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==Chapter 1==
==Chapter 1==
coming soon
coming soon
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This is a story idea I've had for along time. About a year or so ago I pushed the idea of this story into the back of my mind, but recently it has come back and begged to be written. Thinking about it now, the concept is a lot like The Sun Trail, but I did come up with this before I even knew the Sun Trail was going to be written into existance. I really hope it turns out great, and I hope you enjoy it! Cinderstar "We always have a choice. I think Pinestar proved that." -Sunstar 01:59, April 30, 2013 (UTC)


The forest is dark. No moon is to be seen in the sky, even if the heavy black clouds were to be blown away. Not even the stars shine through the thick blanket of clouds. Yet in this unsuitable, dark weather, two cats slink through the shadows.

"I don't see why you couldn't wait until morning, Duskfire." a she-cat's voice meows out of the darkness.

"Some things are best discussed where we cannot be disturbed." Duskfire replied. The tom's voice was dark and mysterious.

"Is this about the rogues we've been scenting?" The she-cat asked.

"You could say that, Dovestar." Duskfire replied.

"I think we've gone far enough." Dovestar suddenly halted. "No cat would possibly come out in this darkness. I can barely see well enough to avoid walking into trees. This place is as good as any to talk."

"Very well, as you wish." Duskfire purred. "You are my leader, and I must follow your orders."

"So, what were you saying about these rogues." Dovestar persisted after a lenghy silence. "You didn't just drag me out here for a nice midnight stroll." Her voice was cold, as if her patience was running short and all she wanted to do was return to her nest.

A grin spread across Duskfire's face, and he flicked his tail. Suddenly several rogues sprang from the undergrowth, rushing with silent paws towards Dovestar. The ThunderClan leader blinked, as though trying to figure out wherther she was imagining these wraithlike figures.

Soon, Dovestar's white pelt, which could formerly be seen as a pale glaw in the darkness, was hidden under the mass of the derk-pelted rogues. Duskfire could tell from the scent that she was bleeding, yet he did nothing. He watched indifferantly as his leader was attacked and mauled by the rogues. Not even a glint in his eyes showed what he was thinking.

The rogues would not let up, not even when Dovestar fell to the ground motionless. It was as if they knew that in a few short moments, she would be rising again. Not a sound was emited from the writhing whirlwind of fur and claws. These rogues knew that if they woke up a single cat, their mission would have failed. No rogue could successfully face a whole clan of cats. They also knew they had to keep their opponent quiet, which they did overly successfully.

"That's enough." Duskfire called out at last, once Dovestar's now blood-red body was lying on the ground in an unnaturally still heap. The rogues leaped away from the body.

"Go." Duskfire ordered. The rogues obeyed, dissappearing into the undergrowth, leaving Duskfire with the body of his former leader. As Duskfire look at the body, a triumphant grin spread across his face. He was leader at last. He picked up the body, and began to walk back to the stone hollow which made up ThunderClan's camp. He rehearsed his tale in his head. No cat would know he commanded the rogues responsible for Dovestar's death. He made sure to rub against thron bushes, so as to make it look like he'd fought to save his leader's life. No cat would know this was his fault, just as no cat knew what his plans for ThunderClan where.

Chapter 1

coming soon

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