Hi! You may have seen the Colony of Caves series that me and my friend Kode have been working on! So I decided to make a page describing traditions and customs of the colony!

1 - Ranks

While ranks are similar to those of the clans, with each rank having the same basic premise, there are some differences in names.Leader

Second-in-Command, also known as deputy (deputy)

Hunters (warriors)

Guards (warriors)

Mothers (queens)

Seniors (elders)

Young (apprentices)


2 - Names

From birth kits have their full names, the prefix is given to the kit by their parents and the leader gives the kit their suffix soon after birth!

For example, a kit named Pine by their parents would end up as Pinesong or Pineclaw, whatever the leader chooses to be the suffix. This suffix is usually inspired by something about the young kit's appearance or inspired by their parents. but every leader has their own naming style.

When a naming ceremony is held for a kit or a joining outsider it takes place at night and fireflies light up as a sign of approval from the Colony of the Skies. If a cat refuses their new name, the fireflies stop glowing and that cat will be forced to wander outside of the Colony's ancestors even if they join the Colony.

However, if there is a good reason for the refusal of the name, the fireflies will not stop glowing and the leader will accept the new feline's decision.

leaders in the colony do not receive nine lives like clan leaders similarly to ho the tribe leaders do not receive nine lives. but they do go to the moonstone to share tongues with their ancestors and receive words of encouragement

3 - Religion

The Colony mostly believes in the Colony of Skies, a StarClan of sorts for the colony. Not all of the cats believe in it but every good cat of the colony will go to the Colony of Skies.

The Colony of Skies recognizes all felines as members of the Colony. If a rogue helps out a member of the Colony, instead of going to their own afterlife, they'd be given a choice between the Colony and the other afterlife, if there's one at all.

4 - Mentorship

The Colony doesn't do mentors, young are trained by all of the Colony. However, a Hunter or Guard might take a special interest in one or more Young, in which case they will provide most (if not all) training.

To become a Hunter or a Guard, the Young in question must select a path. At night, when the fireflies dance and the moon is full, if a Young believes they are ready, they may look upon the fireflies.

After this, they will recieve clarity about their path. Occasionally, a few will be given visions instead of a straight answer, for the cat to interpret themselves.

5 - Other Customs

if a cat who hasn't gone through the hunter/guard ceremony dies the leader will carry the cat back themself and preform the ceremony under the cave entrance with only the 3 cats closest to them as well as their parents. the body is decorated with flowers, one from each member of the colony and one of the cats favorite prey items as a meal to eat on the journey to the colony of the skies.

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