When the fine line between hunter and hunted becomes invisible

Brackenflame and Snowbird

Authors Note

This will be my third series on here (don't I have this awful knack of starting things and not finishing them? XP) Anyway, yea, this is basically my life story (I mean sure I had to add stuff, cause seriously, I'm only a teen) So let's just say the beginning is XD So yea, I just randomly started this, and we'll see how far I get.


Book 1: False Peace (in progress)

~Summery~ Six kits. All born on the same day. They hold the future of the clans. Like it or not, they are one. That was the prophesy. But why did there need to be valiant warriors anymore? The clans were thriving, at peace with each other and not in need of heroes. In fact, there was hardly any reason to train for battle anymore. The warrior code was too strict, too rigid to fit this new age of total peace. Cats began falling away from StarClan, breaking the code at will, and forgetting their true purpose. It was in this time that Snowkit was born, into this age of prosperity. But was it really utopia? Or was it just a False Peace?

Book 2: Dark Whispers (not started)

~Summery~ TBC~

Book 3: When Darkness Falls (not started)

~Summery~ TBC~

Other Stuff

Falling Winds: A super edition about Darkwinds.


All my series connect, so this one would be proceeded by The Rising Storm Series and followed by The Wildfire Series (The gaps are big because I haven't written 'The Shining Light Trilogy' yet. Basically I'm chronicling the clans history after 'The Omen of the Stars' Enjoy! Ravenflight X Quicksilver 20:07, July 25, 2014 (UTC)

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