(Note: Hello, Silverstar here. A few months ago I began a story called The Warriors Games. After doing a little bit of chapter one, I took a long break from wiki. Over my break, I thought about TWG and thought of new ideas for the story. So now, it is a series, based on Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games series. It will have four books, and in three parts. I will use most of Erin Hunter's characters, and some of mine. My series will be like THG, but also some of my own ideas will be in it. Enjoy the series. -Silverstar)

Author: Silver

Genres: Drama,Adventure, Romance,Action.

Rating: Worse(For Intense Vilonce, and Blood/Gore.)

Blurb: The clans have lost the battle with the Dark Forest. The Four have failed. StarClan has been destroyed. Tigerstar is the new leader of the clans, which is now renamed Sky Empire. And now, he and the Dark Forest have a new plan, a perfect revenge, a new era, a new game. The Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games/Part 1

The Hunger Games/Part 2

The Hunger Games/Part 3

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The Hunger Games/Rules

The Hunger Games/History

The Hunger Games/Cats and Clans


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