A series by Wetstream

You're going away
And I'm feeling the same thing
 Day after Day
I can't let it go
Everyone in this room
They've got troubles too
Secret stories and
Lies that we never knew

-Xavia, The Submarines


This is a remake of a series I made when I was way younger (before I even joined wikias). It preludes to the Warriors: The Secrets story, however that also will be remade.


A previous mistake has set the Clans in an everlasting Leaf-bare. However, a small band of friends will try their best to defeat this curse. During their journey they meet a cast of unlikely foes, and decisions that could leave them in ruins


Night of Beginnings: Four new cats have become apart of the Clan, each holding a strong bond with each other and their Clanmates around them. In the midst of them trying to find their own ways, one of them gets off track, discovering a different path. The ties of friendship are broken when their own Denmate is caught between the lines of ThunderClan and their separate plans. But perhaps these plans could lead to a deadly mistake?

Set One

  1. A Fresh Start: Snowheart struggles after the loss of her mate. She never felt as if he loved her, nor does she feel like a mother to her kits. However, the she-cat faces a new destiny when a promise with ShadowClan takes its turn, and a new mystery is revealed.
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