For Strongpaw, growing up in SunClan has not been easy, and it's about to get much harder. As the walls of GreenClan's reign close in around him, he realizes he must risk it all, or lose it all.


BreezeClan is dying. Silverpaw's family is dying. Breaking free of her life's holds, she finds herself alone and afraid in a world being consumed by Viperstar's claws. Can she make anything good come out of her shattering world?


Trapped in Viperstar's lair as a servant, Reedpaw is terrified about what will happen next. What he doesn't expect is a chance to escape, nor the consequences that come with it.


Finchpaw's family has finally been affected by GreenClan's ruthless laws, and now everything she thought would always be there is falling to pieces. Somehow, she needs to root through the broken glass and find new hope.



A collection of songfics starring Finchnose, Reedfur, Silverbreeze, and Strongheart. Follow their lives through various "albums", each by different artists.


Find out more about the four cats that lead the Hidden, from brave Strongheart to clever Reedfur to charming Silverbreeze to sweet Finchnose. As you learn more about them, see what they want in a future without GreenClan, and realize that they are just cats... with big dreams.


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