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Leader: Lilystar- Cream she-cat with a pink nose like a lily.

Deputy: Shadepelt- Dark gray tom, brooding. Apprentice: Poppypaw (Small she-cat with black fur.)

Medicine Cat: Berrylight- Cream tom with a light red nose.


Cherrynose- Peppy tan she-cat with a bright red nose.

Featherheart- Snow-colored she-cat.

Brackentuft- Snow-colored tom with one brown tuft of fur behind his ear.

Raineye- Light gray she-cat with light blue eyes. Apprentice: Lavenderpaw (Light gray she-cat with light purple eyes.)

Shrewleg- Tan tom with long legs, wants to become leader a lot.

Flamepool- Flame-colored tom with teal eyes like water.

Hollyclaw- Black she-cat, fierce. Apprentice: Hawkpaw (light gray tom, also fierce)


Redleaf- Red she-cat with light green eyes. Mate: Flamepool. Kits: (Dapplekit, tortoiseshell and white she-kit. Brightkit, peppy flame-colored she-kit.)

Doveface- Very pretty light gray she-cat. Mate: Brackentuft. Kits: (Stagkit, light brown tom-kit. Snowkit, light white tom-kit.)


Mosspad- Dark brown tom with light green eyes, steps lightly.

Nutstripe- Light brown tom with dark brown stripes.


Leader: Meadowstar- Tan she-cat with light blue eyes.

Deputy: Adderscales- Ebony tom with a sleek pelt.

Medicine Cat: Fallowspots- Light brown she-cat with white spots.


Ambercloud- Amber-colored she-cat with light blue eyes.

Ravenfall- Dark gray tom, is kind of clumsy. Apprentice: Marshpaw(Dark brown tabby she-cat with dark green eyes.)

Sandfern- Sand-colored tom with light green eyes.

Frogleap- Dark brown tom with dark green eyes, can jump high. Apprentice: Blazingpaw(Dark gray tom with blazing amber/red eyes.)

Duckpelt- She-cat with a golden pelt.

Emberfur- Dark red she-cat.


Duskflame- Dark gray she-cat with blazing eyes. Mate: Frogleap. Kits: Beetlekit(Dark brown she-kit.), Leafkit(Dark gray tom-kit with dark green eyes.)

Treecoat- Slick brown she-cat. Mate: Sandfern. Kits: Darkkit(Black tom-kit).


Silvershine- Silver tom with blue eyes.


Leader: Sunstar- Ginger tom with dark eyes.

Deputy: Frostnose- White she-cat with a light colored nose.

Medicine Cat: Tawnyheart- Tawny tom who is kind.


Birdbracken- Light-pelted she-cat with brown eyes.

Harepounce- Strong tan tom.

Rushpelt- Strong tan tom.

Pounceleg- Black tom with long legs.

Calicospot- Calico she-cat.

Pinetrust- Trustworthy ginger she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Crowpaw- Grumpy black tabby tom.


Flyfur- Black tabby she-cat who can climb trees well.Mate: Pounceleg. Kits: Rabbitkit(Tan she-kit, very energetic.), Starlingkit(Black she-kit, also energetic.)

Watersoul- Ginger and cream tortie she-cat with bright blue eyes. Mate: Harepounce. Kits: Foxkit(Ginger tom-kit.), Ashkit(Dark gray tom-kit.)


Muddypelt-Brown tom who can hunt well.

Fallenleaf-Cream she-cat with bright green eyes. (Retired early because she cannot use her hind leg.)


Leader: Stormstar- Tan and brown tabby tom with a crooked jaw.(This one is a credit to Crookedstar's forgotten dream.)

Deputy: Bluespine- Blue-gray she-cat with a darker blue-gray stripe down her back.

Medicine Cat: Featherfoot- Cream she-cat who is light on her paws.


Fishglimmer- Cream tom with a sleek pelt.

Graypelt- Gray tabby tom who is a good hunter.

Willowheart- Blue-gray she-cat who is very kind.

Sunbloom- Tortie and tan she-cat.

Maplebranch- Long-legged dark brown tom with black feet.

Shinetail- Glossy ash-colored she-cat with a long tail.


Bramblehaven- Comforting light brown she-cat. Mate: Maplebranch. Kits: Snakekit(Black tom-kit.), Treekit(Brown she-kit with black feet.)


Whiskertwitch- White tom with long whiskers.

Daygorse- Tough cream she-cat.

Stagjump- Tan tom who can jump very high.

Prologue (This takes place when the apprentices in each Clan were kits.)

In four Clans, four eager mothers were ready to have their kits.

In ThunderClan, Redleaf was in the nursery with three beautiful kits tucked into her red fur.

"This one will be named Hawkkit, for his light gray fur. This one will be Lavenderkit, for her light purple eyes. And this one will be Poppykit, for her black fur." Redleaf stroked each of them in turn. Hawkkit lifted his head, and Redleaf could see a light in his eyes that she had never seen before.

In ShadowClan, Duskflame was in her nest watching two beautiful kits frolicking next to her.

"Blazingkit and Marshkit are so beautiful," Duskflame meowed to herself. She gazed at the gray tom-kit with fire-colored eyes and the dark brown she-kit with dark green eyes like the marsh. As she looked at Blazingkit, she saw a light in his eyes of determination that was unlike any other cat.

In WindClan, Flyfur was nursing her only kit.

It had been a hard delivery, but Flyfur looked into Crowkit's eyes with a mother's love. As she warmly favored her black tabby kit who she had named for her ancestor, Crowfeather, she saw a hard feeling in his eyes that was unfamiliar and familiar to her at the same time.

In RiverClan, Bramblehaven was gazing down at her three sleeping kits.

She ran her tongue over the kits' fur. One was a silver she-kit , one was a shimmery gold she-kit, and one was a white tom-kit with black spots. Oh, Echokit, Goldenkit, Spotkit. I will never reveal to you your true family. Bramblehaven thought. She sighed, waking Echokit, who looked at her with a look in her eyes that Bramblehaven saw age-old wisdom in and many other things. Then Echokit sat back down, and Bramblehaven drifted off into sleep.

Chapter One: ThunderClan

Hawkkit trembled with exhilaration and fear as Lilystar called a Clan meeting at the Rockpile. He knew this was it, his apprentice ceremony.

"Lavenderkityou have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lavenderpaw. Your mentor will be Raineye. I hope Raineye will pass down all she knows on to you."

Hawkkit watched as Lavenderpaw stepped up to Raineye, barely hearing the words Lilystar said to her. They touched noses, and Hawkkit almost ran up there himself, he was so excited. Then Lilystar motioned with her tail for him to come up, and he bounded up to the platform. Lilystar said the words of the ceremony, but Hawkpaw did not hear them, he was so enthralled. He touched noses with his new mentor, Hollyclaw, and then Poppykit stepped up. It was her turn now. She bounced up and down. And then Lilystar said something that made Hawkpaw feel as if two badgers had stepped on him at the same time.

"Under special circumstances, Poppypaw will have Shadepelt as her mentor."

Shadepelt?! The deputy? Hawkpaw pondered the idea of it. Then anger overtook his confusion. Why should Poppypaw get to be the deputy's apprentice? I can and I will be a better warrior than her, with or without help.

"Hawkpaw, what are you doing?" Hollyclaw glanced at the ground underneath Hawkpaw's feet. He looked down, and the grass was positively shredded around him. He sheathed his claws, embarrassed.

"Come on, let's go for a hunt." Hawkpaw padded off into the forest with Hollyclaw trailing behind him.

Chapter Two: ShadowClan

Blazingpaw crouched in front of his mentor, Frogleap, and then pounced on a piece of invisible prey as if it were right in front of him.

"Very good for your second time hunting," meowed Frogleap with a father's pride.

"It was okay," Blazingpaw begrudgingly replied. He didn't want to be favored in his hunting. He wanted to work hard to get to the top. It was just his luck to get stuck with his father for a mentor. He stalked up ahead, leaving Frogleap to run to catch to him. He spotted Marshpaw up ahead, who flicked her tail in a greeting. She was holding a vole in her mouth, and dipped her head as he passed. Her mentor, Ravenfall, scrambled to catch up to her. He was also holding a lizard in his mouth.

Blazingpaw sat down at the edge of a creek bed. He sighed, and a frog leaped out of the water onto a lily pad. He crouched low, and then pounced, nipping the frog's spine to kill it.

"Great job," remarked Frogleap. Blazingpaw jumped, his fur spiked up.

"You scared me!" Blazingpaw accusingly looked at Frogleap, who looked up at him apologetically.

"Come on, why don't we go back to camp? I've buried a thrush somewhere around here......" Frogleap looked around, confused. Blazingpaw opened his jaws to scent the air, dropping his frog. He dashed off, and a few heartbeats later, he came back with a muddy thrush.

"Let that be a lesson to you; never bury your prey next to the marsh," remarked Frogleap, his whiskers twitching from his own mistake. They padded back to camp and dropped their prey on the fresh-kill pile, when all of a sudden, they heard a yowl of pain.

"Marshpaw!" meowed Frogleap and Blazingpaw in unison with panicked looks in their eyes. They pelted off towards the direction of the yowl.

Chapter Three: WindClan

"Come on, Crowpaw!! You're on dawn patrol!" exclaimed Pinetrust, her ginger pelt glinting in the sun. Crowpaw lazily got up, mumbling an excuse for oversleeping. The other two cats on the dawn patrol, Birdbracken and Rushpelt, were stretching their legs. The four cats walked off into the forest, their pelts gleaming in the greenleaf light.

Almost immediately after going into the forest, the cats walked off in different directions. The scents of starlings and rabbits were everywhere! Birdbracken and Rushpelt went to the west with their tails intertwined, and Pinetrust and Crowpaw kept walking north.

"They are so going to be mates," remarked Pinetrust airily. "Now what I need you to do before we get back is catch at least two pieces of prey. I'll meet up with you once I'm finished hunting. This forest is just too prey-rich for us to waste time right now. See you soon!" Crowpaw padded off to the east, where he could smell fresh rabbit scent.

It was nibbling on a firm stalk of grass, too oblivious to notice Crowpaw's shadow next to it. When the rabbit finally did notice him, it was too late. Crowpaw pounced on the rabbit and then gave it a killing bite.

"One down, a few more to go." He buried his catch under a shady pine tree. He looked up and noticed another piece of prey, a woodpecker pecking on the tree. Woodpeckers were too rare for Crowpaw to pass up this opportunity. He leaped, and snagged his claws on the wing of the woodpecker, then snapped its neck and gave thanks to StarClan.

"Hey, Crowpaw, are you ready?" It was Birdbracken, Rushpelt, and Pinetrust. They all had prey in their paws.

"Yeah, just let me get my other catch," Crowpaw replied. He retrieved his rabbit, and the cats stalked back to camp. But then Crowpaw stopped suddenly. He opened his jaws to scent the air.

"Fox!" he yowled in alarm, his eyes opened wide. At just that moment, he turned around, and then a great ginger shadow loomed over them.

Chapter Four: RiverClan

"I-I don't know," Featherfoot stammered. She glanced between the two cats, whose eyes glimmered with challenge and determination. One stepped forward, her long golden pelt waving.

"It is my destiny," she snarled.

"Have you ever had any dreams from StarClan?" The other cat, a silver-pelted one, hissed. Then she stopped. An angry silhouette in the doorway walked into the medicine den.

"What is this?" Stormstar glared angrily at the two cats. "Echokit, Goldenkit, explain yourselves."

"Both of them wanted to be the medicine cat apprentice, and I couldn't decide between the two of them!" exclaimed a hassled Featherfoot.

"Ah, I see," meowed Stormstar. "I have seen this in my dreams. Two cats fighting, this dream recurs every night. How will we settle this? Featherfoot, tonight is the half-moon. When you visit the Moonpool, ask StarClan for help. They will most surely give you advice." Stormstar's crooked jaw seemed more twisted in the half-light of the den.

Goldenkit spat at Echokit. "This is not over yet. We'll see about who is the apprentice."

Echokit sighed heavily and padded over to the fresh-kill pile. She dragged out a fish and bit into it with not much of an appetite.

"Heavy heart, eh?" It was Bluespine, the Clan deputy.

"I guess," Echokit replied. The sun was already dimming. It was soon to be the half-moon, where her fate would be decided.

Chapter Five: ThunderClan

"Wait up, Hawkpaw!" Hollyclaw struggled to catch up to him. He was too absorbed in his own anger to notice Hollyclaw. The moment he spotted a mouse, he killed it, not even bothering to bury it.

Today's goal: Catch more prey than Poppypaw. I can catch enough prey to feed the whole Clan. Just because her mentor is Shadepelt doesn't mean she's better than me. By the time Hollyclaw had caught up to Hawkpaw, he had caught two pieces of prey, stacked in a neat pile.

"Hawkpaw, I need to teach you some hunting strategies! You can't just go off killing prey like it's moss and you're a kit! From now on-" Hollyclaw broke off, staring at Hawkpaw's pile of prey. There was a sparrow and a mouse, both neatly killed and hidden behind a fern. He felt his fur heating up, and he wanted to melt into the ferns like his fresh-kill.

"This is amazing! All you need is more proper mentoring, and you'll be the best hunter in the Clan!" Hollyclaw's fur was puffed up with pride. Hawkpaw was about to suggest that she show him the hunting crouch, when Poppypaw and Shadepelt padded up nearby.

Yeah, Poppypaw thinks she's gonna be the best apprentice in the Clan. She's wrong about that. Hawkpaw glared at her.

"Hello, Hawkpaw! Caught anything yet? Shadepelt and I were just about to explore the borders," Poppypaw beamed at him. He bristled in anger, ignoring her. He stalked forward, pushing past her and Shadepelt.

That's enough of them, Hawkpaw thought. Then he stopped. He had an idea! Since he wanted to know what special circumstances Poppypaw became the apprentice of the deputy under....... why not go to the Moonpool to find out? Why not? Tonight was the half moon, and it was already sunhigh!

I can just go with Berrylight, and no one will ever know..... Hawkpaw smiled slyly.

Chapter Six: ShadowClan

Marshpaw sighed. She and Blazingpaw were sharing tongues under the setting sun in the medicine den.

"Don't lick the poultices off!" Fallowspots mewed over her shoulder. She was busy multitasking, making a poultice and eating a frog at the same time.

"I won't!" Blazingpaw looked at Marshpaw. She had fallen off of the Shadow Tree while Ravenfall was showing her how to climb it, dislocating her leg. Fallowspots and Frogleap had set it back into place, but it had not healed properly yet.

"It might not heal properly ever," said Marshpaw with a sad look.

"Of course it will," replied Blazingpaw, pulling through for his sister. "You'll be able to go to the Gathering soon!"

"May all cats old enough to catch a frog gather here underneath the Clanstone," called Meadowstar. "Ravenfall, Marshpaw, come up here." The two cats hopped up there, Marshpaw being supported by her mentor.

"Fallowspots has spoken to me, and Ravenfall, you will no longer be the mentor of Marshpaw." The Clan collectively gasped. "Fallowspots will. Marshpaw has decided to become the new medicine cat apprentice." Meadowstar droned on with more Clan news, but Blazingpaw was no longer listening. He padded over to Marshpaw, who had a forlorn look in her eyes.

"Why did you do this, Marshpaw? What is the reason that you abandoned our kithood dreams of becoming warriors together?" Marshpaw looked at him with pity and sympathy, two things that he did not need. He needed answers.

"Come to the Moonpool with me tonight and you will find out," she whispered. "Tell this to no one. Keep it away from all." Blazingpaw blinked. He would go with his sister to the Moonpool, the place where StarClan could be found.

Chapter Seven: WindClan

Crowpaw raced toward the camp at the speed of a hawk. He had left the others to fight the fox so he could get help. Finally, he entered the camp.

"Sunstar, Sunstar!!" he screeched.

"What is it?"

"There's a fox in the forest, and Birdbracken, Pinetrust, and Rushpelt are fighting it!"

"Dear StarClan.... alright, Harepounce, Calicospot-" Sunstar whirled around at the voice who had cut him off. It was Flyfur.

"I'll go! Watersoul can take care of two more kits for a little bit," she meowed softly.

"Okay, you, Harepounce, Calicospot, Pounce- oh wait, not Pounceleg, anyway, you three go," Sunstar replied. Pounceleg had been injured during a fight with RiverClan a few sunrises ago.

The four cats raced off towards the scent of fox. When they got there, they found that Birdbracken had been badly wounded. The fox was cornering her, but it did not notice Flyfur creeping up behind it. She pounced, and the fox tried to shake her off, but she was holding on too tight.

Then Harepounce leaped with claws extended toward it, and when the fox lunged, Harepounce ducked and rolled, clawing at the ginger underbelly of the huge creature.

Flyfur took this opportunity to climb further up onto the fox, toward its face. She scratched its muzzle fiercely, and then Pinetrust appeared behind the fox. She bit its tail at the base, causing the fox to leap in pain, and flee. Flyfur jumped off of it, and Harepounce re-appeared.

"Come on, let's get Birdbracken back to camp." All the cats had a few wounds each. Pinetrust had a long scratch down her side, Rushpelt's ear was bleeding, and Harepounce had a few leg wounds. Even Crowpaw had a few cuts, as the fox had managed to get its claws on him as he ran away.

At sunhigh, (they had come back at climbing-sun) Crowpaw heard an earsplitting wail. It was Rushpelt. Crowpaw dashed over to the medicine den, to find that Birdbracken had died.

"I'm sorry, Birdbracken," he murmured. "It was my fault. I guess I didn't come back in time." He sighed.

As the sun began to set, he realized that tonight was the half-moon. He would go to the Moonpool! He could ask StarClan why this had happened, and they could give him answers. It was a great idea.

Chapter Eight: RiverClan

Featherfoot picked up a bundle of leaves and tied them to a large stick with a blade of grass. She would be staying at the Moonpool overnight, as she would need to speak to StarClan for as long as she could.

"Need any help, Featherfoot? I just want to prepare for when I become your apprentice." Goldenkit shot a sly look at her sister, Echokit, who glared at her in rage.

"Uh, no thanks. But I think that Whiskertwitch might have a story to tell you."

"Fine." Just then, as Goldenkit was preparing to leave the medicine den, Stormstar called a Clan meeting at the Great Log.

"Spotkit, you have reached the age of six moons."

Echokit gasped. It was Spotkit's apprentice ceremony.

"Your mentor will be-"

"Wait!" The Clan gasped. Spotpaw had just interrupted the Clan leader! "How come my sisters aren't being apprenticed?"

"Yes, I was just getting to that; you see, both of your sisters would like to be the medicine apprentice, so Featherfoot will journey to the Moonpool tonight to find out."

"Oh," Spotpaw replied.

"Anyway, your mentor will be Graypelt. May he pass on to you everything that he has learned."

The Clan cheered Spotpaw's name, and Echokit turned back to Featherfoot.

She couldn't wait to find out her destiny.

Then she had an idea. She could sneak along with Featherfoot to the Moonpool.

It was settled.

Chapter Nine: ThunderClan

Hawkpaw yawned as the sun disappeared slowly behind the mountains.

No, I have to stay awake, he thought, envisioning himself sleeping at the Moonpool. He nabbed a bird from the fresh-kill pile to make himself full before the trip. Then he noticed that Berrylight was out of his den, so Hawkpaw quickly slunk in there and grabbed what he thought were traveling herbs. Immediately, his stomach began to churn, but he pushed the feeling away.

Then he saw Berrylight turning from the camp to leave. He took action and asked Lilystar if he could take a  long walk to clear his head. Then he immdiately began to follow Berrylight. He kept in close proximity of the cream tom, but was sneaky. 

He was determined to find out about Poppypaw. But as he walked behind the medicine cat, he started to daydream, losing track of where he was. He had soon wandered off into a clearing.

The clearing was large, with a big pool in the middle that was reflecting all of the stars in Silverpelt. Even though it was dark, he felt as if he was somehow connected with StarClan. Hawkpaw snapped out of his trance.

This was it. This was the Moonpool. He started to creep forward, when he heard the sound of a cat's panting behind him. He slowly turned around, desperate but afraid to look. Suddenly, he felt bile rise in his throat, and unable to control it, he threw up in a bush.

Chapter Ten: ShadowClan

Blazingpaw was just as shocked to see another cat in front of him. He thought he was the only one in this spot! Maybe it was another cat ready to tell on him and get him punished. Then the cat vomited.

"How much yarrow did you eat?" asked Blazingpaw.

"Oh, it was yarrow. Oops. Wait, who are you?" said the cat.

"I was just about to ask the same thing. I'm Blazingpaw," Blazingpaw suddenly recognized ThunderClan scent on the cat.

"I'm Hawkpaw, from ThunderClan."

"I knew it!"

"Why are you here?"

"Um, well, my sister, the medicine apprentice, said she would tell me something here," replied Blazingpaw, not wanting to give too much away.

"Oh, I'm... uh...... I need to ask StarClan a question." Hawkpaw blushed.

"Oh. Wh-" 

The two cats heard a small rustling sound in the reeds. They immediately ran for cover, but from their hding spots, they saw a dark pelt. A small, scrawny, WindClan tom.

"Who are you?" Blazingpaw snarled, his pelt bushed up intimidatingly.

Chapter Eleven: WindClan

Crowpaw rolled his eyes. He had scented the two cats before they even saw him.

"I'm Crowpaw. Get out of my way."

"Oh, you want a fight, Crowpaw?" The dark gray tom snarled.

"No! Just please get out of my way, the meeting's starting!"

The three whirled around and began to slink very swiftly towards the medicine cats. But just then , they caught sight of a silvery pelt, shimmering in the darkness.

"I'm Echokit," she hissed, although she looked way older. "My apprenticeship was delayed because my sister also wanted to become the medicine apprentice, so our medicine cat is going to find out tonight."

Finally, the cats reached a secluded side of the Moonpool. They sat down, gazing into the starry pool of water, where they could see their own shimmering reflections as if they were there in StarClan.

Crowpaw slumped down onto his belly, and stretched out his tongue to get a sip of water. He reached it, and the water tasted like StarClan.

That was the last thing he thought before he fell asleep.

Chapter Twelve: RiverClan

Echokit plunged into a StarClan dream.

"I am Mistystar, a long-ago leader of your Clan," a feminine voice rasped.

"Am I-"

"You'll soon find out. I must pass this message on to you first. It comes from the first leaders of the Clans. StarClan needs your help. That is all I can tell you."

Echokit sighed, but barely had enough time to breathe in again before everything went dark.

Visions of the Clans fighting passed before her eyes, while a chorus of voices said in unison:

"Four cats, four Clans, united they stand. They will fulfill the final prophecy. The fierce Hawk, the powerful Blaze, the clever Crow, and the curious Echo will listen to the last words of Silverpelt."

"What?" Echokit's mind had been set ablaze by all the confusing ideas, but somehow, her mind remembered the lines. "It must have been a prophecy!"

Then Echokit was sent into a final dream. She was hiding in the tall grasses of a bog, listening to two cats' conversation.

"The apprentice will be the echo you find in your mind. Just follow your golden heart and listen to what they say."

"Deep down in my mind, I have decided. Deep down, the right choice is Echokit."

"You have made a wise choice, Featherfoot."

"Goodbye, Mistystar."

Chapter Thirteen: ThunderClan

My father? Hawkpaw blinked, still not getting over the news. And a prophecy on my shoulders too?

He shook his head.

He had been visited by a past leader, Lionstar, who had told him.

Shadepelt was his father. Redleaf had asked to have him mentor Poppypaw because they looked alike.

It's impossible! Hawkpaw slumped down against a tree, only to be startled by a loud, indignant mew.

"I can't believe it! Just like Cinderpelt, she says. An amazing cat, she says. She'll help me with the prophecy, she says. Suuuure. Next she'll be wanting to join ThunderClan!"

"Hey I'm right here, you know," said Hawkpaw, getting to his feet.

Blazingpaw continued to ignore him and continued to rant.

"HEY!" Blazingpaw spun around. "I recieved the prophecy too."

"Really?" Blazingpaw was frozen in shock.

"Really. I can quote it too. Four cats, four Clans, unit-" Hawkpaw continued to murmur behind Blazingpaw's tail.

"Shhhh! I think Crowpaw and Echokit are coming, surely they hadn't gotten it?"

"There was a prophecy!" The hisses came from behind a tree. Blazingpaw and Hawkpaw looked at each other.

"We got it too. I- I think the Blaze, the Hawk, the Crow, and the Echo"

Chapter Fourteen: WindClan

"Us?" Crowpaw had a confused look in his eyes.

"Yeah, that's our prefixes." Echokit stepped out into the light. She continued to chat with Hawkpaw, while Blazingpaw tuned out the sound.

Stupid Marshpaw, always ruining everything, he thought.

His sister had abandoned the thought of being a warrior for being a medicine cat. 

Just then, she came running up. Blazingpaw turned away.

"Sometimes we have to act differently to hide the pain," she gently meowed. "I'm sorry, and I know you wanted me to become a warrior, but... I can't. I'll never be." Tears began to fill her eyes. "I only acted that way because Fallowspots-" She broke off, a sob choking her.

Blazingpaw turned around, desperate to help. "Marshpaw, it's okay. I forgive you. I just.... I don't know, I guess I was just upset because we can't grow up together as warriors anymore."

Marshpaw smiled tearily. "I forgive you too. I wish that Emberfur was still alive though."


"Just after you left. Emberfur contracted a sickness. We're calling it swiftcough. She came into our den, coughing terribly, and then she started to cough up blood. Then she died. I didn't know how to save her."

"Marshpaw, it'll be alright. She's in StarClan, waiting for us."

Chapter Fifteen: WindClan

Crowpaw looked around. Nothing much was happening.

Hawkpaw and Echokit were talking about the prophecy. Blazingpaw and a she-cat were having some kind of sappy reunion that involved a lot of crying, and...

Oh yeah! Birdbracken was still alive!

It turned out that she had been cheating on Rushpelt with another tom, Ravenfall of ShadowClan. She confessed to Rushpelt, which explained where that anguished scream came from. He had brought her out of the camp, forever to be hidden from Sunstar's anger.

Crowpaw wondered what would happen now, now that the four cats were joined together by some mystical prophecy.

He glanced up at the dark sky, the moon beginning to show itselfitself through the trees. It was a beautiful moonrise.


"Guys! We have to leave!" All the apprentices glanced up to the moonlit sky and began to run back into the brush.

"Wait," meowed Echokit. "Be careful. We should meet every other moonhigh while our Clans are asleep."

"Ok," agreed the cats. Then they split up and began to pad home.

Chapter Sixteen: RiverClan

Echokit walked back to the RiverClan camp slowly, contemplating StarClan's desicion.

Suddenly, a ghostly being appeared in front of her. It had an aura about it, not a good one, but one of evil.

"You were not meant to see that vision," it hissed. "This was not your desti-"

Again, a light-filled cat appeared, but this time a different one- Mistystar!

"Stop it, Breezepelt! This young kit has nothing to fear. The visons were meant for her!" Mistystar growled and pushed away the bad cat.

"Th-thank you, Mistystar," said Echokit, in awe.

"It is StarClan's job to drive away outsiders," replied Mistystar, bowing her head.

"But who was that cat?" asked Echokit, starting to walk swiftly again.

"Oh," Mistystar began walking along. "He was a warrior of WindClan when I was leader of RiverClan, and he often caused trouble. He eventually joined the Dark Forest."

"Thanks again." Echokit smiled, and Mistystar faded away.

She was almost back to camp, so she sprinted faster, stepping lighter so that she wouldn't be heard. RiverClan was asleep. Echokit snuck back into the nursery and into her nest, and fell silently asleep.

Chapter Seventeen: ThunderClan - Epilogue

Hawkpaw grinned. Almost two moons had passed since the four had learned of the prophecy. They had met every other moonrise since then in a secluded spot 

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