Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

This is a trilogy!

Main Series

Book 1

Rhythm of the War Drums

Firestar is dead. The Dark Forest has won the Great Battle. The spirits of both of StarClan and the Dark Forest that have survived the battle are now mortal again. But the cats who didn’t survive the Great Battle are nowhere to be found. No one can find their spirits. The Dark Forest has taken over, and they have taken both Clan and StarClan cats as slaves.

But the refugees who survived must find a way to save their Clanmates, but first they need to leave the forest, to be safe. But as they leave secrets begin to unfold, and loyalties are tested. The world is suddenly turned upside down and inside out if it already wasn’t. There is only one way to get rid of the Dark Forest forever . . . for it to work, every cat from every Clan, and even StarClan must put their differences aside, and band together to make them disappear.

They have one shot to get rid of Tigerstar and take back their home. But what they must do is next to impossible.

Book 2

Night of War

It all comes down to this. The Dark Forest and StarClan. The final battle. Many cats have died, and many cats have been betrayed. But there’s one thing standing in the way of StarClan’s victory. The Warrior Code. They must destroy everything they’ve learned to love, and everything they have loved.

And on top of all that, they must figure out how to restore StarClan and free all of the cats trapped in the Dark Forest. The first cats of the Clans know they have to throw away their honor, and everything they worked for, to save the Clans and StarClan. Cats will be forced to kill, betray, and sacrifice themselves, all for the good of the Clans.

Book 3

Coming Soon. . .

Side Books

So these are sorta like Novellas for the main trilogy.

Jayfeather’s Madness

What drove Jayfeather to begin murdering his own Clanmates?

Tigerstar’s Hate

Why did Tigerstar despise StarClan so much, that he made the Dark Forest rise to power to destroy all the Clans?

Kazura’s Destiny

What influenced Kazura to become the greatest warrior the Clans have ever seen?


Shadow and Light



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EPIC STORY PLEASE MAKE MORE, it has features most fanfics don't have, and is clean and tidy!