Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

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Wind clan

Leader: Mossstar - dark brown tabby tom with deep green eyes. Apprentice: Blazepaw

Deputy: Thornflower - a brown and white she-cat with blue eyes. Apprenice: Nightpaw

Medicine cat: Sunspeaker - a golden tabby tom with green eyes. Apprentice: Mintpaw.


Hawkstalker - a small white tom with black paws and ears and amber eyes.

Dawnflower - a silver she-cat with dark tabby stripes on her back and green eyes.

Rainstorm - a grey tabby tom with blue eyes. 

Spottedeyes - a light brown she-cat with grey/green flecked eyes. Apprentice: Bumblepaw

Runningpath - a black tom with blue eyes and good speed. 

Sunpelt - golden she-cat with amber eyes. Appentice: Ashpaw

Shadowclaw - Smoky-grey tabby tom.

Otterpelt - a Dark brown (almost black) tabby tom with blue eyes. Apprentice: Jamsinepaw

Molepelt - a brown-and-cream tom.


Blazepaw - a golden tabby tom with deep green eyes.

Mintpaw - grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Ashpaw - a light golden/grey tabby tom with darker stripes and bright green eyes

Jasminepaw - golden she-cat with white paws and tail tip and green eyes.

Bumblepaw - dark golden tabby tom with amber eyes.

Nightpaw - smokey grey tom with green eyes.


Cherryblossem - ginger she-cat with green eyes. (mother of Foxkit and Dusk-kit)


Foxkit - reddish tom with white paws and chest.

Dusk-kit - brown tabby she-kit with blue eyes and cream paws, muzzle, tail tip and chest.


Wildsky - tortishell she-cat with amber eyes

Mudfoot - A brown ginger tabby tom with dark paws and sliver eyes.

Water Clan

Leader: Froststar - a blue tabby tom with grey eyes

Deputy: Runningdrop - a long-fur grey tom with intense blue eyes Apprentice: Stonepaw

Medicine Cat: Liliypond - a white she-cat with green eyes


Echoclaw - a black and white she-cat with amber eyes

Cloudstep - a smoky-grey tabby tom with blue eyes Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Rivertail - a grey and white tabby tom with amber eyes and a long tail.

Drizzlepelt - a long-fur brown and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Hallowfall - a white tom with grey eyes

Greythorn - a smoky-grey tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws.

Twigclaw - a light brown tabby tim with green eyes. Apprentice: Mistypaw


Stonepaw - a white tom with grey eyes

Swiftpaw - a black and white she-cat with blue eyes

Mistypaw - a sliver tabby she-cat with green eyes


Silverheart - a silver and white she-cat with green eyes (carring Cloudstep's kits)

Streamsong - a blue she-cat with amber eyes (carring Twigclaw's kits)

Larkwing - a brown she-cat with amber eyes (carring Rivertail's kits)




Windriver - a black tom with green eyes

Sweetbird - a smoky-grey she-cat with green eyes

Iceclaw - a blue tom with blue eyes

Fire clan

Leader: Flamestar - a ginger and white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Deputy: Blazeheart - a red muscular tom.

Medicine Cat: Gentalspark - a brown tabby tom with soft amber eyes Apprentice: Amberpaw


Gingerfoot - a white she-cat with ginger paws.

Lionstorm - a golden tom with blue eyes Apprentice: Adderpaw

Coalpelt - a black and white tom with amber eyes

Brightspots - a red and white tabby she-cat with green eyes

Redscar - a ginger tabby with blue eyes Apprentice: Emeraldpaw

Tangleclaw - a big golden tabby tom with green eyes

Runningflame - a tortieshell she-cat with green eyes Apprentice: Littlepaw

Nightglow - a black tom with white paws and muzzle

Leafjump - a white and brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Adderpaw - a red and white tom with blue eyes

Amberpaw - a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and soft amber eyes

Emeraldpaw - a golden tabby she-cat with green eyes

Littlepaw - a small red tabby tom with blue eyes


Poppywhisker - a red-brown tabby she-cat with a white chest green eyes. (mother of Tigerkit, Shiningkit, Flamekit and Cherrykit)

Emberheart - a light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. (carring Coalpelt's kits)


Tigerkit - a red-brown tabby tom with a white under-belly amber eyes

Shiningkit - a brown tom with green eyes

Flamekit - a big red tom with green eyes

Cherrykit - a red tabby she-cat with amber eyes




Chasingwind - Silver she-cat with a blue chest and wind swrils on her fave and sides. Wind holder.

Leapingfire - a bright ginger tom with golden fire markings on his face and sides with amber eyes. Fire holder.



There will be one with the power of fate in their paws, 'death or life, its their choice for every living thing around them.

Some important quotes

'Good bye my fair fate holder' - Chasingwinds to the Fate holder

'Its a hard decision for such a young cat. Life and death, who to live? Who to die?' - Leapingfire to Poppypaw

The Fate Holder

A young she-cat padded around in circals nervously. She was thought to be alone, but her pelt prickled whenever a noise came. There were no stars in the sky, neither a moon. All was dark. Where is it? It should be here. A tom came from the bushes and the young she-cat jumped. 'You shouldn't be here.' The she-cat nodded showing that she heard him.

'I know. I'm waiting.'

'For what.' The she-cat stopped walking andturned to the tom.

'I'm waiting for the Fate Holder's spirit.' The tom looked confused. He had never heard of a cat that believed in the myth of the fate holder. 'The Fate holder in carried through the winds and in this generation of Thunerclan kits, I will make it born to the real world.'

'Who are you?' The tom stood up and walked over to the she-cat who was now sitting.

'Me? Changingwinds. I'm a wind holder.' The tom sat right next to Changingwinds.

'I'm Leapingfire. A fire holder.' Changingwinds looked at Leapingfire and saw the flame markings on his sides and face. Leapingfire did the same with Changingwinds, she had beautiful silver wind markings around her eyes and cheeks. 'So when does the Fate holder come?' Changingwinds looked away from Leapingfire and into the forest infront of her.

'It should come soon. I have studied it for the past 250 years. Carrying on my parents studies of couse. This is the last change for it to be born. There are only 1 every 50 years but no cat has bothered to born it.' just then a wind came from the forest. 'It is near!' she squeked in excitement! Leapingfire looked around and saw a bright light. 'Changeingwinds? do you know it will be born?'

'Yes it will be. In the real world, there is a queen in labor, one of her kits will be the first fate holder.' The bright light came closer and the two cats gasped. It wa more beautiful that what the myth described it as. The light dimmed and a small kit was restingin a bubble. 'The fate holder!' It came closer to Changeingwinds and Leapingfire. The bubble popped and the kit lay in the floor. Changingwinds licked the kit on the head and it lookged up at her.

'Young fate holder, This is your last to be born. Do you wish to do that?' It nodded and looked at Leapingfire then at Changingwinds.

'Are you my parents?' Leapingfire was suprised by its question.

'No,but youwill have some soon.' Leapingflames licked the kit on the head. 'Sleep now,then wake up in the real world.' It fell asleep and Changingwinds opened a portal.

'Good bye my fair, fate holder.' Changingwinds lifted the kit and dropped it down into the portal. It shut the moment the kit was gone and it when pitch black.

'We need to go now.' Changingwinds looked at leapingfire with tears in her eyes.

'Oh do i wish that The fate holder was my kit. So innocent and small.' Leapingfire wrapped his tail around Changingwinds.

'Mabye you will have kits. I know you will be a great queen.' Changingwinds nodded and started walking away with leapingfire. Oh how I wish that kit was mine to. Mine and hers. They left the forest the way Changeingwinds found it. Cold, quite and empty.

Chapter 1 - My first day

I was laying in my nest and could feel my mother's and brother's pelts brush against mine. I could also feel my brother trying to push me away to get our mohers milk. 'Oh Cherryblossem, I'm so proud of you! Our kits are beautiful!' That must of been my father. I squeked to sho him that I was listening and he just purred. 'Thank you. I think of nameing them now since your here. What can you think of?' There was a silence.

'I know what I want to name the tom. He looks alot like you I have to say, but how about Gingerkit? Foxkit? Duck-kit?' Mother laughted.

'I like Foxkit. Where did you get Duck-kit? that is very unique. mabye if we have another litter we could have duck-kit. But what about the she-kit?' She was talking about me! I squeked again and they both chuckled. 'She looks alot like you. How about Pinekit? Birdkit? Black-kit?'

What about Brownkit? or Beaverkit? mabye Treekit, nettlekit or Mudkit?' Another cat came in and I could feel his eyes burn into the fur on my pelt.

'Cherryblossem, Otterpelt.' The cat had a deep, rough voice but also wise.

'Bramblestar.' Both my parents answered.

'Are you naming your kits? I see that you can't think of one for this kit. May I help?'

'Of course!'

'How about Poppykit?' I think my mother looked at me and then at their, no, my leader.

'Perfect! thank you.' Mother licked my brothers head and then mine. She whispered to me, 'Sleep well my fair Poppykit.' I felt a bolt hit me. I remember that comment from somewhere. But I couldn't put my tail on it. I didn't want to listen to them anymore and I fell into a deep sleep, my first in this world.

... 5 moons later...

I woke up with a paw gabbing into my side. 'Ow!' I leaped up and I saw my brother staring at me with happness. Wait a minute... I can see!

'Yay you're awake!'

'Thanks to you'

'I know.' My brother had red fur and white paws and chest. His eyes were blue but looked like they were going green. 'So what do you want to do?'

'Sleep.' I flopped back down next to mother and wrapped my tail around me. Everything when quite. That wasn't right, my brother was ever so loud. I opened my eyes and couldn't she him. 'Foxkit? Where are y...'

'Suprise attack!' Foxkit yelled as he leapped onto my back as I screamed.

'Foxkit!' We both turned around and mother was standing up, tail lashing. We gulped.

'Yes mother?' He said with his eyes wide and his head resting on mine.

'What do you think your doing? You nearly woke up all the queens!' Foxkit and I turned around a full circal and saw the other queens sleeping. Some pregnat, some with their kits.

'Sorry mother,' I started to apolgize. 'Its my fault, I screamed.' Mother picked us up by the scruffs and lay us down next to her. She started licking me and Foxkit's head and back. 'Mooommm.' We both moaned. She looked at us with a hint of 'shut-up-and-stay-still' look. We both stopped and just lay there. This is so fun I thought sarcasticly. Then the others slowly woke up and started to pad around the den. 'There, all nice and clean. No go and meet some of the other kits.' Foxkit nodded.

'Come on Poppykit! Lets go see the others!' We scamped off and bumped into a tall she-cat.

'Woah there young kits.' Here voice sounded as sweet as honey. 'Were are you going?'

'Were not young! We are 5 moons old! But me and Poppykit what to meet the other kits!' Foxkit was leaping up and down with excitment.

'Well come and meet mine. Jasminekit! Bumblekit! Nightkit!' Three kits that looked 1 moon older than us came running over. One was a golden she-kit with faint tabby stripes and green eyes; another was a golden tom with black tabby stripes and had dark amber eyes and the last kit was a jet black tom with green eyes. 'Yes mother?' The she-kit asked.

'Jasminekit, Bumblekit, Nightkit this is... what are your names?'

'I'm Poppykit and my brother here is Foxkit.'

'Right, Jasminekit, Bumblekit, Nightkit this is Poppykit and Foxkit. You go off and show these two around camp. Okay?'

'Sure!' The three kits said in unison and they lead us out the den.

Chapter 2 - The clan

The sun shone right into our eyes. The light burned so I quickly closed them. 'Is it always this bright outside?' Nightkit and Bumblekit chuckled. The went quite when Jasminkit glared at the and then looked at me with friendly eyes.

'No, Poppykit. Not always, its Sun-rise. One of the four seasons. The others are Leaf-rise, Leaf-fall and Snow-fall.' I glared at Bumblekit and Nightkit who just looked at me with a look that said 'what-you-looking-at?' 'Where can we go first! Can we go to the warriors den? No Can we go to the leaders den? No can we-'

'Were gonna go to all of them Foxkit.'

'oh.' I didn't like how the tom-kits were treating us, they were really mean but i tried to ignore them. Jasminkitst just flicked her tail at her brothers and just started to walk to the apprentices den. 'As you can see here, this is the apprentices den.'

'Yeah. Were gonna sleep in there tonight!'

'What do you mean? Your kits.' Bumblekit sneered at Foxkit and nudged his brother's shoulder.

'Look here Nightkit, Foxkit doesn't understand the term, 6 moons old! ha!' Nightkit just gave a small laugh but look as if he didn't like his brothers behavior.

'Right thats it Bumblekit! I'm telling mum your being mean!' Jasminkit ran back to the nursary. Bumblekit paniced and followed Jasminkit.

'Not if I stop you!' Foxkit, Nightkit and I looked at each other.

'So. What now?' Nightkit just sighed and looked inside the apprentices den.

'I guess we just keep going on with the tour. Right lets go see the warriors den.' My brother squeled with deight. The warriors den was hugh. On the outside though. A Warrior padded out and looked at the kits. 'Dad!' Nightkit leaped at the tom and he fell right into the dust as his father moved. He looked up suprised and turned to face his father. 'Nightkit thats not approrate behavior for a soon to be apprentice.' Nightkit looked athis paws.


'-Sorry wat?

'Sorry Shadowclaw.' At that note Shadowclaw padded towards the fresh kill pile leaving Nightkit looking down sighing. 'Why was your dad so mean?' Nightkit looked at me and sighed again.

'He never really liked me... i don't know why. But i hear him sometimes talking with the other warriors, he says how Jasminekit and Bumblekit are so great but says how i'm the runt of the litter...'

'Its okay Nightkit, it will get better.'

'Thanks Foxkit. So, shoulkd we carry on with the tour?'

Chapter 3 - Goodbyes

We sat next to our Mother as we were watching Jasminekit, Bumblekit and Nightkit recive their new rank as 'paws'.