The main characters of the Elementals

The Elementals

The elements will rise in the souls of cats...

Scorchpaw, Rainpaw, Stonepaw, and Stormpaw are ordinary apprentices. But a mysterious prophecy fortells great power to come from the apprentices' rein. The omen says that four young cats will each earn the power to control one of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. 

But an enemy is lurking, and is willing to bring down the Clans- and the elements- to become the ruler of all four Clans. Will the Elementals become heroes of the Clans? Or will the die along with them?

The Series

Each episode will come out every Monday or possibly every other Monday. There will be four seasons and ten episodes within the seasons.

Season 1

Scorchpaw, Rainpaw, Stonepaw and Cloudpaw have a mystery on their paws. An unknown cat is brutally abusing their brother, Nightpaw. He's always been the weakest of the bunch and the runt of the litter. Who would target such an inoccent cat? There's only one way to find out...

Season 2 tbc

Season 3 tbc

Season 4


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