The reason why I’ve made this is because I’ve seen it on Wattpad and of c o u r s e I love Hunger Games!

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age: (must be over ten moons)


rank: (no kits)


appearance: (fur colour and eye colour, disabilities can be in other)


_____ my oc!

Name: viperpaw

Age: eleven moons

Gender: tom/male

Rank: apprentice

Personality: wise, snarky, hot-headed, annoying, vicious

Appearance: grey tom with darker patches and green eyes in slits

Other: nope

ᶜʰᵃᵖᵗᵉʳ ᵒⁿᵉ!

Today, my friends, it is the Hunger Games!

— Snake to the rest of the Clan

The black-and-white tom’s tail whisked on the small tree stump as the other Clans surrounded him. His eyes blazed with excitement. Snake gave the Clans a austere look, and the rest were silenced. He felt a glow of pride in his chest. Finally, the Clans were listening to him. Ever since Barley, Ravenpaw and ThunderClan had foiled Ice and his plan to take over BloodClan, no cat had ever treated him with such respect. Instead, they had mocked him and Ice, saying that if their had been a more stronger cat, BloodClan would finally have a worthy leader. It had stung so much, that soon, Snake brought a new band of rogues and destroyed ThunderClan. Then, ThunderClan was nothing then memory. That was until, of course, legendary Squirrelstar brought the Clan back. But when they came, BloodClan had already overtaken the rest, and even a cat who was just as stubborn as Squirrelstar couldn’t beat him. Now Ice and Snake ruled, but today, Ice wasn’t here. Why? Because he nearly ruined everything, before his sources - Jaggedtooth and Pounce - had found out that Ice was secretly working with Squirrelstar. He’d suspected it for a long time - but after all the glory, Ice had wanted to destroy it? He wasn’t quite sure.

“Today, my friends, it is the Hunger Games!” Snake yelled, triumphant. “We will come to find out who will take on this perilous, dangerous adventure...”

He signalled the cat standing in the corner. The cat sulkily slinked over towards Snake, and immediately closed his eyes.

“The spirits... they have chosen five cats!” Her eyes fluttered open.

Well, get on with it, will you? Snake thought.

“Laurelfang, Hawksong, Duskear, Calliopeshine and Maskedfern, step forward!” Then, she dramatically collapsed.

As the five cats stepped forward, Snake secretly assessed them.

First, he looked at Laurelfang. Though he did not know much about the she-cat, (Why should I care? He thought) he could see she was missing one ear. The pale red tabby seemed like one who knew what she was doing, and wouldn’t let her hearing bring her down. He looked into the she-cat’s dull amber eyes. They were like pools of blood ; perhaps she was blood-thirsty.

Then, he glanced at Hawksong. His build was just as skinny as the rest of the WindClan cats ; but he had many scars on his grey pelt. Snake did not see much in this cat to assume. Hawksong didn’t look that strong, but WindClan cats were very fast. Snake felt as if this time, the Games would be a great one with loads of entertainment, of course.

Thirdly, he assessed Duskear. Immediately, he felt his face scrunch up a bit. Sources had told him little about this cat, but they had told Snake that this she-cat would only fight for morally good causes. This, he realised, could be more entertaining. While Laurelfang and Hawksong seemed quite bloodthirsty, Duskear wasn’t. Then, drama would erupt - unless, of course, they were not working together.

Moving on, he gazed at Calliopeshine.

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