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Allegiances (these are only of cats who are in the play)


Leader: Lightningstar who is a fiery tom with pine green eyes.

Deputy: Heroneye who is a dark brown tom with lighter stripes and amber eyes.

Medicine cats: Pinesplash who is a light grey she cat with icy blue eyes, and Minthaze who is a tabby cat. Daughter of Lightningstar.


Thornbite who is a dark grey tom

Yellowsplash who is a light gold she cat. Mates with Lightningstar. Apprentice is Adderpaw

Sparkstorm who is a gold she cat with a white paw. Father is Lightningstar and mother is Yellowsplash Apprentice is Morningpaw.

Darkstorm who is a dark grey tom Apprentice Is Whitepaw.


Snowbreeze who is a white cat with red orange stripes on her tail.


Mousekit who is a light grey tom

Deerkit who is a light brown she kit


Adderpaw who is a dark grey tom

Morningpaw who is a white she cat with grey stripes on her head and tail, brother is Whitepaw.

Whitepaw who is a white tom with fluff. Sister is Morningpaw.


Only the deputy is in this play.

Pebblesplash who is a grey blue she cat.


Fernclaw who is a brownish black she cat with tawny spots.

Oakwing who is a black and white tom. He is only in this play from Fernclaw's mind. He doesn't actually appear in this.


Two warriors in this clan show up. 

Lionfrost who Is a blackish grey tom, and

Dustfang who is a brown tom.


Honeyfrost who was once a Thunderclan medicine cat when Lightningstar was born

 Orangestar who was the Thunderclan leader before Lightningstar and during Lightningstar's birth. She was cat with Bluegrey fur and yellow eyes with blue flecks

Shadewhisker who was once a Shadowclan medicine cat who was kicked out and found a place as a Thunderclan medicine cat after Honeyfrost passed away.

Now, on to the story!


a/n: I can't get on as often as I'd like, so please be patient!

Lightningstar padded into the nursery. He purred as he saw his mate, Yellowsplash curled around his two lovely kits. 

"I've named this one Sparkkit. The one with the bushy tail? You can name the other," Yellowsplash said to him as he looked at his daughters. "How about Mintkit? She reminds me of that patch of mint we found a couple moons ago," Lightningstar suggested. "It's perfect," Yellowsplash purred back. 

Heroneye, one warrior poked his head in and said to Lightningstar, "Brightfoot wants to ask you if you will be on a patrol with her and me." 

Lightningstar sighed. "I'll be there in a moment. Goodbye, Sparkkit and Mintkit, see you later."

Heroneye ran out to tell Brightfoot that Lightningstar would come on the patrol. Lightningstar hurriedly followed his former apprentice out.

Yellowsplash snuggled around Mintkit and Sparkkit. "I will always love you, My sweets. Can't wait until you open your eyes." 

 Chapter one Lightningstar's POV

I leapt up to the Highrock and called a clan meeting. Today was a special day, especially for my kits, Yellowsplash and I. "Today is a special day for a beautiful apprentice. Sparkpaw, please step forward."

Sparkpaw and Mintpaw exchanged excited glances with each other.

I caught Yellowsplash's eye, who was looking proudly at our two daughters. I then glanced over at the two apprentices, who looked eager to hear Sparkpaw's warrior name.

I asked Sparkpaw's mentor, "Has Sparkpaw been training faithfully in the warrior code and passed her assessment?" 

" She has, " he answered.

"Then by the powers of Starclan I name this apprentice a warrior. Sparkpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, even at the cost of your life?" 

"I absolutely do! I want to live up to my warrior name!" She said.

"Then by the power of Starclan, I name this young warrior Sparkstorm. Starclan honors your will to try." 

Meows of approval echoed around the hollow. "Sparkstorm! Sparkstorm! Sparkstorm!" 

I smiled. Then, I heard Mintpaw congratulating Sparkstorm. She sounded a bit disappointed. 

I went over and told Mintpaw, "I bet next half-moon, you'll become a fully fledged medicine cat." 

It turned out, the next half-moon, she did! Her medicine cat name was Minthaze.

Chapter two Minthaze's POV

I grinned over at Pinesplash. It was my first full half-moon to the Moonpool as a full medicine cat. 

"C'mon! We don't have all night! Are the herbs ready yet?" I impatiently pestered.

"They are now ready," a calm Pinesplash answered. 

"Then what are we waiting for? C'mon! Let me have my bundle!" I continued. Usually I would be as calm as the lake, but on special occasions I would act more like Sparkstorm.

"What are you missing?" Pinesplash teased. 

"Please?" I said in an exasperated voice.

"Here you go," Pinesplash gave me a bundle of herbs. I quickly lapped them up. We set off in the direction of the Moonpool. We were the last ones there.

I said to Pinesplash, "You made us late! Let's go!" 

At the same time, all of the medicine cats drank some of the water. 

At once I awakened on a hill. Flowers dotted the hill. I smelled a cat coming to me. I didn't recognise the smell, but what I did recognise, though, was the spotted pelt of Honeyfrost. 

"Greetings, young medicine cat. We don't have much time here." Honeyfrost said.

"What are you here for?" I asked politely.

"Jumping strait to the point, I see. I don't see any reason why not to delay. Be prepared. It was my duty to deliver this prophecy. Believe me, you'll like it when it's all figured out."

" Prophecy...... " I muttered. 

"Yes. Here it is." Then, in a dramatic voice, she continued. 

"When the leaves of mint have fallen,

A last whisper will be spoken.

There will be no more wait."

I knew better than to ask what it meant. But I did, however, ask, "Why me, Honeyfrost? Why not Pinesplash, or Lightningstar, or-" 

Honeyfrost cut me off. "Peace, young medicine cat. The answers will come to you when you are ready. For now, tell Pinesplash about the prophecy, and Lightningstar if you want, but don't tell anyone else. They don't need to worry about the prophecy this upcoming Leaf-fall." 

In a sparkling storm, I was reminded of my sister, and I actually awoke in the cave of the Moonpool. All of the other cats were awake. 

"C'mon, Minthaze, we have to get home," Pinesplash said. 

"When we get back to our den, can we talk?" I asked after we left the Moonpool and the other medicine cats behind. 

"Of course, Minthaze." Pinesplash said. "Of course."

 Part one, Chapter three Heroneye's POV

I watched as Minthaze and Pinesplash came down into the ravine. Lightningstar greeted them with a "Welcome back! You two should get some sleep. It'll be a long night." 

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, Sparkstorm bounded up to Minthaze and said, "Minthaze! You're back! You took absolutely AGES! at the Moonpool!" 

Minthaze purred. "I did not!"

"You totally did!"

"Oh, Sparkstorm. I did not. Your sense of time just has gone a bit crazy."

I lost track of the conversation as Lightningstar padded up to me. "Fernclaw is here for you," 

The Shadowclan warrior, who was my sister, came over and said, "C'mon, Heroneye."

"For what? Oh, the meeting. Right." I said.

Fernclaw giggled. "Lost track of time, Heroneye? Maybe you should plan more," 


"Let's stop dawdling and get Pebblesplash for the meeting. Do you know if Lionfrost has decided to come?"

" Um...... " 

"I'll take that as a no. Anyway, we're here." 

I hadn't noticed that we had entered Riverclan territory. Fernclaw pointed with her tail to where Pebblesplash waited for them. "At least somebody planned for this," she teased.

"Oh, stop it!"

Pebblesplash meowed to get their attention. "Hi guys. Meeting's now, huh?" 

"Yeeperdoodle," I said. The word just popped into my head.

Both Fernclaw and Pebblesplash stared at me. "Where the heck did you get that word?" 

" Ummmmmm.... I dunno? " I said.

Fernclaw rolled her eyes. Pebblesplash almost did, but managed to stop it and say, "Whatever. I heard Lionfrost is coming." 

"Finally! Somebody gets news from other clans. Other than me, of course." Fernclaw said.

All three cats made the long journey to the Windclan camp. As they got there, I decided to bug the she cats on the journey. I honestly don't know why, it just came into my head like the word 'Yeeperdoodle'. I entered the camp and said in a robotic voice, "Hello, fast Windclan cats. We come for Lionfrost. Is he here."

I saw Lionfrost come over. Then, he copied my robotic voice and said, "I am here. We can go to that island we talked a-bout. C'mon."

"O-kay then. We shall go." I answered.

Fernclaw and Pebblesplash looked at each other, exasperated. At the same time, they muttered under their breath, "Toms," 

Neither me nor Lionfrost heard them. I only guessed that they said that. On the way to the meeting island, we talked to each other in robotic voices. Not once did we drop the voice like normal cats. 

Part one, Chapter four Heroneye's POV

All for of us crossed the log and sat in the clearing. I said to everycat else in my robotic voice, "Welcome to the meeting island. To start, we have come here to-" 

"We know," Pebblesplash spat, "what we are here for." 

Before either she cat could stop him, Lionfrost blurted out in his robotic voice, "Here we are to do the trading prey thingy."

Lionfrost volunteered, "I will take Fernclaw's frog," and

Fernclaw said, "I'll take Pebblesplash's fish,"

"But I wanted her fish." I complained, finally dropping my voice.

"To bad," Fernclaw said. "I spoke up first."

Pebblesplash said, "I get Heroneye's- what did he have to offer again? You Thunderclan cats have too many prey choices."

By default, that gave me Lionfrost's rabbit. I didn't mind, but I still wanted the fish. 

"Who gets what prey? I will decide that! " a booming voice said. 

Fernclaw snarled. "Shadewhisker." Is all she said.

Me, on the other hand, said, "Hey! It's Shadewhisker! Hello!" 

"Hello, Heroneye,"  Shadewhisker said. "I get to decide what prey is got by who. Starting, Heroneye get frog. Lionfrost, you get mice. Fernclaw, you can have fish. Pebblesplash, you can get the rabbit. Problem solved." 

"Oh, oh kay. S-s-so sc-sc-scared." Pebblesplash fake stuttered. 

"No whining! Go home! " 

But Shadewhisker never did finish the last sentence, as a tiny voice cut her off.

"Heroneye! So cool!"

"Wha-" I started.

Shadewhisker rolled her eyes and left in a burst of smoke. I could've sworn she said something, but I couldn't make out words.

Part two Chapter one Minthaze's POV

I woke up to a dark grey paw prodding me. "What is it?" I groggily asked. I then followed the paw up to the shape of Adderpaw poking me. "Stop. Do you need something?"  For the first time I looked at his eyes. They were panicked, as if a fox or badger came into our camp. "Deerkit is gone!" 

"WHAT?! WHEN DID YOU NOTICE!? HOW LONG WAS SHE GONE?! " I roared. I noticed Sparkstorm behind him. "Tell me what's new." She also looked panicked. "I woke up this morning to Snowbreeze yelling. I'm actually not very surprised that you didn't wake up, because you are a heavy sleeper. Nothing other than Deerkit disappearing is new..." 

For some reason I just then remembered that I had forgotten to talk to Pinesplash about the prophecy. Maybe Starclan was reminding me..... "Where did you see Deerkit last?"

" Well, I was putting Mousekit to bed, and Snowbreeze told me that she was using the dirtplace and because she is almost an apprentice, she didn't feel the need to place a cat in the front to wait for her. " Sparkstorm meowed.

"We didn't find a trail or scent," Adderpaw added, "because of the rain last night." 

I considered this for a moment. I'm only a medicine cat. Why me?I then remembered a conversation between me and Pinesplash.

"A medicine cat is trained for finding herbs and curing cats. But, you are different. I wasn't meant to be a medicine cat. Injuries are why I am one. You, on the other paw, were always meant to be one. The stars predicted it. " 

"Why did they choose me? " I remember saying, I was Mintpaw back then. 

"You are the daughter of a mighty warrior and leader. It was for you more than any other. Did you know that I've noticed that you have a stronger sense of smell than any other cat?"

I had been be startled. I said, "I thought all cats had good senses of smell like me."

That's why. Sparkstorm knew that I had a good sense. "Lightningstar!" I yowled. I saw him coming over. "Deerkit is missing! We must send out patrols at once!"

"Got it! Minthaze, Adderpaw, find Yellowsplash and Thornbite to go with you." Heroneye hasn't returned yet. I noticed Lightningstar continuing his instructions to Sparkstorm. "Find Pinesplash in case Deerkit is hurt, and Darkstorm and Snowbreeze for your patrol." I also heard Lightningstar forming another patrol to go on himself, but I couldn't make out names because I was too far away with my patrol.

Part two Chapter two Deerkit's POV​​​​

​​​​​(Flashback) ​​​

Once, I was told that I was the more adventurous of my litter. What I'm gonna do is about to prove them right.

I looked over to Morningpaw. "Now's your chance! There he goes! "

I quickly ran into the dirtplace, made sure nobody followed me, and crept out after Heroneye and Fernclaw. Into the Riverclan camp. I knew that if I got caught, they would send me home. That wouldn't be any fun!

Whitepaw and Morningpaw had taught me how to crouch. I crouched under a bush and waited for Fernclaw and Heroneye to come back out. 

They were too busy bickering with another she cat that I didn't know. Finally, they started again. They were leading me to someplace that I didn't know of.  Finally, they got to a strange wide open area with no trees, or even bushes! I saw a small camp made in the middle.

The only thing I could find around were these purple plants that I could hide in easily, being small.  The three cats I saw earlier came out with yet another cat.

Then they went in the direction of the island I saw by the Riverclan camp. They climbed onto a log and crossed. I knew that if I crossed, they would smell me, so I stayed on the side of the log that had more land. 

I heard them talking. It was so boring! Who eats frogs and fish, anyway? (reference from part one, chapter four) 

Then the sky opened up and a starry cat came out.  ​From Fernclaw's growl, I knew that the cat was named Shadewhisker. I had heard about Shadewhisker from the elders, the same source I got my knowledge of Riverclan.  She had the loudest voice ever! 

She finished talking. Or so I thought.  I came out and yelled "Heroneye! You're so cool!" 

Shadewhisker rolled her eyes. Sparkly stuff made her disappear. 

End Flashback

I heard Heroneye say 'what'. I squealed in delight. I had snuck up on, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR warriors! 

"I'm such a good warrior, aren't I?" I said. I didn't notice the wave until it swept me off my paws. "Ahhh! Ack!"

The third cat I saw jumped into the water. She swam over to me and swam back to the Island, me in her jaws.

"Don't do that! Kits can't swim! And I'd think Thunderclan kits hated water....."  I gave an indignant squeak. "Who are you, anyway?"

Heroneye answered, "This is Pebblesplash, the Riverclan deputy." 

" She smells like fish. "

"Deerkit! That's not nice to say!" Heroneye chided.

Pebblesplash gave me a wink and Heroneye a knowing smile. "She's just a kit, after all. Cut her some slack." ​​​ Heroneye took me home, much to my disappointment.

Part two, chapter three Sparkstorm's POV

I walked in front of the rest of the patrol. Snowbreeze was so pale she looked like a ghost. She asked, "Pinesplash, do you know where the nearest patch of catmint is?" 

Pinesplash looked thoughtful. "It would be by Twolegplace. But something tells me Deerkit isn't by catmint."

" Why not? All she's wanted to do for a long time is roll in it! " Snowbreeze said.  "Recently, though, she doesn't jump to it and say, 'Catmint! Is it for me?' Instead, she'd look, then turn around." Pinesplash answered. 

I then found something to say. "Snowbreeze,"  She asked, "yes?" " What did Deerkit last learn? "

"Um...... I don't actually know. She's been keeping a lot from me lately, since she's five moons old." Snowbreeze sighed. 

Darkstorm said, "We've explored all of our part. I am sad to say that I think we should be getting back. I don't want to accept defeat, but maybe another cat already found her?"

Look at Darkstorm, looking to the Brightside. His name doesn't even suggest that he does that!! But we went back and trotted to camp.

Author's note: Sorry for the short chapter! I just didn't have much to say........

Part two, Chapter four Minthaze's POV

Our group exited the trail we thought was hers. Yellowsplash was in the lead, because I was thinking, not in the mood to set the pace. I lifted my nose up and sniffed. "Can't smell her," I reported. 

Yellowsplash frowned. We were only halfway through the territory space we were given, but it worried me as well. 

Again, out of nowhere, I thought of forgetting to talk to Pinesplash. Inwardly, I slapped myself in the face. How could I forget? I never forget! 

Suddenly, I saw Honeyfrost standing by Yellowsplash and Thornbite. She turned around. Yellowsplash and Thornbite showed no sign of seeing her. She said, "Hi, Minthaze! It's not your fault that you have forgotten. Orangestar has discovered that the dark forest is messing with you."

" Indeed, " a Bluegrey cat with yellow eyes said. I assumed it was Orangestar. 

"Anyway, we will make a special reminder so that the Place of no Stars won't interfere. Make sure you tell at least Pinesplash!" Honeyfrost said .

This made me blink. Another time.

The two cats left. 

Yellowsplash came over and asked, "Minthaze? Are you okay?"

When I didn't respond, Adderpaw said, "I don't think she's well. She looks like she saw a phantom."

In a way, I had. That was the last thing I remembered before blacking out.


I woke up. A grey head was staring at me. "Pinesplash! Where am I?"

Then the smell of herbs hit me. "You're in the Thunderclan medicine den. You also have a concussion. Should I be worried?" I thought a moment. 

Then, I decided, "No. But first, are we alone?"

She said, "Yes, we're alone." 

" Okay. Recently, Honeyfrost has given me a prophecy. Listen to this.

'When the leaves of mint have fallen,

A last whisper will be spoken.

There will be no more wait'

​​​​​​"And I don't know what to do, " I finished. "She said it was a good prophecy, though. But I'm not so sure about the last whisper part."

Faintly, I heard Sparkstorm talking to Lightningstar. 

"Will she be okay?"

" I hope so, " Lightningstar muttered.

"I can't lose her now. I'm only just a warrior!"

" She'll be okay. "

Pinesplash said something that shook me out of my thoughts.

"I hope so too."

 Part two, Chapter five Heroneye's POV

I walked down to the entrance to camp. "C'mon, Deerkit," I said. 

I walked her to the nursery, where Snowbreeze gave me a delighted smile. "Thank you so much for returning my kit." She then proceeded to check Deerkit for wounds. 

Quickly, I padded over to Lightningstar. "I found Deerkit. She is now safe in the nursery."

He nodded his thanks. I happened to glance over and see the tortoiseshell print of Honeyfrost's pelt. It seemed nobody saw her. 

She made her way to me and said, "Heroneye. Leaves of mint have fallen. Dustfang. Moonpool. Now." 

I was confused for a moment, then realised she wanted me to do something. "What should I do with him?" 

She smiled. "Just go. Starclan will provide some words."


I made the steady trek to the Moonpool. I heard Dustfang talking to someone. I listened for a moment, and lost interest in the conversation. I saw Honeyfrost in the corner of my eye. She was there to tell me what to say! 

"I can smell you, Heroneye," the dusty brown tom said from inside. I assumed he was done with the conversation with the other cat. 

I guess that would make sense. He wasn't a kit, after all. Honeyfrost next to me said, "Windclan sent you to tell him they want you guys to have a talk. If he asks what for, tell him, prey. He can't hear, see, or smell me." 

I assumed she was telling me what to say. I repeated her words, until the part where she said, 'if he asks for...... Smell me.' 

He looked up. "I guess if Windclan said so. Who in Windclan?"

"Say it's Onestar."

" Onestar, " I said.

"Hmm... Okay then."

We trotted to the meeting island.

"The branches of that tree would be fine to sit in," I suggested. Starclan doesn't need to do step by step instructions for me to trick cats.

Dustfang looked to the branches and grinned. I guess he thought it was the one the leaders say on. "Oooh, it's gonna be a sweet talk,"

A storm came in. "Fox dung! I was about to sit on the leaders' tree!"

Honeyfrost winked at me. She then pointed with her tail to a big jackrabbit burrow. "In here!" I called. "It's warm, dry, and has prey in case we get stuck here!"

Dustfang came over and wrinkled his nose. But still, he went in.

He sneezed, then whispered, "Aren't you coming in?"

I smirked. "Nope." A wave came and slammed dirt and mud into the hole, trapping Dustfang in. Then, as if it had a mind of its own, it added more and more dust, dirt, and mud when he tried to dig out.

Honeyfrost smiled to me and said, "Got to go. Be forewarned, Minthaze needs to talk to you."


" See ya soon, Heroneye! "

Part three, Chapter one Lightningstar's POV

"Sparkstorm! Minthaze! Do either of you know where Heroneye went?" I yowled.

Minthaze answered and said, "Not me!"

" I saw him leaving camp after he told you he put Deerkit to bed," Sparkstorm yowled across the clearing. "He was walking with a purpose, so I didn't disturb him." 

" Thanks! " I told her. But I still wondered, where is he?

I then shouted to Sparkstorm, "Do you know where he went?" 

Heroneye's scent washed up on us. "I know where Heroneye is! I'm right here, friendlys!"

I started at him.

"Why are you staring at me like I grew wings?" He asked.

"Where did you get that weird word?" I said.

" Oh well. "

Minthaze suddenly yowled to everycat. "Cats of Thunderclan! I have a very important announcement to make!" Then in a quieter voice, she added to me, "It looks like every cat is here. Lightningstar, may I sit on the High Rock?"

I looked around. "Sure. Make it quick, though. I don't want you cats going on there thinking you're me."

" Okay, " she said. Minthaze leapt up onto the High Rock. "Last time I went to the Moonpool, I got a fairly good prophecy."

Meows of disapproval rang through Thunderclan's camp.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I can't believe you held a prophecy from us!"

But worst, 

"Why should we believe you! You're only a newly made medicine cat! It would've been given to us through Pinesplash or Lightningstar!"

Minthaze flinched at this remark. I spoke up and said, "Hey! If Starclan gave her first prophecy to her, then we will respect that. Minthaze is not an apprentice, but a medicine cat. I got a prophecy when I was just a young warrior. 'Violot will quench the Orange.' Our leader before me died because of a prophecy I got as a young warrior. Weren't you listening, anyway? Minthaze said it was a good prophecy. She hasn't even given it yet! Let her speak."

She bowed her head in thanks to me. "Now, if you'll let me, I'll tell you the prophecy now." She bowed her head again and recited, 

"When the leaves of mint have fallen,

A last whisper will be spoken.

There will be no more wait. "

Pinesplash spoke up and said, I have proof! Those of you who don't believe her, come with me. "

Author's note: For those of you who are wondering, What's going on? Pinesplash had told Lightningstar about the prophecy before Minthaze leapt up onto the High Rock. Lightningstar had told her that there will be people who doubt this is true. You can take those to your 'proof' which is on the bottom of a pond. The words 'Ha! Fool!' Are written in pebbles on the bottom. Pinesplash will take one person at a time, and with the help of Sparkstorm, she will take one warrior, let them see the pebbles, dunk their heads in, and take them to Sparkstorm who will get them back to camp. Sorry, that's a longish note.....

Minthaze then told the clan that it was said by Honeyfrost when everyone came back. "I would like to invite Heroneye to the High Rock to share what he learned while he was gone. Of course, if Lightningstar is okay with it."

I gave a nod of approval.

"Then come on up, Heroneye," Minthaze said.

Part three, Chapter two Heroneye's POV

I looked nervously at the High Rock. That was meant for leaders! I wasn't a leader! A voice in my head said, Yet. You aren't a leader Yet. 

What?! One day I'd be a leader? Mixed feelings hit me. I went up onto the High Rock to get some practice for being a leader. 

I nervously recounted my adventures. I told them about putting Deerkit back in the nursery. Then, about Honeyfrost, and how she told me, 'Leaves of mint have fallen. Dustfang. Moonpool. Now.'

Of course, I told them that I knew she wanted me to do something. She even came with me to tell me what to say! 

I told them of what happened at the Moonpool. How Honeyfrost had told me mostly what to say. Then at the meeting island, Dustfang got to sit in a tree where he thought the leaders sat at Gatherings. 

"Then a mighty storm came. Honeyfrost found a jackrabbit nest and I told him to go in. My reasons were that it was warm, had prey, and shelter. Dustfang then asked, 'Aren't you coming in?' His voice was a whisper. I believe that solves that line of the prophecy." I continued. 

Minthaze stood up again. She said, "There will be no wait was pretty clear. That meant that the prophecy won't wait to come true."

She moved back down, and I leapt off the High Rock. I had one last question, though. "There's still a part I don't understand. What does it mean when it says, 'Leaves of mint have fallen'?" 

Lightningstar answered my question and said, "You weren't here for Minthaze's concussion. She fell onto her head while they were out searching for Deerkit."

" Oh, " 

Suddenly, a warm and sweet scent washed up on us.

Lightningstar uttered one word.


 Part three, Chapter three Sparkstorm's POV

I watched as the Thunderclan medicine cat came down with stars in her pelt. Stars! She purred. "Hello, Thunderclan cats! You have solved the prophecy! Time for a celebration!" Honeyfrost cried in joy.

In my head, I thought, We solved the prophecy after it happened. And then again, that's how all prophecies nowadays work.

Lightningstar asked, "But how will we celebrate?"

Honeyfrost thought for a moment. "This calls for a feast! Starclan has gifted nests of water voles, mice, any type of birds, and squirrels! I suggest sending out patrols. Is Darkstorm still the deputy?"

Lightningstar said, "When we moved Darkstorm got left behind them decided to come, but we were far down that path, so when he came back, Heroneye was already made deputy."

" Oh. If you want to join Starclan's feast, send 'em out! " Honeyfrost said. 

Heroneye sent out patrols. I was in a two cat patrol with my newest apprentice, Morningpaw. We hunted and then came back.

Morningpaw and I had caught two squirrels, a thrush, four sparrow, and three mice. Oh, how Starclan gifted us!I

We came back and When every warrior had came back with prey in their jaws, we shared tongues. I heard Minthaze say to Pinesplash, "Wanna share a thrush?" And Pinesplash murmured her response, a yes. 

I went over to Heroneye, and asked him, "Is there a preference to what prey you want?"

I knew he would say vole, so I had taken a vole over. "You know me so well," Heroneye giggled.

Suddenly, something rustled in the entrance to camp. Fernclaw, Pebblesplash, and Lionfrost came in, each holding their own prey from their territories. 

"Lightningstar!" Fernclaw said, putting down her frog. " we heard from Honeyfrost that you were having a feast. She said we could join if we had a piece of prey for ourselves. "

Lightningstar looked over and said, "You can join. Find someone to share tongues with."

Fernclaw went to us, I guess because Heroneye was her brother, and the other two went their own ways. 

Suddenly, out if the corner of my eye, I saw Mousekit squeaking to Minthaze, "I want catmint!" I found this funny somehow. 

Minthaze groaned. She said, "Not you too!!....."

Part three, Chapter four Fernclaw's POV

I spotted Heroneye and went over to him. Sparkstorm was with him. "Hey Heroneye. Is it okay if I share?"

Sparkstorm said, "sure!"

Heroneye, in the other paw, said, "Yeeperdoodle!"

I felt like screaming inside. "Enough with the weird words!!!"

" Okie-dokie, artichokey! " I rolled my eyes. I was getting good at hiding my emotions. Great for a Shadowclan cat who stalks. 

"We have voles," Sparkstorm said to me. She had gone and gotten another vole, I saw. 

" Sure! " I said. At least voles were on Shadowclan territory as well. "I've got a frog."

Sparkstorm gagged. "Not to be rude, but Ewwwww!" 

I smiled. "I guess that You won't get the delight of having frog roll on your tongue." It takes a while to get used to frog. Oh well.

A/n: it's a shorter chapter than usual, but believe me. You'll laugh so hard on part four..... 😂😂😂

Part four, Chapter one Still Fernclaw. It just needed to be part four for this...

I laughed evilly inside. I needed revenge on Heroneye for bugging me. Oakwing suggested filling the frog with leaves. He helped me gather scentless leaves, then I cut it open. I ate most of the meat, and filled it with leaves. Thankfully, they weren't poisonous, but they were enough to drive a cat crazy for a bit.

We then sewed it together with pine needles. The other cats won't notice because I held it over the stitch. It smelled like frog still.

Sparkstorm was quick to change her mind. "Gimme! I need good food!" 

Heroneye followed her and they each took a bite. I watched as they slowly chewed. I backed away. Sparkstorm looked up after she swallowed and said, "You little..... Get back over here!!!!"

I had already started running away. Heroneye shook his head once, twice, and ran screaming at me like some little kit having a tantrum. 

Pebblesplash looked over at the frog. I don't know what she did next since I was running away. But I guessed she took a bite because she was chasing me now as well. I looked ahead and saw Minthaze, Pinesplash, and My doom. I swerved to avoid them, and My doom looked up. And over to the frog. And took a bite.

My doom spotted me. He was gonna get me. He ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. My doom, being a Windclan cat, ran and pinned me down. I let out one shrill yowl. 

Lightningstar came over and asked, "What's going on?"

All four cats who were casing me said, "Fernclaw tricked us to eat her frog!" 

He looked confused. I strained to look up. "What's wrong with that?"

Two words explained it. That's what Lionfrost used to tell him. "Leaves. Frog."

Lightningstar looked at me and said, "Oh. Carry on."

" but Lightningstar!! " I protested.

He was already gone. Pebblesplash and Sparkstorm each cuffed me over an ear. 

"Move back!" I heard Heroneye say. 

They all moved back. He ran up and jumped. "Cannonball!!!" He yelled triumphantly. I screamed.

Technical difficulties. Please come back next time and take kits away for their safety.

Author's note: Let's say that Fernclaw went back with major bruises. And an empty stomach.

Extra stuff!

My warrior cat,

skinny or e'en fat.

Went to TC, to play.

Fernclaw had leaves. A-and was chased.

that was the end, of that day!

"Don't ask what happened to Fernclaw....." 


A cat walked up to a TC cat

and he said to that cat, walking around

Hey! Bom bom bom. Got any mice?

The cat said no, I'm actually in Shadowclan! But... I've got frogs!

​​​​​​But the cat said no thanks! And he padded away, padda padda padda padda

And he padded away, padda padda padda padda 'til the very next day! Bom bom bom ba bada bom.......

Sang to the tune of the duck song.​​​​

Fans? People who laughed? I guess that this story is long. Sorry about that! If you want me to write a story where Heroneye makes a silly word dictionary, sign below or comment! If I get to 15 fans, I'll make another story!​​ 

Until next time!

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