We are the shadows of the forgotten

Mixed with the essence of your worst nightmares

We are neither loved nor begotten

Having neither worries nor cares

We blend in with the darkest night

Upon the wings of an angel have we ridden

Yet with raven's black take flight

Over burning fires do we fly

Yes, yes we are the Hidden

The Hidden

Please hear our cry

This is a show by Rainy. I hope you enjoy, and I hope to make a new episode every Saturday, maybe earlier if you guys end up liking it. Each season has 12 episodes(sometimes the finale is two parts) and each episode is dedicated to a certain user.


Season 1

Just starting out as a small rebellion group without a name, a group of GreenClan-hating cats led by four determined individuals try to brave several obstacles. Along the way, they recruit new members... and lose some to the dark side. It's hard to stand up to the tyrant who has long ruled the land, Viperstar, but by some miracle, the group, eventually called the Hidden, hope to at least make a dent in GreenClan's vast army. However, they realize they may have gotten into more than they bargained for... and can handle. Will they make the sacrifice for freedom?

Season 2

Now that they have had a taste of what fighting GreenClan will be like, Strongheart, Silverbreeze, Reedfur & Finchnose are even more determined to bring them down. But with traitors within and dangers at their door, they'll have to make some tough decisions. Protect their only safe haven, the Tunnels, or risk it all to actually get out there and fight GreenClan? However, there is help on the horizon. With the Hidden on the verge of being in a full-blown war with GreenClan - a war they're sure to lose - aid comes from a mysterious group of cats called the Network. Now, they just might stand a chance. 

Season 3

The war with GreenClan is finally here. Every cat in the Hidden finds themselves shocked by the amount of brutality this entails. Yes, freedom is their ultimate goal. But in fighting for freedom, will they lose themselves? There are so many choices to make, and most don't have any clear right or wrong. There is hardly a line between good and bad in war, the cats soon realize. And can they really look into a GreenClan cat's face - perhaps actually an imprisoned Clan cat - and kill them heartlessly? They would be no better than Viperstar, right? For once, the horrors of war are exposed. And they find themselves wondering if it's even worth it.

Specials & Extras

Specials featuring each of the four main character's history, including how they made their escape, and how the founders of the Hidden got to know each other. Also, extras for the show that give you a glimpse of things you never knew before.

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