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Chapter One - Lightningstar's POV

I saluted and cried to gather the family. Today is a special day for me for the yellow set "Today is a special day for good students. Sparkpa, go ahead." "

Sparkpa and Menppa happily exchanged eyes

I saw the blonde, proudly looking at her two girls. Then I saw two students who wanted to hear the names of the Sparkpav warriors.

I asked Sparkpao's advisor, "Did Sparkpao practice honestly and test according to the warrior code?"

He replied.

"Now, by the power of the Star Clan, this student is becoming a warrior. Sparkling Poe, can you promise to keep the warrior code at the cost of your life?"

I really want to live with the name of a warrior! Hie sot.

"So, thanks to the power of the Star Clan, this little sparrow was named Nick Soldier. The Star Family respects your test."

Resolution "Sparkling forest! Sparkling forest! Sparkling forest!"

Smile I later heard that the Ministry of Culture is celebrating the Fiery Storm. He was a little disappointed.

I went to Mentpao and said, "I'll play the next half of the month. You'll be a total addict."

The next day he did it in half! His nickname is Mintez.

Me: Cute nickname, Mentpao.

Chapter Two - Minthaze's POV

Smiles on Pinsplash. This is Manpool's first full month as a full cat doctor.

'Sau! We didn’t sleep all night! Is BSL ready? "I was worried and worried.

"It's over," Pinslas replied quietly.

So what are we waiting for? Sau! Show me your park! I continued. Normally, I was not as calm as the lake, but rarely, I worked as a lighthouse.

"What are you missing?" Popole.

"Please?" I said in a loud voice.

"Go here," Pinsplash handed me a bag of medicine. I saw them quickly. We went to Manpool. We are the last people.

I said to Pinsplash, "You're late! Let's go!"

At that time, all cat doctors drink water.

I woke up completely. The flowers are on the hill. I felt like a cat. I did not recognize the smell, but I could see the honey coming from the hair.

Well, the cat is still undergoing some treatment. Not enough time here. "The bee said.

"Why did you come here?" I asked humbly.

"It can jump, I see it. I do not know why I am going. Ready. I have been responsible for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Believe me, when everything is clear, you will see. clearly. "

"Prophecy ..." This is my check.

'Yes. It is here. Then he continued in a strange voice.

When the leaves fall,

The last plant is called.

Without waiting. "

I knew better than to ask what he meant. But I asked, “Why am I a bee? Pinsplash, a flash or ... "

I was beheaded. Quietly, the new cat is the solution. The results will reach you when you are ready. Now tell Pinesplash about the prophecy, and if you want, tell it to the shining star, but don’t tell anyone. Inappropriate The next screen is the time of day.

In the new wave I lost my sister and woke up in Munpal fire. All the other cats woke up.

"Kimon, Mintazi, we have to go home," Pinsplash said.

"Can we say that when we return to our religion?" I asked as I left Muppul and the other medical cats.

"Yes it is Mintaz." Pinsplash. "Of course."

Me: ............ I have no clue what to make of this.

Chapter Three - Heroneye's POV

We all recorded tapes and put things away. I said in a robot voice, “Welcome to the island meeting. First of all, we are here. "

Pebblesplash says, "We know."

Before the cat stops, Lionfrost jumps up to the traffic light: "We are here."

“I'll take Fearncle the frog,” Lionfrost suggested.

“I'll take the bag,” Fabel said. "

"But I want to fish." I sighed and finally fell silent.

“This is very bad,” said Farnclaw. "I've said that before."

Pebblesplash: “I found Heroni. What to give her? She has a lot of options for cats in ThunderClan. "

This usually brings me the Lionblight Rabbit. I don't care, but I love to fish.

Who takes his sheet? I choose

Fanclo was disappointed. "Mustache of Darkness". Everything he didn't say

I, on the other hand, said, “Hey! It's ShadeWhisker! Hello!" He said

“Hi Geroni,” said Shadow Whisker. “I decided what you need. You have Henny's leftovers. You are a brave rat.

"Oh oh, S-S-So S-S-Fif." Pebblesplash follows.

“Don't gossip! Go home".

But Shaduisker never finished the last sentence.

"Geroni! Good!"

“What…” I began.

Shaduisker rolled his eyes and went into the oven. I swear you say, but I don't understand what you mean.

Me: This is how negotiations should go down.

Chapter Four - Minthaze's POV

That black gray leg woke me up. "What is that?" I asked endlessly. I found the foot as I stabbed the Godolp. "Wait. Do you need anything?" I looked him in the eye for the first time. They panicked as if a fox or a hare had entered our camp. "Dirkit is gone!"

"What ?! When did you realize !? How long did you drive ?!" I called. I saw a storm behind him. "Tell me something new." And she panicked. "I woke up in the morning crying in the snow," he said. In fact, it is not surprising that you do not wake up quickly. Nothing new, but Dirkit's disappearance ... "

For some reason I remembered that I forgot to talk to Pines S. Plash about this prophecy. Maybe Starclan reminded me ... "Where did you last see the Dirkit?"

"Okay, I drew a mouse on the bed and Snow Wind told me she was using a dirty place and maybe she did not want to wait for the cat because she is mostly a student," Sparkstorm said. ...

"We did not find any rust or odor due to rain last night," Gadolap said.

I thought for a moment. I'm just a healer. Why me? "Then I remember the conversation between me and Pines καιplash.

"Medical cats are trained to find and treat cats. But you are different. I did not mean a healthy cat. I am also one of them. Injuries. You, on the other hand, must be like that.

"Why was I chosen?" I remember saying at the time that I was a miner.

"She is the daughter of a strong warrior and leader. This was worth more than anyone else. Did you know that I noticed she smelled stronger than any other cat?

I was shocked. I said, "I thought all the cats smelled as good as I did."

here's why. Sparkstorm knew I was crazy. "Lightning star!" I called. I saw him come up. "Dirkit does not appear! We must send an alert immediately!

"I see! They can come with you to get Mintas, Viper, Yellow-Pleas and Roship." Heron is not back yet. I continued the LightningStar with the recommendations of Sparkstorm. Get Pines പൈ if the Durkit is damaged and get Darkstorm and Snowwind for your guard. I also heard that Lightningstar was developing a new way to proceed, but I could not make up my mind because the patrol was so far away.

Me: I swear I'm losing braincells.

Chapter 5 - Deerkit's POV

(Looking back)

At one point, I was told I was trying too hard on my mud. What I will do is prove that they are right.

Paw Bore Narebaga. "Now's your chance! That's where it's going!"

I immediately ran to the trash can, making sure no one was watching me, and I was dragged by Heron and Fernclaw. Riverclan Camp. I knew that if I was arrested, I would be sent home. It wouldn't be fun!

Whitepaw and Morningpaw taught me how to live. I hid under a tree, waiting for Fernclaw and Heron to come out.

They were so busy arguing with another cat I didn't know. Then again. They lead me to a place I don't know. In the end, they arrived at an amazing place without trees and forests! I saw a small camp set up in the middle.

All I could see around were these dark plants, I hid them a little, they were small. The three cats I saw earlier were born of another cat.

After that, they headed for the island I saw at Riverclan camp. They climb a tree and jump. I knew when I finished the classes they would smell, so I stayed in line with the land contract.

I overheard their conversation. It's boring! Anyway, who eats frogs and fish? (Linking first, fourth part)

Then the sky opened and a star cat appeared. Because of Fernclaw's complaint, I learned that the cat's name was Sheyvisker. I heard the silly beard aging, a source I took from the River Clan. He had a loud voice!

He finished talking. At least that's how it seems to me. I went out and shouted: “Heron! You are beautiful! "

Shadowsker rolled his eyes. Glorious things made him disappear.

Here's a reminder

I heard Heron say, "What?" I will cry with happiness. I woke not one, not two, not three, but FIVE WAR!

"I'm a good hero, aren't I?" I said. I didn't see the waves until he pulled me out of my thighs. "Ahhh!

The third cat I saw jumped into the water. Yoga with me floats back to the island, to me and to my jaw.

"Don't do this! Cats can't swim! And I wish my Thunder Clan calves were wet ..." I groaned angrily. "Who are you?"

"This is Pebblesplash, Vicaroy of the River Clan," replied Heron.

"Smells like fish."

“Dirkit! Nice to say! “Heroni is terrified.

The stones made me look, and Heron smiled sincerely. "Then it came to our attention. A little less." Intimidated, Heron drove me home.

Me: Yep, I was right. Some of my remaining braincells die every time I look at this. :<

Chapter 6 - Sparkstorm's POV

I spent the rest of the patrol. The snow is very white and looks like a ghost. I asked "Pinesplash, did you know that the nearest place is cat grass?"

Pinesplash sounds very thoughtful. "It will come from Tollgale Place. But it is said that Dirkit is not from Mint."

"Why not? For a long time, you just have to get into it!" He said it was snowing. But recently, she did not speak to him, but said: "Mint!" To me it’s “contrary lattes, it will see and turn”. Pinesplash replied.

Then I discovered what I said. Mengfeng asked: Really? "What has Dirkwit learned recently?"

"Um ... I don't really know. Ever since he was five months old, he's been hiding a lot from me lately." Xuefeng p.

Darkstorm said: "We've thoroughly investigated our role. I'm sorry I think we need to go back. I don't want to admit failure, but maybe other cats have been found?"

See Darkstorm on the way to Brightside. His name doesn’t even imply that he knows! But we returned to camp.

Me: So, let me get this straight. Patrols are now currency, and snow can move around like a ghost? Am I getting that right?

Chapter 7 - Minthaze's POV

Our team removes the stigma from its foundation. As far as I can see, Yellowsplash is a conductor, not a rhythmic sensation. I raised my nose and raised my nose. "You don't smell," I reported.

Macula is tricky. We were only half local, but that surprised me.

Also, I don’t want to forget communication with Pinesplash. Inside, I beat myself up. How can I forget? I will never forget!

Suddenly I noticed that the air in the tub stopped in the glossy yellow area and changed its look. Yellowsplash and Thornbyte saw no sign. He said, "Hello Mintazez! You forgot it wasn't your fault.

"Of course." She has a blue cat with yellow eyes. I think it is the Orange star.

"In any case, we will issue a stern warning to prevent unauthorized attacks," Shuang said.

I blinked. Tomorrow.

Both cats left. Yellowsplash came in and asked, "Hello? How are you?"

When I did not answer, Adpa said, “I don't think you are good at this job.

In a sense, this is it. Before the power goes on, I think of the last thing.

°⁇ Start **

I woke up. Look at the blue head. "Pineplash! Where are you?"

Then the smell of herbs approached me. "He's training at Thunderclan Medical School. He also plays a big role. Am I worried?" I thought for a moment.

Then I decided, "No, but before that, are we?"

"Yes, we are alone," he said.

"Something. Soon, Honeyforst gave me a vision. Listen to this."

When the Mint falls,

The final scream is running.

He did not stop somewhere.

' I came to the conclusion, "And I don't know what to do." “It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure what the last thing will be,” he said.

It’s hard to say I heard Xinhua talking to Star Lightning.

"Do you like this?"

"I hope so." Manamana n lu.

"Then I won't miss it. I'm just a soldier!"

"one thing."

Pinesplash said something that scared me.

"I really hope so."


Chapter 8 - Heroneye's POV

I passed the camp gate. "Commune, Derket," I said.

I sent him to the clinic, where Snow Breeze smiled at me. "Thank you for returning my request." Then he started checking immediately.

Soon, I was struck by lightning. "I see Dirk. He is safe in the hospital now.

" He thank you. I got a cinnamon turtle tattoo look. Looks like no one ever saw him.

He came to me and said, "Heroine. The leaves have fallen. Feng dust. Manuel. Now."

I was surprised for a few minutes, then he realized he wanted me to do something. "What should I do in this job?"

He smiled. "Just leave. Starklan will explain a few things."

Why is that okay.

I built a station for the moon. I have never heard Dustfing talk to someone. I listened for a moment and did not stop speaking. I see Monimakama in the corner of my eye. He is there to talk to me!

"Heron, I'm going to give you a smell," said the red ash inside. I think he stopped and talked to another cat.

I think that makes sense. Although he is not a singer. The Frenchman behind me said, "Windclin helps you talk to the people they want to talk to. If you say so, hunt.

I think you will ask me what I should say. I repeated his words until he said, 'If you rose ... I smell.'

He saw "I think it was Windklin who said so. Who is at Windklin?

" "Say it's Anstar."

I said, “Onster

"Hmm ... well, well."

We went to the island to meet.

"It is better to sit on the branches of trees," I advise. Starklan doesn't want me to follow the steps to change a cat.

Dustfeng smiled and looked at the branches. I wonder what the leaders said about that. "Oh, that's good."

Dutto "Scorpion! I'm clever in the trees!"

Snow blinds me. Then he pointed to a large hole in his tail jewelry. "Here you go!" I called. "It's hot outside, it's dry, and it affects the earth in which we live!"

Dustfeng came and blew his nose. Still, he accompanied.

He shook his head and kissed, "Aren't you?"

I laughed. "No! No." The waves came, throwing dirt and mud into the holes and catching the dusty mold. And, as if it were a sign, when he came out it was a lot of dirt, mud and dirt.

Honey Frost smiled at me and said, "You should leave. See, Minthaz should tell you."

"Who's going to start?"

"See you again, Heroine!"

Me: "Here you go!" I called. "It's hot outside, it's dry, and it affects the earth in which we live!" O_o

Chapter 9 - Lightningstar's POV

"Spark! Mint! Do you know what Heron is going to do?" I laughed.

Mint replied, "Not me!"

“I saw Diakit walking out of the camp after being told he was lying in bed,” Sparkstorm said, breaking into the mirror. "I didn't take care of him because he was going to the results."

"Thank you!" I said it. But I keep asking, where is it?

When Spark Storm dies, "Are you sure you don't know?"

A delicious heron flooded us. "I know who Hela Heron is! I'm the site, please!"

I used to with him.

"Are you sure you want me in the tank or not in your cell phone?" He stood up.

"Where did you find that strange word?" I do not know.


Mint shouted as fast as he could in the wind. "Thundercat! There's a very important announcement!" He added in a calm voice, "All the cats seem to be here. Storm, can I sit on a rock need?"

Qalaza. "Absolutely. It's fast. I don't want the cats to go there.

“It’s okay,” he said. Mint jumped on top of the rock. "The dead are not living in Moonpool, they have not been moved."

The nation refused to bark at the Sundark Run camp.

"Why don't you tell me?"

"I don't think you're guessing at us!"

But in the worst case scenario

"Why do we need to trust you! You're just a newly created medical cat! It was given to us by Pine Splash or Lightning Star!"

Mint shone in this statement. "Hey, if you're a star, you can always have a prediction in the first place. Mint sells bugs, not the coach. I got the prediction when I was a young soldier." Violets besiege the oranges. I died because of the prophecy that I was a young soldier. Didn't you pay attention?

He nodded and thanked you. “Well, I’m not going to tell you,” he said. "This bus is,

"I'm a little tired,"

He spoke softly for the last time.

You don’t have to wait any longer.

"" Well done, one of the best! If you don't believe him, go with me. ""

Author's note: What happens to people who want to know? Flash of the Lightning Star Star is predictable in an all-encompassing moment on Mint Rock. The Lightning star told him that some people would doubt that this was true. You can take it from your “proof” that you are under the lake. "Hey! Jeremiah Bodo! 'It's just a matter of time before you. Will take you back to camp.

Mint told the family that Honey Frost was talking when everything came back. "Her husband invited Heron Hirock to join us and I will be with him. Of course, Star Lightning will not be present." I do not know.

"It's not, Heron," said Mintes.

Me: "I didn't take care of him because he was going to the results." Bruh. That's no excuse.

Chapter 10 - Heroneye's POV

I am a tundra card maker. Л деделерди билдирет! My leader, Bolgon Emesmin! The menu bar is one of the baroque bars. Leather ladder size.

dibi! Can you give me a skin cream? Aralaz sezimdar maga uruna. The head of the bullet is almost out of power. This is a small hash.

You are using a battery-powered package. My Alarga Dirkitti will support the on-site bookstore. Honeyfrost is an old magic deal from the “We need a chain reaction”. Cirid Boodh. This is a swimming pool. Casir. ''

This is a cooking dish that needs decoration. Everyone is so famous for the cold!

In the case of Monpulda, the name is Boldim's Bulgon. Honeyfrost can be used to create specific or special environments. Arlinga Convention Dustfang Lider is the study leader.

"Андан кийин катуу бороон болду. Honeywell Frost джек коёнунун уюгун тапты, мен ага кир деп айттым. Менин себеби ысык, жаныбарлар жана коргоо болду. Анын үнү шыбырады. Менимче, бул пайгамбарлыктын сабын чечет."

Kelly, Minteise. Al: “This is the current type of albaby.

All files are saved on the application. Birok, menin akirkы surumom bar elle. "Do you have a destroyer?" "Do you have the wrong files?"

Lightningstar has the theme "Miz".


It's a small task.

The brass writing is ongoing.


Me: How do you write in brass????????

Chapter 11 - Sparkstorm's POV

I saw a starred ground Thunderbolt tablet on his knee. Shooting Stars! He cleans himself. "Hello, cat in Thunderclan! You have a prediction! Celebrate the time!" Honeyfrost is used for fun.

I think, I think we have predictions after this. And again, this is the work of prophecy today.

The electric star asked, "But how do we celebrate?"

Fast packing. "This is a practical call! Starklan offers nests for rats, mice, all kinds of birds and deer.

Lightningstar says: "When we passed Darkstorm they were gone, they decided to go, but we continued, so when he returned Heroine made him his successor."

"Ah. If you want to go to the Starclan game, send it!" Honeyfrost said.

Honey sent a guard. I was on two patrols with my new student Morningpaw. We came back hunting.

Morning Pav and we caught two squirrels, one squirrel, four birds and three mice. Oh, how Starkley forgave us for this!

We returned, and as each soldier returned carrying his jaw, we shared speeches. I heard Mintaz say on PinPlash, "You want to share our grief?" Pinesplash complained about his answer, yes.

I approached the hero and asked, "Is there a hunting ground?"

I know it’s in bloom, so I chose flowers. "You know me very well," Honey laughed.

Suddenly, something happened at the entrance of the camp. Includes frankla, pebblesplash and lionfrost, each with its own hunting area.

"Electric Star!" Farenkla said to his frog. "We heard from Honeyfrost that you have a festival. They said we would join if we had a stake."

Blitz greeted him and said, "You can talk. Know who to talk to."

Frankla was with us, I think, because Heron was his brother, the two had different habits.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I called out to the Muslims, Mintz, and said, "I want determination!"

I like to laugh Mintaz sighed. Like her, and you too !! .....

Me: 'we caught two squirrels, one squirrel,' Try doing math, n00b.

Chapter 12 - Fernclaw's POV

I found the heroine and went to him. He was with Spark Storm. "Mr. Harney, that's okay."

"Of course!" Said Sparkstorm.

In other Punjabi, Honey says "Yarpadal!".

It's not easy to find. "I don't know how to make a bracket !!!"

"Okay, Artikoku!" Gliboot has a lot to offer. I hid my feelings. Shadows can be seen on cats with stems.

Sparkstorm told me, "We're good. He went and got another career, I saw.

"Yes!" At least the Jews are in the Shadklan area. "I have a frog."

Sparkstorm told me, "Don't be rude, but don't specify!"

I laughed. “It's not fun to put the plate on your tongue.” It takes a long time to get used to the frog. How nice.

Me: how would you even get the plate on your tounge???

Chapter 13 - Still Fernclaw's POV

I smiled at that and went to their center. Heron wanted to put himself in his place. Pressure frog wing wing and set p. , You have helped me, and I will destroy myself completely, the fragrant leaves holding up. I eat a lot, not meat, and they are saturated with leaves. Thankfully, it’s crazy enough that you can drive slowly, but it doesn’t cause poisoning.

Then sew on pine needles. It seems because of any of the above that cats are put on ropes. I could even smell frogs.

Spark changed his mind quickly. "Come on! I want a delicious meal!"

And when they had fulfilled all that was done of them, they took him into their company. When he sees that he is slowly being destroyed. Left back. After swallowing, Sparkstorm shakes his head, "a little behind ..... !!!! here".

He had run away. Heronai was given once or twice, and they called me, just a little skirt.

An explosion in the calculation, corresponding to a frog, but I do not care. I don't know why you're running away. However, there is a chase, so I think I ate. When they looked up, and saw Mincio, to me, the explosion of blue pine trees meant nothing, and the future. You saw, I bowed to stop the end of. Frog. Less food.

I saw it in my life. I wanted to touch me. Running. And it was running. And it was running. And it was running. The wind in the forum to watch the end of the cat. He cried out with a loud voice to cry.

Lightning, they came, asked, "What has that got to do with it?"

All four cats around me said: "Male Fern Chlöe continues to eat frogs"

She looked confused. I was worried at first. "Why?"

Two words are defined. That's what Lionfrost is all about. "Green. Datys".

The star looked at me and said, "Here it is".

"But strong lightning !!" I refused.

He started the party. I heard the sound of stones.

"I'm coming in!" I heard of Herod.

So that's all. Then he stopped. "Cannonball !!!"

He shouted in triumph. Let them be.

Technical problem. Also, to be saved in decorating the house.

Me: Hope you're happy, guys, 'cause I just lost my last braincell :<

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