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Wind clan

Leader: Mossstar - dark brown tabby tom with deep green eyes. Apprentice: Blazepaw

Deputy: Thornflower - a brown and white she-cat with blue eyes. Apprenice: Nightpaw

Medicine cat: Sunspeaker - a golden tabby tom with green eyes. Apprentice: Mintpaw.


Hawkstalker - a small white tom with black paws and ears and amber eyes.

Dawnflower - a silver she-cat with dark tabby stripes on her back and green eyes.

Rainstorm - a grey tabby tom with blue eyes. 

Spottedeyes - a light brown she-cat with grey/green flecked eyes. Apprentice: Bumblepaw

Runningpath - a black tom with blue eyes and good speed. 

Sunpelt - golden she-cat with amber eyes. Appentice: Ashpaw

Shadowclaw - Smoky-grey tabby tom.

Otterpelt - a Dark brown (almost black) tabby tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Jamsinepaw

Molepelt - a brown-and-cream tom.


Blazepaw - a golden tabby tom with deep green eyes.

Mintpaw - grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Ashpaw - a light golden/grey tabby tom with darker stripes and bright green eyes

Jasminepaw - golden she-cat with white paws and tail tip and green eyes.

Bumblepaw - dark golden tabby tom with amber eyes.

Nightpaw - smokey grey tom with green eyes.


Cherryblossem - ginger she-cat with green eyes. (mother of Foxkit and Dusk-kit)


Foxkit - reddish tom with white paws and chest.

Dusk-kit - brown tabby she-kit with blue eyes and cream paws, muzzle, tail tip and chest.


Wildsky - tortishell she-cat with amber eyes

Mudfoot - A brown ginger tabby tom with dark paws and sliver eyes.

Water Clan

Leader: Froststar - a blue tabby tom with grey eyes

Deputy: Runningdrop - a long-fur grey tom with intense blue eyes Apprentice: Stonepaw

Medicine Cat: Liliypond - a white she-cat with green eyes


Echoclaw - a black and white she-cat with amber eyes

Cloudstep - a smoky-grey tabby tom with blue eyes Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Rivertail - a grey and white tabby tom with amber eyes and a long tail.

Drizzlepelt - a long-fur brown and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Hallowfall - a white tom with grey eyes

Greythorn - a smoky-grey tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws.

Twigclaw - a light brown tabby tim with green eyes. Apprentice: Mistypaw


Stonepaw - a white tom with grey eyes

Swiftpaw - a black and white she-cat with blue eyes

Mistypaw - a sliver tabby she-cat with green eyes


Silverheart - a silver and white she-cat with green eyes (carring Cloudstep's kits)

Streamsong - a blue she-cat with amber eyes (carring Twigclaw's kits)

Larkwing - a brown she-cat with amber eyes (carring Rivertail's kits)




Windriver - a black tom with green eyes

Sweetbird - a smoky-grey she-cat with green eyes

Iceclaw - a blue tom with blue eyes

Fire clan

Leader: Flamestar - a ginger and white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Blazeheart - a red muscular tom.

Medicine Cat: Gentalspark - a brown tabby tom with soft amber eyes Apprentice: Amberpaw


Gingerfoot - a white she-cat with ginger paws.

Lionstorm - a golden tom with blue eyes Apprentice: Adderpaw

Coalpelt - a black and white tom with amber eyes

Brightspots - a red and white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Redscar - a ginger tabby with blue eyes Apprentice: Emeraldpaw

Tangleclaw - a big golden tabby tom with green eyes

Runningflame - a tortieshell she-cat with green eyes Apprentice: Littlepaw

Nightglow - a black tom with white paws and muzzle

Leafjump - a white and brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Adderpaw - a red and white tom with blue eyes

Amberpaw - a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and soft amber eyes

Emeraldpaw - a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes

Littlepaw - a small red tabby tom with blue eyes


Poppywhisker - a red-brown tabby she-cat with a white chest green eyes. (mother of Tigerkit, Shiningkit, Flamekit and Cherrykit)

Emberheart - a light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. (carring Coalpelt's kits)


Tigerkit - a red-brown tabby tom with a white under-belly amber eyes

Shiningkit - a brown tom with green eyes

Flamekit - a big red tom with green eyes

Cherrykit - a red tabby she-cat with amber eyes




Chasingwind - Silver she-cat with a blue chest and wind swrils on her fave and sides. Wind holder.

Leapingfire - a bright ginger tom with golden fire markings on his face and sides with amber eyes. Fire holder.



There will be one with the power of fate in their paws, 'death or life', its their choice.

Some important quotes

'Good bye my fair fate holder' - Chasingwinds to the Fate holder

'Its a hard decision for such a young cat. Life and death, who to live? Who to die?' - Leapingfire to Poppypaw

The Fate Holder


The night was silent. Only the sounds of crickets echoed off the trees and through the soft breeze that danced through the moon-lit air. Deeper within the forest, a young she-cat padded in circals nervously. She seemed alone and her pelt prickled at any noise. There were no stars in the sky and the moon barely visible through the trees. All was dark. Hiding in the brush a tom lay in wait, watching the she-cats movements and puzzled looks. "You shouldn't be here." The she-cat whipped around to face the bush that spoke. "Who is there?" The tom revealed himself and stood a fox-tail away.

"Just a curious visiter. What are you doing on Fire grounds Wind Holder?"

"Waiting." The she-cat relaxed 

"For what?"

"The fate holder." The tom chuckled and sat down.

"You can't be serious! That is just a myth, you wind holders really must be as crazy as they say!" The she-cat's fur raised. "Who are you to judge me?" The tom chuckled again. 

"The name's Leapingflames, you?" The she-cat was hesitant. "And you?" He repeated.

"Changingwinds." The two cats fell silent for a second and looked at eachother. 

"I have seen you around here, you are always looking for something. I could never guess what but now I know." Changingwinds sighed. "You know this area, could you help me?"

"Why not, I'm guessing you will want to go to the edge of the forest. Thats were most myths are said to have happened." Leapingflames stood up and flicked his tail to signal Changingwids to follow. The cats ran together dodging trees, bushes, roots until the forest thinned out to reveal flat openland. In the distance was a bright light that started to get closer and closer. They sighed in wonder and then looked at eachother. "Thank you." Changingwinds licked Leapingflames cheak and walked towards the floating bubble. Leapingflames chased after her. "I'm sorry, I thought it was a myth. This is just-"

"-Its amazing. I know." The she-cat popped the bubble and a small glowing kit landed at their paws. Awaking the kit, Leapingflame gently moved the kit towards Changingwinds. "Here." She smiled at the small bundle of fur and look back up. "I wish I had kits, they are just adorable."

"Why don't you?" Changingwinds laughed.

"Haven't met the right tom." Infront of them a portal began to open. "Its time, you may do it if you like." Leapingflames picked up they kit and walked over to the portal. The brightness burned his eyes and they had to ajdust before he finally lay the kit down. He licked the top of its head and whispered quietly into its ear. "Now don't go forgetting us. You have a powerful role. When you are ready, we will help you." Changingwinds licked the kits head and then closed the portal. A flash of light beamed up into the dark night sky and then all was quiet. The cats looked at eachother and smiled. "Thank you Leapingflames." They walked back into the forest and the night was silent. Only the sounds of crickets echoed off the trees and through the soft breeze that danced through the moon-lit air. The night may be the same, but the world had changed.

Chapter 1

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