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Warriors Fanfiction


The thanks in this story goes to Kara(Pumpkintail) for letting be use some ideas she came up with for her own AU.\


"You're expecting kits?!" Leafpool shrank down as Crowfeather raised his voice, the tom sighed. "I... I didn't..." His voice softened back down. The warrior sat back. "I had no idea... Leafpool..." The black cat glanced back behind him. Then back at her. All was silent for a moment, there was only the thick tension in the air.

"Leafpool, I still love you." Crowfeather blurted. "If you're expecting kits, then we should just run away again. Cinderpelt is still alive- She can get a new apprentice." He rose to his paws, tail lashing. "I can make you and our kits happy, I'll father them and care for them. I'm sure they'll be amazing kits!"

"Crowfeather, no-" Leafpool stepped away. "We tried running away, and I don't want to try again. What if it fails again? We'll have nowhere else to go. Our clans won't want us anymore. . ." She looked away. "Besides, I've already decided I'm going to retire from being the medicine cat. I'll join the queens in the nursery and raise the kits, they're in no danger in Thunderclan." Crowfeather was staring at her, mouth wide open in shock.

"Then I'll come with you!" He blurted. "Leafpool, I want to be there for them. I can't leave you to raise them alone, let me come with you!" Leafpool was silent for a moment, shock in her amber gaze. The medicine cat took a step closer to him.

"You'd really come with me?" She questioned, tilting her head. "You would give up everything-" Leafpool gestured toward the vast moorland that Windclan resided on. "-to follow me to Thunderclan, and raise your kits?" She tried to stand taller, meeting his steady gaze.

Crowfeather was strong and sure in his response. "Absolutely." Leafpool had to think for a moment, surely her father would want his grandkits to have their father in their lives? He had accepted outsiders before, what could be so different now? If he didn't accept Crowfeather, she wouldn't know what to do.

"Let's... Try it then. Come on." Leafpool turned back towards the forest where Thunderclan resided, flicking her tail for Crowfeather to follow.

. . .

Chapter I

"Watch out Jaykit!" Jaykit pricked his ears, trying to figure out what the warning from his sister was for. His questions were quickly answered as two balls of fluff came crashing into him. Rolling for a minute, and then stopping. Jaykit hissed, trying to pull himself out from underneath his two siblings. Lionkit and Hollykit were heavy on top of him.

Both of them laughing as if they didn't just roll across the entire camp in a huge ball of kitten fluff.

"Get off me you cloudbrains!" Jaykit snapped, continuing to claw at the stone floor beneath them in attempts in drag himself forward. He wasn't having much luck, being the smallest and weakest of his siblings. He felt part of the weight vanish, as Hollykit decided to listen and get off of him. Lionkit, however decided to stay there, purring with amusement.

"Watcha gonna do about it, Jaykit? Fight me?" Lionkit shifted so he was laying across Jaykit and pinning him completely. Jaykit hissed, trying once again to wriggle free from his brother, to no avail. Lionkit was too chunky for Jaykit to get out from under him. He needs to stop hogging all the prey! Jaykit heard pawsteps approaching, and then the weight of Lionkit was lifted off of him. There was a squeal of protest from his brother as he was dropped back onto the stone floor with a dull thud! The scent of their father filled Jaykit's nostrils, and he went over toward Crowfeather. His father pulled him close, sitting down to let Jaykit lean into his fur.

Then he got to sit back and listen to his father scold Hollykit and Lionkit. "You two know better than to treat your brother like that! You've also made a mess from all the rough housing. I watched you barge pass and nearly trip several warriors! You can apologize to your brother, and then go apologize to Honeypaw, Brightheart, and Cloudtail for nearly running into them like that. After that, go back to the nursery for awhile and give the grown cats a break."

There was another pause. "Now." His father snarled.

"Sorry Jaykit." Lionkit huffed.

"Sorry Jaykit..." Hollykit sounded genuinely sorry, Jaykit then heard the tiny thumping pawsteps of the two running off. He felt his father's chest move, and heard him sigh.

"Are you alright, son? Nothing hurt?"

"I'm fine, dad." Jaykit insisted, stepping away from Crowfeather. He heard the nearby bramble tunnel rustling, signalling the return of one of the patrols. There was no new scent of prey, however. Either a bad hunt or a border patrol. He guessed