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Written by Moonstar.This a large ninteen book series,all at least have twenty seven chapters or thrity.


Four apprentices from each of the clans,Thrushpaw(A tom who feel slike veryone hates him in ThunderClan),Petalpaw(A RiverClan cat who whishs to explore the world one day),Spiderpaw(A ShadowClan cat who feels invislable)Hazelpaw(A WindClan cat who feels that clan life is boring) decide they should run away from they're clans because they feel unwanted.Then they discover a group of magical cats who are in war with their rivals.The apprentice's join the group and find out they can defet the Darkness Council and they have to find four stones....


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The Magic:The four apprentice's have found the Magic Council and they earn their powers and discover a terrible prophecy.

The Whispering Wind-The four chosen one mist find the first stone,but they get trapped by a terrible darkness.

Raining Skies-

The Shinning Path-

A New Power-

Return to the Clans

Angel Of Darkness

Goodbyes and Returns

Into The Twoleg World-

Eye of the Hawk

Last Breath

Blast from the Past


A Serect World

The First Fall

Moonless Shadows-

Eagleclaw's Return

The Chossen One-

The Last Battle-

Super Edtions

The Tale of Hawk-The past of Hawk and is destiny as he sturggles to fight a darkness.

When They Left-This is what happened to the clans after when the apprentices left,and how they reziled it was thier fault,Sad story.

Eagleclaw's Exile-Ever wondered how Eagleclaw went though life when he was exiled from The Magic Council?Well all this will be revealed.

The Tale Beguins-A story about how the Magic and Darkness council formed,told by a cat named Fawn.

Short Stories

Angel Speaks:My Only Hope-a short story about why Angel left the Darkness and told by her.

The Rising of Tiger-A short five hapter story baout why Tiger wanted to become evil.


The Four Stones/Polls

The Four Stones/Charries

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