Part of the Stars and Shadows series (Seqel of The Rise of Shadows and prequel to The Fall of Stars)

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Three kits. Two sides. One choice.

Ivykit, Darkkit and Rosekit are the result of a broken code. Their mother is a medicine cat. And to make things worse, their father is a rogue, who doesn't care a whisker for his kits. Because of this, the other medicine cats decide to raise the three in their own clans, one kit for each clan. Ivykit, for ThunderClan. Darkkit, for ShadowClan. Rosekit, for RiverClan. But when the Dark Forest takes advantage of the kits' ancestory, it will take more than courage to make the right choice.



Leader: Sorrelstar - dark brown tortiseshell she-cat with white patches and amber eyes

Deputy: Blossomheart - pinkish gray and white she-cat with heather coloured eyes

Medicine Cat: Kestrelwing - reddish brown tom with green eyes

Warriors: Brackenleap - bracken coloured tabby tom with green eyes

Owlclaw - brown and white tabby tom with dark amber eyes

Seedpelt - gray she-cat with blue eyes

Leafshine - tortoiseshell she cat with tawny eyes

Stemleap - dark brown tom with green eyes

Amberlily - golden she-cat with tawny eyes

Lilystem - gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Hazeheart - pale gray tabby tom with ice blue eyes

Stormwhisker - gray tom with greenish amber eyes

Swallowflight - creamy brown tabby she-cat with dark amber eyes

Finchflight - dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Hazelstorm - ginger she-cat with bright green eyes

Fernspring - gray tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

Thistletuft - spiky dark gray and white tom with blue eyes

Queens: Hollymoon - black she-cat with green eyes (mother to Breezekit, Heatherkit and Ivykit)

Dawnleap - dusty brown she-cat with amber eyes (mother to Duskkit and Dustkit)

Elders: Squirrelfern - ginger tortoiseshell with forest green eyes

Stoneclaw - stony gray tom with dark blue eyes


Leader: Volestar - brown tom with ambery green eyes

Deputy: Splashclaw - gray tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Birchfoot - brownish silver tom with dark tawny eyes


Queens: Reedshine - ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes (mother to Petalkit, Otterkit and Rosekit)

Silversplash - silver she-cat with blue eyes (mother to



Leader: Brindlestar - black she-cat with green eyes


Medicine Cat: Shadepelt - gray she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: Pineclaw - dark ginger tom with green eyes

Vixenwhisper - brown and ginger she-cat

Queens: Fawnwhisper - creamy brown she cat with amber eyes (mother to Crowkit, Eaglekit and Darkkit)

Shimmerfoot - silvery gray she-cat with green eyes (mother to Talonkit and Clawkit)

Shiverpelt - blue gray she-cat with blue eyes (mother to Foxkit and Wolfkit)



Leader: Whisperstar

Deputy: Swiftwind - light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes*

Medicine Cat: Mallowfur - gray she-cat with green eyes




(If anyone wants to, feel free to finish the rest of the allegiances and add their own characters to the list and add a * if they wish to have their character mentioned in the story)


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