Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

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Leader: Robinstar: White tom with a red under belly and white flecks on face and green eyes

Deputy: Blizzard- Blue-gray and white mottled tom and copper eyes (formerly a rouge) [Fleetkit's father]

Medicine cat: Grassbriar- Gray she-cat with icy blue eyes


Blueface - Blue-gray tom with blue eyes (formerly a rouge)

Jumpstrike- Yellow she-cat with tortoiseshell with amber eyes

Ashskip- Black and gray mottled she-cat with green eyes

Crowrunner- Black and blue-gray tom with amber-gold eyes

Softtail- Soft furred pale brown she-cat with light blue almost gray eyes and a twisted paw.

Apprentice: Eaglepaw


Eaglepaw- Brown she-cat with white markings like feathers.


Halfflake- Ginger queen with green eyes and a white front paw (kits: Fleetkit ginger she-kit with green eyes, Scorchkit, black and ginger tom, and Amberkit, dark ginger and white tom with copper eyes)


Fennelbranch- Half-deaf brown tom with golden eyes


Leader: Hiddenstar- White and gray tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Mossystem- Gray she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine cat: Curlfrost- Curly furred tom with blind green eyes and white fur

Riverleap - white she-cat with blue eyes


Briarshine- Black and brown mottled she-cat with blue eyes

Thistletuft- Dark gray tom with amber eyes

Mallowsplash- Black she-cat with white flower-like patterns and green eyes

Curlbird- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes

Oatwhisker- Light brown tom with white spots and green eyes

Mintwing- Light gray she-cat with gray-green eyes

Snowsong- White she-cat with amber eyes

Apprentice: Icepaw (white and black she-cat with blue eyes, recently out of the nursery)

Feathernose- Black tom with blue eyes

Apprentice: Blackpaw (jet black she-cat with green eyes recently out of the nursery)


Mothstream- White and gold she-cat with gray green eyes (kits, Flamekit, golden tom with gray-green eyes, and Halfkit, white tom with amber eyes, the left side of his body is black)

Firefur- Ginger she-cat with blue eyes, (kits, Mintkit, Black she-kit with green eyes, Featherkit, dark ginger tom with blue eyes, and Redkit, Dark ginger she-kit with green eyes

FadeClan (note, founded by Mistystar, called it FadeClan because the mist fades)

Leader: Lichenstar- Gray tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Thorntalon- yellow and gold tom with copper eyes

Medicine cat: Furzeflake- White tom with blue eyes


Littlefall- short she-cat with dark ginger fur and amber eyes

Apprentice: Riverpaw (Blue gray she-cat with blue eyes)

Leafwhisper- sturdy gray tom with gray-green eyes

Snowsong- White tom with green eyes (Riverpaw's older brother)

Robindapple- Brown she-cat with red flecks and a red chest (Riverpaw's littermate)

Shiningtooth- Snow gray she-cat with amber eyes

Owlwatcher- Dark brown she-cat with amber owl-like eyes

Bounceshade- Black she-cat with blue eyes

Echostep- Tortoiseshell and silver tom with green eyes (Riverpaw's littermate)

Mintfern- Gray tom with mint green eyes


Featherstreak- gray she-cat with green eyes (kits: Cherrykit, Tortoiseshell she-kit, Mintkit: dark gray tom with green eyes, and Frostkit, Black she-kit with a white underbelly and paws with blue eyes)

Cats outside Clans

Mint- light gray mottled tom with blue eyes

Mentos- Ginger she-cat with green eyes, (kits: Feathers, Stoat, Sun, and Stoke)

Feathers- Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Stoat- Brown and white mottled tom with a black back stripe and gold eyes

Sun- Yellow and ginger mottled she-cat with gold eyes

Stoke- Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Athena- Gray and white farm cat with blue eyes

Other animals

Seaweed- kind talking otter that lives on the river just outside of the territory

Midnight- Friendly stargazing female badger

Rock- Sphinx cat, tom

Wit- Brown and white friendly sheepdog


A SkyClan she-kit named Fleetkit has accidentally unleashed a dark forest cat. This unknown figure goes on to unleash random spirit cats from different timelines, some good, some evil. Meanwhile in HiddenClan, deep within the mountain, a young Flamekit has learned a dark secret to his Clan. In FadeClan an older apprentice named Riverpaw must find the truth once and for all. These cats have simaltaniously recieved the same prophecy. 'The hidden faded sky river is the only thing that can save the stars. Beware of the half hidden one that can obscure the stars forever.' Also please don't judge me for what happens in the story, future events might invalidate the story, and I haven't been up to speed on the latest books.


A mysterious tortoiseshell she-cat was pacing in the dark when they heard a tiny mew from the Dark Falls. The cat said, "Alright Dark Falls, show me the cat you need me to see. The cat jumped into the falls and opened their eyes to a ginger she-kit, a black and ginger tom, and a dark ginger and white tom all playing a game that involved making a tower out of pebbles and knocking over the other's towers. "Fleetkit, no fair!" Squealed the dark ginger and white tom after the one called Fleetkit had knocked over one of the small pebble towers. The force that gives premonitions then whispered in the strange cat's ears 'watch for the fleet's frost, it will free anything as it attempts to break free, but beware, if controlled, it can destroy anything as well' The cat saw a weird frosty glow around the ginger kit that slowly got larger until the cat's vision went white. She woke up a long time later in the middle of a... barn? "Hi there," mewed a light gray and ginger she-cat behind the cat, "You came in unconcious, oh and by the way, my name is Athena, what's yours?" The tortoiseshell looked up and said menacingly, "Hello Athena, my name is Mapleshade."

Chapter 1

Fleetkit was feeling faint, like something had come out of her. She could hear her mother talking, then calling out, but she couldn't make out the words. Fleetkit promptly collapsed. She felt like she should open her eyes, and when she did, she saw a sturdy gold tom standing in front of her, along with two other young cats, both looked around 6 moons, like her. "Am I dead?" Asked the other ginger cat. The gold tom simply said, "No, none of you are dead, but the cats of Silverpelt have a message," The gold tom's green eyes turned white, "The hidden faded sky river is the only thing that can save the stars. Beware of the half hidden one that can obscure the stars forever." The gold tom's returned to normal, and said, "Well time to return you back home, and learn to control your powers, they will become stronger as you get older.

Fleetkit's eyes flew open, and she appeared to be in the medicine den with her mother nudging her side, "Oh, Fleetkit! Don't ever do that again! For a brief second you almost died!" Fleetkit mewed, "What? I just fainted, not died?" Fleetkit thought for a second. Wait a minute, I was in StarClan, could I have been on the brink of death? As her eyes adjusted, she realized it was moonhigh. Woah, I've been out for half the day. She didn't feel any less sleepy though, she felt as sleepy as she was when she was playing 'Tower Defenders'. She mewed sleepily, "Halfflake, can we go back to the nursery, I'm still tired." Halfflake stopped her quiet conversation with the medicine cat and turned to Fleetkit, "Fleetkit, we really need to get back, your littermates. Fleetkit and Halfflake trudged back to the nursery. Fleetkit could see the sun rising being from the camp's sheer cliff. Fleetkit remembered the vision she had. That power, maybe it had something to do with that glow? She curled into her bed in her usual spot between Halfflake and Amberkit, and there was no stirring sound, other than the calls of nightjars and owls in the distance. There was a creature, probably a fox, trotting through the fallen leaves. A growl resounded through the air, far away from camp, probably in HiddenClan or FadeClan. Fleetkit was hearing things she hadn't before, like there was moss in her ears until today. Her eyes were closed so tight it hurt, and her paws were sore. She silently drifted off to sleep as Halfflake's and Amberkit's purring filled her ears and Scorchkit's normal fidgeting over the moss.

Chapter 2

Flamekit bolted awake from his strange dream. There were 2 other cats, and he was given a prophecy. He thought he was dying after falling from the open hole in the nursery. He felt really sore, but not very tired. He must have just been sleeping, there is NO way he could have gotten a prophecy, only medicine cats and leaders get dreams from StarClan. That golden glow that seemed to encase me though. He could still see it vividly, a golden glow that went around him as he was falling. He opened his eyes and saw himself in the medicine den. He stood up and realized his right leg hurt when he put pressure on it. Awkwardly around his injured leg, he stood up. He overheard the medicine cat and his mother talking to each other. "HiddenClan must never know." Flamekit perked his ears to listen in on the conversation. The voices faded quickly, unfortunatly. Flamekit couldn't follow them, they went out of camp, so he just went to the nursery slowly, to see his littermate Halfkit. As Flamekit got closer, he saw Oatwhisker with his kits, Mintkit, Redkit, and Featherkit. The kits had panicked faces, possibly for Flamekit. Flamekit limped toward them, and Mintkit squeaked, "Flamekit!"

Flamekit touched muzzles with Mintkit, she was his best friend. The two were interrupted as Heronstar yowled, "Let all cats old enough to stalk through the Shadow Trail gather under the Hidden Rock for a clan meeting," Flamekit and Mintkit went out together, the furs on Flamekit's head stood on his head. His gray-green eyes flashed. Is it my apprentice ceremony? Flamekit and his littermate were six moons old, about the same age as the other litter. Halfkit's fur was rippling in the faint breeze that passed into camp, although Flamekit could feel his fur lying flat. For a moment, Flamekit could see a cold glare in Halfkit's amber eyes, staring at Flamekit and Mintkit's intertwined tails. Flamekit felt a shiver go down his spine. He (Flamekit) and Mintkit sat down close to each other, and Heronstar's calculating gaze was looking down at the kits. "Flamekit, Halfkit, Mintkit, Featherkit, Redkit," he mewed, each of the kit's head lifting up as their names were mentioned, "The time has come for you to take on your apprentice duties. Flamekit, your new mentor will be Snowsong, I trust that she will share with you the courage and strength her mentor, Feathermask had passed onto her. From this moment onward, until you have earned your warrior name, you will now be known as Flamepaw, I trust that you will be a valuable asset to our clan."

Halfpaw was assigned Firefur, as she would now be free from nursery duties, Mintpaw to Oatwhisker, Featherpaw to Mallowsplash, and Redpaw to Riverleap. Feathermask looked down at Flamepaw and said, "Flamepaw, let's go ask Oatwhisker if you and Mintpaw can train together." Flamepaw nodded, and bolted to Mintpaw

Chapter 3

Riverpaw was tired, she had been working on her warrior training for several moons now. All she needed was a little time to sleep in, she would be okay then. A twig snapped behind her, her eyes bolted open. Riverpaw jumped up to find herself in the medicine cat den with Furzeflake, her older brother. Riverpaw hissed in annoyance as her brain restarted and she remembered what happened. She had fallen into the freezing river on the half-moon and got carried down the Moonfalls, what was worse was the fact she had to stay in the medicine den for the past half-moon, her littermates, Robbindapple and Echostep, had become warriors without her. She remembered after starting to fall off the falls, a blue glow had begun to encase her. She now realized that after that glow she had been knocked out and given that strange prophecy. She shuddered and asked Furzeflake, "So am I allowed to do my hunter assessment now?" Furzeflake simply shook his head, "I'm sorry Riverpaw, but first you need to do apprentice duties for another half-moon, just to get ready. Riverpaw groaned, she should have expected it, her life's sole goal was to become a warrior. She hated being cooped up. She stormed out of the den and found her mentor Littlefall waiting outside of the den. Riverpaw looked around and saw a cat she had never seen before. She had blue-gray fur like Riverpaw and had a long scar on her side. Riverpaw also noticed she smelled sort of like an oak tree. She mewed at two other blue-gray cats -a tom and a she-cat- a gray and white tom-kit, and a white she-cat but none of the cats appeared to be visible to the other cats in the camp. "Mistystar, you know we can't stay for long, we need to find a way out of this clan and back home to StarClan, Mapleshade could destroy StarClan in the time that we are gone." "BLUESTAR I DON'T CARE!" screeched the other cat, "I JUST WANTED A BREAK, AND SNOWFUR, STONEFUR, MOSSKIT, WHY DID YOU COME?"

Riverpaw's brain felt a quick jolt and realized this was her mother. Mistystar was the previous leader of FadeClan and had seen the fall of the clans. For a long time it was thought that Mistystar was immortal, until she lost her 9th life to a cat named Foxbite, who was killed shortly after. Mistystar was really, really, old, she had been around for 30 season cycles before death, and probably would have lived longer. The white she-cat spoke up and said, "Mistystar, me, Stonefur, Mosskit, and Bluestar got trapped down here, by the Dark Forest, we need to remain here until either Riverpaw, Flamepaw, or Fleetpaw help us out of here. Riverpaw took a step forward, no one was around, even Littlefall was gone, which was odd. Riverpaw mewed, "Hello," from behind Bluestar, and the other cats stared at her. Bluestar turned around and said, "Oh, you're Riverpaw I presume," Riverpaw nodded and Bluestar continued, "Hi Riverpaw, could you maybe help us out here, I think you have enough power to send us back now. Riverpaw was confused. She mewed back, "I'm sorry but I haven't learned to control it yet, when I'm alone the glow just happens, and it often destroys the nearby herbs." Mistystar looked at her, "Well just touch noses with us, it will work," She touched noses with all of them, and as they went to the skies, she teleported to Littlefall, who didn't notice she was gone. Ha, what a weird hallucination. Riverpaw thought, after all, there was no possible way that happened, right?

Chapter 4

Fleetkit heard Blizzard yowl, "Let all cats old enough to climb gather below the High Tree!" Fleetkit and her littermates bolted there and Blizzard went on, "Cats of SkyClan, I bring terrible news, our old leader, Robinstar, has passed. He was old, we believe that it was old age or exaustion. Before I head to the Moonfalls, I need to make some new apprentices, Fleetkit you are now Fleetpaw, your mentor will be Grassbriar. Grassbriar, I trust you will pass on your knowledge to Fleetpaw. Scorchkit you are now Scorchpaw, your mentor will be Jumpstrike. Jumpstrike, I trust you will teach kindness and hunting to Scorchpaw. Amberkit, you are now are now Amberpaw, your mentor will be Softtail. Softtail, you are the only other cat in the clan with an odd paw, I trust you will pass on your adaptation to Amberpaw. This also means that Eaglepaw will now be a warrior, Eaglepaw, from this moment onward, you are Eaglestone, StarClan honors your need to help your clan." Blizzard spat out honor and StarClan like a piece of sour prey. Fleetpaw scowled as she heard that her father thought that Amberpaw had not been given a mentor that was kinder. Softail was one of the most rude cats in the clan, and she had even stolen fresh-kill from the pile, before anyone else could. Grassbriar mewed down at Fleetpaw, "Okay Fleetpaw, ready to travel to the Moonfalls with Blizzard and I?" Fleetpaw nodded her excitement and followed Grassbriar on the long treck. Blizzard would occasionally eye a prey den, but Grassbriar always shoed him away from it. "Tradition requires you not to eat." she would hiss at him. Fleetpaw looked at the territories the entire way, taking in all the sounds and scents. The cats traveled through a passage in the mountain that was the only way to the Moonfalls