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The Forming of Lakeclan

Lakeclan Symbol.png

For season upon season, the cats living around the lake have lived apart and alone, fending for only themselves. But when a tom named Lake rises to power and begins to build a clan, nothing will ever quite be the same. Bitter feelings arise, and Lakeclan may just find that it has already made a vicious enemy.

Tensions are high as Flameclan prepares to wage war against Lakeclan, and Viperfire's hatred is only growing stronger. Lakewater knows that a storm is coming, one he fears he cannot stop. But just how far is Viperfire willing to go to defeat Lakeclan?

Drought plagues Lakeclan, and soon every cat is growing sick from lack of water and inhaling dust. But when the entire lake dries up, Lakeclan is left in despair. Not a drop of rain has fallen since Viperfire's death. When they venture onto the dried lake and become trapped in the pit, there is only one way out. Down.

Lakeclan has finally escaped the suffocating underground tunnels and made it back to the surface. But in their absense, things have changed. There are new, strange cats settling around the lake, some hostile and some passive. But as Lakeclan tries to adapt, they may find two of their warriors in mortal danger.

Just when Lakeclan thinks they've finally secured their new, secret home, Viperfire's only son begins to rise in Flameclan. Lakewater's fears that he may follow in Viperfire's paws, and Snakefoot must make the hardest decision of his life: loyalty to clan or loyalty to kin?

Character Specials

Viperfire was not always a bloodthirsty beast. Long ago he was an innocent kit trying to make his mother proud. But when he runs away from home everything he knows begins to change..

With the death of Lakewater, it is time for Mistwind to rise to her new position and become the next leader of Lakeclan. But first she must endure a grueling ceremony and a face the awful truth that she must continue on without her mate. It's time for a new chapter to begin.

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