The young apprentice stood against a tall lean, black warrior with terrifying amber eyes.

"Stop!" The apprentice meowed to the warrior, the apprentice was so young....

The warrior was strong and skillful and looked to the little apprentice like prey. "No." He growled.

The apprentice tried to stand his ground, knowing his Clan would be dissapointed if he ran off like a coward. "I will attack!" He mewed angrily.

The black tom growled and unsheathed his claws, fear filled the apprentice and his fur became hot.

He wished his Clan was there to help him.

But he was alone.

Deeply alone.

Only him.

And the trespassing tom.

The two were slashing and biting.

The apprentice was sadly loosing, each slash the warrior gave was twice as hard as his.

Finally the warrior pinned him down and slashed his chest.

The apprentice gave a screech, and he heard mews in the distance.

The warrior turned his head and gasped.

He ran off at the sight of many other cats.

The apprentice laid limp on the ground, feeling the his blood turn icy cold beneath him.

Perhaps this freeze was apart of the blood loss he was suffereing from.

"Tinypaw!" He heard the cry of his mother. "My dear Tinypaw!"

The apprentice, Tinypaw felt his blood come out of his wounds.

His short life was coming to an end.

He saw faintly more warriors rushing to him.

Finally it was sunset, and the medicine cat was trying to heal him outside.

"He isn't going to make it!" She cried out.

The weeping of his mother was heard in the distance.

Tinypaw heard her crying. "Not again! First my mate, now my darling Tinypaw!"

He tried to sputter out words that would calm his mother but he stopped.

The blood was soaking through the cobwebs and he finally knew it was happening.

His mother sat by him, slowly stroaking his pelt with her tongue.

He laid his paw on hers and let a final smile.

His mother stared into Tinypaw's eyes, her's were full of tears, streaming across her face.

He tried to say goodbye but it couldn't come out.

Finally he closed his eyes, the faint weeping of his mother slowly faded.

His mind blanked and it dissapeared into blackness.

The End, I know it was sad but It is good literature! And it is called The Death That Shouldn't Been because the warrior shouldn't have trespassed or attacked the poor apprentice, Tinypaw did what was right for his Clan but lost his life in the process. It shouldn't have been a death but it was Tinypaw's decision to fight for his Clan.

The JadeAndThe Willow

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