The Characters:

Strongheart- large, well-muscled ginger tom with amber eyes 


Strongheart is bold and a good fighter, but often acts without thinking. His favorite method of communication is sarcasm, and he often gets very irritable when trying to mask his fear. His younger brother died as an apprentice, and he always lives with the guilt because he thinks he could have saved him. As a result, he tends to be overprotective of those he cares about, thinking he might lose them.

Finchnose- small, compact brown she-cat w/ light brown belly & large hazel eyes  


Finchnose is a good listener, and very perceptive of other cat's feelings. She loves being a medicine cat, and wouldn't have it any other way. However, she does have her faults, like tending to fuss over cats too much and being paranoid about things. She has a strong bond with StarClan, and often feels like she is too responsible, but can't stop taking everything on her shoulders.

Silverbreeze- sleek silver tabby she-cat; large blue eyes  


Silverbreeze is clever, a good hunter, and makes friends easily. However, she does have a tendency to be stubborn, even when she's in the wrong, and question any authority. She likes to include everyone and make them feel welcome, and is quite social usually, though she does like to have some time to herself when she's in a mood.

Reedfur- lithe black tom w/ white chest & paws, glowing green eyes  


Reedfur is a quiet tom who keeps to himself most of the time. He comes up with his own plans for his future, but doesn't think they will ever come true. He has low self-confidence, but tries his best to be cheerful and friendly around others. He is a particularly good hunter, and can devise excellent strategic plans. He also can view things without being biased, and has a keen sense of justice. 

Note: Also, if you had a cat in my blog, they will also appear and assume roles in the series. Just be patient, I promise everyone will get a turn.

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