Ah, Graystripe! He was mates with both Silverstream and Millie, but when he and Millie go to StarClan, who would he pick?


From the moment I saved him from drowning, I knew there was something special about Graystripe. We began to meet in secret, and it was so exciting! When I found out I was about to have his kits, I was amazed! But then, StarClan told me I was going to die. But I'd do that for him. I'd do that for my love. We had two lovely kits, and now he's going to destroy it all if he picks HER! All that, Feathertail dying, Stormfur leaving, it can't be for nothing. It can't be. Where is your loyalty Graystripe? To your kits? To RiverClan? Where is your loyalty to me?


You're not going to pick HER are you? After everything we've been through? Who was your only friend in Twolegplace? Who made the journey with you to find your friends? After all that, you're going to throw it away for Silverstream? She isn't even ThunderClan! Remember our 3 kits? Remember Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight? Poor Briarlight, she's been through so much. This would destroy her Graystripe! Don't just do it for me. Do it for Briarlight. Do It for Briarlight, Graystripe.

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