My third fan fic today and my third fan fic in total. Enjoy my suckish writing--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 23:25, January 30, 2010 (UTC)

Part One

The body lay mangled on the center of the camp floor. Grieving friends of Brindleface surronded her, among the terror that engulfed the whole clan in fear. Whitestorm walked in the entrance of the camp, with Mousefur and Cloudtail. Both ran to find out the gruesome details of her passing, but Whitestorm stood behind. He couldn't move, he couldn't breathe. Brindleface... gone. He ran into the woods, grief making him shake out of control. He knew who did this, he had scented him. Tigerstar had done this. Tigerstar had caused this pain. He had run as far as the Sunningrocks, collasping on the cool stones. It was moon-high, surely. He was having trouble breathing... And then the message was clear. He had to fight against Tigerstar. Fight against any force on his side. His clan must come forth victorious. The Fierce Sorrow inside his heart would not overcome him.

Part Two

"Thunderclan, charge!" yelled Firestar, setting off a battle cry that deafened the whole forest. Whitestorm joined the fray, but saw a young Shadowclan apprentice being held down by Bone. "NO!" Whitestorm screeched as he knocked over the viscous enemy. "Go!" he commanded to the terrified young cat. He could be no older than 8 moons, he didn't have to be sent to Starclan without a warrior name. Whitestorm was strong, but the enemy wanted Whitestorm dead, and was willing to make it happen. He clawed his face, and bit his neck for a killing bite. Whitestorm slumped down, slowly preparing for Starclan, for Brindleface. "Whitestorm! Whitestorm, who did this to you?" asked his great leader, Firestar. Whitestorm turned his head to see Bone surrendering under an attack of several apprentices. He nodded towards his limp body.
"We can get Cinderpelt. We can get-" began Firestar.
"No." Whitestorm said firmly. "Starclan calls for me, and no herb of any kind will help."
"But who will be my deputy?" inquired his leader.
"Look inside your heart. Graystripe is who you want as your deputy and always wanted as your deputy. He is your greatest friend." answered Whitestorm, his voice breaking under the pressure of his pain.
A familiar she-cat glided down from the stars, with a motherly white cat following, trailing a little she-kit, who stumbled behind them. "Whitestorm." said the first she-cat. He looked up at her face and said "Brindleface. Oh, I have missed you!" Brindleface simply looked at him and said, "Come, my mate, into Starclan. We await you." He nodded, and followed his mate, his mother, and his cousin to their ancestors.
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