The Great War

Hello peeps! So I got inspired to write this fanfic/show because of multiple reasons. First of all, I have to give credit to Arti and my friend, Night, because they both have two AMAZING shows that I got inspired by (War and Walls). Go check their shows out! I also got inspired by. . . let’s just say, um, history.

Each season is going to be ten episodes, but idk how many seasons there will be. At least two. That’s all I know. Well, without further ado, enjoy!


Season One — Goose is just a normal young cat living in his Clan, haunted by the memories of his past. But one day, the unthinkable happens. He is captured and sent to the military camp, where he will spend moons training to fight in the war. Their new life is miserable, and Goose wishes that he was back in his Clan, safe and surrounded by friends. Surely things can’t make a turn for the better. . . right?

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