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Warriors Fanfiction


The thanks in this story goes to Kara(Pumpkintail) for letting be use some ideas she came up with for her own AU.\


"You're expecting kits?!" Leafpool shrank down as Crowfeather raised his voice, the tom sighed. "I... I didn't..." His voice softened back down. The warrior sat back. "I had no idea... Leafpool..." The black cat glanced back behind him. Then back at her. All was silent for a moment, there was only the thick tension in the air.

"Leafpool, I still love you." Crowfeather blurted. "If you're expecting kits, then we should just run away again. Cinderpelt is still alive- She can get a new apprentice." He rose to his paws, tail lashing. "I can make you and our kits happy, I'll father them and care for them. I'm sure they'll be amazing kits!"

"Crowfeather, no-" Leafpool stepped away. "We tried running away, and I don't want to try again. What if it fails again? We'll have nowhere else to go. Our clans won't want us anymore. . ." She looked away. "Besides, I've already decided I'm going to retire from being the medicine cat. I'll join the queens in the nursery and raise the kits, their in no danger in Thunderclan." Crowfeather was staring at her, mouth wide open in shock.

"Then I'll come with you!" He blurted. "Leafpool, I want to be there for them. I can't leave you to raise them alone, let me come with you!" Leafpool was silent for a moment, shock in her amber gaze. The medicine cat took a step closer to him.

"You'd really come with me?" She questioned, tilting her head. "You would give up everything-" Leafpool gestured toward the vast moorland that Windclan resided on. "-to follow me to Thunderclan, and raise your kits?" She tried to stand taller, meeting his steady gaze.

Crowfeather was strong and sure in his response. "Absolutely."