The Elementals: Season 1

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(A/N: I've been inactive for a while. I'm re-writing episode 1 and 2 because I don't love the plot all that much so far. But I am keeping the follow-up the same! Thank you ;) )

This is the first season of the show The Elementals! The episodes will be put out every other Monday. I will write a note saying when the episode will be finished. If you read, please comment. I'd love to get feedback!

Every season starts out with a follow-up and then will comence with 10 episodes. The episodes will feature four parts, one for each main character, and a little extra bit for other perspectives. The order will be different every time, depending on the episode. 

I write the episode directly on the wiki, so you may find that one of the episodes is half-finished. Sorry about that! 

Another part of Season 1 is Fun Facts. I'll be filling it out as I go, but try not to read it until the season is finished.


Follow-up: After moons of silence from StarClan, a mysterious prophecy is revealed. What does this mean for the Clans? Nettlepaw, ThunderClan's medicine cat in training, must help a queen with her kitting. He's nervous that he'll cause a problem, or something bad will happen to the kits. Will he succsessfully handle all five of the kits, or will he have to face the deaths of the newest members of his Clan? FINISHED

Rookies: Scorchpaw, Rainpaw, Stonepaw and Cloudpaw are just beginning training as apprentices. The eager new rookies are excited to serve their Clan for the first time. But the four siblings are already experiencing problems in their first days of training- aggorant senior apprentices, injured apprentices, and mysterious rumors. FINISHED

Fun Facts: Season 1

Warning- Spoilers follow. Do not read until you finish the season!

  • The four main characters are based off real people. Rainpaw is based off my sister, Stonepaw and Cloudpaw are based off my two best friends, and Scorchpaw is me.
  • Bird-catchers are actually related to SkyClan, which means the four apprentices have SkyClan blood.
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