This is the allegiances to The Final Hurdle, if you haven't read the story, click the link. :)


Leader: Emberstar - orange tabby she-cat with black ears, paws, and tail-tip, and amber eyes, formerly of LeafClan

Deputy: Mudfoot - white tom with brown patches, and a black, twisted front right paw, formerly of LeafClan

Apprentice, Flashpaw

Medicine Cats: Flowerfall - white she-cat with gray shapes like petals over her fur, formerly of LeafClan

Apprentice, Gustpaw

Honeyshine - golden-furred she-cat, formerly of BranchClan

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Gustpaw - spike-furred white she-cat, formerly of LeafClan

Warriors: Formerly of LeafClan:

Swiftleap - black-and-white tom

Sorrelburr - gray-and-brown tabby she-cat

Whitepetal - white she-cat

Apprentice, Streampaw

Ashdust - gray tabby tom with black flecks, and blue eyes

Pricklegorse - spike-furred brown tabby tom

Sharpsun - large ginger tom

Hopefire - white she-cat with ginger-tipped fur ends

Mistfur - blue-gray she-cat

Mouseleaf - brown-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Shrewstep - dark brown tom with green eyes

Shadefire - black she-cat with blue eyes

Windswift - sleek light brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Birchsnow - gray-and-white tabby tom

Mountainfoot - spike-furred brown tabby tom with white fur-tips

Formerly of BranchClan:

Seedgorse - pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Rainsweptpaw

Grassdew - brown tabby tom with green eyes

Hawktalon - big, dark brown tabby tom

Shellfur - thick-furred, dappled gray tom with blue eyes

Shredshadow - scarred, light gray tom with patches of missing fur, and black ears


Streampaw - blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes, formerly of LeafClan

Flashpaw - bright ginger tom with a white-tipped tail, formerly of LeafClan

Rainsweptpaw - dark brown tabby she-cat with light blue eyes, formerly of BranchClan


Featherdrift - silver tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, formerly of LeafClan, mother of Mottlefur's kits: Perchkit, Brindlekit, and Mottlekit

Fallowbreeze - light brown she-cat with green eyes, formerly of LeafClan, mother of Shrewstep's kits: Breezekit and Stepkit

Bumblebriar - dark ginger she-cat with black stripes, formerly of BranchClan, mother of Grassdew's kits: Flintkit and Fleetkit

Kits: Formerly of LeafClan:

Perchkit - black tom with green eyes

Brindlekit - silver tabby she-cat

Mottlekit - thick-furred, black tom with white streaks, and icy blue eyes

Breezekit - brown tabby tom

Stepkit - dark brown she-cat with white paws and legs

Formerly of BranchClan:

Flintkit - dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes

Fleetkit - very pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Elders: Quickbreeze - old, scarred pale ginger she-cat with yellow eyes, formerly of LeafClan


Leader: Fallingstar - light brown she-cat with ginger patches

Deputy: Breezefur - black tom with tufted white ear tips

Medicine Cat: Brownclaw - dark brown tabby tom with lighter brown chest and paws

Warriors: Shardthorn - golden tom with pitch-black patches

Fernfire - dark gray tabby she-cat

Squirrelheart - dark ginger she-cat

Beechsand - pale ginger tom with very dark brown paws, tail-tip, ears, and chest

Hollyheart - black, spike-furred she-cat with leaf-green eyes

Blackfang - night-black tom with amber eyes


Lakestream - gray she-cat with blue eyes, formerly of LeafClan

Mottlefur - black tom with white streaks, formerly of LeafClan

Rubblefall - pale gray tom with darker gray patches, formerly of LeafClan

Thunderbirch - brown tabby tom with a fluffy, bright ginger tail, formerly of LeafClan

Jaysong - gray tabby tom with blue eyes, formerly deputy of BranchClan

Ravenwing - pitch-black tom, former deputy of LeafClan

Clawstar - small, long-furred white tom with very dark amber eyes, formerly of BranchClan

Thornflight - light brown tabby she-cat with a dark brown spine, former medicine cat of BranchClan

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