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Sunny's Note: This is a short story is about Whitebreeze, trying his best to help hsi best friend and the she-cat he's in love with, Flowerburst, heal her broken heart.

I looked over at her, leaning on a rock in the clearing. Her eyes were close and her pelt looked dim and out of light. She stood alone just like a rock beside a lake that nobody bothered to notice.

Everyone had tried to cheer her up but failed and gave up. She seemed hopeless to them. A broken heart that could not be healed. But thats wasn't me. I wasn't going to give up. It wasn't an option and I knew that very well.

"Flowerburst?" Flowerburst, lost in thought. jumped at the sound of my meow. She looked at me and I immediately noticed her how depressed her face looked. Her eyes, the ones that always shone and lifted up my mood since our friendship started, appeared to have no more energy.

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