Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction
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A neverending tale about a terrible war.....


When the clans lose the battle with the Dark Forest, they are givin a second chance but find themsleves in a neverending war with the Dark Forest, threats outside the clan, and a terrible witch! Then the Dark Forest steals the power from StarClan and plan to destroy the world. The clans must collide as one so they can save themsleves and the world. Then five cats must fullfiled a prophecy and find out one may be lost forever....


There are four sets to the series. All of them relate to eachother,and the books may be in two parts because of how long the series is. .All sets have seven books.

Set 1

Second Chance-The clans are givin a second hance when the Dark Forest defets them,but find themselves in a neverending war.

Lion's Curse-When Lionblaze is taking a walk,he mets a witch that puts a curse on him that will change his life forever......

The North Star

The Whispering Cave

Black Mist

The Return of SkyClan

Bright Eyes-Goes with the song Bright eyes.

Set 2

Coming out June 12,2012.

Emarald Heart

The Silver River

Midnight's Star


Silverpaw's Prophecy

The Sercet of Emarald


Set Three

Coming out September 23,2012

The Serch for Tawny

The Lost

The Bramble's Star


The Shadow's Sercet


The Rescue

Set Four

Coming out TBA


  • I've thinking of doing something like this many months before I read Warriors (but with Animal Crossing)Then I came up with this idea during Forest of Sercets so please don't steal. The idea is old.
  • Some of the books are related to other books (not warriors) so if you read the books that are like my series, i'm not copying. Many of my own ideas are used.
  • Always read the books in oder, unless you want to be confused.
  • I changed a few things,l ike changing Stormkit's name to Silverkit, and some clan members.
  • I named Brightheart's kit's Stickkit, Snowkit, Gingerkit, and Sunkit. One of them will be a main charie. I don't really know if that's they're real names, so don't start correcting me that they have the wrong names once The Last Hope coms out.
  • A lot of the stories have songfics in them.


Short stories

Before The War: Tigerstar's Plan - This is what happened before the war.


After The War: A New Generation- This is what clan life was like after the war.


Sound The Bugle- Fetured in The North Star. About Dovewing after Bumblestripe died.(Spoiler)

More coming soon.


The Four Seasons Charries

The Four Seasons/Field Guide