar was developing a new way to proceed, but I could not make up my mind because the patrol was so far away.

Chapter 5 - Deerkit's POV

(Looking back)

At one point, I was told I was trying too hard on my mud. What I will do is prove that they are right.

Paw Bore Narebaga. "Now's your chance! That's where it's going!"

I immediately ran to the trash can, making sure no one was watching me, and I was dragged by Heron and Fernclaw. Riverclan Camp. I knew that if I was arrested, I would be sent home. It wouldn't be fun!

Whitepaw and Morningpaw taught me how to live. I hid under a tree, waiting for Fernclaw and Heron to come out.

They were so busy arguing with another cat I didn't know. Then again. They lead me to a place I don't know. In the end, they arrived at an amazing place without trees and forests! I saw a small camp set up in the middle.

All I could see around were these dark plants, I hid them a little, they were small. The three cats I saw earlier were born of another cat.

After that, they headed for the island I saw at Riverclan camp. They climb a tree and jump. I knew when I finished the classes they would smell, so I stayed in line with the land contract.

I overheard their conversation. It's boring! Anyway, who eats frogs and fish? (Linking first, fourth part)

Then the sky opened and a star cat appeared. Because of Fernclaw's complaint, I learned that the cat's name was Sheyvisker. I heard the silly beard aging, a source I took from the River Clan. He had a loud voice!

He finished talking. At least that's how it seems to me. I went out and shouted: “Heron! You are beautiful! "

Shadowsker rolled his eyes. Glorious things made him disappear.

Here's a reminder

I heard Heron say, "What?" I will cry with happiness. I woke not one, not two, not three, but FIVE WAR!

"I'm a good hero, aren't I?" I said. I didn't see the waves until he pulled me out of my thighs. "Ahhh!

The third cat I saw jumped into the water. Yoga with me floats back to the island, to me and to my jaw.

"Don't do this! Cats can't swim! And I wish my Thunder Clan calves were wet ..." I groaned angrily. "Who are you?"

"This is Pebblesplash, Vicaroy of the River Clan," replied Heron.

"Smells like fish."

“Dirkit! Nice to say! “Heroni is terrified.

The stones made me look, and Heron smiled sincerely. "Then it came to our attention. A little less." Intimidated, Heron drove me home.

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