This is my first fanfic on this Wiki, so please enjoy. This a re-write of how that witch Foxheart died.

Chapter One…

Foxheart sat in the ShadowClan camp, her bright ginger fur bristling. Who'll Raggedpel-star choose as deputy? She thought as she chewed on a frog. There was a rustle and Raggedstar padded into camp, Yellowfang and Sagewhisker at his side. He's mine now that Yellowfang is a medicine cat! She thought. Raggedstar jumped onto the Clan Rock, she smirked as his paw caught in a crevice and he stumbled. "May all cats gather here beneath the Clan Rock to hear my words!" He yowled. Foxheart watched as the Clan moved from where they were sunning themselves, sharing tongues, or eating, to get closer to the Clan Rock. Her brother, Wolfstep, emerged from the warrior's den. She scowled as he searched out Fernshade and sat next to her. I don't like her… She snarled to herself. "As you know, Cedarstar has passed, leaving me the leader of ShadowClan. I am sad he's gone, but we must move on. The cat I have chosen to be my deputy is a young, feisty, yet very loyal cat, and I know she'll serve her Clan well. The new deputy will be..." Foxheart looked at Ashheart along with a few other cats. Most cats assumed she would be the next deputy ever since Cedarstar got sick on his last life. "Foxheart!" Raggedstar yowled. Foxheart blinked. "Me?" She asked. She jumped up. Power! She yowled to herself. She steped forward and touched noses with Raggedstar. "Thank you for this honor." She meowed.

Chapter Two…

Foxheart led her patrol through the undergrowth. "Should we hunt?" asked Scorchwind. "No." snapped Foxheart. "Well I just thought we were low on fre-" Foxeart whirled around snarling. "Obey. Your. Deputy." She snarled. "I'm older than you by a season. You're not even senior warrior." Scorchwind snarled. 'But I'm still deputy." She snapped. "A pretty sorry one." Scorchwind whispered so Foxheart couldn't hear. Foxheart saw a frog leap through the ferns. She looked at Fernshade. "Catch it." She snapped. Fernshade snarled and trotted through the undergrowth. "You said not to hunt!" snarled Scorchwind. "But then I said to." Foxheart mewed simply. "Fair..." snarled Scorchwind. "Back to camp!" Foxheart yowed. Scorchwind snarled, his ginger fur bristling, then turned tail and left.Foxheart looked at Nightpaw. Can you believe him?" She snarled. Nightpaw didn't answer.

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