This is for Shining Dark and the stories that succeed it. I'll update after each chapter.


Leader: Lightningstar ~ large, very dark gray, almost black tom with electric blue eyes. (Eight lives remaining)

Apprentice, Diamondpaw

Deputy: Braveblaze ~ battle-scarred, dark tabby she-cat with white legs and splotches; and ice blue eyes. Hollowgaze's twin sister.  

Medicine Cat: Graymask ~ gray and white tabby tom with amber eyes. 

Apprentice, Ashenpaw


Bumblebee ~ creamy tabby tom with black stripes and green eyes. 

Mapleleaf ~ small, dark tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Cloudstripe ~ very pale gray and white tom with dark amber eyes. 

Apprentice, Hollypaw

Junglevine ~ dark ginger tabby tom with dark green eyes. 

Amberfur ~ very short furred, amberish-ginger tabby she-cat.

Hollowgaze ~ large, dark tabby tom with white legs and splotches; and ice blue eyes. Braveblaze's twin brother. 

Apprentice, Nightpaw

Stormysky ~ pretty, dark gray tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes. Last descendant of Stormstar.

Lionclaw ~ thick-furred, golden tabby tom with very long claws. 

Apprentice, Hailpaw

Rockheart ~ brown and white tabby tom with green eyes. 

Hurricanefur ~ mottled brown and ginger she-cat.

Apprentice, Thunderpaw

Demonheart ~ large, battle-scarred, night-black tom with unusually long claws and blood-red eyes. Former rogue. 

Sparkleflow ~ beautiful, jet-black she-cat with sparkling green eyes and a glossy pelt. (Created by Silver)

Brightstorm ~ dark ginger and cream tom. 

Dappleberry ~ pretty, tortoiseshell and white she-cat with golden eyes. 

Apprentice, Spottedpaw

Streambright ~ small, blue-gray she-cat with silver flecks. 

Raincloud ~ dark gray tabby tom. 

Shellshine ~ ginger she-cat with brown legs and ears.


Ashenpaw ~ lithe, pale gray tom with hazel (greenish-brown) eyes. 

Diamondpaw ~ pretty, marbled silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. 

Hailpaw ~ black tom with white spots like a hailstorm and blue eyes. (Created by Ashy)

Nightpaw ~ handsome, jet black tom with radiant, piercing emerald green eyes.

Hollypaw ~ small, striped silver-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Created by BrightBlue)

Spottedpaw ~ small, pure white she-cat with black flecks and amber eyes. 

Thunderpaw ~ dark ginger tabby tom with white paws.  


Frostysnow ~ very pale gray, almost white she-cat. Mother to Bumblebee's kits: 

  • Beekit ~ creamy tabby she-cat with orange-amber eyes. 
  • Snowkit ~ very pale gray, almost white tom. 

Icicleheart ~ lithe, pale gray she-cat with piercing amber eyes. Expecting Rockheart's kits. 


Lakeshadow ~ dark tortoiseshell tabby tom with orange eyes. 

Whitewillow ~ once-beautiful, pure white she-cat with blind blue eyes. 


Leader: Frozenstar ~ strikingly handsome, pure white tom with silver tabby patches and icy blue-green eyes. Descendant of Titaniumstar. Mate of Brightdawn. (Nine lives remaining) 

Deputy: Jayflame ~ pretty, silver and white tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Expecting kits. 

Apprentice, Stormpaw (pale gray tom with blue eyes)

Medicine Cat: Skystorm ~ small, dark gray tabby tom with blind green eyes. 

Apprentice, Robinpaw (pretty, calico and white she-cat with light green eyes)


Waterblow ~ dark gray and white tom. 

Tawnyrose ~ golden-brown she-cat. 

Runningstream ~ handsome, black tom with ice blue eyes. 

Prairieheat ~ pale brown tabby tom with leaf-green eyes. 

Apprentice, Electricpaw (bright yellow-ginger tabby tom with electric blue eyes)

Sandbird ~  very pale ginger tabby she-cat. 


Breezewater ~ pale gray and white she-cat with amber eyes. Expecting Prairieheat's kits. 


Ferngrass ~ pale gray she-cat with darker flecks.


Leader: Riverstar ~ lean, pure white she-cat with river blue eyes. (Three lives remaining)

Deputy: Echosound ~ marbled dark silver tabby tom. Descendant of Zephyrstar. 


Leader: Flowerstar ~ pretty, long-legged white she-cat with flower-shaped ginger patches. (Seven lives remaining)



Stormstar ~ handsome, dark gray tabby tom with ice blue eyes.

Blazetail ~ lithe, bright fire-colored tom with green eyes. Father of Nightpaw and Hawk-kit.

Hawk-kit ~ small, mottled dark brown tabby she-cat. Kit of Blazetail and Icicleheart.

Thrushpaw ~ pretty, nimble black-and-silver tabby she-cat.


Titaniumstar ~ drop-dead gorgeous, graceful golden and silver calico she-cat with white patches and a deep scar across her left eye. She has radiant, icy blue-green eyes.

Lionstar ~ dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes. Third leader of TitaniumClan.

Roseash ~ small, grayish-ginger and rose-cream she-cat with leaf-green eyes. Medicine cat.

Brightdawn ~ small, tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes. Mate of Frozenstar.


Zephyrstar ~ slender, pretty night black she-cat with glossy fur and green eyes.


Flightstar ~ large, dark black and white tom with yellow eyes.

Cats Outside of the Clan

Nikko ~ strikingly beautiful, graceful black and white she-cat with golden patches the color of the sun at sunrise; and large, pure white patches. She has beautiful, icy blue-green eyes. (Kittypet)

Nathan ~ handsome, lithe brown and white tabby tom with blue eyes. (Kittypet)

Venom ~ battle-scarred, black-and-silver tabby tom with ice-green eyes. (Rogue)

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